GNH Chapter two

An: I want you all to know that Gohan has long hair. If you're trying to imagine it, think of how it looked before he entered the HBTC. Though it's not really important why he has long hair, I just thought it was of interest to let you all know. Also, the MPO Was broken when it hit the floor last chapter.

GNH chapter 2

The next morning, Gohan was awaken by the sound of continuous tapping all over the house. 'What's that noise?' the Half-Saiyan asked himself as he slowly rose from the bed he was in. Yawning, he felt his tail scratch his head and paused.

That's something he would have to get used to having happen again.

Grabbing his pants from the floor, that were still torn, he made his way to the window that was in the room and looked out. 'It's raining… no, it's pouring out there,' he thought as he turned around and made the bed, wincing slightly as he started.

The pain from his injuries that he gained from his arrival in this world. But he could easily work through the pain. He had no permanent or life threatening injuries so he just ignored the pain he felt as he made his way to the kitchen, hoping that Bulma had stocked it with food. Thinking about food, he realized that he still had some in the newer Space Ship.

'It won't last forever,' he thought as he opened the fridge. Inside, there was a mountain of food, filled to the brim like the ship's refrigerator. 'Good,' he said in thought as he rummaged through the fridge, only grabbing what could fit in his arms. He didn't want to eat all his food so soon.

Later, after his breakfast, Gohan began to wash the dishes. 'It's not like Mom's food,' he thought as he finished a few. He then started to think about Chi-Chi and his family again. But this time, he would not cry. He had to h strong and make the best of the situation and not dwell in the past.

Finishing the dishes, Gohan made his way to the bathroom. He needed a shower.

After his shower, he realized that he was without extra clothing, and with his Gi ruined, he would have to wear something else. 'Sure do wish I knew that Materialization technique," he mumbled. 'All I have to wear is armor,'

Sighing, he went back into the bedroom and went through the capsule case.

Pulling out the capsule containing the Saiyan Armor, he murmured," this will have to do," as he de-dapsulized it.


A metal chest appeared in the space on the floor. He walked over and opened it. The same Saiyan Armor he and his dad used in Time Chamber was there, only, this time the armor itself was way more durable.

He put on the entire uniform. He even made a hole for his tail. Which he wrapped around his waist.

He sighed as he remembered all the times he dressed in armor.

'Namek… Freeza coming to earth… the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.' Those were not pleasant times for him though. But, in the time chamber, he did get to spend some quality time with his dad. That memory made him smile.

'I might as well start training again since I have nothing to do for now,' he thought as he exited the house. He hadn't done any real training in over four years.

Putting the capsule for the house back in it's case, he pulled out the capsule containing the original ship.

He would start his training with stretches every morning in one hundred times normal gravity. Then he would continue to workout in two hundred and times normal gravity. After that, he would train in three hundred times normal gravity.

Each day that passed he would increase his starting gravity setting by ten until he reached the maximum gravity setting on the ship. Which was five hundred.

It wasn't like a walk in the park, or in his case a fly through the sky. No it was weeks of rigorous training that got him stronger and faster. Though he wasn't much stronger than he was when he beat Cell, he had regained all the power he lost from not training. He didn't even know he lost power at first. It wasn't until he started training at higher gravity levels when he noticed. He just focused on getting all that power back.

But power wasn't everything, and he knew that. 'I should start training in skill and techniques,' Gohan thought as he exited the capsule couse that day.

Gohan has been stuck in this new world for over three weeks and he was running low on food. He'd have to start hunting soon.

In the Justice League's orbiting Headquarters, The Watchtower, members of the team of heroes were all present holding an important meeting.

In the meeting room, the heroes: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Arrow, both Green Lanterns, Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, The Hawks, and Captain Atom were all seated and awaiting for the start of the meeting.

Once Batman noticed that each member was indeed present, he started. "We're here today to discuss the potential danger that is posed upon us by our planetary visitor."

'Great. This topic again,' Green Arrow mentally sighed.

"He's been here for several weeks and we don't know of his motives," Batman told them.

"He could be plotting an invasion," Green Lantern John Stewart said.

