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Chap 11: "Celebration of life"




Raenef awoke with a start. Looking right to left with eyes half-open he groggily asked "Wh- what is it?".

The same sound that woke him was heard again- "DaddydaddydaddydaddyRaaaae" his five year old daughter called. Running back and forth in front of his bed in white slippers and nightgown, onyx locks reaching half her height flailed freely.

Sitting up the thirty year old father asked, "Moonbeam what do you need?".

Luna jumped onto the mattress, "I don't, you do", she stated, her lips became wider than necessary, because the reason was obvious to the wide-awake child overflowing with ever-present high energy. Laughing she danced around his bed.

"I need... what?" he asked with a yawn, eyes completely open now.

In his also ever-present black cloak Eclipse appeared in the open doorway. "Princess Luna you said you would wake your father, but I did not think you would do it so dramatically that I could hear you from the kitchen".

She giggled "Ooops".

Flopping onto the mattress with a grin Luna concluded, "I did say I would wake Daddy Rae so you can cook special nummy breakfast".

Raenef smirked, reaching over to tickle her side. Giggling she uncontrollably kicked off her slippers, crying out "Daddy Ikipse save me!"

I wish she would stop putting "ick" in my name...

Habits were often difficult to break though, and the demon had become fond of the nickname.

He vanished from the doorway and reappeared sitting at the edge of the bed. She attempted a sigh of relief.


Her "victory" was short-lived, because he began tickling her small feet.

As sunlight warmed the kingdom Castle Raenef was filled with gleeful laughter.



Soon the young lord sat to eat with his family, with sandy hair tied up. "Happy birthday my love. Are you excited for today?"

"Of course Daddy Rae! It will be so much fun, and soon I will learn to use a sword! Aunty Erutis will teach me and I will be", she acted out sword gestures with her cutlery,

I can protect my daddies...

Raenef's face lost color. Eclipse put a hand on his shoulder, "You did want me to remind you."

"Yes, remind me, but..." he fell silent.

"You teach her hand-to-hand combat, I educate about spells, the cleric unfortunately helps to culture her by educating about The Goddess Rased, and the swords-woman will teach her how to protect herself with a weapon", his adviser explained.

"So I recall" he muttered, head in hands, staring at his steaming tea.

I would like another, stronger beverage instead...

The young princess cheerily sipped her sugar-filled tea. "May I go outside?" she asked, patting her lips with a napkin.

While one father could focus on nothing but the pending doom he was certain the future maintained, the other nodded.

"Thank you for breakfast Daddy Ikipse". She kissed both father's cheeks then ran upstairs to wash up, and put on her day clothes.


Raenef ate his breakfast very slowly. How could he enjoy any morsel with his mind cluttered by such fearsome thoughts- the image that continuously swept through his mind was the princess at her current age, again covered in blood, but this time it all belonged to her...

Completing his daily task of returning the dining room and kitchen to pristine condition, Eclipse moved his chair just beside his lord and sat, jostling the junior demon from his fear-filled mind.

"Sire I understand your concern", he said placing a hand on Raenef's back.

Not looking up from the back of his eyelids Raenef thought unhappily,

Please do not mention all the children you have helped rear...

Eclipse concluded, "I understand your concern as her father". Here he opened his eyes and put his hand atop Eclipse's. "However, if such an instance"- they both knew very well the list of potential instances he meant- "should come upon Luna, her power must be as strong as her will."

Raenef rested his head on his adviser's broad shoulder, "You are correct as usual my friend." Eclipse ran fingers through golden locks.

They remained so positioned in calming silence. Breathing in and breathing out in time with the other demon always eased their troubles.

Silence was broken by a cry from outside upon the castle grounds- "Gra!"

At the window immediately, they saw their daughter clad in her layered turquoise dress Tesly designed just for this day by the princess's request, a combination of blue and green "to match my daddy's eyes".

