Epilogue… ?

The days of living happily with his family quickly turned into weeks. Those weeks soon turned into months, and Gohan's sixteenth birthday had came and gone. During the time of celebration, Gohan couldn't help but think about Kara's birthday. Her's came after his.

Then there was Pan; the infant was an everyday reminder of the love he had with Kara.

Then the depression came. Well, depression wouldn't be the right word, for he was still happy, just not as happy as he usually was.

Those months rolled on and Chi-Chi was really glad Gohan kept up in his studies in the other world because she had enrolled him in school at Orange Star High School.

Gohan figured that it would be a good thing that he went to school so he could keep his mind off Kara. He even started training again with Piccolo. He'd simply use the Multi Form technique and go to the Lookout to train there with his mentor. He even managed to sneak Goten out with him almost every time.

He even took up being a hero again when he stopped a bank robbery on his first day of school. A quick change of clothes and a flash into Super Saiyan made it to where no one suspected him to be the "Gold Fighter."

More months rolled by and Gohan had made some friends at OSH. There was Sharpner, Erasa, and Videl, the latter always trying to figure out who the "Gold Fighter" really was.

Gohan had heard of the Twenty-fifth World Martial Arts Tournament from Videl and decided to enter to get some money for his family. One day, during a visit to Capsule Corp., he asked Vegeta if he wanted to enter the tournament.

That's when Goku announced his one day to return to the living world to participate in the tournament.

Vegeta instantly agreed for the chance to finally defeat Goku. Gohan happily announced his father's return to be at the tournament to all Goku's friends.

All except Yamcha and Tien agreed to enter the tournament. The latter because of the training he and Choutzu had to do.

Gohan was happy that both his brother and daughter would finally to meet Goku. He just knew that both would love his father.

Gohan, not wanting his cover to be blown by his hair style or eyes, tied a white bandana to his head and shades to draw cover his eyes. He also wore armor and entered as the Gold Fighter.

When Goku arrived at the tournament, he was bombarded with hugs from his friends and family. His reunion with Chi Chi and Gohan was heartfelt, his meeting with Goten was sincere, and meeting with Pan was touching. Goku was surprised that he had a granddaughter.

The junior division of the tournament was owned by Goten and Trunks. Both boys decimated the competition, eager to battle each other in the finals.

When the finals came, Goten emerged the victor. He beat Trunks just by sheer power - a result from training with Gohan, proper training.

Vegeta was upset that Trunks lost. And why wouldn't he be? Just a year prior, his son was a great deal stronger than Goten!

Both boys were pretty banged up - Trunks more than Goten, but thanks to Gohan's foresight about the possible outcomes of the matches, both were fixed up by Senzu Beans.

The tournament started and there were two pairs of mysterious participants at the tournament.

Krillin fought and best his opponent, Piccolo forfeited to the mysterious Shin; Videl brutally lost to Spopovich, another one of the mysterious fighters but she was given a Senzu Bean by the Gold Fighter.

Gohan, by his opponent, Kibito, was requested to transform into Super Saiyan. After he was transformed, he asked Kibito if he wanted to go to the next level. Stunned that there was a level beyond Super Saiyan, Kibito agreed.

Transformed, Gohan proved to be far stronger than what Kibito anticipated a mortal could possibly be. Then, out of nowhere, Gohan was charged at by Spopovich and Yamu, the other mysterious fighter.

Gohan was about to dispatch of both with little effort, but found himself being immobilized by Shin, who was secretly the Supreme Kai!

The Z-Fighters were appalled by this, but Shin pleaded with them to stay back. Though it cringed them to know Gohan's life was at risk after his return, they begrudgingly obliged.

When Yamu and Spopovich were finally finished draining Gohan of his energy, they took off into the air to their masters lair.

The Supreme Kai explained the situation to Goku and the others before taking off after the two minions.

After having Kibito's word that Gohan would be ok, Goku and the others took off after Supreme Kai, catching up in no time at all.

Supreme Kai explained the situation to the others while Kibito got Gohan back to one hundred percent. It took a while but he managed to pull it off after a few minutes.