Batman nodded in agreement.

"Well… what if he…" the Flash started." What if he's stranded here?" he suggested.

"Yeah," Green Arrow agreed." He probably doesn't understand our language, and that's why he ran."

"He did look confused and scared," Superman added.

Batman was silent for a moment. Seemingly contemplating this new possible aspect." That could be… but why would he arrive from a portal?"

"Maybe he was banished from his world," Green Lantern Hal Jordan speculated.

"Or fleeing his world," the other Green Lantern said.

"Or escaping some sort of law system," Hawkwoman said, causing Batman to slightly narrow his eyes.

"Well, to know for sure, we'd have to ask him. And to ask him we have to find him," Superman told them.

"Agreed," Batman stood. "After we find him, we could figure out this. Until then… just keep your eyes open. Dismissed."

The heroes then dispersed and went on their way. No one spoke to each other until they all got to their separate destinations.

~Five weeks later~

Gohan had run out of food long ago and had made several trips to the nearest ocean to get something edible. The Pacific Ocean was home to lots of marine life. All of which Gohan gladly ate.

But this time, after his training, on his way towards the Atlantic, he took a detour to the north towards the small island country of Japan.

Arriving near the country, he descended and landed in a city l, on top of a building. Peering over the edge of the building, he observed the busy streets of the city.

He looked towards a billboard and was shocked to see that he actually understood the language. He read what it said. "Welcome to Tokyo!"

If he could read it, he could most likely speak it. So he acted quickly and flew down into an ally, making sure to keep his tail wrapped around his waist. He then walked onto the sidewalk where he got in some peoples path.

"Ho! You scared me, coming out of that ally like that," a woman told him.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean too," Gohan told her timidly as he bowed to her.

She continued walking without paying him much mind, even though he was dressed very odd.

Gohan smiled brightly.' I'm glad I can communicate with these people,' he thought as he started walking the busy streets of Tokyo.

A few minutes went by and he was walking past several people, who were all looking at him oddly, he saw something that caught his attention and he smiled.

"Tokyo Metropolitan Library!" he silently said with a hint of amusement as he made his way towards the library.

Entering the book repository, he was approached by an old lady that had a friendly smile on her face." May I help you find something of interest?" She asked.

The Half-Saiyan bowed as a sign of respect before answering," I would like to read something about history and current world events please."

"Come with me then," she replied as she led him through the large library. Walking passed a shelf, she grabbed a book. She walked a few more feet and grabbing one more book. "Here you go," she handed him the books and left him.

Gohan found an empty table near another table a few older girls were sitting at. Gohan smiled kindly as he passed them. A smile in which they returned.

He sat down and opened the first book.' World History,' Gohan mentally read the title as he opened the book and started reading it.

Hours passed and he had already finished the first history book. He was intrigued by it, mainly by all the wars fought in it. His world didn't have as many.

He was about half way through the second book when he came across the section,'Super Heroes in the Modern World!'

He read the first few pages. They were mostly about all the heroic feats of one man that was an inspiration to most. He was apparently very popular in Japan.

'Superman. That's the guy I ran away from when I first arrived here. The United States was where I met him.' Gohan mused. Using his newly acquired Knowledge of the world to identify that area of the world as he continued reading.

Most of well known heroes and villains were in the book. He read about the best of the best and the worst of the worst. The Justice League and the precursor the Justice Society.

'With my powers, I could be a great help to the Justice League. But I'd have to learn English first.' Gohan thought as he got up and put both books back where they belong.' But, I don't need to join their team. I could save the world on my own. And it seem like they have many things under control. Besides, I need to train. I've no time to go around doing a job that's already being done,' he thought as he walked over to a bookstand labeled 'Foreign Languages'.

He picked out the one labeled 'English' and walked back to the table he was at. Upon reaching it, his stomach growled, causing several heads to turn his direction. He wasn't looking up so he didn't notice all the odd looks he was receiving.

'Awe man. I haven't eaten all day. I'll have to come back another time,' he thought as he put the book back and left the Library, making sure to respectively bow to the old librarian while doing so.

