This is the start of a (hopefully) beautiful new story. Based in a more real-world AU, it will follow the story of Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. There will be joy, there will be humor, there will be shocking plot twists and heavy feels, and yes, eventually, their will be romance. Possibly have multiple seasons if I feel that the story will be long enough. It won't update as often as The Shining Knight as these chapters will take longer to write (especially since it is mindless chaos). Any-who, Read, Review and most of all Enjoy. This is Quill, signing off.

The first leaves of the coming fall had turned to red as the days to a new school year were numbered. Soon the bells would ring and children of all ages would put pen to paper in the pursuit of knowledge. The whole experience was foreign to one equally foreign boy. The cooler weather seemed alien to him, as the time of year was warm back at his home… well, his old home anyhow. Vale was his home now, having moved here permanently due to his father's work. The little English that the dark-haired boy spoke would suffice for his first year of school, though he hadn't planned on conversing with others. His new surroundings brought him no comfort, and why would they? The now five-year old boy had moved so far from home, to a scary new world.

The plane ride was tiring and the drive that followed was more so, but he couldn't sleep. The small child was too occupied by thought to sleep, taking in the sights of his new life. It was all so different, the buildings weren't littered with brightly lit billboards and the streets weren't piled with pedestrians. Everything was calmer here compared to the busy town he was used to. The people didn't look like he did, nor did they look like anyone he had seen. Their skin was different to his as were their facial features; he wasn't sure why they were different, but he remained quite despite his curiosity. The buildings gradually grew smaller, changing from high-rise city buildings to two and one story houses. The car travelled deeper into the suburbs of this new place until it pulled into a stone driveway. The house that lay at the end was blocky and white, very unlike the housing that the small boy was used to. The child's father spoke to him in their native tongue.

"We're here son. I'll show you to your room." The boy remained silent, only nodding in acknowledgment. Taking the taller man's hand as he stepped out of the vehicle and breathing in heavily, the boy began to shiver slightly. Noticing this, his father removed his own jacket and covered the boy's shoulders with it. "Come now, your room has already been set up." Looking up to his father, a much taller man than he was with hair as black as his own, he sighed. The two walked hand in hand down the decorated hallways, everything having been set up in anticipation of their arrival. All their belongings were in place in a way that the boy hadn't seen them before, which only added to the home-sick feeling that had developed in his stomach. His father opened a door and gestured for the boy to enter. What he found inside was indeed his room, made to look exactly as his old one, minus the style of the walls; however it didn't feel the same. As much as the boy wanted to believe this was his room, the room he had lived in for his whole life, it just wasn't the same.

"I want to go home…" he said sadly in his native language.

"This is home now. I'll let you get settled in," his father said, releasing his hand and stepping out of the room. The door closed with a faint click as the man turned out of the boys view. The dark-haired child walked around his room, investigating every inch of it with mild dissatisfaction. It looked like his room, even the finest details were there, yet it just didn't feel right and he wasn't sure why. Reaching a small desk that his grandfather had made for him, the boy sat down on a chair that was made to match. He ran his hands along the fine wood of both desk and chair, soothing himself as he did so. The matching pair of furniture was a gift from the boy's grandfather before he passed away; it was finely crafted and spoke volumes about the man's skills as beautiful patterns covered the legs, arms and sides. At least this was the same, at least this felt right. Taking a seat, the boy opened a small book that rested on his desk, titled in his language 'learn to speak English for ages 3-7.' Scanning over the words, he began to recite what he saw; first saying a sentence in his head, and then repeating the translated version aloud.

"Hal, uh, hell-o… my… name… is Lie Ren."

A week passed as fall pressed on and Ren had rarely left his new room. No matter how hard he tried the boy just couldn't feel at home, and it was beginning to affect him in a displeasing way. The boy couldn't stay asleep for more than a few hours each night, and the constant waking up and falling asleep had taken its toll on the boy. He didn't look happy, a very distant and saddened look was all that ever marked his face; it was worrying to his parents. His mother had arrived a few days after he and his father had, and had settled in seemingly overnight. The boy couldn't understand how his parents could so easily feel at home here; though he did note that it had been a little better since the woman had arrived, but not by much. So now, on this early Monday morning, he stood in front of a mirror and stared at the sight that greeted him. Short dark hair that had been combed over sat on top of his head, the reflection of bright magenta eyes stared into his own as they searched for relief. The face that looked back harboured a sad expression to match his and the body wore identical clothing; creamy-white pants with a green jacket that hid away his plain black t-shirt.

"Ren," his mother called, "come have some breakfast before we leave for school, okay?"

"Yes, mother," he called back while giving himself one last look in the mirror.

Knock, Knock, Knock. The small knuckles the laced the boy's hands tapped meekly against the big orange door; it was made of a strong wood and had a metal sign bolted to it that read 'E2.' The door opened in response and in its place stood a tall, blonde haired woman who wore a neat white jacket with purple highlights and pair of black jeans.

