The city wide weather warning rings out from the TV. "Please take shelter immediately, stay indoors, if you are outside seek the nearest available shelter."

Liv's phone rings. "Hi you've reached Olivia Severide, I'm currently unable take your call please leave all queries and commentary behind the beep and I shall endeavor to call you back. Should life, work, or Kelly impede the endeavor I suggest calling the ever widening network of Grayne's and hope for the best."

He waits for the tone.

"You're wordy as shit you know that Liv? Call me back in two minutes Liv I mean it. I need to know you and the kids are safe…I love you…fuck it I'm going to call till you pick up."

Liv looked down at her phone. Hubs McFireballs (17)

She called him back. "Is Kelly dead?"

"No! Baby I'm not I'm just checking in on you all."

"You know the sky walk, the glass tubes hanging between my hospital and main Med?"

"You're not in that, tell me you are not in that Liv.

Wheelchairs can't do stairs neither can bedridden patients and they cut our elevators."

"Are they insane?!"

"Maybe but this is quickest way there, I gotta take my kids to Med, remodel they have steel support beams in their halls."

"Livvy? Where are our babies?"

"The daycare, they go through special training courses for this kinda thing, they'll probably stick them in that little coat closet again with the steel and no glass. Look I am half a hospital away from them and I'm very carefully pushing a sleeping baby with SKIDS down the glass tube of death so please Kelly tell me it'll be fine or get off the phone, I feel guilty enough as it but this kid needs saving too, he needs safety too. I'm hoping someone somewhere is keeping my kids safe and healthy too."

"I understand baby. You're totally right they will be fine."

"Kelly?" She pauses to draw in an unsteady breath.


"It's so still out there…no one is out. No transport, no people. The street under this thing is dead. It's never out and out abandoned."

"Baby it's the calm before the storm, you need to hurry. Grab help if you need too."

"I got it, save lives but don't be stupid okay?"

"You either stay safe, and be careful."

"That's my line." She teases.

"Stole it. I love you."

"Love you more."

"How's Liv holding up?" Matt asked plopping down in the seat beside him.

"She's fine actually, cool as a cucumber when she's in doctor mode. Therapy is probably helping with her anxiety."

"So why aren't you fine?"

"Ugh..." He scrubbed a hand down his face. "You're going to make me say it out loud aren't you. I hate you."

Matt just smiled at him.

"Fire I can control, I mean I know how to hit it back, this... my family is far from me in an unknowable situation, I can see how Liv stays afraid. Ok I said it. Happy now?"

"They'll be fine, that hospital is practically impenetrable since the explosions."

Matt was right, as they are cleaning up and extricating people left behind in the tornados swath of damage the warning is lifted. He fires off a quick text as they ride back to fifty one.
"You okay?"

"We're fine, I'm totally slammed and having to pull a double shift. Can you pick up Klairey Kate and from daycare? If not let me know Rainey has to study, and Vivi will be out of town but I can get Mom to grab them if need be. Love you mostest."

"Got it baby."

He steps into chief's office to inform he'll have to be leaving a bit early this shift when he sees cops in the office. "I'll come back."

"I needed to speak to you anyway, Come in. This is detective Alex Ward, with Homeland Security." He looks the brunette woman up and down.

"Okay when I call Klaire a terrorist it's a joke, she's two."

He cracks a smile. "You'd have to know his daughter to understand."

"To be fair I sort of made her that way, what can I do for you?"

"We have reason to believe one of the houses in the damaged neighborhood is a safe house for a terrorist cell we need a few doors kicked in, I need someone to find some structural damage so I can of course enter without a warrant."

He shrugged. "I'm always down to break things."

He takes the detective to do her investigations and then she needs a ride to her hotel.


Liv is sitting in the emergency bay, holding Klaire's hand barely keeping Aaron in her lap. "Son, please cut the Mama a break." She has never been so glad to see Kelly roll up in her life. Even if she has no clue who the chick in the passenger seat is.

He gets out and crosses to her. He trades her Aaron for a cup of coffee. "I never loved you more than I do right now Kelly."

"Who knew all I needed to do to gain your love was offer you coffee and take Aaron off your hands." He leaned in to kiss her. He plants a kiss on Klaire's head before scooping her up too.

"Who's the chick?" she gulps at the coffee.

"Homeland security agent, she needed a ride back to her hotel."

"Homeland security? What do they want with you? You import a Russian hooker behind my back?"

"You aren't funny."

She smirks. "That's not an out and out denial of buying prostitutes."

"You probably shouldn't say that too loud, one of them will repeat it with no context at Sunday dinner, she needed someone to kick in a door I kicked it in no big."