He'd just have to come back another time. Hopefully he wouldn't let it slip his mind like he would sometimes do with other things. Even though Saiyans had great memory, they could occasionally let some piece of info slip. Well, there was of course, the exception that was Son Goku; that man could forget a lot of things.

Instead of flying home, Gohan flew south towards the ocean where he caught himself some dinner. He took the large marine animal back to his capsule house. 'Maybe I should've read a cooking book instead,' Gohan thought, truly missing a home cooked meal. In fact, he missed everything from his world. But he knew that he shouldn't wallow in his misery.

'What if… what if someone here has technology like that of Bulma's MPO?… nah, I doubt it,' he mentally sighed as he finished eating, feeling only half satisfied. But not because he was still hungry but because the quality of the food wasn't good. He sighed as he disintegrated the remaining bones of the fish.

He decided to return to training for the rest of that day. He still had some techniques he wanted to figure out how to do. Some of the techniques his dad knew how to do.

Son Goku was a Fighting Genius, and to want to know some of his techniques would prove be a hard feat to accomplish as Gohan spent the next few months struggling to learn and master certain techniques his father once used.


Bulma had been hard at work for the past three months fixing and modifying the MPO. She was nearly finished and she estimated that within the next month or two, Gohan would be back safe and sound.

Vegeta had also been hard at work. Learning that Goten couldn't fly disgusted him, so he's been training both Half-Saiyan children, much to Chi-Chi's chagrin. But what was surprising to the Saiyan Prince was the leaps and bounds in power Goten was gaining, easily catching up to his best friend.

But Vegeta was able to rest easy knowing his Son was still stronger and the better fighter.

Chi-Chi had made herself useful by cleaning around the building and doing all the cooking, relieving Bunny Briefs of both jobs and keeping her own mind off her lost oldest Son.

Both Trunks and Goten spent day and night together. The best friends trained all day with Vegeta and played all night until they fell asleep. And though they always asked when Gohan was coming back, they never received a straight answer.


In the past three months, Gohan had managed get some techniques down but the others still eluded him. So he started training in gaining power again. Since he already had gotten to the max setting in the first ship, he began using the newer one.

He was glad to know that this one went above five hundred but also knew that he had to be even more cautious when using it because it wasn't tested yet.

Being on this planet for months, Gohan had went back to that Library a few times and nearly mastered the English language, and a few others. Well, nearly mastered would be an exaggeration because some words and phrases still eluded him. Plus, he figured that if he had a person to converse with in English, he'd master it in no time.

He was currently training, throwing kicks, knees, elbows, and punches at incredible speeds.

'I should start training as a Super Saiyan again. It's been a long time since I even attempted the transformation,' he contemplated while he continued to throw kicks and punches.

It truly was a long time since he last transformed against Bojack four years ago. He hasn't had the need to transform since that fight.

His power has increased a lot since his first arrival on the planet and an increase in base power increased your Super Saiyan power. The same as vice versa. It also goes the same for the second transformation.

'Super Saiyan Two,' Gohan thought about the power he had when he was younger. He had never even attempted to master the second form like he did the first.' I should've though,' he thought as he paused in his workout.

When he stopped, he could hear the tapping that signified raining on the outside. He liked the area he was currently stationed, it was very pretty when the sun was out and very calming, but it rained too much for his liking.

Resuming his training, he knew that he'd just have to leave some time soon. 'Maybe I should go train in space,' Gohan thought.

He actually could go and train in space. Both ships had plenty of fuel. And in space he could test the limitations of his power. He thought about how when Vegeta left to go train in space, the Prince had come back as a Super Saiyan and was almost as strong as - if not, stronger than - Goku.

It is true. The Saiyan Prince went into space with one goal in mind; Become a Super Saiyan so that upon return to earth, he could effortlessly destroy the androids. And Goku!

Gohan stopped thinking of space travel when he began to get tired. He decided to sleep on it and see what he would do the next day.

He turned off the gravity and made his way down stairs. He was sleepy but not hungry, so he wouldn't have to go search for food. He'd see how things would turn out the next morning.