Kibito explained the situation to Gohan after he finished giving the half Saiyan back all his power.

Gohan was excited by the prospect of fighting Majin Buu. But, the fact that he didn't want to take any chances made him want to destroy the creature immediately.

He and Kibito landed with the others outside Babidi's ship. There, they saw Babidi kill Spopvich and Yamu after they gave him the energy before entering ship, leaving Dabura.

The Z-Fighters were unprepared when Dabura suddenly appeared in front of them, killed Kibito, spit on Krillin and Piccolo, and defended against all of their attacks before quickly entering the ship.

Gohan was outraged when Krillin and Piccolo were turned to stone. But Supreme Kai quickly told him that the only way to get them to normal would be to kill Dabura.

They three Saiyans and Supreme Kai entered the ship, where they discovered that there were four levels to the ship and had to beat a fighter on the first three before getting to the bottom.

To decide who would fight first, the three Saiyans played a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Vegeta won so he got to fight Pui Pui first. Babidi used magic to transport them to a distant planet. After quickly defeating Pui Pui opponent on that planet, they were transported back to the ship where they lower down to the second level.

There, it was Goku's turn to fight Yakon. After beating Goku and the others are sent to Yakon's home world of darkness. There, Goku killed Yakon.

After being sent back to the ship, it was Gohan's turn to fight. The half Saiyan had to wait nearly an hour before Dabura emerged to face him.

Because the ship was so small, Gohan requested to fight somewhere else. Babadi obliged and sent them to a different planet.

Gohan ended the fight quickly after transforming into a Super Saiyan Two and killing Dabura.

Shocked that these people working with the Supreme Kai would kill, Babadi tried possessing them to so they would turn on and kill the Supreme Kai.

He couldn't find an ounce of darkness in either Gohan or Goku, so he went to Vegeta where there was an abundance of darkness.

He successfully managed to get Vegeta under his control, raising the Prince's power level in the process. His first command was for Vegeta to kill Supreme Kai, but Vegeta decided that he'd kill Goku first.

Babadi then transported Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and the Supreme Kai away from the ship and to the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Vegeta demanded that Goku fought him and shot a ball of Ki at Goku. Not being able to keep hold the attack off, Goku had to move out of the way, letting the attack fly towards the innocents in the stands. They were killed.

Goku, noticing something different - aside from the obvious darkness- about Vegeta, demanded why Vegeta would let himself be controlled by Babadi. The Prince responded by shooting another blast towards the stands.

Quickly, Gohan flashed Super Saiyan and Instant Transmitted into the attacks path of trajectory and knocked it into the sky. His daughter and mother were in the General direction of the blast and he needed to protect them. He then approached Vegeta and told the Prince that if he wanted to fight Goku so bad, Vegeta could face him instead since he was stronger.

Vegeta responded curtly that he'd only fight Goku. The earth raised Saiyan agreed to fight Vegeta but the Supreme Kai tried stopping him.

After a threat from Goku that surprised Gohan and Vegeta, the Kai relented and let Goku fight Vegeta. But not after being transported away from people.

Gohan wished his father luck before going on to the fourth level where Piccolo and Krillin had defeated a handful of minions and were waiting for them.

Gohan sent Piccolo to take Goten and Trunks away from the fight after some quick catching up.

However, that extra time was all Majin Buu needed to be revived. With the fight still raging on between Goku and Vegeta, it was a matter of seconds before he was fully revived.

Feeling confident, Babidi let a Gohan and the Supreme Kai to the final level of the ship where he transported them to just outside the ship.

The Supreme Kai was afraid when Buu formed from a cloud outside it's cocoon.

However, Gohan simply transformed into a Super Saiyan Two and engaged the pink monstrosity in combat.

When his Super Saiyan Two form proved to be no match for Buu, Gohan ascended to the third level.

Vegeta and Goku had paused in their fight when Buu had been revived. They were even surprised at the level of energy Gohan put out when he transformed.

After gaining confidence that Gohan would win, the two full blooded Saiyans continued their fight.

The fight that followed lasted for over a few minutes before Gohan tried delivering the final attack as a Kamehameha wave. The attack vaporized most of Buu, leaving only the barest amounts left.

