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Chapter 11


Once the city landed Elizabeth, John, Ronon, and Rodney headed for the gate room to meet the UNSC that would be beaming into to discuss the current situation, and how they would allow the Lanteans to visit their families. The flash of light alerted them to the arrival of the delegation which strangely coincided with the Stargate dialing in. Not even taking time to address the delegation John turned to the technician at the computers.

"Activate the Iris we don't know who could be gating in, but it is most likely someone in this galaxy since no gates in Pegasus are able to establish or sustain intergalactic wormholes. The connection should also be going to the gate that is already on Earth, Rodney any ideas why we are receiving instead of the Earth gate?"—John

"It may be that the Alterans built this gate to be dominant to all other gates on a planet, but I would have to search the records to know for sure"—Rodney

"We are receiving a GDO signal but it is one that I don't recognize."—Technician

"Open the Iris and send the acceptance signal!"—John

Moments after the Iris opened the Wraith stunner blasts rained through the gate as the SG team ran through followed by several Wraith. Ronon and Teyla were the first to react moving forward to engage the Wraith followed by John and Aiden. Elizabeth went to the SG team to see if everyone had made it so they could close the Iris when she received an affirmative the Iris was closed in time for multiple impacts to echo throughout the room. Ronon and Teyla were had the six Wraith Drones that they fought unconscious and on the floor while John and Aiden were fighting the two Wraith officers. (The Wraith Drones were strong but stupid and the officers had a higher intelligence making them harder to fight.) John had just downed his opponent with a strike to the back of the neck when he saw Aiden go flying past, instinctively he turned to catch him but Rodney caught him first. Turning back he was not surprised to see Teyla attacking the remaining, her face a mask of fury at seeing her Omega hurt her attack was relentless and not stop until the Wraith was a bloody mess on the floor.

"Get the prisoners to the cells before they wake up, they have information that will be useful to us. Carson what is the status of the SG team?"—John

"The team is SG 5 and one of them was fed on, two others have superficial injuries and the Omega of the man who was fed on is an emotional mess."—Carson

"Get SG 5 to the infirmary, put the feeding victim into one of the healing pods hopefully it can restore him if not get a genetic sample and prepare to clone a body and transfer his conciseness into it. Take Aiden with you as well I want him to have a full medical scan to make sure that blow did not cause any damage. I also want you to be prepared to inoculate everyone at the SGC and the crews aboard their ships, we will offer the option when we sit down to speak with them and I am quite certain they will accept. Elizabeth contact the SGC and tell them of the current situation and inform them that if this is going to continue to happen we will need the GOD codes to all of their teams. Also offer them the use of our infirmary if they have any more victims of the Wraith."—John

As everyone moved to complete their assigned tasks the UNSC could only stare in shock as the Wraith that they were having so much trouble with were easily dispatched by the Lanteans. They were also shocked that not only was there an inoculation to the feeding process but the Lanteans were also able to reverse the damage, the most shocking thing however was that SG 5 and the prisoners were not were not carried or dragged out of the room they were levitated. When the room was cleared Rodney looked up from his tablet and spoke.

"The Alterans built this gate to be dominant to all other gates it is the base programming of all Stargates it would take a complete rewrite of the entire gate network to change it and I don't know how long it would take. I am also not sure I would want to change the programming the Alterans would have written the program for a reason and I would not want to alter it without knowing why." Nodding in assent John agreed that messing with the programming would be a very bad idea since they did not know what effects it would have.

"OK then we will keep it the way it is until we are able to find out why they wrote that program into the Stargates. We will need to discuss it, but I think that we could offer to house the SG teams and essential personnel while we are on Earth. They will be limited in what areas of the city they have access to and will not be given access to the database if there is something that they need someone can help them get it."—John

"I am not sure that I completely agree with you, but I see the necessity of the situation. Does that mean we are going to move the city to Cheyenne Mountain?"—Rodney

"No. I think that in this case moving the mountain to us would be the smarter choice. If we were to move the city to the SGC it would give the US an unfair advantage and could cause others to think we are choosing to allying with the US and ignoring other countries as the US has done for years when it comes to the Stargate." Spoke Elizabeth as she returned from contacting the SGC receiving several nods of agreement.

