3 - Scarf

Warning - This is Koy (Kaldur & Roy) guyXguy Don't like, then don't read Skip a couple chapters ahead or behind if you want to read non-guyXguy stuff in this story.

It is often in the wintry days when smiles are shared, laughter is lofty and gifts are generously given, though it is not the amount of gifts that are exchanged that makes the connection between giver and receiver. No, it is the emotion behind the gift that makes the heart long for it and recall every inch of the precious present. Even the simplest of pleasures to one can be the epitome of presents for another.

When one spends hours at the store, searching through rack after rack of an item; when you beg to have the back stock and all possible areas of sale checked and rechecked; when you have visited every reputable store with stocks of said item, without fruit and still perseveres on; that is one aspect behind a true gift.

Another is when we search in even the most silly and bizarre of places, with only half the intention of finding what we search for, and then among all the non-important-to-oneself things lies the item you have been searching for, or something undeniably close to what you looked for.

The last aspect is how you present the gift. Do you wrap it in simple paper and bows? Or a box, folded nicer than nice and covered with ribbons and fancy paper? Simple or fancy? Does the man the young archer wants to present the gift to understand the importance of fancy paper, or will he be content with simple brown? Worrying and caring over the presentation is the final sign that the gift is true or whether it is merely a trivial thing - or that he is impossibly nervous-.

With cautious knocks the redhead man knocks on his partners door, holding in his hand a slightly crumpled brown wrapped package with fancy ribbons tied around it. As the brass knob turns a sudden thought flits through Roy's head, Maybe I shouldn't have gotten him a scarf.