AUTHORS NOTE: hey guys. I'm trying to actually write something semi-serious.(I know unbelievable, right?) So I'm going try not to mess it up with too much randomness. anywho, proceed.


I don't know how it happened. One day best friends, the next day secretly lovers. I aways felt strongly for Soul. But, I didn't know it was love. I figured out that I loved him on the day he first saved me.


I was fifteen and Soul and I were outside during winter break with the others fooling around in the snow.

"Come on, Maka! We're going to sledding!" Liz called to me. I Stood in my place.

"I am not going out there. It's too cold." I huffed turning a page in my book.

"Come on, Maka! It'll be fun!" Patty exclaimed. She was wearing a light pink coat with little giraffes on it, matching snow pants, boots, and her typical cowboy hat. Unfortunately, Liz had to wear the same thing.

I looked at them, "No. I don't like being cold." I huffed again," just go without me."

Tsubaki smiled, "But Maka, you love snow."

I shrugged, "that doesn't mean that I want to freeze to death."

Patty grabbed my book and ran outside,"Hahaha! Mine now!"

"Hey! Get back here with that!" I yelled.

Liz ran outside behind Patty. Tsubaki stood there and stared at what Patty did, "well, that was sudden." She adjusted her tan winter coat and followed them outside.

I followed Tsubaki outside and realized that I wasn't wearing a coat. Well, I was wearing overalls, my boots, and a long sleeved shirt.

I started to get cold fast. Then I saw Soul, Kid, cat Blair, and Blackstar. Blackstar was wrestling Patty for my book. Kid was freaking out because Blair's hat isn't symmetrical.

And Soul was walking over to me and Tsubaki. He was wearing a red winter coat, a black beanie, and gloves.

"Maka, why aren't you wearing a coat?" Soul asked.

I shivered, "Patty decided to seal my book and I didn't think to put a winter coat on." A cold breeze swept by as I spoke.

Soul started to unzip his coat.

"W-what are you d-doing?" I shivered.

He took off his coat and put it on me, "Giving you my coat.. You don't wanna freeze, do you?" He had a heavy grey hoodie and his leather jacket beneath it.

I zipped up the coat, "No. Thank you, Soul." I smiled at him.

"No prob." He smirked. We walked over to Blackstar when we hear him yell.

"YAHOO! MAKA! BOW BEFORE YOUR GOD!" Blackstar yelled loudly waving my book in the air.

"Blackstar, give me my book." I state reaching for my book. But, he held it out of my reach.

"I DON'T THINK SO! BOW BEFORE YOUR GOD!" He yelled annoyingly. I crossed my arms. Soul yanked my book out of his hands.

"Not cool. What do you want with Maka's book? It's not like you read." Soul said handing me my book.

He mumbled something that I couldn't understand. I put my book back inside and joined the rest of the others.

We all look over at Kid who was crying and sneezing ice Sickles, "Kid?" Liz asked.

"I can't bare to look at this monstrosity! It's asymmetrical garbage! Why must it tilt to one side more than the other!? It should be illegal for something to be so asymmetrical!-"Kid ranted over Blair's asymmetrical hat.

"Kid," I start. Then he saw his reflection in a frozen puddle.

"Ahhhh! Three stripes on one side of my head and not the other! I can't stand it! Trash! Asymmetrical trash! I'm a horrible, disgusting, person that doesn't deserve to live another day! Just set me by the curb on garbage day! The world is better off without such an asymmetrical being!" He continued to rant.

"Kid!" Patty exclaimed.

"Don't talk to me! I'm garbage!" He whined.

Liz started to get angry, "Kid, your not trash!"

"I am so! Im a terrible person that doesn't-"

"Oh for the love of-" Liz cut him off by kissing him. Kid looked shocked when Liz pulled away.

"...can you try that again? You were leaning a bit to the left." He asked. We just stared at them.

Patty jumped up and down, "haha, big sis! You DO like Kid!"

"I'm happy for you two." Tsubaki smiled.

"Congrats. " Soul said.

"ALRIGHT KID! YAHOO!" Blackstar rudely shouted.

Liz blushed a little. Mostly because it was cold out.

"So, who wants to sled race?" She asked.

Soul and I stared at them, "sure, if it's cool with Maka." He said. Now everyone else was staring at me.

I stumbled a little, "umm, I guess so..." I mumbled.

"YAHOO! YEAH! SLED TIME!" Blackstar shouted.

For the next hour and a half we were in the snow either having snowball fights or building a snow army. Kid made a perfectly symmetrical snowman while Patty knocked it down. Blackstar was trying to stand on the top of the fountain, but he fell. Tsubaki helped him out of the freezing water. Then he fell in again. Liz and I were about to race on sleds.

"Ready...GO!" We yelled as we pushed down a large hill. Liz finished first, but I went farther. A little too far. I flipped over a sharp rock poking out of the ice and fell off my sled. I slid into the road. It was nothing but ice. I stood up, then I hear Soul yell.

"MAKA!" Soul screamed. I looked at him, then quickly looked to my left when I heard a screeching. I saw a car coming directly for me. The car slammed the breaks, but, the road was still nothing but ice.i froze. I thought I was going to die. Then, I saw a flash of grey and black. I shut my eyes. I felt that I hit the ground. But, when I opened my eyes...I didn't see a bright light. No. I saw Soul on top of me in the snow. His red eyes looked deeply into my eyes. I was in shock, but I gained my actions back soon after.

My heart was beating loudly in my chest. That's when it hit me...Soul saved my life. I hugged him and I didn't let go for a while.

"Soul..." I started to cry. He was holding me tightly. I couldn't think about anything, except just now. My life flashed before my eyes. Most of it was sneaking out to hang out will Soul and hating my dad for never letting me be with Soul. My heart ached when I remembered that. What is this feeling in my chest? I didn't notice that my heart beats louder and feels warmer when I'm with Soul. He made me happy no matter what. love with Soul? I think I am. Oh my god, I'm in love Soul. I bursted into tears.

I cried into his chest as he held me, "... you saved my life." I sobbed against him. Soul held me even tighter.

We stood up, I was still holding Soul.

"Maka... I thought I was going to lose you." He stuttered. He was shaking. I rapped my arms around his neck and he held my waist tightly. I don't know what came over me but, I kissed Soul on the lips. Soul didn't try to pull away. He cupped my face with his hands as kissed me back passionately. a few seconds later, we stopped to breathe. Soul held me tightly as I rested my head on his shoulder.

"I wouldn't be able to live if someone I love died." Soul whispered into my ear. I held him even tighter.

The thought raced over and over in my mind, '...I'm in love with Soul...' I thought to myself.

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