Which came quick. After hunting for his breakfast, eating his breakfast, showering, and getting himself a new spandex suit, Gohan exited the space ship and capsulized it.

It was still raining. The downpour caused his hair to get wet, causing it to droop while his bangs stuck to his forehead.

He wasn't bothered by the rain one bit because he knew he could get dry in a matter of seconds.

Instead, he thought about the choice he had made.

He had decided that he didn't want to live here, in Southeast Asia, anymore so he took to the air, letting his translucent aura envelope him as he blasted off towards the west, instantly drying himselfnp in the process.

He was flying over countries he read about in the history book. He saw many people and they saw him too. Many people wondered if he was a new hero or just an old one wearing new clothes.

No one was able to identify him as the mysterious 'Monkey Boy', who had eluded the Justice League for several months, because he wasn't wearing the tattered orange and blue Gi he arrived in.

Flying over the Atlantic Ocean, he realized that he was entering the United States. The Justice League could be found there. He flew fast so it wouldn't take long for him to reach the East coast of the USA.

Arriving near New York State, where Metropolis is located, Gohan noticed that an airplane, a 747 by the looks of it, was falling from the sky. The left engines had failed and smoke was coming out of them. He flew up to and around the large plane.

The plane was at a downward angle facing the city below. He placed both of his hands palm first on the nose of the plane and slowly began to slow its descent.

Inside the plane, before he had arrived, people were screaming their heads off, fearing the imminent death that was sure to come when the plane crashed.

"Somebody save us!" a woman that seemed to be in her mid-thirties screamed.

"We're all gonna die!" a teen boy started to sob.

Though nobody agreed, they didn't disagree either. Where was Superman when you needed him? Not far. The Man of Steel was quickly approaching the falling airliner. He could hear the frantic cries and please for help with his super hearing. He sped up, knowing that he would arrive on time to save the day.

"Hey, do you feel that?" a civilian asked the person next to him. His panicked expression turning into a broad smile when he felt the plane evening out.

"Yeah, we're saved!" another happily cheered, thrusting his fist into the airs.

"I bet it's Superman!" another woman exclaimed happily.

In the cockpit, both pilots were greatly relieved. If it wasn't for "Superman", they'd all be dead.

Superman arrived in the air near the plane. He was slightly shocked to see someone else saving the day in his city.

A closer look at the rescuer and his eyes widened.' Long black hair, brown furry tail… it's that kid!' He mentally exclaimed as he watched Gohan land the large plane on a cleared out area.

'That was easy,' Gohan thought as he rewrapped his tail around his waist and looked up towards Superman, who was gradually making his way towards him.

The Last Son of Krypton had his gaze fixed on Gohan. Raising one hand to his right ear, he contacted the League. "Superman to Justice League," he started." I'm in Metropolis. I just found the kid from a few months ago," he told them.

"You mean, Monkey Boy?" Green Arrow asked through the communication link.

"Yes, he just saved a plane from crashing. I'm gonna ask him some questions," Superman replied.

"Ask him to come with you for a 'Talk,'" Batman ordered. "If he doesn't comply, use force."

"Against a kid?" the Flash asked as he began running towards Metropolis.

"You're forgetting that that 'kid' is a potential danger," Batman reminded him.

They all fell silent.

Gohan didn't hear what was said because the plane's engines were still on. Now he was just waiting to leave. He just needed to see that the people inside were ok.

The plane's emergency exit opened and the emergency evacuation slide popped out. The planes crew started ushering people out.

Superman saw this and looked to them, giving Gohan the perfect opportunity to fly away.

"Look! I told you it was Superman!" the same woman from earlier cheered.

"Thank you, Superman!" a random person cheered.

Superman couldn't accept the praise for the work another did. "No. It wasn't me. It was him." he pointed to Gohan. Or where Gohan once stood.

The people looked to the front of the plane and then back to Superman quizzically. What kind of joke is he playing?

Superman looked to the sky and scanned the horizon. He saw a speck in the distance and it was only getting smaller. A shine twinkled where the speck was before it disappeared.

Superman started to chase after it, followed by The Flash, who had just arrived on scene and saw the Kryptonian fly off.

