A/N: Hia guys! This is a collab idea that I had with oleanderhoney who is awesome sauce. If you haven't read either her stories or my stories, then this will probably make very little sense. If you have skip this next bit:

The main characters in oleander's universe are Sherlock Holmes and Jane Watson. The main characters in my universe are Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper.

Molly awoke in her bed suddenly feeling as if she wasn't where she was supposed to be. Looking around she recognised it as her room, but Sherlock didn't. Suddenly her phone went off. It was Lestrade.

Received 3:56 1/12/14

Molly? Can u com down 2 Bart's? I no its lat, but Jane's hurt prety bad and we dont ned to wory Sherlock. Thxs.

Molly's brow pulls together. Who was Jane, and why would that worry a comatose Sherlock? Huffing she jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes before pulling on Sherlock's jacket that John had lent her.

She sent back a quick text as she got in the taxi.

Sent 4:01 1/12/14

Coming Lestrade. Please work on your grammar. And don't think I won't be questioning you later.


The signing was unnecessary, but Sherlock liked it so she sighed and signed his name too. The cab soon pulled up outside Bart's, and throwing the cabby some money she ran inside.

She made her way to her lab where she knew Lestrade would be waiting. As she walked up she took a quick look in the door window to check for any hidden dangers. She almost chocked as she saw a woman in the room in profile who looked almost exactly like John.

Throwing open the door she almost ran in before grabbing Jane's face. Both Jane and Lestrade gasped but Molly was too distracted to figure out why.

"Molly?" Jane asked weakly. But got no response. It wasn't like Molly to be this forward.

"Molly?" Greg asked with more force.

Turning and giving him a look Molly noticed Lestrade eyeing her new coat. But she had it on at the crime scene yesterday and she was sure she heard John explaining it to him. John.

Turning around again quickly Molly began to treat Jane's wounds silently before finishing and standing back. "Molly is that Sherlock's coat?" Molly looked at him, no real emotion showing.

"It is. Obvious isn't it Lestrade?" He seemed a bit taken a back. Yes she didn't normally call him Lestrade, but that was Sherlock's fault.

She glanced at Jane. "Why do you have it?" Was that... Jealousy? Molly couldn't be sure but continued anyway.

"John gave it to me. Perfectly normal under the circumstances."

"What circumstances? Who's John?" Jane shot.

"John is m- Sherlock's flat mate." Molly replied coolly.

"What?!" Shock covered Jane's face.

"Is that surprising?" Molly returned.

"Very, considering Sherlock is my flat mate!"

"Maybe a visit to ph-"

"Girls!" Lestrade shouted giving Molly a slight glare.

"Come with me. I'll prove you wrong." Molly declared and exited the room.

After a few seconds two steps of foot sets followed her.