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My Life Through the Camera

Chapter 8

Maka's POV

-Day of Con-

The week had gone by fast and Soul and I managed to keep our relationship secret. I ended up ditching my original cosplay plan because I was missing a piece that got back ordered and never came in on time.

Day 1 - Kill La Kill - Nonon Jakuzure

Day 2 - Attack on Titan - Christa

Day 3 - Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess

I was finishing up cleaning around my apartment because the gang was staying here for the weekend when the door bell went off. I set down the broom and dust pan quickly and jogged to the front door. I opened the door to reveal Soul who was in his Rin from Blue Exorcist cosplay.

"Your hair doesn't look to bad that shade of blue." I comment as I ruffle his hair, a little bit of dark blue spray dye staining my hand.

"Whoa there, careful with the hair."

"How long did it take?" I ask.

"Like 2 fuckin hours. No matter how many times I've dyed my hair for this kind of stuff it always takes me forever to do." He whines.

"It's worth it though, you look great."

"Same with you, that pink dye turned out nice in your hair." Soul compliments and twirls a strand of my hair around his finger.

"I just hope it washes off for tomorrow and Saturday."

"Same, I'm doing my SnK cosplay tomorrow but because we have meet and greets I'm not dying my hair or doing a specific character."

"I just chose one with the sameish hair color as me." I reply as there is a loud knock at the door.

"That's Black star." I groan and open up the door to have Liz, Kid, Patti, Tsubaki AND Black star come piling in.

Tsubaki - Dawn from Pokemon

Black Star - Ash from Pokemon

Kid - Mori from OHSHC

Liz and Patti - Fem Hikaro and Kaoru from OHSHC

"Makaaaa we rented a party bus!" Patti giggles as she tackles me for a hug.

"God, being on a party bus with you and Black star is gonna be hell." I mutter under my breath but I said it loud enough for Soul to hear in which he responded with a laugh.

"Let's get goin, we got fans to meet." I start shooing everyone out of my apartment after I heard Blackstar break a vase.

"Andddd food to eat!" Black star yells and him and Patti 'High-five' and rush out to the bus waiting outside.

- At the Con -

Almost the minute we arrived at Anime LA we were flooded with people asking for pictures and such. After that half hour of crazy it settled down a bit and we all walked around. Currently we were standing by the food court waiting for Black Star and Patti.

"Hey guys it's Maka here, or should I say Nonon!" I whipped out my camera and started filming a little. I made sure to get the gang in the shot. "We are at Anime day LA and let me say we've been here for about a hour and it's been a blast meeting so many of you guys and seeing all the awesome cosplays."

I shut off my camera for now, "Soul and I are gonna walk around and look at all the booths." I subconsciously take his hand and all our friends, well minus Black Star and Patti, give us a weird look.

As soon as we are out of ear shot I turn to Soul and ask, "Why were they looking at us all weird?"

"Because they don't know about this." He holds up our held together hands.

"Ohhh ya, sorry." I let go of his hand but as soon as I do he just grabs my hand again.

"Let's go enjoy ourselves." He smiles and kisses my cheek and I feel people staring and taking pictures.

The rest of the day was filled with pictures, losing each other, filming, announcing our relationship (on camera) spending a crap ton of money on crossover tee-shirts and posters and much more.

Now we were all back at my apartment out of costume. Soul and I were cuddling on the couch, both working on editing all the footage we got of the con today. Mostly everyone else was doing the same other than Black Star and Tsubaki who were both playing video games on the floor.

"Hey Tsubaki, can you add me in? I really need a break." I ask as I get off the couch and stretch before sitting back down but this time on the floor.

"Me too." Soul adds.

Tsubaki plugs to controllers in to the N64 and we go back to the main menu to do 4 player Vs. on Mario Kart.

- 10 races and a large cheese pizza later -

"Take that motherfuckers!" I throw down my controller and stand up, jumping up and down.

"10 to Maka. 0 to the rest of us." Soul chuckles and flicks off the N64.

"Dude that would have been wayyy more fun if we were drunk." Black star cackles and Tsubaki whacks him with a controller.

"You are NOT getting drunk before a meet and greet!" She scolds and Black Star just makes a pouty face.

"That would make a hilarious video though." I add and Black Star fist bumps me.

"Guys it is 12:08 we really need to get to bed. Tomorrow we got wake up butt ass early to get those damn belts on." Kid says as he chucks a pillow and Black Star. This get's Black Star are riled up to fight but Tsubaki just pulls him down.

"Kid's right." Liz adds as her and Patti head for the guest room with Kid.

"Black Star, you and Tsubaki get the living room, the couch pulls out into a bed." I instruct as I head to my room, Soul following behind me.

We both climb into bed, snuggling up to each other.

"Night love." I whisper and peck Soul on the lips.

"Night Angel."

So this chapter kinda sucks. I feel like it's so rushed. I start high school tomorrow and I really wanted to get something up before then.


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