Day in Shanghai – Story of an engineer

When the deployment orders came, I had spent last seventeen hours fixing the comm. gear after that damn EMP. Freed from all the fried transistors and smoking micro-chips, all I could do was grab a quick dinner before hopping to a Blackhawk headed to Shanghai. I was part of the sixth mechanized infantry platoon, basically marines and tanks… maybe few lighter vehicles.

My M-four felt comfortably heavy against my lap as my feet almost touched the waves of the east china sea, the chopper flying so low that its nose almost split the waves. I tuned out the usual banter between my squad and tried to remember the hasty briefing: Chinese forces under admiral Chang were transporting mobile IRBMs to Shanghai and intended to target Valkyrie with them, we had to occupy several key-points to prevent them from launching.

Touchdown to target area happened few minutes after midday. The sun was a ball of white straight up in the sky, suddenly I felt unsure if I had enough water to survive the entire operation without resorting to local water… Diarrhea here we come.

First few points were easy to take. No enemy contact. Everything changed after when crossed a bridge and approached a skyscraper, an enemy tank fired a HEIAP round at our personnel carrier. I was lucky to have heard driver's warning in time and was out of the vehicle as it turned to ball of fire. Medic dragged me behind a concrete wall, not that it mattered much when a tank is firing rounds that explode after it penetrates target.

As our tanks and armored personnel carriers exploded around us, the medic dragged me to the elevator of the skyscraper and punched the button for sky-bar. As the elevator left the battle below behind, I reached for my carbine, but found that it had been destroyed by shrapnel; a piece of rebar had gone through the receiver assembly, probably would've killed me if not for the gun.

I switched to my side-arm a forty-four magnum, three power scope and an extended ten-inch barrel. There was barely time to switch the laser sight on before the doors opened. Finally I saw what I had gotten into: out of the fire in to a frying pan.

There was five of us in the elevator, thirty seconds after exiting the elevator only three remained. Williams took a bullet to neck and Robson was killed by shrapnel from grenade. Yet after bullets stopped flying we had the sky-bar. My magnum had earned seven new notches to barrel, that would shut up the greenies at the mess hall that claimed that a revolver was obsolete.

With the sky-bar taken I had excellent vantage point and a clear line of sight to the tank that gutted my transport. I lined my shot and let the rocket loose.

Suddenly a shot rang out and my chest felt like it was on fire. All my strength vanished and I toppled out of the broken window. Idly I saw my target turn into flaming wreck... then everything went black.

This is first story I post and I would like if you readers (if any) could give feedback on my writng (Style and grammar), Thank you for reading.