Summary: Raenef raises a child with Eclipse's help.

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Chap 1: "Finding a child"




One morning a twenty seven year old Raenef strode across his expansive courtyard. Long blonde locks were set free to partake in the cool breeze. He grew far taller than anticipated, and now stood nearly eye-to-eye with his teacher and most trusted adviser.

Green eyes peered at the grand sky above to watch clouds begin to part as dawn drew near, with color erupting over the skyline. Though now a well known demon lord, human thoughts still crossed his mind now and then, innocent ones like the notion that the sunrise was amazing.

The thought fled his mind as recollection of his reign rampaged the area.

Suddenly he felt a presence, and adjusted his gaze. Four feet ahead, making its way through tall grass was a child. She appeared to be approximately two years old with hair as dark as that of Eclipse.

He was too stunned at first to react. There was no person or demon anywhere nearby but for he, Eclipse, and this baby, so he felt certain the parents had left her or perished.

With simple warn shoes and torn umber dress, the dirty child tripped, and began to cry. Walking several steps gruffly Raenef lifted her and looked into green eyes that seemed a reflection of his own. The girl tearfully peered at him, cries ceasing.

"My name is Raenef, the demon lord of this realm" he greeted, feeling shame set ablaze inside himself for the very reason he just explained.

The child smiled, waving a tiny malnourished hand then attempted to pronounce "Waynef", and he justified the path of his thoughts.

I'm a demon lord, and so can make my own decisions, no matter how unusual...

"Come, I'm sure you're hungry". As he adjusted her in his well toned arms, she grabbed a handful of long blonde hair and pulled. Chuckling he said "You remind me of a young boy from many years ago little miss".

He imagined the kitchen, "Go"



Setting clean linens upon his lord's bed Eclipse paused hearing an unusual sound for this castle.

How odd, I could swear I heard a baby crying...

He shook his head at the silly notion. A moment later however he heard the same sound.

So that's what I sensed. Sire what are you doing?...

"Go" he soon appeared in the kitchen where Raenef was putting together a sandwich.

He first prepared to chastise the younger demon, but recalled his master had been a suitable demon lord for a number of years, and it was surely no longer his place to speak against this master's wishes.

"Master Raenef" he spoke to announce his presence.

"Eclipse come help me prepare a suitable meal for this little girl" Raenef ordered sternly.

Raenef put down the ingredients and Eclipse set to it, meanwhile watching his powerful demon lord bouncing the child on his knee.

"My lord I have a question".

"Which I will answer after she has eaten" he responded without looking up.

Minutes later a fine sandwich composed of ham, tomato, and green leaves atop soft bread was set on the table before his lord. Still not looking up, Raenef picked a piece off of the sandwich and put it to the baby's lips. She tasted it, then chewed with her gums and the few teeth that were formed.

After she messily finished, Eclipse promptly wiped Raenef's lap. His superior looked at him expectantly, and he quickly wiped the crumbs off of the baby's clothes as well. Raenef wiped her mouth after which he patted her back. She burped then smiled.

The older demon realized his lord had done more reading than simply that of his Demon Lordship studies.

The child is surely human, what does he plan to do with her?...

Eclipse thought while knowing full well what his master likely planned.

"Eclipse" he looked up.

"Yes my lord?"

"Set up a bed for this child in my chambers".

It was as he thought, "Lord Raenef you can't honestly be considering taking this child as your own!" Eclipse shouted despite his respect for his ruler.

"I have already considered it" he said, and Eclipse calmed, but then "She is now my daughter, and you will treat her as such".

Widened eyes closed a moment and upon reopening did not possess such anxiety. "Yes my lord... Go".

There was no arguing now. No matter how unorthodox the situation, his lord Raenef had his wishes.




End of chapter 1




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