Gohan, thinking it was over, lost the Super Saiyan three form and reverted into his base form, leaving Babidi for Supreme Kai to finish off.

Then, out of nowhere, a fully regenerated Buu appeared and started beating on the energy depleted Gohan before sending the boy miles away and before beating Supreme Kai to near death.

Just when things looked slim for the Kai, Vegeta returned and blew up Babidi's ship before attempting to kill Buu in a suicide explosion.

Goten and Trunks were knocked unconscious by Piccolo and taken by Krillin when the explosion happened. From there, the human took them to Kami's Lookout' while Piccolo went to investigate the battleground.

(AN: From here up until Gohan's arrival at the World of the Kai's is the same. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what transpired between these two points, right?)

When Gohan was revived by Kibito, he first searched out Buu's energy signature for a rematch. But he was told that he was brought to the Supreme Kai's planet.

It was then that Supreme Kai told both Gohan and Kibito of his plan for Gohan to draw the Z-Sword.

Gohan was able to draw the sword after transforming into Super Saiyan. And when he got a good look at the sword, he realized that the girl that was with Wonder Woman that day was his daughter. She had the exact same sword with her when he met her. It only made sense for why she cried when she saw him that day.

He figured that she must've came from the future to warn them about something horrible. But for what, he didn't know. He deduced that it must've been a situation like the one Trunks was in with Bulma and Vegeta when he came from the future. There must've been something he wasn't supposed to know about.

When he was starting to get the hang of using the sword in his normal form, Goku showed up, looking for Gohan, nearly getting his head taken off in the process.

After some questions, Goku informed Gohan of the situation down on earth, doubling Gohan's need to become stronger. With his daughter on earth, he needed to become strong so he could protect her.

After a meal requested by Goku, the father and son conversed about how it was like becoming a Super Saiyan Three for the other and what made them ascend. Then it was back to training for Gohan.

After a day's worth of training, Gohan had practically mastered the use of the Z-Sword. He was ready to go and kill Buu, but Goku suggested that they test the blade. (In the Future Alura hails from, Goku did not suggest this).

Gohan agreed. Goku tossed a huge rock that he called small, and Gohan sliced through it with the Z-Sword. They were going to use a larger rock, but Supreme Kai suggested that they used Katchin, the hardest metal in the universe.

Goku threw it and Gohan swung at it. The Z-Sword snapped in half as a result, shocking everyone.

Gohan figured that the Z-Sword legend must've been mistranslated and said that whoever could handle the wielding of the Z-Sword would become unrivaled in power in the universe, earning nods of agreement from Supreme Kai and Kibito.

However, just when Gohan was about to depart to go fight Buu, an old, wrinkled Kai appeared from inside the sword, shocking everyone even further.

Then the old Kai revealed that he could unlock a person's full potential in a ritual he could perform.

Gohan had been counting the hours down to the second until he was to leave. And when he was finally done, he proved to have far surpassed his previous limitations. With his potential unlocked, Gohan requested one thing before he left to face Buu: a sword made from Katchin.

Of course, he requested that it be delivered to him, for he then used Instant Transmission to get to earth.

There, he found that his daughter had been killed. This angered him. He didn't even give Buu a warning when he arrived and started pummeling the creature.

Goten and Trunks were still fused as Gotenks when he arrived. Having learned from his past mistakes, Gohan completely vaporized Buu when he had the chance, leaving nothing to regenerate from.

After a short celebration, Gohan took everyone that was still alive on earth (Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, Dende, Tien and Choutzu, and Hercule) to the Supreme Kai's world where the Kai's thanked the half-Saiyan for defeating Buu.

After some planning, it was decided that the Dragonballs would be used to restore Earth's inhabitants and restore anything that may have been destroyed during Buu's time on earth.

Goten had asked Goku if he would return and if they would live together. Goku agreed, wanting to be apart of his sons' and granddaughter's lives from then on. He was brought back on earth where Chi-Chi happily welcomed him home with a kiss.

Now, the only person that wasn't revived was Vegeta. He was not a good person so Dende didn't include him in the wish when he made it.

