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"They're for wild animals."


"Large wild animals."

A cough, trying to clear a scratchy throat that wanted water. He didn't have water. He coughed again. "Very."

"Well, yes. Like bears."

Coughed again. "Bears?"

"You know, bears. In the woods. Where else? I should hope that there won't be any on the mansion property. Besides, it's a three hour walk to here from the nearest town. Six hours round trip. Are you following what I'm saying?"

He can't follow what she's saying actually. He doesn't know what bears are, or the concept of towns. Or property. Although hours, that was something he could definitely understand. Hours. Time. Yes, something he could understand. Hours ruled his life. Ruled anyone's life when in the mansion or in time travel business. Regardless, he barely understood what she was saying. The terms confused him. The terms always confused him.

"Uh," his throat hurts and he coughed again, dry and raspy. "I don't know what you mean. But...thank you. Is that what you say? It is what you say right? Thank you."

"Yeah, it's thank you. No problem," she said, and slid the gun back into to where it came from.

He shifted uncomfortably. Right. He breathed out, "You're a miracle. Thank you. Thank you. You ma'am, are a miracle."

She smiles.

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