"How did your conversation go and who is in charge over there?"—Rodney

"I got all of the GOD codes so we will be able to tell friend from foe, and Richard Woolsey is still in command. It appears that he survived the dismantling of the IOA and with a bit of backing from General O'Neill was able to keep the position. Though I am confused as to why Jack would endorse him since they barely knew each other before Woolsey was assigned to the SGC."—Elizabeth

"Good we will need them, and perhaps Jack just found a kindred spirit in Woolsey and wanted to keep him around though more likely he just wanted to avoid having to do all the paperwork that comes with being in command." Replied a smirking John

"Yeah like I believe that you had nothing to do with that at all. Ha!"—Rodney

"We should probably deal with the UNSC delegation that arrived before SG 5 I am sure that they have better things to do than stand here and watch us all day."—Elizabeth

Turning to the delegation Elizabeth walked to them and took them to the conference room followed by John, Rodney, and Ronon. One inside everyone took their seats and they began discussing the various pressing issues. It took them a few hours to hash out the details now that they would be acting as the base of operations for all Stargate activity on Earth, but they finished and the delegation was beamed out. Now they had to go over the rules for the Lanteans to visit their families so they assembled everyone into the meeting hall.

"Alright people now due to the city's gate being dominant we will be housing the SG teams and the command staff. They will be limited to the tower that has been designated for their use and the common areas all other areas will be off limits to them, and they will not have access to the database since there is currently no need for it. If a time comes where they do require access then one of us will help them to find what they need, but they will never be given free access to the database or the city so if someone says otherwise they are lying."—John

"Now onto the issue of meeting families, we have secured permission for you all to do so. However the main problem is funding since all of us were technically dead our wills were carried out and our assets moved accordingly. If there was no will then the IOA seized the assets and pocketed them, since we will all need money an agreement has been made with the UNSC. They will be sending over credit cards and you will all be issued a card, at the end of every month we will settle the bill by trading with them. They were very interested in the refined Trinium we have, but it may be simpler to create some gold and pay them that way. As for actually visiting our families we are bound by the same laws as citizens of the country we are in, I would also prefer that everyone keep the use of their abilities to a minimum in public. All 32 Jumpers will be available for use, but there will be some safety measures put into place so that only a Lantean can operate them and not just anyone with the gene. Any questions?"—John

"Yes. What if we find one or both of our mates"—random Lantean

"If anyone finds one or both of their mates DO NOT bring them back to the city unless their life is in mortal danger without approval they will be allowed to come here, but we need to be careful of who we are bringing into the city. You will need to notify the city and then when they arrive they will have to go through a full medical scan for potential issues. After that they will be limited to their rooms and common areas of the city until we know them enough to trust them. Unless they consent to undergo the same process as the Satedan people before they were allowed to join us."—John

"OK the other issue is that the city cannot be without the senior staff and the Ship crews so we have set aside a tower for their use and they will be beamed in so we are able to meet with them without interrupting the operation of the city. Finally I want you all to do is to equip yourselves with the personal shields when leaving the city because whether we like it or not we are targets."—John


The next day John, Rodney, and Ronon were going to meet John's Family and Maximus and Athos were tagging along so they could see how the humans of Earth lived. They would be going to the hospital to see Adam since John did not know his current status. They left the city at dawn and arrived at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center where Adam was currently a resident. Their arrival was noticed by everyone since they were using spaceship, but thankfully the locals gave the group room though that may have been helped by Ronon's constant scowl. When they got into the hospital they were saved from having to ask for directions by John's older brother David who took them straight to Adam's room.

Once in the room everyone was introduced to John's brothers Evan, David, and his father Patrick, after John was able to see Adam for the first time and was distressed to see the condition of his baby brother laying there in the hospital bed hooked to a respirator, covered in bandages, and with machines beeping all around him. He instinctively moves forward to help his brother and was angered when Rodney stopped him. "What are you doing he is my baby brother." Snapped John

"I know and I know you wish to help him, but let us scan him first so we know the full extent of his injuries and can monitor them while we are healing him." Rodney replied attempting to calm John down. At the same time Ronon moved up behind John and pulled him into a comforting embrace when John finally calmed he nodded his head and Maximus moved forward and set a device at the foot of the bed. A light shot out of the device scanned Adam several times and then created a holographic projection of the damage.

