Scribbled Snippet 1:


I'm going to start by saying that the reason this is only a snippet and not a full-fledged story is that I don't know nearly as much about any of the superhero universes as I'd like. I'm trying to rectify that but it's taking a lot of time I don't have right now. Also, I'm sorry if I misspell any of the names in the non-HP universes. Just give me a break, people.

Anyway, my basic idea is this. Harry, male or female, finds out that he/she is the son/daughter of the Joker and Harley Quinn. I am writing the following snippets with a female Harry because there aren't nearly enough decent crossovers with a female Harry in them. Also, I'm out of my comfort zone when writing in the point of view of a guy, even Harry Potter.

Back to the point, this snippet/challenge is sort of like the Sirius Secret challenge meets Hush Little Baby challenge. By that, I mean that Harry finds out about his/her parents from Sirius. However, I'm adding a different twist to things. Sirius has no clue the reputations that the Joker and Harley Quinn have in the Muggle world. Also, if this challenge is accepted, Harry must not suddenly snap into insanity and join his birth parents.


No slash or femslash. Nothing against homosexual relationships, honest. It's just that it seems that most Harry Potter crossovers are in some form or another.

The story must start in the summer after fourth year. This is where the events slot in best in my crazy mind.

If female, Harry should have her mother's blond hair and resemble her most except for having green eyes. I'm not sure what color Joker's eyes are but I assume green to go with his hair.

If female, I would love to see Harry's name be something like "Helena Anne," "Helaine," or "Helene." If Helena Anne, Harley Quinn may or may not call her "Heli-Anne" as in "hellion." I don't know if that would be in character or not so you don't have to do it.

If you do go with the names suggested for female Harry, a reason must be given for why the Potters didn't change it… if they didn't, that is. An example could be that a witch or wizard's first and middle names are tied magically to them when they are given it at birth. An excuse for Voldemort changing his would be that that's part of the reason his magic is so warped.

As I said, Harry must not join his parents. It seems that all fics I've found that have Harry associated with a villain by birth or adoption of a sort almost always have him as some sort of villain.

I would love for Harry to become a superhero in his/her own right.

This story can be based in any of the various DC/Batman/Justice League universes; I really don't care.

It could be possible that Harry inherited immunity to poisons and toxins from the Joker and Harley.

You may or may not give Harry certain meta-human abilities, either inherited or coming from the incident in second year where Harry got both basilisk venom and phoenix tears in his/her blood. Harry could at least have an immunity or increased resistance to magical poisons. It's up to you.

In my version, they allowed Harley to keep her child for three months or so he/she could get a good starting boost in what a baby needs as nursing has been shown to be healthier than formula and nobody wanted to be bashed for being inhumane for ripping a child away from its mother right after birth no matter how messed up she is. Again, I don't know if this fits so whoever picks this up doesn't have to use it.

If the previous idea is used, I think it would be a nice twist if snippets of Harley singing her version of Hush Little Baby found at the end of Arkham City made it into Harry's dreams. An excuse could be that wizards start remembering, even subconsciously, before muggles do.

I'd like for Harry to know Batman's identity shortly after meeting him or even before. Either he/she figured it out or it was down to Hermione or even Luna Lovegood who let's say he/she met a year earlier.

Perhaps Harry's birthday was actually the day he was adopted by the Potters and he was born say five or so months earlier. It hit me that 1980 was a leap year so a quirky birthday alternative could be February 29th.

How the Potters came to be adopting in Gotham is up to you, the writer.

Snippet 1:

Helena stared down at the yellowed birth certificate in a sort of numb shock. There it was, as plain as day. She was not the daughter of Lily and James Potter. Her name had an unfamiliar surname tacked onto the end and her birthday was completely different. Strangers filled up the parent slots. She squinted closer at the names. With a jolt of horror, she realized that they weren't exactly strangers after all.

Helena Anne Quinzel

February 29, 1980

6:47 AM

Mother: Harleen Quinzel

Father: Mr. J

Weight: 3 Lb, 7 Oz

Height: 16 In

The birth certificate dropped from Helena's limp fingers. Only somebody living under a rock, or perhaps entirely in the wizarding world, wouldn't recognize the names printed in the crisp black ink. Practically everybody knew that Harleen Quinzel's real name was Harley Quinn. And everybody also knew how often she referred to the Joker as "Mr. J." The two had been terrorizing Gotham for the past twenty or so years and had become known world-wide for the heinous crimes they had each committed. Helena couldn't help it. As the news sunk in, she burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. It was ironic how the Ministry of Magic and the Daily Prophet had been on about her insanity when she was born to two of the most insane individuals on the planet. As Helena wiped her streaming eyes, she saw Sirius's expression. It was a mixture between shock and concern. Oh God, maybe she was nuts!