I procrastinated... so much...

Silver: And?

Lyra: You always do that.

SFL: Lyra! You're supposed to be on my side!

Lyra: Oh! Right! *waves flag with SFL's face on it around*

SFL: Much better.

Silver:... Where the heck did you get that?

Lyra: The internetz.

SFL: Don't question it.

Silver: Uhuh. Ok. SpringFallionLettuce does not own Pokémon. *Slowwwwly backs away*

Lyra: HA! We aren't done yet!

SFL: *leisurely snaps fingers*

Silver: AH! Why am I tied to a chair!

Lyra: It's time to play 'Truth or Shock'!

SFL: The rules of this game are quite simple. You answer a question truthfully, or...

Lyra: *presses button and shocks Silver*

Silver: AHHHH!

SFL: I trust that I don't need to remind you not to stutter?

Silver:... Yes.


The 'short' trip to the Pokémon center didn't exactly go as planned.

Bayleef switched out a little while ago, having gained 4 levels, and was thoroughly exhausted. Hoothoot was now comfortably sitting on my hat. I had long since forgotten to judge her choice of nest.

After I realized that the Pokémon center was not an option, I gave Wooper one of my potions and he was much better, but the lazy thing just returned to his ball.

"Dangit, I'm gonna kill that guy who gave us this!... Who writes a map on a napkin anyway!? Where the heck did he get a napkin in the first place?!" I shouted in frustration, having been glaring down at the piece of torn fabric in my hand before glancing up at Hoothoot for answers.

She simply shrugged, a way of saying 'How the heck should I know?'

I huffed childishly and crossed my arms. "You are not exactly helping here, you know."


Hoothoot could fly...

I snatched Hoothoot from my head and chucked the bird into the sky, ignoring her terrified shrieks of defiance. "You're a dang bird! Accept your heritage! You can fly! Fly up high and find the Pokémon center, then come back and lead me to it!" I ordered. Now it was her turn to huff angrily before she shot off, disappearing through the clouds.

My stomach began to growl defiantly. Lyra, you can live for a few more-

It growled again.


Oh to hell with it!

I pulled out the lunch for my Pokémon and I that I planned to eat somewhat earlier. At the Pokémon Center. (I'll give you three guesses why I haven't eaten it yet) It wasn't much, only a few sandwiches and LOTS of Poke food. Wooper would have to eat my spare sandwich because I had none for water-types.

Speaking of Wooper, I took out his and Bayleef's poke balls and gingerly pressed the buttons, revealing two eager-beavers ready to plow through their meal. I poured Bay's poke food, specifically for grass-types, mind you, into a bowl with his name on it, giggling at the huge, proud smile he got when he saw it and dove in.

I thought I'd nickname Wooper 'Derp' just because of how he ate his sandwich.

Seriously! I put the sandwich, filled with Oran jelly, and he stared at it. For five minutes straight. Without blinking.

Impatient little me went to pull it away when Bay was done, but he tilted him head at me. AND SWALLOWED THE SANDWICH WHOLE.

"Ok. It's official. Your name is Derp," I stated, and Wooper just kind of tilted until he fell onto his side, blinking in confusion at the impact.

Just... sigh.

So, in summary, Hoothoot was double-time completely pissed off that we ate lunch without her. She tried the silent treatment, but come on, it's Hoothoot we're talking about. It is not physically possible for her to stay silent for long.

And by 'for long' I mean, more than a minute.

So yes, we made up, I gave her her share of lunch, and only then did she lead me to the Pokémon Center. I will never trust shortcuts again. Ever.

I threw the quote/unquote map at the ground, stomping on it as I walked into the pristine building.

Especially not when they're on napkins from weird strangers.

A concerned nurse stood on the other side of the counter. "Miss? Hello, Miss? Are you alright, Miss?" she asked.

I shook my head to get rid of my little La La land adventure and gave her a pleasant smile. "Sorry to worry you, I'm just tired."

Nurse Joy nodded in understanding.

"Well, anyway, welcome to the Pokémon Center! Would you like to rent a room and for me to heal your Pokémon?" the pink-haired nurse asked cheerfully.

I nodded with relief, wrenching Hoothoot from her beloved hat and handing the Flying-type over to Nurse Joy along with my other poke balls. In turn, she traded a Room key with a room number on it and told me that dinner would be ready in half an hour. Was I really that late?

I looked at the clock behind Nurse Joy, and decided that yes, I was very late.

How the heck did I not notice that it was dark outside?

Blaming it on my lack of outdoors skills.

I shrieked, bolting upright in the cheap bunk bed. My scratchy blue covers flew away from my now shivering form, so I quickly gathered them up.

It was just a dream, right? No, no dreams are like that. Nightmares weren't even that bad.

This actually happened.

I sighed, laying back on my pillow with a small smile. "Everything ends in a happy ending, though."


"You're named after the color of puke!" I teased, tackling my older sister.

"So what!? You're named after a dumb instrument!" she retorted.


We both stopped dead. I looked at my sister with wide, fearful eyes. She nodded shakily, silently confirming my suspicions.

That was our mother's voice.

At that, we bolted toward the sound. A horrible sight awaited them an alley.

There, in a corner, stood their mother, cornered by a huge, snarling Houndoom. My sister leapt brave onto its back and screamed in fury, "Get off my mommy, you big dummy!" but the Dark-type simply threw her off toward a wall.

I went to help, but a large hand held me back. I stiffened and looked up. There stood my father, his eyes shadowed by the brim of his hat, a poke ball gripped in his hand. He was angry.

"Take your sister and mother, Lyra, and run. I'll take care of this," were his words. I nodded, sprinting over to my sis and shaking her out of her daze.


"Go, Gengar! Use Shadow ball!"

Houndoom cried out in surprise, and my sister and I took the distraction to grab our shaken mother and sprint away.

{End Flashback}

I sighed, shifting over onto my side and facing the wall. That day was a horrible one.

Fortunately, my dad got everyone back home safe, and ended up capturing the Houndoom for himself. 'It' turned out to be a 'she', and she was aggravated when my mother found and tried to touch her Houndour egg, thinking it was abandoned.

That same Houndoom was a family pet over in dad's house. No idea who got the egg, though. Probably my sister...

Leafy, as I liked to call her.