Sunrise focused on the little girl who was not so little anymore. She ran and thrust her newly fashioned sword through a bush.

"You already gave it to her?" Raenef questioned in disappointment.

"Yes, because I felt you would stop me".

"We promised Luna a sword, and more for her fifth birthday. Have you ever known me to deny our princess anything?", he asked rhetorically, though he knew just as well as Eclipse that he would have tried to put it off with a multitude of excuses.

"How did she react?"

"That is what began this day for you. I informed Luna we both had a hand in the creation of the blade, and she said she would wake you while I finished preparing breakfast."

Smiling he replied, "So that is what has our little girl so energetic. I hope you told her-"

Eclipse finished the thought with a smirk, "To be careful, otherwise I would show what may happen to someone who is not cautious with a sword by demonstrating on a randomly chosen person from town".

"Also, she has read of swords many times over the years" he mentioned as an afterthought, to which Raenef nodded.

In unison their minds ran through the days since her arrival.

Three and one half years Luna has been our daughter...



When Luna was with them one year the fathers agreed they should celebrate her third birthday. They asked Meruhesae her date of birth, agreeing to her condition that Eclipse give her a single kiss in return.

Since the first birthday they celebrated with their daughter, Raenef assisted Eclipse with decorating the castle. They accumulated items from different lands to make this a most joyous day for Luna.

This year, surrounding the castle were countless rose bushes of all types; inside they "planted" every flower Luna ever showed a smile for in each corridor, and along the main stairway: Tulips, Gardenias, Lilacs, Alstromerias, Lotus, Orchids, Amaryllis, Chrysanthemums, Daffodils, Carnations, Peony, Hydrengeas, Pointsettias...

Raenef set up some of the decorations while his comrade and daughter slept; flowers surrounding the path to Luna's bedroom, that which fell between lord and servant. It was the only one they agreed to when their child requested it the year before.

No party was ever as large as her namesake ceremony, due to the issues which occurred therein. The only guests invited were those they called family: Erutis and Chris. If Meruhesae or Krayon desired to attend, they would not be turned away.



Outside, jabbing at blades of grass Luna prepared to battle true evil. Her fathers being demons was of no concern.

The princess detested any blade on the Earth, but knew full well such must be used to fight to protect the ones she loved.

Peering at the sharp metal caused a shudder to run through her.

She had nearly no recollection of her life before her fathers took her in; however one aspect she recalled beyond each year's events was the shade she now knew as blood, and the weapons beasts used to eradicate every drop of existence from her life-givers.

This memory was one she kept to herself, close to her heart so that she may do what needed to be done if such an instance ever came upon her again. Were her fathers in danger she would not hesitate to slay "true evil"- whoever or whatever chose that day to be their final one.

"Graaa!" she ran to a tree, "I" hack "Will" slice "Protect" chop "My daddies!". Breathing heavily she looked at the once proud standing tree with many branches, now lacking three which lay at her feet.

Hands aching, she stepped back. Thrusting the blade into earth, she sat on windblown grass to contemplate this special day.



While their daughter continued to play outside the two demons set up the foyer with seating for comfortably friendly chat.

Soon finished they sat side by side. Raenef kissed Eclipse's cheek, "Thank you for raising this child with me".

Caressing his lord's face he replied sincerely, "It has been of the greatest opportunities in all my lifetime".




As the light of noon began to blaze Chris was first to knock at the large doors.

Seeing him dressed in complete priestly garb, Eclipse decided not to set his head aflame when he made a childish remark- "There's the demon butler".

"High priest already?" Raenef greeted, clasping his friend's arm.

"Heh, not quite. Hejem says not until he feels I'm ready."

"I believe Hejem's actual words were 'not until I am dead and with Rased'" Raenef replied, earning a slap on the back from his old friend.

"And you look the same as last year, thank Rased for demon aging."

The lord and servant shared a glance at the ridiculous statement.

"Erutis here yet?"