The explosion Adam was injured in caused burning over 70% of his body, broken a number of bones, punctured a lung, caused severe head trauma, and damaged his spine badly enough that the doctors were not sure he would ever walk again. When the medical scanner finished and Maximus reviewed the results he spoke.

"John and Rodney you focus on his head while Athos and I focus on his spine they are the most critical areas at this point once they healed we will move in a descending order of severity healing his injuries as we go. Do not over exert yourselves and take your time he is stable and there is no reason to exhaust yourself simply to hasten the inevitable he will make a full recovery so take your time and stay calm."

Nodding in assent the four men moved into position to begin repairing the damage. John and Rodney focused on the swelling of the brain first then fractures to the skull and finished with the skin damage. Maximus and Athos had to realign the spine and repair the severed and torn muscle tissue then they moved on to the punctured lung. After a short break the four finished with the broken bones and the extensive burns once finished the medical scanner showed that Adam' body was in pristine condition, but it would take a few hours for him to wake up as his mind was processing that he was no longer injured and the pain had stopped. The healing had left them all a bit tired but nothing that a nights rest would not fix it was proof that all of their abilities were growing in strength.

While they were healing Adam one of his doctors had come in and attempted to stop them but was intercepted by Ronon. He explained that they were healing Adam and meant him no harm. John's brothers and father were amazed at what was occurring, they could actually see the injuries healing right in front of their eyes. The entire process took just over an hour and left the four ready for a good meal. Hoping to reconnect with his younger brother David suggested that the eight of them go to the restaurant across from the hospital so that they could get to know each other better over a hearty meal.

During the meal John did not speak to his father they had not spoken since John left home and joined the military. Patrick had always made John feel like a failure and a disappointment no matter how good he did Patrick always asked why he did not do better. If John got an A Patrick asked why he didn't get an A+, if John got an A+ then Patrick asked why all of his grades were not A+s. Eventually John had just accepted that to Patrick he would never be good enough and stopped attempting to please him so John decided to do something that he wanted to do the next day he joined the Air Force. When Patrick found out he gave John an ultimatum break his contract and go to college or he would be disowned from the family, John had looked his father in the eye said "Fuck You, and the Sheppard Family" then walked out the door and never looked back. The hardest part was that his brothers had stood behind Patrick, to John it had been the final betrayal and John had not contacted them or accepted any of their attempts to contact him since that day.

The only reason that John had come was to see his little brothers, they were young when John left and over the years his love for them had won out over his sense of betrayal. John was happier now that he was able to find out what his brothers had been doing over the years and considering Patrick's reaction to John's choice to join the military John was shocked to see that Adam was a SEAL. Evan had graduated from college with degree in engineering and was working for Patrick and David was being groomed to take over the company when Patrick retired. Adam and Evan were both still single but David was married to a woman and had been for a few years now. It was unfortunate that David was still ignoring his instincts to find a third but he was still too interested in pleasing Patrick. They spent two hours enjoying the meal before returning to the hospital and in all of this time Patrick had still not said what he wished to speak with John about.

When they got there Adam had been moved now that he was out of critical condition and was now sharing a room with the others from his unit recovering from their injuries. Maximus checked Adam once more and told John that everything was fine and he should be waking up anytime, and Adam sis wake up thirty minutes. As Adam was coming around Maximus continued scanning him for any anomalies and was happy to see that there were none. At first John had been hesitant about his brother partnering with Maximus and Athos, but the more he thought about it the more he realized that he missed his little brothers and would do anything to have them around every day.

As Adam was coming out of his coma he started looking around the room and the moment he laid eye on Maximus and Athos John could feel the attraction coming from all three of them. Deciding that he would do his brotherly duty and harass the three later he moved into Adams line of sight to draw his attention.