"Superman to Justice League. I'm currently chasing the kid. I won't let him escape," he told them.

"I'm right behind you, big guy," The Flash replied.

Gohan could sense Superman and someone else approaching quickly. Very fast in fact.' I'll just talk to them,' he sighed as he abruptly stopped mid flight and turned to the heroes.

He was just over a city named Smallville when he stopped. He descended to the ground slowly, giving the two heroes time to catch up to him.

Though Gohan was nervous on the inside, his expression was calm. He wasn't really good with meeting people. He was a shy kid. Even though he visited Japan a few times, he only ever talked to a few people.

He stood there patiently waiting to see why these guys were following him.

'What's he doing?' Superman asked himself as he slowed himself and landed in front of Gohan.

The Flash thought the same thing as he stopped running and crossed his arms over his chest in front of the boy.

Gohan smiled and, in English, cheerfully introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Gohan."

Superman stared deeply into Gohan's eyes before he too smiled and said,"Hello, Gohan. I'm Superman and this," he gestured to The Flash." Is my friend, The Flash," He introduced himself and teammate.

"Fastest man alive," The Flash boasted while pointing to himself with his thumb.

"It's nice to meet you, Superman. Flash." Gohan bowed to them slightly.

"Some of my other friends and I just want to ask you a few questions," Superman told him. "Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated."

"Sure. I'll answer some questions." Gohan answered.' I wonder what they want to know?' he internally inquired.

"Superman," Batman started over the communication system." Did you catch the boy?" the Dark Knight asked.

"No, he stopped flying on his own. The Flash and I are standing next to him right now," Superman answered.

"Good. We're on our way to your coordinates," Batman told him.

"While we're waiting for our friends." Superman started towards Gohan. "Answer me this; Why'd you fly away that day when you first arrived?" he asked.

"Well," Gohan began thoughtfully. "When I woke up here, I didn't understand English and I didn't know how I got here at the time. I was startled and confused," Gohan answered truthfully.

"You didn't understand English when you first got here? How'd you learn it then?" the Scarlet Speedster asked.

"Well… after I flew away from you." He looked to The Flash."… I settled in Southeast Asia. Soon after, I found Japan and discovered that the people there could speak my language. I found a library there and read about this world's history and modern times. I then studied English and other languages later on." Gohan answered, finding the right words to use.

"So you're Japanese?" The Flash inquired.

"No," Gohan answered.

Superman and The Flash seemed to accept these answers.' So he's an alien,' Superman thought.

Not to long after Gohan introduced himself, the rest of the League arrived.

Batman approached Gohan first. "Who are you?" he asked.

"My name's Gohan." The Half-Saiyan answered, not really liking Batman off the bat.

"What are you doing here on earth?" the Dark Knight questioned.

"I'm stuck here," Gohan answered, proving Flash's theory correct that Gohan was just stranded.

"What planet did you come from? Maybe we'll be able to take you home," Green Lantern John Stewart asked.

"I'm from earth," Gohan told them. "a different earth."

His answer seemed to take everyone but Batman by surprise. The Bat speculated on the possibility of him being from a different dimension.

"So… your from an alternate earth?" Superman asked.

"Yeah," Gohan answered casually.

"How'd you get 'stuck' here?" Batman questioned a little less menacingly.

"Well…" Gohan started to tell them the events that led to his arrival on their earth."… and that's what happened."

Batman narrowed his eyes slightly. He moved to the side away from Gohan and motioned for the other members of the League to follow him.

"You don't trust him?" Wonder Woman said more than asked.

"No I don't. Well, not much." Batman answered.

"Why not? I mean, he's just a kid. Why would he lie?" The Flash asked.

"He's probably working undercover for some sort of alien race," Batman told them.

"I believe him," Green Arrow said.

"There's only one way to find out if he's telling the truth," Aquaman said suggestively while looking towards his Martian friend.

The Manhunter from Mars nodded his head in a agreement before he looked towards Gohan with glowing red eyes.

