Hello all!

I'm terribly sorry for the wait on all my stories! You're all being so nice and I still have reviews coming in every few months or so, and I just wanted to put out a tiny update note to say that I'm still here, and I do see you! Your continued support means a lot to me!

I've been struggling with depression and anxiety and found out I have autism, among other things. I'm currently dealing with an enormous amount of stress and can't find and keep a job, and things are just a mess right now. So to anyone who has similar struggles or just wants someone to vent to, feel free to reach out! Life can be really hard and fanfiction is one of the things that makes people smile and can sometimes inspire! I've read so many amazingly written fics and they've really given me some perspective on my own life and character development. My story is only just starting, and no matter who old any of you are, there's always room for a new chapter in your lives! Even if there's only one person who likes you or your creations, that's still one person who appreciates and loves you in their own way. And even though I don't actually know any of you, just knowing you're out there really helps me out sometimes! So thank you all so much!

I'm going to try writing again, and updates will not be constant, and it may even be years between them, but my stories are by no means abandoned! I love all my characters and will be going back to edit and improve the quality of what I already have out. I'm hoping to improve my writing skills but my main goal is to just have fun and enjoy something I still love and cherish.

Thank you all, I love you peeps! So much!