"It is good to see you little brother it seems that you had a bit of trouble" spoke a smiling John

The moment John had finished speaking Adam shot out of bed like a bullet and threw himself at his brother hugging him with all his strength. A few minutes later he had released John and pulled him over to the bed asking him questions at a mile a minute about where he had been what he was doing, and why it took him so long to come and see him. John just smiled and introduced Rodney and Ronon to Adam getting a toothy grin in return then Maximus and Athos stepped forward and before John could introduce them Adam was on his feet enthusiastically introducing himself.

"Adam I spoke to your commanding officer and he said you will be on medical leave for another week after which your current contract is up for renewal. We need to return to the city to meet up with Rodney's family since they will be beamed into their rooms tomorrow morning. All of you are welcome to join us since in the current climate it would be foolish for us to leave the city for too long. So the essential personnel are having their families brought to the city so to catch up with them there"—John

All of the Sheppards decided to return to the city with the Lanteans, once there they were escorted to their rooms for a good night's rest. The next morning the Millers were beamed in and the meeting with Jeanie Miller and her family was a lot easier though Rodney was upset that Jeanie had given up pursuing her education to be a stay at home mom. According to Rodney she was one of the few people on Earth close to his own intelligence. It was also amusing because she would only call him Meredith and refused to ever say the name Rodney. The rest of the visit was cut short when John received a call from the gate room that they were needed because the UNSC had beamed in and were requesting that the prisoners be questioned. Something that John could not really argue with, but they just had not gotten to yet so the trio left the Millers in the cafeteria and went to meet the delegates.


After joining the USNC members John needed to address that they would be questioning the Wraith, and he knew that they would have issues with how the information was retrieved, but they were in no position to dictate methods especially since they knew nothing about the Wraith.

"Gentlemen let me be clear about one thing these beings are not what you are used to dealing with and the methods that will be employed to acquire the information will in no way be humane. On that note I want you to understand that this ship is completely outside of your jurisdiction and interference in our questioning is not welcome. Are there any questions?"—John

The leader of the delegation was the one to speak he was an Englishman by the name of Rupert. "We are aware that we have no authority here and appreciate your efforts to help us where you are able to. As part of the new policy to keep the people informed of what is going on in the galaxy we would like permission to film and broadcast some of the events occurring around the gate. We would also like to show the world what they Wraith look and act like on live television so they better understand the threats that we are facing. The main reason for the broadcast is that there are a number of pacifists that are causing issues because they are claiming that you should have negotiated with the Wraith and are comparing you to Hitler since you are committing genocide."

"I have no problems with you broadcasting these events, but you need to pay attention to what is being filmed so that no secrets get out that could compromise either of our abilities to combat the Wraith or the secrets of the SG teams. There will be areas of the city that are clearly marked as off limits if anyone is found there they will searched and removed from the city. Now if you will all follow me you can meet the Wraith."—John

Rupert spoke again "There is another issue that has drawn the attention of many, and that is the miraculous recovery of your brother, and wish to know if these results could be replicated for others that are injured as severely?"

Knowing that healing his brother would cause issues John sighed "I am sorry but even though we threw out most of the laws of the Alterans there are some that we agreed with. The only reason that we were legally able heal Adam is because the two Lanteans that were with us are both feeling the pull and saw him as a potential mate. I realize that is not the answer you wanted to hear, but we agreed that advancing any civilization too fast would only cause them to self-destruct. However there are some stipulations in place that allow us to aid struggling civilizations if they are facing destruction as we did with the Asgard."

"What I don't understand though is if you wish to help your people why is it that the majority of the technology the SGC has acquired over the years is not being utilized? I know for a fact that they have recovered a number of technologies that would greatly aid the people of Earth such as the Goa'uld healing devices and cleaner energy sources even those two things would change the lives of everyone on Earth."—John

"Honestly we don't really know all of the technology that the SGC has acquired over the years and from what you have told us it seems that the US is holding out on all of us." Replied the outraged Englishman though by the faces of all the members of the delegation the anger was shared by all.

