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It had taken a while for Ren to call his house home, and not without Nora having made it feel that way with her regular visits. It was for this reason that the tall-for-his-age boy was a little upset when he taped down the last cardboard box in his room. His room, once nicely furnished, now sat empty except for a few boxes. This place had been his home for almost five years, and now he had to part ways with it. This move was easier for the dark-haired boy then the first, especially now since he had matured a bit. Luckily the move wasn't going to be too far, he'd still get to go to his school with Nora and Jaune, and he'd be living closer to the two in the end. The new house was larger than his current one, with a second story and two extra bedrooms. His parents had told him one would be a guest bedroom if they had company, but he hadn't the slightest clue what the second one was for. All he knew is that he would find out soon enough. He carried his last box to the car, placing it in the backseat rather than the boot or trailer as both of those were full.

"Well, this is it. We're all packed so we aren't coming back," Ren's father said, a mix of excitement and nerves in his voice. It was odd for the man to act like this, usually he was calm and confident. Ren had to admit that he was a little excited too. He remained calm as he watched the white, blocky house that he had lived in for almost half of his life drift away into the horizon. He knew that the new house would be easier to call home. It was in walking distance of Nora's place, which he hadn't been to in all of three days, and Juane wasn't much further. Before the boy knew it, the trip was over. The car pulled up into the driveway, a shadow of the two-story house covering it as it stopped. "Here we are, our new home."

"Isn't this exciting Ren?" his mother asked, a sweet smile on her face as she looked back at him. Ren returned a smile and nodded, before looking at the house. Clean white walls towered up, with a balcony right above the door. The windows were large and shiny, and the door was made of fine-looking oak. This was the place he would soon call home. He and his parents set to work unpacking the essentials, hoping to get at least that much done before dinner. Within two hours, the table and chairs had been placed in the kitchen, the parents' bedroom had a bed in it and Ren's room was half set up with his bed, desk and chair in place. The lounge had a couch and a coffee table, and the toiletries had been put in the rightful places. Everything was beginning to take shape.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Ren! Open up~" Nora sang in her happy tone, fists furiously clashing with the oak door. Dinner had been arranged with the Valkyrie's, as the kitchen had yet to be set up. The boy barrelled down the staircase, knowing that it wouldn't take long for Nora to all but knock the door down if he didn't answer. He turned the door handle and opened the door, the sight of his friend coming into view. "Hey Ren!" she cheered as she gave the boy her usual greeting of a death-grip bear hug.

"Hey Nora," he replied with a light chuckle. Nora was now half a head shorter than her foreign-backgrounded friend, and she hadn't changed much in looks… or attitude for that matter. Hair still relatively short and messy, and as orange as the day it was when the two met. As hyperactive as ever, though she had matured in her nature substantially, with a little help from Ren. She still usually wore an assortment of pink, white and black. Today was pink shorts and a black shirt. "Do you want to look around?" he asked as the girl finally let him breathe.

"She can look around after having dinner," Nora's mother interrupted, a smirk on her face. "Come on you two, the chips will get cold."

Later that night, the two sat and talked in Ren's room. Nora made herself comfortable on Ren's bed, resting her back against a pillow and the headrest as she looked out her friend's window. It was rare to see her so still and quiet; it was only when she was looking at the stars. In this moment, Ren pulled out his sketchbook and a pencil and began to draw the girl. There was something about her when she was like this, something captivating. No one would believe the boy if he said she could be so calm, talking only a little as she pondered; but it didn't matter. The sight made for a breathtaking piece, one that he sketched in his own unique art style. No distinct outlines or edges, everything mended together, and yet every separate thing visible. One of his finest pieces of work, even in his later years.

An hour had passed in seemingly no time at all. Nora had barely moved and Ren was just finishing his artwork. Art was a hobby of the boys, and the bubbly girl in pink was an inspiration for such a thing. He just had to go show his mother. Fighting heavy eyelids, Nora found herself drifting to sleep. Ren returned to the sight of his closest friend, sprawled out with her arms above her head and her hair a mess, deep in sleep on his bed. This hadn't been the first time such a thing had happened, nor would it be the last. As was normal for the two, Ren made sure his sleeping friend was tucked in nicely before slipping in next to her. The two had been in one bed countless times, as two close friends who were comfortable near each other. Ren slept well that night, he always did when she was next to him.

It had been a week now, and the house was already set up. It felt more like home to the relatively young boy, especially now that his room was done. The lounge, the kitchen, the dining room, it had all been furnished and decorated; even the guest room had a few decorations in it. It was for that reason Ren had become so curious with the extra room. It was empty, bar for a single bed and cupboard. Why is it the only room we haven't finished yet? he would think to himself. It made no sense to him. It wasn't storage, and it wasn't a guest room, this much he knew. Every time he passed the room, it would bug him. He asked once what it was for, but was told to wait and see.

The boy was patient, and grew ever curious with each passing day; then came an opportunity. While his parents were out, leaving him with the house to himself, he snuck into the room. It was as empty as it looked from outside the door, and the cupboard was bare. It didn't add up to the boy. It didn't make sense. A faint click sounded from down stairs. A car door, followed by a second. His parents were home. A third click sounded as he walked down the staircase. He approached the door and opened it, only to be kept inside by his father who had blocked the smaller boys view.

