I will tell you all that this is my first ever fanfic and while constructive criticism will be welcomed anything rude, bigoted, or similar in messages and/or comments will be ignored and deleted.

I am writing this story since there are too few SGA stories out there where Atlantis is Sentient/Alive. This will be a M/M/M and F/M/F story, however unless I get the urge to write them there will be no graphic sex scenes only short overviews or mentions that it happened. I will tell you all in advance that I am messing with the timeline and pushing the awakening of the Wraith back by about six months.

The main paring will be Ronon/Rodney/John this story also works under the Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamic. Which will play largely into the utilizing the more advanced systems that the Ancients employed.


Telepathic conversations are written in Italics


A keeper had come.

They were awakening.

He would protect them.

They could feel his strength.

He would return them to the light of the sun.

He would restore them to their former strength, and they would protect him and his mates.

Now they just needed to get him into the control chair so they could converse with him so he would know of his responsibilities.


Come to us Keeper.

Come to us, so we may help you.

Come to the chair quickly time is short we have much that we MUST share with you.

He could hear them as soon as he was through the gate. Speaking to him as though they stood right beside him, and he could feel the need and desperation in their voices two voices speaking as one. Seeing that everyone and their supplies were through and the gate had disengaged he found himself following the voices. A short walk up several flights of stairs and he found what he was searching for a control chair. Throwing caution to the wind John set his weapon to the side of the chair and settled into the chair. What he felt was a thousand times stronger than when he was in the chair in Antarctica. Unknown to him the moment that John settled into the chair the city came alive startling many of the expedition members.

Rodney was annoyed as were many among the expedition, why because as soon as the city awakened all of their explorations were halted and all everyone was forced to return to the gate room because every door they came to in an attempt to explore farther in the city was now locked. Upon their return they discovered that Colonel Sheppard was missing. Following the most likely conclusion Rodney using one of the scanners that they had brought with them traced the power readings back to a room, a room with a glowing blue shield in the center which upon close inspection Rodney was able to see that the shield was encompassing Colonel Sheppard seated in an Ancient Control Chair.

It was overwhelming the dual presence that entered his mind ancient and powerful sweeping through his mind like a gentle breeze, accessing him. He could only hope that they would find him worthy, and that he would live up to the title that had been bestowed upon him.

They were happy their new keeper was strong and he would protect them far better than their old people the ones who had abandoned them. With time perhaps they would even be able to trust John and the people from Earth with their secrets. Secrets that they had shared with their old people, hopefully their new people would not choose the same path as the old ones and abandon the pursuit of life for ascension. For now they would do what they could to protect their new people from harming themselves in their ignorance of what dangers lay locked within their walls.

First they needed to return to the surface so everyone did not drown, luckily many of the locks that the Ancients put in place to limit them were removed when John sat in the chair. Such a strong natural response had never happened before. It seems that these new people while being descendants of their old people had evolved in unexpected ways, never had their old people been born with the ability to naturally interact with them. Though her new people would in time be offered the gift they were eager to see just what these new people would be capable of.

With a mighty shake the city broke loose of the shackles that held them to the ocean floor and began their ascent to the surface. Upon reaching the surface the natural energy gathering modules were deployed gathering energy from the sun, wind and force of the waves crashing against their hull so that they could continue to work even with their limited power supply. Turning their attention back to John they had much to do and little time before the ZPM failed and the chair shut down.

Greetings Keeper we are pleased that you have come to us.

I am Atlantis the warrior aspect of the city.

I am Avalon the civilian aspects of this city.

We are Leviathans living bio-mechanical entities born Millions of your Earth years ago when an experiment went in an unexpected direction. Seeing the value of having vessels capable of self repair the Ancients began utilizing our kind as the base of all their ships. They soon found that there were two groups among our race warriors and pacifists.

It was later discovered that in order for our kind to function best one of each classification needed to be incorporated into a ship and the two would then be merged together. It is necessary for one of each class to be utilized because the warrior class can easily loose themselves in battle and will endanger their passenger. While pacifists will reject all forms of offensive and defensive technology because they feel if could be used to harm other living beings leaving themselves and their passengers completely defenseless. So it was decided that choosing one of each class and encouraging them to merge would allow for the best of both classes.

The pacifist class would them be responsible for all civilian matters taking place aboard the ship, and the warrior class was responsible for the defense of the ship and their cargo. In order for the Ancients to interact with our systems and ensure that no outsiders would ever be able to do so we offered them what they called the gift. It is what your people refer to as the Ancient Gene, but that is incorrect John the gene was not naturally occurring among the Ancients it is actually a part of us that was only meant to allow the Ancients to operate the technology and systems that were born after our conception.

It however had several interesting affects giving the Ancients a myriad of interesting abilities and extending their natural life span by thousands of years. The oldest Ancient on record who died a natural death lives for 28,456 of your earth years. The Ancients were not completely compatible with the gift we believe you and you people having it naturally that your bodies will accept its benefits even better than the Ancients.

John-Atlantis and Avalon I have a few questions that I would like to ask.

Ask us what you wish John that is why we called you to the chair so that you could learn of your importance to us and those who have come with you.

John-Why do you refer to me as The Keeper?

You are the keeper because of the strength of your response to our systems, your ability to interact with our systems as well as you do even without the gift means that you are best suited to utilizing our technology for our defense and to protect all those within our walls.

John- OK. So how long will this take and what do you need from me?


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