"She attracted to you?"

He laughed. "You think every woman in the history of the world finds me attractive."

That's because they do."

He just smiles at her.

"So what'd you find?"

"They won't let me tell you."

"That means it was awesome. "She dead pans.

"Severide!" April Sexton shouts and they looks over in unison. "Peds trauma rolling in."

"Lovely, and the hits just keep comin'" Kelly pecks her on the lips and she's rolling off as Rhoades comes up behind her and pushes her faster.

"See you at home baby." Kelly calls to her.

"Back at you! Shit! I forgot to kiss the kids…Bye babies!"

"They'll live." Kelly called back humorously.

"What're you gonna do when you get home?" Rhoades asks.

"Sleep for a decade, acknowledge the existence of my children and have sex with my husband. Hell I may sleep during sex just for efficiency. How about you?"


"So, you know the new candidate?"

"Borelli?" She asks. She stirs her yogurt. While sitting on Kelly's desk. "Yeah, What about him? He doesn't make direct eye contact with me, I thought you'd like that about it him."

"The kid has no life outside the house. Thought I'd introduce him to Rainey."

Liv laughs. "You're going to see that half the house is Grayne adjacent aren't you."

"He needs a distraction, and he stares at her like she's a puppy made of sunshine when she drops by."

She just looks at him. "You know I wouldn't put Rainey in any situation where I thought she'd be hurt. She's one of the siblings I like." He smiled "once she stopped trying to picture me naked."

"She's was seventeen and you're so hot it'll make you depressed if you aren't a real narassacist. I understood."


"You're beautiful and you know it. It can be intimidating."

"Did you just call me beautiful?"

"I did." She leans forward. "According to Charles, the reason I get so possessive and jealous is because in my past relationships the guy who could have anyone, the guy with charm and good looks never really chose me, so I keep waiting for someone to come along and remind you I'm outta my league and you could do better. It's intimidating.


"I'm working on it, I'm just saying I understand how Rain was so gob smacked."

"Is he helping you?" he asked brushing the hair over her shoulder back

"Some. He says I'm-"She looks at her feet for a second. "That I have the personality traits and cyclical moods pointing to bipolar disorder."

He blinked and looks at her a bit surprised. "But you don't cycle."

"I do, and we both know it, I'm just good at hiding it."

After a second he asks. "What do you think?"

"I think I don't want to be crazy," her eyes misted. "But I might be."

"Baby you aren't crazy. Neurotic, moody, anxious and slightly obsessive about the things you love but not crazy."

"You just described every major attribute relating to bipolar disorder."

He cocked his head to the side in thought. "Yep, still love all of you."

She smiled. "If you were gonna scare me off you'd have done it by now."

"Well then I guess that's a good thing because, I really, really, like you." She returns grinning.

"You like me enough for a quickie on the desk?"

"You were serious about that that?"

He ducked down pressing his lips to her neck. "When have ever not been serious about sex."

She set aside the yogurt container carefully. "Valid point." He kissed her hard. Pressing her back into the desk's bracing wall. He slid his hand up the back of her scrub top and unlatched her bra. "We should close the door."

"Too far away…they can watch." He mutters into her skin.

It's three ste-"there's a knock on the door frame.

Kelly whined while pulling away from her. "All I want for Christmas is to have sex in the middle of the day." He muttered expecting to find Casey. Instead of Casey it's the homeland agent from the night before.

Liv blushes furiously but Kelly is completely unabashed. "Yeah, how can I help?"

Liv transfers over into her chair and goes to roll out. "Liv…stay."

"One I'm not a dog, don't command me. Two, I need to go Rhoades is covering for me for lunch."

"I just need him to sign some papers."

"I'm not doing that unless I know what I'm signing and why?"

"It's above your pay grade."

Liv laughed. "Lady, you don't know my husband. Good luck with that."

"I know what we found, you may as well cop to it. The fertilizer is used for bombs and the soap shavings and kerosene are for homemade napalm."

"Okay, I shouldn't find it sexy that you know that." Liv whispers mostly to herself.

He smiled at Liv before turning back to the agent. "You share and I sign. While you decide I'm going to walk my wife out to her car."

When they were out in hall Liv whispered. "Kill? I'm going to need you to refasten my bra."

Gabi snickered overhearing as she walked by. "I have to take off the whole scrub top, it's a pain. He can just redo it." She defends.

"See this is how I know we're real friends now Liv just admitted to trying to get it in at the firehouse without turning beet red."

"Fed lady's a cock block." Kelly said reaching over and refastening it blind and one handily,

"What?" Kelly said when they looked at him like he'd performed a magic trick.

