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You sigh. Another long day of work. It's not that you hated your job...you hated the people at your job. Thankfully, today was Friday! You couldn't be happier for the weekend. You didn't have any plans, so you were looking forward to some TV and ice cream. Man, you needed a boyfriend. You yawned as you entered your small New York apartment. It was close to Stark tower, and the only reason you could afford it was because of that alien war thing that happened. You didn't know much about it, just what was broadcasted on TV, and to be honest you didn't care. All it meant for you was moving outa that shitty old apartment in that shitty small town you used to live in to moving in to this new, less shitty, apartment in New York City. But hey, you had to admit those super heroes that saved the city on TV were pretty hot. Their faces were plastered everywhere in New York, and it did make you wonder what they were actually like. There was also the bad guy. What was his name again? Oh yea, Loki. He was actually pretty attractive in his own way. You didn't know why, but while every other girl at your work swooned over Thor, you swooned over Loki. Eh, but that would never happen... He was in some kind of prison now, as you saw on guess what: TV... shocker!

You yawned again, it was late. You had left work a little later than usual and the shower was practically calling your name. You entered your bathroom and flicked on the lights. It wasn't much, but at least it was connected to the bedroom. This meant you didn't have to walk as far to pee in the middle of the night. You turn on the water, at first it comes out freezing cold, but then turns warmer. You sigh at the warmth on your hand and then begin to undress. You enter the shower and pull the curtain shut. The water feels good on your skin. You sigh and try to forget how stressful your life has been lately. After you are done contemplating random life scenarios you shut off the water and reach for a towel just outside the curtain. You wrap the fuzzy pink towel around your hair first, drying it a little. Then you wrap it around your body and exit the bathroom. You trudge through your bedroom and into the living area. Time for a little late night TV.

You grab the remote and hop on the couch, still wrapped in only a towel. Nothing is on, so you flip through the channels until you hear a beeping noise. You stop on the channel. "Breaking news!" Flashes on the screen. "Citizens of New York, we do not wish to alarm you, but a highly dangerous criminal has escaped from our...disclosed area prisons before he could be transferred back to where he came from." A new's man voice reports. Then all the sudden the picture of the very handsome man you recognized to be Loki appears on the screen. "He goes by the name Loki, he is extremely dangerous, and can not be reasoned with. If you see this convicted please call the authories at once. The Avengers are on the streets pursuing him so we recommend each and everyone of you to stay inside. DO NOT APPROACH THE PRISONER. I REPEAT: STAY INDOORS AND DO NOT APPROACH THE PRISONER. That is all." The channel flips back to what it usually is, the cooking channel. Great, now you were hungry. You stood up and started towards the kitchen, wandering where that "Loki" guy was. It's not that he scared you really...You just wanted to know where he was so that you didn't have to worry about him... you know doing bad things or whatever he does. You don't bother to turn on the lights, you just head straight for the fridge. As you open it the light casts the shadow of the something tall on the wall beside you. You turn towards the entry way of the kitchen and gasp. There stands Loki.