I'm very sorry for the formatting errors on my last 3 submissions. I was submitting dosc with copy/paste, very lazy of me. I've resubmitted chapters 22-24 and they're all fixed. However, as an apology for the confusion and frustration, I'm posting one more snippet tonight I dug up.

It's one of those snippets where a female Harry is the daughter of Severus Snape, but it's not quite like many others you might have read. It's a story where Eileen Prince takes a much more active role in the upbringing of her granddaughter, considering Petunia Dursley left the scared child on her doorstep… The relationship between Aelia and Snape isn't exactly going to be sunshine and rainbows at first. This is an interesting enough idea, I guess, but it's likely not going anywhere. Anyway, enjoy!

Oh, and I'm sorry if the bullet list gets on your nerves. This is all more of an outline of the first bit, really. Anybody can just take what they like and run with it! Hope one of you guys do, even if I get to it myself eventually! 😊


Summary: Upon willingly relinquishing her second chance, Petunia Dursley unwittingly transfers it to Eileen Snape when she leaves a child on the worn front porch of 217 Spinner's End, Cokeworth. Eileen cannot deny the girl is blood, not when she so resembles her own son at five years old in appearance and in temperament. With her husband freshly dead and her son refusing to acknowledge her existence, can she become the mother to little Aelia Flora Evans that she never was to Severus Tobias Snape? A Female Harry tale.

Pre-Story Notes

The wizarding world is aware that Aelia is, to be crude, a bastard.

Lily and James did not marry until after Aelia's birth.

As such, Aelia is not allowed to inherit any Potter money unless, at seventeen, no other Potters come forward to claim it.

James cannot, by law, appoint a non-Potter as primary heir, though he did put her as last in line.

Similarly, she cannot inherit any of the Prince money until she is seventeen.

Her father and grandmother were directly disowned, though a proviso for disowning their descendants was not put in place.

It is for this reason that she can claim the Prince funds.

She is not made aware that she has funds to inherit until she turns seventeen.

Even then, the funds will not make her super rich.

The Potters were upper-middle class with a small fortune in savings.

The Princes did not hold a princely sum.

In fact, they were struggling middle class and trying to hide it when Eileen was a girl, losing much of their wealth to some bad investments.

They were trying to marry Eileen off to a very wealthy pureblood when she eloped with Tobias Snape.

This resulted in her disownment.

Tobias was charming at first whereas the pureblood was an abusive bigot treating women like trash.

Unfortunately for Eileen, she did not escape an adulthood rife with abuse.

I haven't quite decided how Lily and Severus came together that night to create Aelia, only that they did.

It will not be because of anything so foul as rape or deception via polyjuice.

Aelia was treated rather worse than cannon by the Dursleys.

Vernon Dursley was her version of Tobias Snape.

Unlike Severus, there was nobody to attempt redirecting Vernon's anger. In fact, Petunia and Dudley observed gleefully.

However, Aelia and Severus began being abused at roughly the same tender age.

Each will have approached the dark chapters of their lives differently.


At age 5, Aelia has little baby fat due to malnutrition.

Petunia has long suspected that she's not James's child considering the birth certificate which doesn't list the father as well as the fact Aelia's surname is Evans.

When it can no longer be denied that Aelia is "spawn of that freaky snape weirdo" Petunia dumps Aelia on the doorstep of his childhood home, uncaring if any relatives remain to care for her.

She leaves a letter with a few hastily written sentences of explanation as well as her birth certificate and other necessary custody papers.

Aelia is, of course, scared and confused.

By the time Aelia is found by Eileen, Petunia is long gone.

Eileen was out purchasing some magical pesticide for the small garden she keeps out back.

She is just settling in with a cup of tea when she hears a little sound from the front porch that sounds like a child crying.

At first thinking it is coming from one of the local children dared to knock on her front door, she jerks open the door.

Aelia startles and falls in from her position sat against the door.

Eileen is caught breathless at the sight of the child.

She has her mother's hair and skin tone. However, her bone structure is basically all prince with a bit of Snape thrown in. Eileen was raised to have a keen eye; she had to stay sharp as Gobstones champion of all Hogwarts during her time there.

The girl's eyes are Prince eyes to be sure, deep and dark but with the second parent's coloring.

Eileen's eyes are similar, dark like her father's, gray like her mothers.

Severus's eyes hold the same quality, though brown.

Aelia's eyes are still different, a dark green like glints of light coming from the deepest depths of the ocean.

Eileen knows somehow that if you took Lily Evans's eyes and darkened them to the Prince shade this is what they'd look like.

After all, in her happier moments, she had hoped she would see such eyes in grandchildren.

God, she thought, but never like this.

The girl was cold and shivering; it was an early and tempestuous March and had been drizzling off and on all day.

The porch covering has several leaks leaving Aelia quite bedraggled.

As she sits the girl down on the threadbare couch and fixes her some warming tea with a teaspoon of pepper-up, Eileen muses on how much the silent child resembles her own son.

She is nothing like Severus of later years, bitter and cynical behind a shield of mithril.

No, she is timid, afraid, silent and meek.

She is a scared child who cannot depend on anyone.

…Or can she? Eileen isn't sure.

That bitchy older Evans girl has already signed away all rights to the child.

Despite Eileen's marriage and residence in the Muggle world, she is still rather unfamiliar with their ways.

If she were more comfortable, she thinks, she would contact the authorities.

But no, that would be too quick.

This Petunia and her oafish boor of a husband deserve no less than the royal Slytherin treatment.