Hi everyone. This is my very first story I have created and I hope you enjoy it!XD I had so many Ideas bubbling in my head when I read the fan fiction stories others created so I decided to make my own story! Hope you enjoy it!:D

Violet: Violet is a girl who always hides her true personality and almost never gets angry. She has long ink black hair that goes down past her shoulders with a violet headband. She has purple eyes her favorite color is purple. Basically, everything she wears is purple. She was found as a baby in an orange cardboard box in the rain at the front is 14 years old and was born with powers. The problem is though, she always has kept a secret of how much powers she actually has. She would only show one power(Healing).

Flare: Flare is Violet's younger sister, but not by blood. She also has powers but envies Violet because Violet always gets all the missions. She has a mild temper thats easy to be dealt with. She has curly snow white hair and blue eyes. She wears a pale grayish blueish head band with a dark blue ribbon. She doesn't have a favorite color and likes to wear mixed colored clothing. She is also 12. -was born with one power.

Blossom: Blossom is the smart one out of her sisters. Being the eldest, she takes the role as leader. She has bright fruity orange hair tied into a pony tail that goes almost down to the floor. She has blazing pink eyes wears a bow hair band. When she has something set in her mind, nothing stands in her way. Was born with is around the age of 14.

Buttercup: Buttercup is the second eldest and the toughest fighter of her sisters. She has a temper so you don't want to mess with her. She has short jet black hair that goes down only to her shoulders. Mostly is a tomboy and hates most of the girly stuff. Sometimes denies that she did something around the age of 14, and has lime green favorite color is green, just saying.

Bubbles: Bubbles is a bubbly spirited girl who loves fashion. She is somewhat a sensitive girl and yet uncommonly gets angry. She has hay blond hair with two curly coned pigtails.(From PPGZ lol)Around the age of 14 and is the youngest of her sisters. She can be kind and caring and very fun to be around. I must say though, she is quite girly. Her favorite color is baby blue and is also the nicest girl out of her sisters. She has baby blue eyes and very cute.(To me) To be known, was born with powers.

Bluebell: Also known as Bianca. She has chocolate brown eyes and sweet long brown hair that just about falls past her shoulders. She can be very helpful at times and at other times, like to take problems into her own hands. She looks out for the group and was born somewhere unknown to them. Around the age of 14, she gained her powers and is put into the group. Favorite color is brown and shares a secret that both Violet, Flare, and Bluebell have.

Boomer:Boomer is fun loving like Bubbles in many ways. Is about the age of 14 and the youngest of his brothers. He has blond hair that point past his ears a bit and has dark blue eyes. He's very kind and Has favorite color is blue.

Brick:Brick is the eldest of his brothers and has a leader role personality. He has orange flaming hair and likes his hat :3. He may seem kinda mean on the outside but is actually caring for his siblings. His favorite color is red and is sometimes very serious about his job. He hides his feelings and sometimes never speaks them out. He somewhat has a cool flow personality and has powers.

Butch:Butch has black spiky hair with forest green eyes. His favorite color is green and is the toughest fighter of his brothers. He likes to tease and annoy the girl he likes, and can sometimes mean business. He has a tough personality to deal with and was born with powers. He is also the second eldest of his brothers.


"VIOLET! THE QUEEN WANTS TO SPEAK WITH YOU!" Violet's sister Flare called from downstairs. Violet sighed. She knew what the queen was going to ask her to do and she wasn't looking forward to it.

"COMING!" Violet yelled in response. She closed the book she was reading and walked down the stairs to the castle hall entrance. The halls were all black and very modern day looking. Violet has always wondered how she even came to serve the evil queen if she wasn't even born here.

"Hey Violet! where ya going?" Came a familiar voice. Violet turned around and smiled."Oh hey Bluebell! I'm heading toward Queen Ladene's throne room. What about you Bianca?"

"I'm heading to the same place you are." Bluebell said smiling happily.

Violet smiled."Alright then, lets go." Violet and Bluebell raced down the hall together laughing. Once they got to the throne room, they were giggling like crazy.

"ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!" Queen Ladene snapped. You see, the queen is not very fond of fun and games, yet no one knows why. Both girls immediately grew quiet.

"Much better. Girls, I'm here to give you three a mission." Violet groaned inwardly while Bianca looked around confused. Bluebell looked at the queen for an answer. " You see girls, this will make the mission better and easier to gain trust with, so I thought I should bring Violet's little sister Flare on this mission." Flare grew wide eyed when she heard this and squealed with delight and excitement.

Violet and Bluebell looked at each other and shrugged. "alright then queen. Flare, stop moving and come beside us so she can announce the mission!" Violet called to Flare. Flare stopped and walked to the girls eagerly.

"Alright. Your mission is to find the 6 magic mages and bring here ALIVE. Got that?" The girls exchanged worried glances and then looked up. "We understand. when do we depart ma'm?" Violet said with no emotion on her face.

" I would like you to depart tomorrow 4:00 sharp in the morning." Flare's eyes widen. "But thats to early to wake up!" Violet glares at her." Don't worry queen Ladene, we'll leave right on time."

The queen nods and sends them back to their rooms. Violet soon had gotten everything she needed for the mission, so she decided to go out for a nature walk to enjoy the peacefulness before she leaves.

With Flare, Flare was getting ready excitedly to be ready for her very first mission."Why isn't Violet happy to go on missions for the queen? She's the queen's favorite after all." Flare decided to not think to much to save energy and immediately hurried to bed.

Meanwhile, with Bluebell, she had already packed and was reading a survival guide to survive on the mission.

Ok, back with Violet. Violet was shuffling through the dead leaves enjoying the peaceful sounds and gentle wind when she came across this strange looking necklace."Huh? Whats this?" Violet bends down to pick the strange white orb on the necklace up when it suddenly flashed brightly blinding Violet. She gasped as her memories of the past when she was younger started flowing back.

Memory Flashback

Violet was suddenly a baby again back inside a box. The door opens as a women with long blond hair steps out. "Who rang the doorbell?" She says and then her eyes lay upon the crying child.

"Oh how could anyone leave you out here in the rain?" The lady swooned. she cradled Violet in her arms and walked inside. "Henry! Come look who I found!"She hummed out. The one she called Henry walked up to her and smiled at the child.

"Can we keep her Henry?" The lady asked hopefully. Henry smiled and nodded and looked thoughtfully at Violet. "What shall we name her Ladene?"

"Oh, I have a perfect name. Her name will be Violet. Violet giggles playfully and raises palms up for a hug. "Mama! Papa!" Violet squealed proudly. Ladene smiled and hugged Violet.

Some Years Later…...

Ladene sobbed at the base of the gravestone, while Violet sat wide eyed beside her. Ladene hugged Violet and took her back home and got her to bed. "mama? Where's Daddy?" Violet asked with wide violet hopeful eyes.

Ladene shushed her and told her that Daddy moved away, and closed the lights. Ladene made her way toward the castle entrance and entered into the castle. She found her way to the throne room and was given a crown with a black jewel in the middle.

She sat on the throne and an evil smirk grin arose from her mouth.

Back To Now

Violet grew pale as those horrible memories flooded back through her eyes and she gripped the strange stone tightly. Suddenly, the stone began to glow and change shape and color. She watched in surprise as the stone shape shifted into a glowing see through glass shaped star with tiny sparkling stars glowed and floated around in the tiny jewel.

Violet examined it and put it around her neck feeling that it was important to take. She knew that this mission was going to be different and more stranger than any of the missions she had before.