"Well I can say for certain that with the technology the SGC has acquired over the years of its operation they have ability to build both Nuclear Fusion and Cold Fusion energy generators now, and should at the very least be building the facilities to do so. Both methods are very clean and would eliminate your dependence on fossil fuels to generate electricity completely. For the healing devices they would be harder to reverse engineer since humans don't have Naquadah in their blood, but an alternative power source could easily be equipped to replace that. For transportation Cold Fusion generators could be built and installed into electric cars, from what I know there is no reason that the Earth can't be completely free of their dependence on Fossil Fuels in the next ten years."—Rodney

Rodney's explanation caused a round of absolute shock to settle on the faces of not only the delegates but also the camera crew. Rupert spoke up "Could you help us with any of this since it is obvious that the USA has no intention sharing any of this technology with the rest of the people of Earth?"

Looking at each other the silence stretches out for several minutes before the trio all nod and with a grin Rodney speaks "Due to our laws we can't give you anything. However should a group of scientists have access to the technology that the SGC has acquired over the years we would be willing to allow them to occupy some of the empty labs here in the city and since the development of the technology that we have been discussing can be very destructive if not properly monitored some of our scientist could be persuaded to monitor said development to prevent your scientists from going in a dangerous direction."

Rodney's statement caused the delegates to stare for several minutes and it was quite amusing as the trio watched as realization dawned on all of their faces. Rupert was the first to recover and realizing that the Lanteans were walking a fine line and offering far more than ever hoped replied. "I am sure that we could find scientists who would jump at the opportunity to study here with the Lanteans to prevent any disasters from occurring."

Nodding John spoke "Now that, that is dealt with I believe it is time to have a conversation with our prisoners if you would follow us please we will see what they have to say." The trio led the group down to where the prisoners were being held to begin their interrogations one in the room the guests were directed to the side of the room and protected by a shield.

"For those of you intelligent to understand English we are here for information and I know that in the past the Alterans have attempted to get information out of their prisoners to little effect. I however have a very different approach than they did and I am quite certain that you will more willing to share than you predecessors. Now to all of you who are new to these accommodations our friend in the center cell here is Steve he was found in the wreckage of a damaged Cruiser and had been stranded on the planet for the last 10,000 years. In order for him to survive that long he was forced to feed on all of the others who survived the ship's landing, and when I say all others that means he fed on other Wraith as well." Before John would continue the two Officer Wraith interrupted.

"What is your point Ancient we have no interest in your little history tale. Let us out of here and we will find something far more interesting to do life drain the life from your body."—Wraith Officer 1

"Yes. Yes. That is all very nice I think that from now on I shall call you Bob you seem like a Bob to me, and the reason it is important for you to understand the history around Steve is that we are unwilling to let ourselves be fed upon so he is a bit hungry. So you see we have our fried Steve here who is so very hungry and now we have eight strong Wraith to feed him with." Spoke John with a malicious smirk.

"You would not dare you are too bound by your ethics and humanity."Snarled Wraith officer 2 the one that Teyla beat up

Without responding the Trio turned to the nearest cell holding one of the Wraith John waved his hand and the cell door opened. The moment that the door was opened the Wrath Drone lunged at the trio, just before he got there however Rodney and Ronon had him levitating in the air. As one the trio turned directing the Wraith Drone towards Steve's cell when he was in front of the door John opened it as Ronon and Rodney threw the Wraith Drone in. Once inside the cell the Wraith Drone did not even have time to stand before Steve was feeding on him draining every last ounce of life he could get. The reactions around the room were pretty much all the same all of the faces held shock, but John did not address any but the Wraith Officer 2.

"I believe that we have demonstrated exactly what we are willing to do to get the information, and from now on I think we will call you Clayton. So who is willing to give us the information we desire?" Questioned John

When no one spoke John raised his arm and a second cell opened allowing another Wraith Drone out repeating the process of feeding Steve. Then John turned to Bob and Clayton "There are only four more left once they are gone you will be next, and the more we feed to Steve the less food there will be for you. So are either of you willing to speak?"