"Okay son, I need you to listen to me," the older man said, a tinge of excitement mixed with seriousness in his voice. "I know you're a good kid, so this probably isn't needed, but you must behave okay. We have a surprise for you." This naturally piqued the boy's interest. A surprise? he thought to himself. Seeing his father waiting for a response, he nodded with a firm 'okay'. It all seemed overdramatic to the calm boy as his father opened the front door once more. Taking a few cautious steps out the door, an odd sight filled his view.

A girl, only a little shorter than himself, stood by his mother's side. Her hair was midnight black and ran down to her mid back. Her clothes were a simple combination of black and white. She had amber-colored eyes and a disinterested expression on her face. Ren wasn't sure what was going on, or who the girl was. She didn't seem to be all that different from anyone else, like she wasn't trying to stand out much. The only thing about her that seemed odd was the fact that she had a large, black bow atop her head. She couldn't have been much older than nine, and the bow she wore seemed rather odd for her age. The boy's mother brought the girl closer to the two males, a happy grin on her face.

"Ren, I'd like you to meet Blake. Blake, this is who I was talking about in the car. Sweetie, say hello to your new sister." In that instance, the boy began to understand. The reason they had to move out of their perfectly fine house, the extra room that hadn't been decorated yet, why his parents had been out of the house so often as of late. It was all because of her; Blake, his new sister.

"Hi," he said, a little dumbfounded as reality began to set in. The concept felt as foreign to him as when he had first moved to Vale. For almost ten whole years he had been an only child, and in a single moment that stopped. Ren had a sister, who was only a month younger than himself. The suddenness of it all was a little unsettling, but Ren wasn't about to throw a tantrum or mope because he had to share now. In his short lifetime, he had already learnt that change could be good. This could be good, and that's how he chose to look at it.

"Hello," the girl replied, somewhat disconnectedly. It was hard to blame her for being like that, she had a group of people who were relatively strangers that she now could call family. "It's… nice to meet you." It took a little over a day to have the newest member of the family settled in. Her room was fully furnished, and whatever decorations they hadn't put in were yet to be delivered. Blake and Ren hadn't conversed much, and being the same age made it harder. Ren was still moderately shy, and Blake seemed distant to him. He needed a way to get her talking.

"Why not try find some common ground?" Jaune suggested, a triumphant grin on his face. Two days had passed since the latest addition to the boy's life, and there had been minimal progress. He lifted his head to meet the gaze of his only male friend. Nora sat next to the dark-haired child, spewing words at a hundred miles a minute about how amazing it is that he best friend now had a sister. The majority of it was along the lines of 'what she and Blake would do once they became friends'.

"Common ground is kind of hard when we won't speak with each other. My parents want us to get along, but…"

"-but what? Are you two fighting? Do you dislike each other?"

"Well no."

"Then you're already halfway there," the Arc child stated with a mile-wide grin. "Just see what she likes to do in her free time, maybe you'll find something that you two have in common." He was right, Ren needed to find something in common with her. "I could even help. What sort of things do you do in your spare time?"

"Well, I draw and I-"

"-Oh! Speaking of drawing! Ren, have you got a copy of that image you made the other week printed for me? The one of me looking out the window. Mom's been bugging me about it for days now," interrupted Nora as she jumped from her endless ramble. This made both of the boys chuckle.

"They'll be printed tonight. We had to send it to a company to make it into a poster like your mother requested."

"They? I though you only made one."

"I did, but we've printed two copies. My parents wanted one too, so they could hang it up around the house." The bell rang once Ren finished his sentence. "Any way, we'd better get to class."

"Teach will probably kill us if we're late," Jaune joked, the trio laughing together as they began to leave their usual lunch-table. While the teacher was explaining a mathematics concept that Ren had already taught himself, the fair-skinned boy flicked through his sketch book. Images of horizons, animals, and his two friends flashed past quickly until the pages stopped. The one that he had drawn on the first night in his new house, his favorite piece, filled the page. It was one he was proud of. That night, it became the one that was placed on display in the house's main foyer. His father placed it against the wall until it hung in place on its own. With the size of it increased, it was easier to see the precision used in Ren's imprecise way of drawing. It was unique, and was pleasing to look at, and the frame that had been purchased matched the coloring nicely. It was hard to tell that a mere almost-ten-year-old boy had created it.

"Who's that?" came a curious voice from behind Ren. It was Blake. She moved next to Ren to look at the image closely. "She's very pretty."

"That's my friend, Nora. She's been looking forward to meeting you ever since the moment I had mentioned you," he replied, trying to start some small talk.

"Oh. That's interesting…" She didn't seem overly interested, like she was too shy to continue on. "Who made it?"

"I did." Amber eyes widened in surprise.

"You? You made this? I didn't know you could draw," Blake said in awe. Ren smiled slightly. She was talking; his new sister was starting to speak to him.

"I've practiced for three years now, when I've found time. If it's not that then I'm reading."

"Oh? What books?"

"Books… oh, well I love Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Journey to the West is pretty good too."

In the blink of an eye, hours had passed. Ren and Blake talked, first about books, and then about hobbies, interests, stories about themselves, funny events that had happened recently… the list grew more and more. They found their common ground, and Jaune had been right. Once they started talking, it took forever for them to stop. This warmed Ren's parent's hearts; but they weren't just his parents any more. They were Blake's parents now too, and this change ended up for the better.