Saddened by this, Trunks and Bulma cried. Gohan - oddly, only felt half sad for Trunks, knowing what it was like for his father to be dead - but also, felt as though Vegeta should've known what he was getting into when he let Babidi control him, and when he turned on them.

Goku, not liking the way his oldest friend was crying, decided to take a trip to otherworld after he returned home that night. He went to otherworld to speak with Vegeta, getting Fortune Tell Baba to go with him.

He showed Vegeta, with help from Baba, a live feed of Bulma and Trunks crying from the pain of losing Vegeta. After a long, unavoidable talk by the third class to the Prince, Goku asked Vegeta if he would change his ways for good or if he was truly evil at heart.

Vegeta explained that all he wanted was a fight with Goku that was free of restrictions and that he didn't initially want to hurt anyone.

The two Saiyans now had a greater understanding for each other. Goku decided to give Vegeta a rare third chance, and he went to New Namek to get the Saiyan Prince revived.

Now, Gohan could almost say his family was complete. The only person missing was Kara.

Over the course of the next few months following Buu's defeat, Gohan returned to school after everyone magically forgot that he was the Gold Fighter. He even decided to start his own Justice League with… himself. Mainly because he was bored of being Gold Fighter.

Since he couldn't be everywhere at once as Gold Fighter, he used the Multi Form to create different super heroes to both amuse himself and keep suspicion off of him for being Gold Fighter.

The other heroes were: Superman, the Flash, and Wonder Man - heroes all based off of the Justice League of the earth he once lived, with other heroes making brief appearances; such as, Green Arrow, Doctor Fate (with the use of illusions), and Batman.

With each costume, he'd act like each hero he encountered on the alternate earth. It was easy because there were no serious threats to the earths safety.

A year had passed and the people praised the "Justice League" for their heroic actions. Soon, Gohan managed to get Goten and Trunks to join in on this game in their free time with Trunks being Robin and Goten being Superboy. It was all fun. It took time, but both boys adjusted to their rolls soon enough.

Pan's first word was grandma, unsurprisingly since Chi Chi was the person she spent most time around.

There was an awkward time when Videl told Gohan she loved him. He responded by telling her his heart was with another woman. They didn't talk for a few months until Videl moved on to liking some other man.

A year after that, Vegeta's long lost brother, Tarble, arrived on planet, requesting help from his Super Saiyan brother to defeat two powerful threats to his planet, so he sought out the most powerful being on the planet.

He and his wife, Gure, found Gohan at the university of Satan City. There, Gohan told Tarble that he'd take care of the aliens for him. And he did. The red and blue aliens were easily defeated and sent into space with a second chance by Goku.

After many thanks by Gure and Tarble, Gohan went back to school.

Soon, another threat, Hirudegarn, came and passed. The giant, ancient creature was put down for the count by Gohan. And Hoi was taken by the Kai's for punishment.

Pan's third birthday was celebrated with the Z-Fighters at Capsule Corp.. Gohan was ready to leave back to the other universe to reunite with Kara and his friends, but Chi Chi insisted that he get his full education first.

Another year had passed and Gohan was on a fast course to hurry and finish college. He estimated that he'd be done when Bulma's birthday in the next year.

Gohan had began teaching Pan how to manipulate energy and how to fight. Not to a point to where she over worked herself like he had been when he was her age, but to where she'd be able to defend herself if need be.

And finally, one last year had passed and Gohan finished school to his mother's standards. Pan had turned five and Gohan promised to stick around until Bulma's birthday party.

The day of departure was soon upon them. Against Chi-Chi's millions of protests, Gohan decided that he'd take Pan with him into the other universe. He was enjoying the party while it lasted. That was until two beings arrived - one of which Vegeta feared.

They were welcomed to the party without hesitation by Bulma. Since they seemed to know Vegeta, she was ok with them being there.