Gohan felt something picking around trying to get inside his brain.' What's going on?' he asked himself before he looked up at the League. He saw Martian Manhunter's glowing eyes. 'Is he trying to read my mind?' Gohan wondered in disbelief as he slowly let his mental shielding down, hoping that he wouldn't come to regret that later.

Martian Manhunter noticed this and didn't hesitate to start rummaging through Gohan's memories. By the time he finished, his expression was horrified. He couldn't believe the life this kid lived.

"What is it J'onn?" Wonder Woman asked when she saw the look on his face.

"Well, he was certainly telling the truth," the Martian answered as he took a seat on the floor. "This boy… he's lived a hard life full of battles to protect his earth. He's witnessed numerous deaths, even the death of his father and yet, he remains so pure."

"See? He was telling the truth," Green Arrow told Batman, who just turned away from the Emerald Archer.

Gohan put his shielding back up. He didn't need them down longer than what was needed.

"What should we do with him?" Captain Atom asked.

"We can take him to Oa? The Guardians can keep him there," John Stewart suggested, indicating himself and Hal Jordan.

"Or," Flash drew out. "One of us could be a mentor to him. Like I am with Kid Flash; or Aquaman with Aqualad; or like how Batman is to Robin; or Green Arrow And Speedy," Flash suggested.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. I mean, he's still just a kid and he's new here. You know, on our earth. Someone should definitely be his mentor," Green Arrow agreed.

"Well… I suppose I'll be able to watch him more closely," Batman reluctantly agreed.

"Then it's settled. But who should his mentor be?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Well, judging by the fact that he can fly and catch planes from falling, he should be with either you or Superman," John Stewart answered her.

Superman and Wonder Woman shared a look with each other before they looked to Gohan. "Do you want a sidekick, Kal?" Wonder Woman asked as they approached Gohan.

"Well, I'll take him if you don't," Superman told her.

"How about we ask him?" she suggested as they stopped in front of the halfbreed.

"Ask me what?" Gohan quirked an eyebrow. Usually, he could've heard their entire conversation but he was just admiring the scenery of the small Kansas town.

"Well, we were thinking… and with your abilities, you could be a great help to the world…" Superman started.

"You want me to join the Justice League?" Gohan tilted his head in confusion.

"No. I'm afraid your too young to join the League," Wonder Woman answered.

"Yes. You'll have to be eighteen to join the League. At that age, you'd be an adult," Superman told him. It was obvious that Gohan was still a minor.

"Then what do you want me to do?" Gohan asked.

"We want you to be a sidekick. Either mine." Superman pointed to himself." Or hers." He pointed to The Amazing Amazon.

"Who do you choose?" Wonder Woman asked.


It was the day Bulma had finished fixing and upgrading her MPO. The day she would get Gohan back and everything would return to normal. Vegeta was going to be the one to retrieve Gohan.

That's what she thought would happen. If it weren't for Dr. Briefs saying," What if he went to a universe with no oxygen? Or what if the portal's exit opened up in outer space?"

Bulma, who had just started cheering, stopped and her face twisted from a joyful smile to a displeased frown.

'He's… right. Oh no! I can't let Vegeta go into possible danger in which he might not return,' she sighed. She could feel her her heart breaking.

She was looking forward to this day for months. All the hard and strenuous work and hours of sleep deprived nights… all for nothing now.

She new that she had to go and tell Chi-Chi. The poor woman was making a 'Welcome Home' dinner for the return of Gohan. That would now prove to just be a tremendous waste of time and effort.

The younger scientist looked up to her father, tears brimming in her eyes. The only thing the good Doctor could do was place a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure this will all work out, dear," he told her.

Bulma nodded, wiping her tears away before they could slide down his cheek. Sighing, she stood up so she could go and deliver the bad news to Chi-Chi.

The Son Matron did not take the news well. At first, she yelled. Then she fainted. And when she woke, she cried.

Goten and Trunks, who were both with Chi-Chi when Bulma told her about Gohan, also cried. Goten, hysterically.

This time, things didn't really return to normal. Chi-Chi and Goten returned to live at their home before going to live with the Ox King in his marvelous castle. No one thought to tell him about Gohan being gone the first time around. The big man took it hard when he found out later.

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