A pokemon story! Woooo! I just started playing Heartgold, so I felt compelled to make a fanfiction. You understand.

Are you a boy, or a girl?


Are you sure?


Ok, what is your name?


Are you sure?


My eyes fluttered open to view the blurry overview of my bedroom. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the light, and when I did, I immediately sat up and stretched.

So yeah, I'm Lyra, an ordinary teen in a cool, pokemon-filled world. I'm pretty ordinary, with brown hair and eyes. Wait, if I'm talking to you, you know what I look like, so why bother? Anyway…

I got dressed and tied my boring hair into curving spoink-tails, and popped on my hat. I never took it off, unless I was showering or sleeping, because dad gave it to me before he… left on his trip.

The smell of pancakes floated into my room, and lead me downstairs to a plate at the table with Mom.

"Professor Elm next door wanted to see you, Lyra. Go over there right after breakfast, ok?" she said between mouthfuls, and I nodded, finishing my food and picking up my bag.

I walked to the door, smiling at her slightly worried face, and waved. "Bye Mom!" I called out before walking outside and to the lab. No joke, it's literally only a few yards from our house. Talk about convenience!

As I strolled through New Bark town, a familiar Marill bumped into me, squeaked, and ran to its owner.

"Hey Lyra!" Ethan, my best friend, called and waved like a little child. He turned his black and yellow cap backwards before embracing his pokemon and running off again. I rolled my eyes and waved it off, continuing to the Lab.

I continued walking to the lab, when I noticed a red-headed boy peering inside through the window with a smirk. Then I noticed… more of his features. His red hair reached almost to his shoulders then turned out in a jagged pattern. He had this… blueish purple coat with red trim. Short version?

Yeah, I admit he was kinda cute.

Note, please, that this was before he turned and paused to look at me, smirking. As I started to get annoyed, that smirk turned into a glare.

"What're you looking at?" he shouted and pushed me back angrily. I fell onto the ground and gritted my teeth in anger.

"Jerk…" I mumbled before going into the lab. Professor Elm turned away from his work and smiled.

"Hello, Lyra, I've been waiting for you!" he said, his smile turning into a curious expression of a child, then to a proud teacher. Elm was like that. "Do you know anything about my research?"

I nodded, and he continued. "As you know, Pokemon are carried in poke balls these days, but before the poke ball was invented, people used to walk with their Pokemon, like your friend Ethan does. Poke balls are great because you can carry many Pokemon at once, but walking with Pokemon must have its advantages."

All of this information was causing me to get a bit suspicious. Professor Elm liked to inform people of the past, sure, but he never lectured so much… I turned my attention back to his voice.

"It could have something to do with how Pokemon grow or evolve… So I'm going to give you a Pokemon!"

…Wait, what?

I was shocked, to say the least. I knew he was going somewhere with all this, but giving me a Pokemon? Arceus, yes!

"Lyra! Can you walk beside your Pokemon, outside of its poke ball, to see if this brings any special feelings or bonds between Pokemon and people?"

My face broke out into a huge smile. "Of course I can, Professor!" I immediately answered.

Professor Elm smiled back and gestured to a machine nearby. "The device over there has some Pokemon you could choose from…" he explained, but was interrupted by a beeping noise. Elm rushed over to his computer and read the screen.

"Oh hey! I got an email!" he exclaimed in excitement, and I rolled my eyes. It's just an email…

"… Hm… Uh-huh… Ok…" came his mumbling as he read, and I resisted the urge to tap my foot in impatience. That's when I heard a faint sound coming from the window, and noticed that jerk still looking inside! I shot him a glare and huffed, turning back to Professor Elm as he turned around and returned to his previous spot.

I glanced over at the table-like device again as Elm spoke. "Hey, listen. I have this acquaintance that people call Mr. Pokemon. He keeps finding weird things and raving about his discoveries. Anyway, I just got an email from him saying that this time it's the real deal," the professor explained, pausing to let the information sink in.

"It's probably just another Pokemon egg, but we're still so busy with our Pokemon research…" Professor Elm explained, and then looked up. Talk about turning a frown upside-down…

"Wait! I know! You can go in our place, right? Can we count on you?" he asked with narrowed, then softening eyes. That was the first time Elm actually intimidated me, and it flew away as quickly as it came. "You can choose one of those pokemon over there."


I walked over to the device, listening to the Professor's instructions and touching each poke ball to examine their contents, glancing smugly at the window where the red-head's expression had turned into a jealous glare.

"Cyndaquil, the Fire-Type starter." Nah...

"Totodile, the Water-Type starter." Not much of a swimmer.

"Chikorita, the Grass-Type starter."

My eyes widened as I examined the picture of Chikorita. He was actually pretty cute. I picked up the poke ball and the device asked if I was sure. I threw the bright, shiny poke ball into the air and released Chikorita, wrapping it in a hug. "Do you want to be my Pokemon, Chikorita?" I asked.

The grass-type nuzzled me and nodded happily. "Chik! Chikorita!" it exclaimed.

Professor Elm tapped my shoulder, taking me out of the trance I was in. "Would you like to give a nickname to your Pokemon?" he asked, and I turned back to Chik. That's it! Chik!

"Yes. Chik," I replied, and hugged my Pokemon tighter, allowing it to stay in my embrace as I stood up and brushed one of my Spoink-tails back into place.

The professor's eyes brightened as I set Chikorita back onto the ground. "How do you like walking with your Pokemon? It's not too bad, is it?" he asked, and I laughed in response as Chik nuzzled my ankle. "You can take it all the way to Mr. Pokemon's house. If your Pokemon gets hurt…" he stopped and turned around, toward the machine behind him.

"You should heal it with this machine. It's so easy to use, just check the PC on my desk!" Erm, I'll pass.

"Mr. Pokemon goes everywhere and finds rarities. His house is past Cherrygrove City. Go north a little past it. I'm counting on you, Lyra!" he finished. Dang, Elm does know how to give an ego-boost, doesn't he? Oh well. I looked down at Chikorita, and nodded. I then walked toward the door, only to be stopped by a lab assistant.

"Lyra, I want you to have these," he explained, handing me some potions. "If your Pokemon are hurt, don't hesitate to use one. Good luck."

With that, I left the lab, and began my adventure.

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