"I'm a girl and I can't do that without looking and with only one hand." Liv said.

He grinned. "You're such a whore but I love you. See you at home?" Liv said.

"I'll try to slip off and bring you dinner but yeah…if I can't get away home it is."


After back to back multi trauma cases Liv goes to the Med side of the on call room because it's used less. She just wants to close her eyes for a bit.

Before she opens the door she can hear Choi talking to Maggie. "The Fed's going to be fine but still…if Severide hadn't ducked? The angle of the wound from that height would have been a direct head shot."

"Kelly seem shook up to you?"

"Not really. He'll avoid telling Livvy though, he always does."

"She's gonna kill that boy one day."


When Kelly walks into the house Klaire is playing on the bottom staircase. She's holding on to the spindles putting her face into the gap between bannister posts.

"What are you doing Klaire? Where's mommy?"

"I jail…"

"You're in jail? Well that sucks, don't stick your head in the hole okay baby? You'll get stuck, and I'm tired."

She peers up at him with a sly grin. "You know what? I'm just not chancing it." He picked her up. "C'mon my tiny perp, let's go find the Mama." He kissed her cheek. "Where's your Mama Klairey Girl?"


"Liv! Why's our daughter playing jailbird?" he calls out as he rounds up the stairs.

"Erin picked her up for me, apparently she was arrested for excessive cuteness and Hank let her stand in a jail cell."

He looked to Klaire "Are you cute?"

"I beautiful…"

He laughed. "That is what I tell you huh."

He turns the corner into the bathroom to find Liv in pajamas removing her make up. "Hey Babe. How was your day?"

"Busy. Did you get shot at today?" She glances at him.

"Um…" he hedged.

"Kelly… I'm trying not to freak out here I really am. Because I really want you to tell me things, and not just give me the brush off because it's Liv and she's crazy bitch level neurotic."

"Baby, I don't… That's not my intention."

"I know and it's not like I haven't freaked out on you enough for that to make sense but…still." She paused taking a breath. "Dr. Charles thinks it might be good if you attended a session with me. If you're open to it I'd appreciate it."

"Baby I'll go anywhere you want me too. You know that right?"


"Yeah we go to your parents every Sunday for dinner. I go where you want me because I love you….And you make a great pie."

"Do not make a dirty pie joke while holding our child."

"I wasn't…"


"Okay maybe I definitely was but where's A. Shay?"


Kelly whined. "He's going to be awake a three am again."

"I could not keep him awake. I tried, I think he's fighting a cold."


The office is sparse and yet packed to the brim with books and files, Dr. Charles looks a little rumpled but is kind and he makes Liv laugh in the way her father does and he can see how gets her to open up.

"Kelly why do you think Liv asked you here?" He asked as Kelly stretched his arm around Liv.

"So I can help her manage her anxiety and learn to communicate with her better."

He nods. "Do you think you contribute to her anxiety?"

"I know I do, that's why I'm here."

"Okay, Liv there's something you've been ruminating on for a while now. Do you feel ready to share that?"

She nods and looks ready to cry and it honestly freaks Kelly out.

"In my head you have a nickname, I don't ever say it outload but I think it a lot. Captain Danger Extra Stupid Brave, and when I found out you were shot at I didn't cry, I didn't freak out I just thought to myself. He strikes again."

"And then?" Charles prods.

"You're gonna make me say it?"

"That's my job."

"I'd rather you would just cry. Really because this is scary, and I can handle tears I can do that." Kelly almost begged.

"Let her process Kelly."

I'm trying to be reasonable, please let me. But I have to know what you'd do if it was reversed. You would be so mad at me."

"Damn it..." He cursed knowing she was right. He would be livid if she'd gone into an unsecured scene got shot at and then didn't tell him. He wouldn't care about her reasons only that he'd nearly lost her. It's hypocritical he knows that but can't change that it is how he is.

"You would, I know we both compartmentalize when shit goes down, but someone tried to shoot you."

He sighed.

"Kelly you almost got shot in the head! I can't be Nat okay? I don't want to have to be like Nat one day. I will not be able to move on from it. What I am saying is, is eventually not now, not any time soon but eventually I'm going to need you to step back from the front line and move to arson."

"I know who I married Kelly but so do you, and I can't live in fear forever."

He opens his mouth to speak only to be cut off. "Wait! Don't say I can handle it, because you don't know I can."

"You married me because you love me, right? Not because I'm the perfect fire wife made of steel because I'm not."

She laughed shakily. "I'm really fucked up, and possessive, I'm mean sometimes and I'm neurotic and have tons of issues with security, and how I look, How I'm perceived and none of that's on you and I won't force you into anything but I need to know, It's going to slow down eventually and we'll raise our family."

