" "Sonic"! Tails shouted to the blue hedgehog laying down on the floor everyone could only watch in horror at the scene before them. "Muhaahaha" Eggman laughed Finaly after all these yearsI finaly did it at last! Eggman exclaimed. "sonic!" sally said as she and the rest of the freedom fighters ran to the weak injured and sally immediately ran fast to sonic.

" sonic please don't go we need you I need you he said

"No you don't sonic began. "You'll be fine you have to be strong your the hero now."As he coughed again.

"I can't do it on my own" he said with tears in his blue eyes.

Tails prayed sonic would be alright,he couldn't lose him not yet.

"You can I believe in you. He said wipeing away the kit's tears.

"Take care of sal for me will oklil bro" sonic said "I love ya little bro you to sal. "Good bye my friends he said as his eyes close. "I guess this good by then."sonic said as his body go limp. "No no no sonic please come back sonic please! The room was completely silent. "Oh ho ho ho ho ho" "Yes I finaly did it he's dead at last!" Everyone attention was now on tails and the limp body of sonic. Memories start to go through tails mimd of all his friends and family that have died by the evil tyrant's hand. Sunddenly tails falls to his knees and hold his hand in his head. Sally and bunnie and the others notice. "Tails sweetie are you ok?" The princess asked. "Sugar fox ya'll alright there hun she asked. Tails fur goes completely black. His eyes turn red instead blue eyes. "Um tails you alright there dude?" The walrus asked. Tails transforms into a black negative super form. Tails just stairs at his friends with an evil grin on his face.

"Eggman your going straight to hell along with your robots tails said.

As charges up a giant energy blast from the palm of his right hand before whispearing bang. All of the swatbots Immediately exsplode and fall to the ground. Everyone could only watch in horror as tails teleports towards robotnic's direction. "Your going to pay for all the innocent lives you destroyed including sonic andmy parents"! He said as he tightens his grip on eggman's neck. "Tails stop sally said to her adoptive nephew. "Tails you know sonic wouldn't want you to do this she said. Tails suddenly losens his grip on the mad man as he turns back to normal before falling back to normal. Falling to the ground with tears in his eyes as sally and bunmie rushes over to comfort the sad fox. This it who I am am I a momster he asked himself as tears fall down his eyes. "This is all my fault Im a fauliure he said." Don't talk like that sugar fox bunnie said as she pulled him into a hug. "don't worry sweetie evey thing is gonna be fine you still got me bunnie and the rest of the freedom fighters sally said as she kissed him on his tiny cute nose. Bunnie gives him a kiss on the forehead.

"Thanks aunt sally and aunt bunnie he said with a smile on his face.

" Any time sugar fox bunnie said Whole lifing him up on his feet.

"Let's go home honey sally said.

Ok he said as 4hey walk out of the control room toward knothole