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2 Months Ago...

"Shit! Keep firing!" Steve yelled out to the other members of Five-0. As, he ducked and covered behind an old truck, where Kono was also hiding behind.

"Steve, we can't hold them off much longer! We have to keep moving!" Kono turned to shoot at the direction the fires were coming in.

"Steve, you need to make a decision now! We can't stay here!" Danny and Chin made came to duck behind the truck. As they both began firing at men who were getting closer to them, before ducking again behind the truck.

"Fuck, ok. We need a distraction. One of us needs to lead them off, while the rest of us run." Steve yelled over the thunder, rain, and guns firing their way.

"Steve, that's a death trap. We can't-"

"I'll do it." All heads turned to Kono, while her eyes stared determined at them.

"Kono no, don't be rash. You don't have-"

"We don't have a choice Steve! I rather died than have you guys die. Now get ready. I'll call you guys on the burner when I'm safe. On 3 we do this ok?" Kono looked at them, while they nodded there heads reluctantly and waited for her to count.

"1...2...3 Go!" Kono got up, and shot at them running into the opposite forest with the Yukaza on her trail.

Steve, Danny, and Chin ran when when they heard a blood-curling scream come from the direction of which Kono went in.

"Don't look back." Steve said, pushing branches out the way.

"Steve. It's time." Steve nodded his head, and followed Danny as everyone surrounded the grave of Officer Kono Kalakaua. As the priest began singing a mournful hymm. The soldiers began shooting three rounds in the sky.

"Ready, arms up! Fire!"

One. As the shot fired, Steve stood firm, face blank and staring at the casket that was slowly entering the ground.


Two. Steve's posture faltered, as her death was a becoming a reality, and none of it was a dream, like he hoped it was, ever since she was shot and killed in front of them.

The three Five-0 members were caught, they were in a broken down old warehouse tied up in chairs.

They watched as four Yukaza men, and another who looked like there boss came in. In two of the men's hands was a woman...Kono. Who had a bag over her head struggling against the grips and the ropes.

"Steve! Danny! Chin! Help!" She cried from under the bag.

"Shut up!" The muscled man hit her, and she fell with a thud. To the ground in front of them.

"You touch her one more time, I'll make it so your body won't be traceable when I get done with you." Steve sneered sinisterly at the Yukaza boss.

"I can kill Ms. Kalakaua right now if I wanted too. Your in no position to be making threats Commander McGarrett." He man quietly spat in Steve's face.

"Grab her, and bring her here." They complied with his orders, and brought the bruised body of the young woman to him.

"Oh her knees." He pulled out a gun, and put it to her head. She let out a yelp. And began crying.

"You will pay for the pain you've caused me." He cocked the gun, and put it to her head.

"I love you guys." She whispered quietly.

"Her death, is your suffering." He fired the shot, and her body dropped lifelessly on the ground.


Three. His right hand, coming shakily to his forehead as him, Chin, Danny, and others saluted to her. He slowly let down his hand, as a man in a uniform came and handed her mom her uniform.

Her casket hit the dirt in the ground with a soft thud, as the priest finished the hymm. He blessed the people, before finishing the funeral.

Steve moved from his rigid posture, and walked to his car. He got in when Danny appeared at his window.

"You ok buddy?" His eyes studying the movements of the broken SEAL.

"Yea, I'm fine Danny." Steve's eyes staying forward, staring into nothing.

"Steve, look I kn-"

"I said I'm fine! Tell Chin don't come into work for the rest of this week. You either, I'll see you next Tuesday Danny." Steve drove off around the corner, to the one place he could seek peace in.

Steve sat on his board, listening to the quiet waves that washed up on shore. He was staring up at the sky, his mind in places only one could imagine.

He saw a wave, come his way. And started paddling towards it. Surfing with force, and anger. He did the same with each and every wave for the next two hours.

He slowly made his way back to shore. The muscles in his body ached as he limped back to his empty house.

Steve ran his hand through his wet hair, and looked around at his quiet and empty home.

He picked up a picture of Kono and him at the beach. Steve had Kono on his back with a grape shaved-ice in one hand. And the other wrapped around his neck.

He suddenly smashed the picture on the floor, and knocked the contents on his desk off. Punching the wall, and rattling the family portraits off on the floor.

His breath was heavy, as his looked at the mess he made. He fell to his knees, and picked up the picture that was on the floor of him and her, and cried softly on glass filled floor.

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