1 - Tradition

Warning - This is BirdFlash (Dick & Wally) guyXguy Don't like then don't read Maybe skip ahead a few days and find a none guyXguy chapter, but not this one.

Snow fell slowly from the darkened skies, leaving a growing trail. The few souls who dared to venture out into the frigid weather were all bundled right within the safety of parkas, scarves, gloves and boots; leaving not one inch of skin open to the nipping bite of the frost. Most if the slow moving people were clad in similar colors of gray, black, blue and white, small splashes of color every once and a while. Though one pair was as opposite to the others in almost every way.

Instead of moving at a snail' space through the thickening frosting of snow on the ground, one plowed on ahead; instead of the monotonous color schemes around them, both boys were dressed in a crescendo of vibrant hues. Both boys were laughing and smiling as they ran and jumped and played. They threw snowballs at one another, one with more accuracy then the other as a ball of frigid matter landed at the base of his yellow and red partners coat.

Loud cackles and boisterous laughing ignited the frosty air, fog appearing and disappearing before them, once or twice encircling their heads like a wreath.

The pair was loud, jubilant and perfectly in sync as they wound their way through the park; stopping to marvel at the simplest and yet most exquisite things. The crustal one icicles that clung to the branches, the frozen patterns on the pond's surface, the rare bird flitting through the air...

The day passed slowly and yet too quickly for the pair as they found themselves back beside the same pond they had started at. The yellow and red garbed teen stepped forward and broke a small hole in the ice. He stepped back.

The two then linked their hands together tightly as the boy sporting shades pulled out a small clear chip, cool to the touch and smooth surfaced like a coin. Bright green eyes lifted from the clear ice coin to the shaded eyes of his partner, smiles brimming on both of their faces. In one motion they tossed their joined hands up, launching the coin up.

Both pairs of eyes watched the shinning chip of chiseled, carved, ice turned over in the air and fell. It fell into the pond with a satisfying plop. They watched it sink bob at the surface, thinking about what it would feel like to come back every day of the coming season and see that small ice coin in the pond, and what it would feel like to do it every year after that.

The two shared a smile as they turned and walked away from what would be a new tradition for the both of them. One only they would ever know of.

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