She takes a breath to fortify her courage. "And if you can't do that. I'll let you go, no hard feelings.

She trudges on. "And I understand if this is too much of ultimatum, I don't mean to do that but if I'm not the end game for you, I'd rather know now, I've planned to stay with Erin, and the kids will stay where they are..."

"Shut up." He snaps out at her.

"I don't want to upset them.'

"I said shut up! You aren't going anywhere. We aren't doing whatever the fuck you think that it is."

"But I just-"

He growls in frustration. "Jesus Christ woman , listen to me and then after you listen to me I'm going to go fuck up Carver, or that fucking ass hat Ronan or society or whatever it is that makes you think you're disposable or not worth sacrifice."

"You're mad, I didn't mean to make you mad!" She swipes at her tears.

"I'm sad baby, not mad at you."

I'm not trying to make you give up the thing you love."

"The thing I love is you."

"I thought I could be Cindy, but I can't be Cindy okay, she's crazy."

"No argument there baby." He jokes

"I think maybe if shay hadn't died I could do this for longer but It's gotta slow."

" It's going to slow down, I promise you baby because I don't want to be a smoke eater with shot to shit lungs and bum knees babe, Benny raised a smarter firefighter than that, I'm not going to step on people to get up the ladder and I like where I'm at but I'm more in love with you than I ever have been with the job. The thing you just asked me for my mom never even had the guts to mention and Benny's cheating aside it might have ended different if she had. You want it to slow down, we'll slow down. Do you need a time table to hold me too? What's going to make you trust me here baby?"

"Five years is what I was thinking. That puts Klaire at almost 8 and Aaron at five with room for one more and that way you can be more present than Benny was and it puts you at 38 which is still kind of young to retire from active, but-"

"I'm good with it. It's more time than Darden or Shay got."

"One more huh?"

"Caught that?"

"I did. You aren't giving birth again, that I was my I need to slow down scared out of mind nine months of hell and very sad wifeness I'd rather not repeat."

But- I liked being pregnant." She pouted

"You hated it and that is okay we'll just adopt and never tell A. Shay it was terrifying and un-fun."

But Nat-" She countered

"Nat is giving you baby fever stay away from her."

"She named her baby Owen Liv!" Kelly defended.

"What's wrong with Nat's baby's name?" Dr. Charles asks.

"Owen is Liv's brother's name and he is Lucifer in a Carrhart jacket."


"He called me The Ron Jeremy of Chicago."

She laughed uproariously." I love him."


She wheels a few steps in front of him as they head for the car. He grabs her hand off the wheel rim to turn her around.

"Hey." He says mind turn.

"Hey what…"

"Thank you. Thank you for being brave enough to tell me what you needed."

She shrugged. "I just need to know we're headed in the same direction is all."

"Did you honestly think I was going to pick work over you?"

"I couldn't be sure."

He just stares at her incredulously. "No one wants to be the one to steal someone's passion Kell."

"You haven't so don't worry over it. Wanna grab dinner?"

She smiles. "Food is always a yes. You know this."


"Lieutenant, your wives here with your kids and that really pretty girl." Borelli said stepping into his quarters.

"That's one of my sisters-in-law, and you should just say hi this time rather than staring all creepy like okay Jimmy."

The girls walk in to the common area. "I bring you A. Shay and Klaire…but she abandoned you in favor of Hermann I'm sorry but here's a sandwich…" She offered him the to go box Aaron is making his own grab for.

"Two outta three ain't bad…" he kissed her. "Hey baby… Hey Rain."

"You'll have to excuse Jimmy your collective beauty strikes him stupid."

"I love when my beauty and not my wheelchair does that to a man! Hi Jimmy." Liv greeted.

"Hi Mrs. Severide." He blushed furiously. "Hi Rainey I'm Jimmy Borelli nice to meet you."

"Borelli you can just call me Liv…or just Severide works too. We're gonna go eat lunch and Kelly will cuddle hog Aaron… Rainey will you bring me Klaire when she figures out she's not gonna get to play with the ladder?"

"Yeah ok…"

When Kelly wheels her out of earshot she says. "Every time he calls me Mrs. Severide I feel like he's a paperboy with a crush...

"He's got one just not on you. If it makes you feel better though I have a serious crush on you."

"After almost four years you're still crushing on me?"

"Duh, you're hot…" He retorts setting aside the food.

She laughed as he scooped up Aaron. "Hi Bubbers!" he kissed his cheek. "How you doin? Huh?"

Liv rolled into the quarters doorway to look out. "So matchmaker Kelly you might not suck."

"Thanks Livvy." He says dryly.