Bad Blood

Chapter 3 – Berries

She sighed heavily when she realized they weren't paying attention. Snowhite was talking with her husband somewhere on the right. Mels could not see them, but she could clearly hear them. So if she could, the Lost Boys could, too. Emma was sitting on a huge tree trunk, looking intensely at the blank paper in her hands. She had the right to not pay attention; she had something more important to do. Then there was Killian who was sitting against a tree, thoroughly polishing his hook, not too far from where Emma was.

They had insisted on asking the questions first, and after some arguing, the young blonde had given in. There was no point in wasting any more time, anyways. Although, with the whole 'The Savior needs to accept who she truly is' issue, time was the last thing they needed.

Melanie sat down on a rock, crossed her legs and patiently waited for them to talk. Thankfully, Regina did.

"So how do we get to Henry?" She asked, determined.

Mels resisted once more the urge to roll her eyes. She understood why they acted that way. They were scared for their son, they were sick of all the danger and they were probably exhausted after the little fight against the Lost Boys.

Melanie took a deep, deep breath. "That's not what we need to worry about, right now." She answered calmly, hoping the Evil Queen would understand.

Obviously, she didn't. "He's got my son! We need to save him!" The black-haired woman growled, eying her dangerously. Mels kept her cool. "Yes, we do. Pan gave Emma a map to find –"

"We don't have time for this!" Regina shouted, throwing her hands in the air. Somehow, the young blond still managed to remain calm. She got up from the rock and walked towards the shouting woman. She got right in her face, absolutely not afraid of the Queen, or her magic. Naturally, she stood her ground, but she did seem slightly taken aback.

"Yes, we do have time for this. We need an escape plan, that's what we need to concentrate on at the moment." Melanie hissed, her voice low.

Regina snorted, rolling her eyes. "We first have to get Henry back, then we'll worry about leaving this place." She explained, her own voice just as low.

Mels stamped her foot on the ground, growling. "Have you been fucking listening?!" She shouted, stepping away from the grownup. She took a deep breath to calm herself, but the adrenaline was already pumping through her veins. She was angry; really angry. She hated it when people didn't believe her, when people didn't listen to what she had to say.

"With every wrong move you guys make, Pan might hurt your son." Melanie explained, through gritted teeth. "He's evil, he's a sadistic bastard. He won't hesitate if you make him angry."

Out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed the pirate nodding in agreement. Sadly, with one murderous glare from Prince Charming, Killian looked back at his hook. He was being controlled by them, and Melanie had no idea how they were doing it. It's not like they were blackmailing him, or anything.

"How would you know that, anyway?" The black haired woman demanded, eyeing her suspiciously. The teenager sighed, relieved to finally hear a smart question.

"I've been here, a long time ago." Mels explained, grimacing. "Well, not really here, but in my dreams." She continued, hoping they would understand her.

"Be more specific." The Evil Queen urged, scowling deeply. Melanie nodded. "I spent about two hundred years on this island, without actually being here."

"What do you mean?" David asked, just as curious as the others. Plus, his wife was having a mother-daughter talk with Emma.

"Basically, Neverland was made for kids to explore in their dreams, you know that right?" She asked, one eyebrow raised. The two of them nodded, but still seemed somewhat confused. Melanie ignored that. "Back home, in the Enchanted Forest, I fell into a coma." She continued, waiting for them to put the pieces together.

"And you ended up here, on this island?" David asked. The blonde nodded. "When did you leave?" Regina asked, curious.

Melanie shook her head, not exactly sure. "About two months before the curse, give or take."

They looked thoughtful for a moment, slowly processing the information. "So you've never actually been here?" David asked, earning an eye roll from Hook. "That's what she just said, mate."

David turned round, a hateful look in his eyes. "Why didn't you tell us, pirate?"

Killian smiled at him. "I'm just a pirate, no one listens to me." He stated, matter-of-factly. Melanie couldn't help but smirk at that. There was the man she knew. Well, before the whole 'issue'.

Long story.

"I got it!" Emma shouted, quickly scurrying to where the others were, followed by her mother. "We can use the map to find Henry!" She exclaimed, a hopeful look in her eyes. Regina glanced at the Savior, but immediately drove her attention on the teenager.

"Will it show us where Henry is?" She asked, finally understanding how important the teen's judgment could be. Melanie nodded, but grimaced slightly. "It will show you where he is, but I doubt we'll find him this soon." She said, looking down at the map Emma was still holding.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Emma hissed, obviously sick of all the complications. Melanie sighed. "The map shows us where Pan's camp is, but he can move it whenever he wants."

"So this map is useless?" David asked, wincing slightly. She shook her head. "I'm not saying that it is, but that it could be."

"We have to try." Snow said, determined. Emma shot her an approving look, and so did Killian.

Melanie nodded, completely agreeing. "Yes, we do have to try, but we need to rest first." Seeing the hesitative glance Regina gave her, the blonde continued. "We won't survive another attack."

They all agreed this time. Emma went out in the jungle to gather some berries, but not the blue ones. Melanie had made sure to tell them not to eat those, since Killian had miserably failed at telling them the basics. Once a careless pirate, always a careless pirate.