"Ah, you must be Lie Ren, correct?" The child simply nodded in affirmation. "Excellent, I'm Miss Goodwitch and I'll be your teacher for the year." She said with a grand smile. The woman was young, most likely having just started her teaching career and there was a soothing aura about her. Ren immediately loosened up, not having realised that he had tensed up in the first place. "Well why don't you come on in and take a seat with the others, we're about to start some reading time." A smile crept onto the small boys face for the first time since moving to Vale as he stepped into the classroom. There was no need to miss his home here and he certainly wasn't going to miss his new house, which still wasn't home to him; no, here he was just like anyone else. Here he was at school, his school. "What do you prefer to be called?" the teacher whispered to the small boy.

"Ren, Miss." A warm smile spread across Goodwitch's face.

"Ok, class, this is Ren. He recently moved into Vale from a faraway country, so be sure to make him feel welcome." A couple of people smiled at the boy, naïve to the differences between themselves and the child. Others gave a curious look, noticing how he wasn't like they were; some thought it was cool, others not so much. "Ok, settle down now. Today we will be reading 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr Seuss. 'I am Sam, Sam I am…"

The bell rang, startling a few of the children; it was time for recess. Grabbing out a few snacks that his mother had packed, the dark-haired boy walked over to a bench and sat down, setting his food to the side as he struggled to open a small bag of potato chips. Too focused on the task at hand, he failed to realise the shadow of three other students prowling closer.

"Hey you, you're that Ren guy, right?"

"Uh, yes… I am Ren."

"You talk funny."

"I'm sorry; I don't speak English very good."

"You're weird and you look funny," the bigger boy stated, pointing an accusing finger at Ren. The other two boys stated to laugh which confused the small boy on the bench, why were they laughing? "Ha-ha, you're a freak!" The brown-haired boy cried teasingly. Without warning the boy pushed Ren, causing him to fall of his seat and land on the ground with a solid thump. Taking the downed boy's food, the trio began to open up his snacks and throw them at him.

"No, stop please, I don't like this, stop!" he cried as he tried to get back to his feet. Why were they doing this? What did he ever do to them? Was it something he said? The boy broke down in tears, confused about why the other students were doing this. He heard one shout something about a cry baby and a funny looking freak. Why won't they stop? Why isn't anyone helping? Just then another voice, a girl this time, silenced the others and stopped the projectiles being thrown.

"Hey, Cardin, leave him alone!"

"Go away Nora, this has nothing to do with you!"

"Wanna bet?" she asked, raising her fists. Nora Valkyrie was known to be a fighter, and a damn good one at that. In kindergarten, she would always beat anyone who hit her first and win without anything more than a scratch. She wasn't mean or vicious, and would only fight when necessary. Defending an otherwise defenceless classmate was defiantly on her list of 'fight worthy situations.' Cardin Winchester had experienced her force first hand when he decided to pull on the girl's orange locks when they were in the sandpit, leaving with a nice bruise on his left cheek. Remembering this, the boy who Ren now knew as Cardin turned to his friends and yelled out to run; the three dispersed, leaving one small sobbing boy and one curious energetic girl. "Hey there," she said sweetly while inspecting the boy. He seemed harmless enough. The boy continued to sob, remaining silent. "I'm Nora, what's your name?"

The sobbing child looked up at his saviour; a small girl who was barely taller than him with long-orange hair falling in all directions. She wore a pretty pink and white dress with a pink heart in the centre of her chest. Her turquoise eyes scanned the boy, a sweet worried look in her eyes. "My name?" he asked. The happy girl nodding wildly as the boy spoke. "Ren," he said simply, his magenta eyes looking into deep turquoise. The eyes her stared into widened at the sight.

"Wow, you're eyes are so pretty! There pink! I love pink, it's my favourite colour!" she screamed in glee as she practically bounced around on the spot. He looked away shyly, never having anyone acting like this before. In the few seconds where the girl had held still, she noticed the boy's food littering the ground around him; a sudden determination filled her eyes. "Come with me,' she yelled as she grabbed the other student's wrist, pulling him up and dragging him with her. The two stopped by where they had stored their bags and the bubbly girl opened hers up. She handed a muesli bar and cheese dip to the boy saying, "Here, have these. You need to eat something after all."

"And why wouldn't he eat his own food?" Miss Goodwitch asked after noticing the two.

"Well, a couple of boys were throwing his food at him."

"I see… Ren, would you be able to point out the ones who did that when everyone returns to class?" The boy nodded meekly. "Good. Can you tell me what they were doing and what they were saying? Please." The boy nodded again before repeating what he could remember of the trio's words. "Hmm, I will have to talk to them. Thankyou Ren, I'll ask you who did it in class, for now I suggest you stay with Nora," she said, her expression unusually grim. The two walked away, Nora blabbing on and on about whatever came to mind while Ren simply listened. The bell rang once more, causing the two to stop.

"Yay, class time; I can't wait for the others to meet my new friend," she said gleefully to herself. The word's caused the dark-haired boy to stop, remembering what that meant.

"Friend?" he asked almost voiceless, though the girl in pink still heard it.

"Yup, we're best friends now!"

"Best… friends?" The girl nodded excitedly, confirming the boy's questions. Little did the two realize how much promise there was in those two little words, and how beautiful a friendship they would lead to.

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