Five Years Since Ragnarok

Today was a special day for you, it was the fifth anniversary of your death. Okay, so it sounds a bit sad... but every five years the souls who died tragically or before their life lines were originally supposed to be cut, can be called upon by their loved ones. This basically means that tonight, if he sets up an alter, Loki can call you to be with him again...for one night only.

You watch Asgard patiently from Valhalla.

"He will call for you." A kind voice speaks by your side. You turn and see Frigga walked towards you. "Do not worry." She smiles at you.

"Did Odin call you?" You ask.

Frigga nodded. "Yes, however Loki too set up an alter and after loosing you...I thought he needed me more."

You hug Frigga. You didn't meet her until after you died, but you loved her like a mother and she loved you as a daughter.

"I wish I could still be there...I miss him so much." You sniffle, feeling yourself tear up.

"Hush now, you know you will someday be together again." Frigga hugs you tighter.

You glance downward together and watch Loki wake up in his bed. He slept with pillows bunched up besides him every night, and you knew it was because he missed you sleeping besides him.

He rises and crosses over to the dresser. Loki opens the top drawer and takes out a green handkerchief. He unties it and gently takes out the fox necklace that you once wore around your neck. Loki stares at it a long time, then takes out your wedding bands. You notice he still wore his. He stares at the rings that once resided on your fingers, and his eyes fill with tears.

"No, no! Not today Loki!" You shout, knowing he could not hear you. Frigga puts an arm around you.

Loki places the rings and necklace back in the handkerchief, ties it, and places it in his dresser again. He wipes his eyes and exits the chambers you once shared.

Once out of his chambers, he heads towards the throne room. Odin, who has never really recovered fully from Ragnarok, has passed the throne to both Thor and Loki. They rule together, as equals, but Thor does most of the throne-sitting.

"Loki." Thor rises from the throne, which now has two seats. He hugs Loki tightly. "I know today will be hard for you, are you sure you want to go on with this?"

Loki pauses and then nods. "It is how she would have wanted it to be..."

"Very well, the ball will start just before dinner. I shall make sure everyone is properly invited." Thor nods.

"Thank you." Loki nods his head and then exits the throne room.

"A Ball? To remember me?" You say to Frigga.

"And the few others who Loki could not bring back, yes it seems like that is the plan." Frigga smiles, proud of her two sons.

You smile at her and then at Loki.

"He's right. It is how I want it." You say. "I would rather everyone be joyous and celebrate then mourn any longer. Especially Loki."

"I doubt Loki will be joyous. That is, until he sees you." Frigga tells you.

You sigh and look down again. You notice Loki is looking up towards the ceilings of the palace.

"I still miss you." His voice is almost nonexistent.

Later That Night

The Ball was a success so far. Everyone seems to be having a good time, and you were having a good time watching. You laughed as Narfi and Vali tried to flirt with the young goddesses, only to get shot down by every single one. You smiled at Thor and Sif finally acting romantic towards one another. The only one who seemed miserable was Loki, and this made you sad.

Eventually Loki excused himself from the Ball and headed back to his chambers. You watched excitedly as he cleared the dresser and began to set up your alter.

"So I can go there and he will see me? Hear me? Be able to touch me?" You ask Frigga nervously.

"Yes. It will be like you are there, alive." She nods.

You clap your hands together and hug her.

"Tell him I still watch over him, alright?" Frigga asks.

"I will!" You say as you watch Loki place the handkerchief with your jewelry on the alter. Next he lights the candles and he bows his head and...

"Loki?" You are now standing behind him.

Loki spins around, almost as if he could not believe it.

"SIGYN!" He stands up and pulls you into a tight hug.

"Loki!" You begin to cry. "Oh, Loki!"

Loki cries too. You both just stand there, holding each other, crying.

"I...I've missed you." You finally speak.

"Sigyn, I can not tell you..."

"I know, I see everything. I watch over you, as does your mother." You touch Loki's cheek.