Just as the trio was about to feed the third Wraith Drone when Bob yelled out "Wait I will talk." After depositing the Wraith Drone back into his cell they turned to Bob and waited. "When the Ancients fled 10,000 years ago the High Queen discovered some secret of their technology, and secreted it away hiding it from all of the other queens except her daughters. Her daughters are the queens of the 12 Hives following the High Queen's ship; the secret that was found was one of the power crystals that the Ancients used to power their technology. After several decades of research we were able to find 14 more crystals and bring them back to the Queens, the High Queen kept three of the crystals and gave one to each of her daughters before being forced into hibernation due to lack of food. To the shock of all we slumbered for 10,000 years and when we awakened all 13 Hives had grown and evolved. We found that the change was due to the energy being emitted by the crystal, the energy they emit is life energy and since our ships are organic they grew and evolved far beyond any before them it is also what allowed us to hibernate for so long. Once we woke the queens knew that the others would demand that we share our new power with them so they met and it was decided that we would seek out a new galaxy away from the others. The High Queen left first and a few months later she sent some signal that we were to follow, when we arrived at the coordinates her Hive had changed again and was now larger and stronger. The High Queen also found some new hyperdrive technology that allowed us to traverse the gap between galaxies and she chose to come to this galaxy."

Nodding in acceptance of the information the trio exited the room with the delegation right on their heels headed for the conference room to discuss the information they had just received. Upon arrival the delegation took their seats and waited for the Lanteans to speak the trio had pensive looks on their faces. John spoke first but it was more to his mates than to the occupants of the room and the television audience.

"If the humans are going to be of any value in the fight against the Wraith's new ships we have to make some alterations to their ships, there is no way that they will be able to match a Hive one on one as they are. We can provide them with two more ZPMs to power each ship for the duration of this conflict that way they are functioning on a complete trio, but the ZPMs will have to be returned once the conflict is over. We can run both ships through the SCF the alterations would only take a day at most so their systems are capable of handling the additional power. The Asgard will also need to be contacted regarding this development so they can avoid another disaster; their ships were capable of easily combating a single Hive the fact that they were so easily defeated means that these Hives are far more powerful than any we have faced"

"Agreed I am quite concerned about this thirteenth Hive not only because it carries 3 ZPMs, but also due to the rapid and extensive transform it went through and the new hyperdrive capabilities that the Wraith have acquired. It is too much of a coincidence for the new ship and hyperdrive to not be connected, so the question is where did they come from? Also after reviewing all of the footage of the Asgard's battle with them we know that the ships now have a much thicker hull and more powerful weapons. Meaning that we will need to plan the best ways to combat them; as for altering Earth's vessels I recommend that only the shields and weapons systems be altered, and then the ZPMs are only utilized when necessary.—Rodney

"We also have to consider that we are currently in a similar position to the Alterans when they lost the war with the Wraith we are outnumbered we only have three war ships, four if you include the Aurora. Our shields are capable of holding out under constant bombardment for several weeks maybe even months the main problem is that we don't know how effective our current weapons will be against their new defenses. As for The Daedalus and the Odyssey combined they might be able to fight one Hive ship, but that still leaves us with more than two on one odds and not in our favor and we still have no idea what the 13th Hive is capable of. We will need as many advantages as we can get I suggest that the three of us spend some time in the chairs perhaps we will find what we are looking for there."—Ronon

The other two nodded in agreement as they thought over what the other two had said then as if remembering that the delegates were still there the trio turned to them. "We need some time to review this new information and plan what can be done to combat the Wraith Hives and there new capabilities. We have very little knowledge about what they are truly capable of and we don't know if they are even using the ZPMs as power sources at this point, if they are not it would make them an even greater threat than they already are. You are welcome to stay here in the guest tower or you can beam out and when we are done we will contact you."—John

"I would very much like to spend some time in the city, but I believe that we should all return home so that we deal with the issues brought to our attention about the SCG and begin compiling a list of scientists that would be beneficial to the program that you have offered us."—Rupert.

With that the group said their goodbyes and as the delegates were beamed away the trio headed for the Control Chairs to look through the Alteran database.


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