"No you are the first to arrive" Eclipse replied, leading him to a seat.

"Funny, I didn't see her on the way either. Usually she goads me into racing her." He scoffed, "You know how that goes..."

The thirty five year old "high priest in training" dropped onto the well-cushioned obsidian chair, grabbing a handful of dates from a wooden bowl.

As his statement concluded, Raenef nodded to Eclipse, who proceeded to open the door. Krayon was not on the other side as they sensed.

Thirty six and surely a woman Erutis strode in clad in a highly fashionable gown of amber cloth layered over ebony. Both of her old friends looked at her equally in awe.

As she proceeded to the couch, Raenef assisted her, asking "Where is the lucky father?".

Funny you should ask that way...

Sittingslowly "Running his kingdom" she replied with a smirk, hand on her belly.

Ah, so that is why we sensed Lord Krayon...

"In two months you'll have a niece, or nephew Rae", she turned to Chris, "You too mister priest".

"So, looks like we won't be playing any drinking games this time" Chris said with a chuckle.


While Eclipse gathered refreshments, Raenef gathered their daughter.

"Look at this!" Erutis said when they appeared. "You're such a big girl, and so pretty!" Chris gave a sideways glance; this was not the way Erutis used to sound.

Everyone changes though...

Luna smiled curtseying, "Thank you Aunty Erutis". Sitting beside the mother-to-be she whispered "May I?".

Erutis nodded, and Luna touched her belly, then pulled her hand back "I felt the baby moving!". Leaning down she whispered "Hi baby, I am your cousin Luna, and I love you already" she placed a smiling kiss.

"What will you name the baby?" she asked, looking up.

"We won't be sure until he or she is born, but you can help pick if you like."

Nodding excitedly the princess shared cheerfully, smiling at her fathers, "Daddy Rae says Luna means moon, and I was sent by the moon, and that's why he calls me his Moonbeam".

She ran to the opposite couch, sitting between her demon daddies, each felt they had all they could ever want.




Hours passed merrily with stories shared by all, at Luna's request.

Giggling the princess acted out the story of the terrible tree she took down that afternoon;

Eclipse told Luna's favorite tale of the Hangma war, leaving out the more gory aspects;

Erutis explained how she finally allowed herself to see Krayon not as a ridiculous demon lord, but someone who truly loved her, and in so doing fell in love with him;

Chris told of a time when he spent three weeks in uninhabited terrain searching for the truths of the great Goddess Rased, and she did appear when he fell from a ledge and hung on for dear life, saving him from certain demise;

Raenef told a tale of one who helped him reach through the world of death, who shared great knowledge, helping him to grow to become a powerful demon lord in his own right. Here he turned to Eclipse whom all present knew was that one special being.

Luna decided to give her aunt, and uncle a tour of the castle, despite their protests. "It will be fun!" she beamed.

No creature alive could say "no" to those verdant orbs.

"Lead the way princess" Erutis said chuckling, and Chris put his arm around her back to ease the trek.



Deep breaths echoed in a single room of the castle.

Golden locks fell upon bare shoulders as charcoal strands passed over both demon's faces.

A single word crossed their minds while heated bodies moved in unison,




"Two hours is all I can take Raenef!" Chris hollered in exasperation, followed by the giggles of the five year old.

"Our daughter seems to be giving Chris trouble" Raenef mentioned.

"She is of that age" Eclipse replied, sitting up.

"I'll get her" said the demon lord, sitting up as well.


Several minutes later Raenef appeared. Clean though somewhat disheveled, golden hair laid loose upon his shoulders. The other demon came close behind, wrapping onyx locks to return them to their previous order.

Chris arched his eyebrows while Erutis only nodded, unsurprised.

The princess carefully lay her sword on the floor.

There you are!...

"Daddies! I love you!" Luna shouted, running to them.

"We love you Luna" Raenef replied, "So very much" added Eclipse. The three again shared a unified thought,

My reasons for being...





The End




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