"You have met Frigga?" Loki's eyes are filled with joy.

"Yes, and Loki she is wonderful. I wish she could have met the children..."

"About that...I am sorry for Anastasia... I hope you do not assume I.."

"I know why you did it Loki." You say. "I think she needed you, and I do not agree with your choice...but I get it."

Loki sighs. "I regret it everyday. Throwing away the last trace of your beauty...tossing aside my own child because I was lost with mourning...I am still lost."

"Shhhh." You tell Loki. "We only have one night every five years, so none of that."

Loki sniffles. "Sorry." He wipes his tears.

"Good." You lean foreword and brush your nose against his. "Now shut up and kiss me."

"Ehehe..." Loki laughs for the first time since your death, then he gently presses his lips against yours.

You nearly burst into tears, you missed him so much!

Loki kisses you deeper, and more passionately. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull yourself closer to him. When you break apart, your eyes meet for the first time in years.

"We don't have to..." Loki stutters. "I mean...I just want to be with you. We don't have to do anything."

You nearly cry at this, but instead you smirk. "Do you think I came all this way just to talk?"

"Eheheh, well I missed just talking too you know." Loki smiles.

"Well, we have time to do both." You run a hand through Loki's hair, missing the feeling of it on your finger tips.

Loki pulls you closer. "Good. Both is good." He kisses you again.

You whine into the kiss and Loki scoops you off your feet. You sequel as Loki carries you to the bed. He places you gently on the mattress and climbs on top of you. You look up, and into his eyes. Your heart practically melts as Loki gently kisses you again.

You undress each other quickly and Loki wastes no time getting to work. He kisses your body from your neck to your stomach. You tie the sheets practically into knots as you squirm with pleasure. Loki smiles against your skin and watches you squirm for a moment.

"Loki!" You exclaim.

"Ehehehe...what?" He asks.

"Do...something!" You whine.

Loki smirks and lowers his lips to yours. "I missed you." He hisses.

You yank his torso close to you. Because as much as you wanted this to last, you needed him. Loki reaches for a pillow, without removing his lips from yours, and tucks it behind your head. You kiss him rougher, letting him know what you want. Loki slowly enters you and your nearly scream.

It had been a long time. Especially for you and Loki, who were always very intimate.

Loki finally breaks the kiss so that he can gaze into your eyes as he thrusts. You reach for one of his hands.

Loki slowly and passionately thrusts in and out of you, never breaking eye contact. When you both release it is a sweet release.

You both curl up together on top of the sheets so that you may take a short break. Loki holds your hand and slowly rubs his thumb over the top of your hand.

"I don't want to leave." You speak finally, tears beginning to fill your eyes. "It's not fair..."

"Life is not fair Sigyn." Loki says, his voice solemn.

"I miss you everyday. Everyday. I see you...I wish you could see me..."

"Oh Sigyn! Surely you do not always see me?" Loki asks nervously.

"Yes I see you bring home different women all time." You reply with a smirk.

Loki blushes. "I am so sorry darling!"

"'s good. I mean, I wish you'd pick ONE...but it's good. I am dead, you need to move on some time."

"That is just it, I cannot move on. Hence all the different women." Loki's voice is shaky.

"Loki, you have to try."

"I can still see you."

"Yeah, every five years..."


"Perhaps that is enough for me." Loki speaks.


"I loved you. I still love you. I will always love you." Loki sniffles.

You cuddle closer to him.

"I still look for ways to bring you back Sigyn..."

"Loki...I've watched you. It's impossible." You say sadly.

"I will not settle for that." Loki raises his voice fiercely.

"Shhh, lets just enjoy our time now." You snuggle his chest.

Loki kisses the top of your head.

"I suppose we should. I love you Sigyn."

"I love you Loki."

The rest of the night was filled with love-making and pillow talk. By the morning you were gone and Loki was heart broken again.

Loki still waits now. He searches for a way to bring you back to him once again.