Gohan was suspicious of them. The one called Bills had devious look in his eyes but Whis looked as if he was the purest soul alive, not to mention the fact that Ki couldn't be sensed from them. Besides that, everything seemed to be fine until Pilaf and his two followers, Mai and Shuu caused trouble, making Gohan catch all the bullets. If he were drunk, he probable would've tried deflecting them, but that would've been stupid considering the possible results that could've caused; he had a daughter to look after, he had no time to be drunk.

After he gave the kids a stern talking to, Gohan noticed that Bills was ready to punish them by killing them.

He decided that Bills was someone that needed to be watched. So he decided to keep an eye on him while Pan played with Marron.

Then, things had an unexpected turn for the worst when Majin Buu refused to give Bills any pudding. Angry, the God decided he was going to destroy the earth.

Gohan was the first to try to stop Bills. That ended with him defeated and under a lake without him dealing any attacks on the God.

Pan, after seeing her father beaten easily, rushed at Bills with all her power. That resulted in her being knocked unconscious.

Gohan, seeing his daughter hurt, became enraged. He rushed Bills madly, trying to kill the God. He was glad to know his attacks landed, but soon realized Bills wasn't trying to block avoid most of his attacks. The God beat him down soon after that.

Both Vegeta and Gotenks tried their best to defeat the God but was defeated easily nonetheless. Piccolo, Eighteen, Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha were all shut down just as easily.

When things began looking bleak, Goku arrived, raising the hopes of all the warriors - only to find out that he had already been beaten on King Kai's planet.

Bills told them that if they produced the Super Saiyan God with a substantially higher power, he'd spare the Earth from being destroyed.

After a few minutes of conversing and trying to figure out what Super Saiyan God was, they summoned Shenron from the Dragonballs to ask. The Dragon God granted the first wish before being told he could leave.

Now that they knew what a Super Saiyan God was, the Saiyans had to figure out who it was that would become Super Saiyan God.

The three older Saiyans all played Rock Paper Scissors to decide. Gohan came out on top and was the chosen warrior. Gohan wanted to become the Super Saiyan God, but knew that Goku, with more battle experience, was probably the better candidate for the transformation.

When the five Saiyans, including Pan, transferred their energy to Goku, they were surprised by the outcome. Goku looked far more lean, his hair became red without any other changes, as did his eyes. But the most notable was the absence of his Ki signature.

Goku, in the long run, turned out to not be powerful enough to defeat Bills but he managed to satisfy the God from the fight.

With that situation over, Bills and Whis left the planet after saying they'd return in three years. The next day, Gohan and Pan prepared to leave back for the other universe.


After Gohan's departure from their world, things slowly began to become normal again. Well, as normal as life could get for heroes. It didn't take long for them to get back into action.

Over the next five years, Batman kept his inter dimensional communicator ready in case any androids showed up; however, when the day Alura spoke of arrived, no androids appeared, making him second guess the girl's claim. However, Wonder Woman kept her on Themyscira so he couldn't ask her for anything.

It was then that Batman realized that the history diverged when Alura stopped Darkseid's invasion, which meant that the androids could still pop up at another time. So, he still kept cautious.

Wonder Woman had taken a new sidekick; Wonder Girl. The young, blonde girl did make many mistakes at first, but was slowly but surely making progress. The comparison's Wonder Woman would make between her and Wonder Boy made her angry sometimes, but that only made her want to become better than Wonder Boy.

Robin, Dick Grayson, had become Nightwing soon after Batman got a new sidekick, Jason Todd; Robin ii; however, the third sidekick of Batman was killed by The Joker in a sick plan to ruin the Dark Knight. It took time, but Batman moved on and got a new Robin; Tim Drake.

Superman had decided to man up and start a better relationship with Superboy. He dubbed the clone Con-El after some time.

Several new heroes became members of the Team. Such as: Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, La'gann, Wonder Girl, and Bumble Bee.

Miss Martian and Superboy broke up; Artemis and Kid Flash quit the hero life; Zatanna and Rocket joined the Justice League; and Aqualad seemingly betrayed the Team when the love of his life, Tula, was killed.

Alura trained with Amazons and Wonder Woman whenever she could, and stayed on Themyscira for the most part of her stay over the course of five years. She trained with her sword, daily, but not when she sparred with someone else. This was to avoid hurting someone.

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