The Savior, as the leader, ordered her parents to search for wood, and Killian to search for other eatable berries. Surprisingly, she didn't tell Melanie to do anything. She just walked away, a worried expression twisting her features. The others obeyed without another word, too.

Melanie waited for them all to clear out camp to go talk to Killian. He had been searching for berries when she reached him. "Why did you cover for me?" She asked, raising a suspicious eyebrow.

The man turned to her, smiling. "Well, since by some unfortunate coincidence," He air quoted the word 'coincidence', "your past is linked to mine."

She nodded, smirking unintentionally. "I go down, you go down."

It was his time to smirk. "Works both ways, love." He stated, winking at her. It was a dangerous game they were playing, especially there, in Neverland. After a few seconds standing there awkwardly, she decided to pick some fruits, too. She reached down to one of the low branches, carefully avoiding the poisonous thorns. Those might not have been deadly, but close enough to make Melanie avoid them.

Out of nowhere, they both heard noise coming towards them. Instinctively, Jones unsheathed his sword, while the young blonde took her dagger out of her boot. They looked at each other, silently agreeing to the most obvious plan.

'Fight, then run to warn the others.'

Surprisingly, it wasn't a Lost boy – Or worse – who came barging through huge tree leaves, but Snow. "Hook you – Woaw!" She exclaimed, raising her hands in the air.

Melanie lowered her dagger, overly happy that she didn't have to fight. Too many things had happened in the last six hours. "Sorry." Mels apologized, putting the weapon back where it belonged. "We thought you were one of them." Hook added.

Mary-Margaret nodded understandably. "Yeah, sure. Er… anyway, Emma wants to talk to you, Hook." She informed him.

Melanie watched as his eyes brightened. He nodded, immediately making his way to camp. Snow turned to leave, then decided to add. "You should continue getting berries, we might some more." With that, she left into the jungle.

The teenager sighed heavily, rolling her eyes at her obvious lie. They just didn't want her to hear whatever they thought was important. What a silly thing to do, and anyway, if she really want to know, there was no stopping her.

Suddenly, she felt the air shift around her. She frowned slightly, but quickly regained her senses. She bowed down, acting like she was picking berries on a very low branch. She waited a few seconds, just to take a deep breath, and swiftly grabbed her dagger once more. In one quick move, she got up and turned around, her weapon raised high above her head.

Just like she had expected, a strong hand grabbed her armed wrist, twisting it a little to make her drop it. Without second thoughts, she pushed her knee forward to hit the assailant in the groin, but only met air. She looked around, her eyes wild, desperately searching for his cold, grey ones.

Melanie spotted her dagger a few feet away a nearby tree. She immediately tried to reach it, put ended up being pushed against a tree. "Gotcha." The immortal teen whispered, darkly.

The blonde snorted, putting her hands on her hips. "Congratulations."

"Easy victory." Pan stated, matter-of-factly, looking just like his old smug self. Melanie looked him right in the eyes, glaring. "Yeah? Well, stich this, mate!" She argued, raising her hand to slap him right across the face. He grabbed it right before it made contact with his cheek, using her attack against her by pinning her hands next to her head.

"You should really not do that again." He warned, his voice dark and a little husky.

Melanie rolled her eyes. "What are you going to do? Kill me?" She snorted. "'Cause that worked so well before."

He smirked, leaning in a little. "We both know what I could do to you." He said, raising an eyebrow.

She gulped slightly, trying to suppress all of the images flowing through her head. She leaned in a little, too. Their noses were practically touching, but not quite. "Missed me?" She asked him, slightly cocking her head to the side.

He licked his lips absentmindedly. "Not as much as you missed me."

She chuckled. Melanie knew just how to annoy him; how to make him angry. "Well, I've been busy, you know." She told him, blinking repeatedly. Pan frowned a little, silently telling her to continue. "The boys here know I'm off limits, but back in Storybrooke…" She said, winking to him.

It was his turn to chuckle. "You believe I'm jealous, don't you?" He asked, amused.

She stood her ground. "I know you are." She waited a moment before adding. "Do you know why?"

He shrugged. She smiled.

"'Cause they touched what you believe is yours." She whispered, her eyes growing dark.

He tightened his grip on her wrist a little, proving her his point. "You are mine, and you know it."

Melanie leaned her head back against the tree, making him automatically lean back a little, too. She did not waste any more time. She was ready to throw him a witty come back. "Never."

Yeah, she wasn't going to win an award in that category.

Nevertheless, she used the small distance between them to head-butt him in the face. He stumble backwards a little, leaving just enough space for her to run. She didn't stop to turn around and look, since Peter Pan never ran. He flew, or teleported himself to random places on the island.

But he never ran.

Branches were cutting her face as she scurried past them. She only stopped when she heard a familiar voice gasp. She turned around and saw David, his shirt pushed upwards to reveal his badly injured torso.

Fucking Dreamshade.

"You're screwed." Melanie told him before she could stop herself.

Not only did she have to save a ten-year-old kid, but she also had to save that kid's grand-father from certain death.

Thank god nothing was impossible on Neverland.

The second good thing about the damned island.