Snow White fell asleep on the toilet then prince charming walked in and smelled the stinkyness and sent her to the dungeon with the dwarfs She needed to go poo in the dungeon so she got an idea she pooped on the guards dinner so he felt ill and since it was dark he didn't realize it the guards even said it was good! but he vomited after Snow white just laughed! the prince decided to purchase a new toilet from toilets r us and let her WHITE WAS SOOOO HAPPY! then she went to the bathroom and fell asleep on that one too. once again she had a stinky butt the prince realized there was no cure so he just bought a bunch of air fresheners he also purchases 5 more toilets and gave them to poo clogged all the toilets and she fell asleep on all of her toilets plus the 2 before. snow white fell asleep And when she gets up there is a circle of poo on the toilet seat. she flooded the kingdom. they had to rename the kingdom poop-ville because it always smelled like poop and she lived happily ever after until the prince filled a divorce but that's another story. The End