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Prologue: Stranded

Coruscant- Jedi Temple-

The bright rays of sunlight filtered through the partially open curtains and into the bed chamber. The rays of light shined upon the face of the only occupant who was peacefully sleeping. The light illuminated the distinct features of Jedi Knight Kyp Durron.

Kyp was a handsome man who had recently turned thirty years old. He was six two with shaggy medium length chestnut brown hair, brown eyes, a constant five o'clock shadow and tan skin. He had a lean muscular build and was considered be one of the most powerful Jedi knights the new order has produced in years, which was a fact that he was well aware of and often boasted. The bright light shined upon him only for a moment before he stirred from his peaceful sleep and attempted to block the bright light with his hand.

Kyp let out a groan and he rolled over to the opposite side of his bed, away from the light and while he did that he took his arm and attempted to drape it over the body that was supposed to be next to him however to his surprise there was no one there. Kyp felt around and when he didn't feel anyone next to him he cracked his eyes open and stared at the spot in confusion. He stared at the spot where he knew a woman should be but there was nothing but a cold space.

Kyp turned around and he looked at the ground in search for any sign that the person that was supposed to be there was still in his room but he didn't see any clothing but his own and he didn't see any other lightsaber on the nightstand next to his bed other than his own twin black and red hilted lightsabers. Kyp stretched out with his feelings, searching his bathroom, his kitchen, guest room, living room, his whole apartment in general and there was no sign of anyone other than himself.

"She's gone" he whispered to himself, "No"

Kyp's eyes went to his clock and he read the time.

"0800, she hasn't left yet!" he exclaimed throwing the covers off of his naked body and jumping from his bed. He quickly bent down, grabbed his clothing and scrambled to put them on.

He quickly put on his gray pants followed by the gray tunic, the same clothes he had been wearing the day before and he made a dash for his door. Kyp quickly turned around and he reached out with the force.

One of the twin lightsabers on the nightstand lifted up and flew towards his outstretched hand. Kyp clipped the lightsaber to his brown utility belt and he exited his quarters in a hurry.

Jedi Temple- Hallway

Like a madman the jedi knight tore down the brightly lit hallway of the massive structure that was home to the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, The Jedi. Jedi Knights like Kyp roamed the hallways along with jedi initiates, trainees, apprentices and masters; many of them looked like him, human in appearance but there were others, who were of different races, shapes and forms that roamed the halls as well. They freely walked the hallways and each was attempting to get to their destination on time with little delay.

Kyp dashed through the hallway side stepping and passing anyone that was in his way, anyone that would keep him from his destination of reaching the woman that was about to walk out of his life.

"MASTER DURRON!" came a mechanical voice.

Kyp heard his name being called and he glanced to see that it was a golden robotic android by the name of C-3P0.

"NOT NOW 3P0!" He yelled back.

"BUT MASTER SKYWALKER REQUESTS YOUR PRESENCE….." The droid stated before being interrupted.

"I'LL TALK TO HIM LATER!" Kyp shouted as he continued on his way.

C-3P0 came to a halt and he stared after the fleeing Jedi Knight.

"Oh heavens, I wonder where he's off to in such a hurry. I better tell Master Skywalker he'll be late for the meeting" 3P0 said to himself before turning around and trotting off.

Jedi Temple- Hangar Bay

The doors to the Hangar Bay swooshed open and Kyp came to a stop. He looked around the large Hangar bay, his eyes searching every X-wing and other starfighter until he spotted one X-wing in particular. He looked at the X-Wing and that's when he saw her, the woman he was after. She was dressed in an orange jumpsuit and was talking to an R6 unit while making what looked like final preparations for an intended flight away from the temple. Kyp pursed his lips together and he wasted no time in running over to her.


"Alright R6, I think that should do it, go ahead and get yourself locked in and we'll be off." Came the voice of the woman.

Kyp slowly walked up to her until he was standing right behind her.

"Jaina" he stated.

The woman, Jaina Solo, heard his voice and she hung her head and released a long sigh. After a long second she slowly turned around to face Kyp and the two spent a good minute just looking at the other. She studied his features while he studied hers.

Kyp's eyes roamed over, to him, the most beautiful woman in the galaxy, everything about her was gorgeous. The soft medium length dark brown hair that reached her back, the big beautiful brown eyes that could make any man weak in the knees, her fair skin tone and pouty lips. Jaina was in her mid-twenties and she stood at five eight with a petite and curvy build that was covered by the orange jumpsuit. She like Kyp was a jedi knight and she as well was considered to be one of the greatest knight's in the order in spite of her age, however, considering her lineage it wasn't much of a shock.

Kyp looked at her and his heart started to beat faster and faster but he calmed himself.

"So, you were just going to leave without saying goodbye?" He asked her.

Jaina hung her head for a second before looking back up at him.

"I said goodbye last night" she said softly.

"No, that's not what that was us starting a relationship."

"Kyp, you're reading too much into it."

"Obviously." he responded curtly, "I thought we had something here Jaina. No, I know we have something here, I can feel it and I know you can too."

"You're not wrong Kyp, there is something between us but what you want and what I want are not the same….right now. The two of us are walking two different paths and it would be unfair to the both of us if we didn't see them through. You told me that you wanted to be the greatest jedi knight the order has ever known and you're well on your way to being just that but I have my own aspirations too Kyp."

Kyp let out a sigh and rubbed his tired eyes.

"Oh please, not the rogue squadron nonsense again. Jaina you are a Jedi, you are above them. We are above them."

Jaina rolled her eyes and looked away from.

"By the force you are so arrogant."

"One of the many traits about me you find attractive."

He stepped closer to her and he reached up with his right hand and gently cupped her face and turned it back to him.

"Jaina, do not walk out on us."

"I'm not walking out on us; I'm putting us on hold."

"On hold." Kyp repeated


"Well then I find that highly unacceptable. I don't want to put us on hold I want to explore what we have right here and now."

"Then you're the one walking out on us." She replied.

Kyp took his hand away from her face.

"No, don't do that don't turn this around on me."

Jaina took away from him. They spent another minute looking at each other but they were interrupted by several loud chirps and beeps from Jaina's R6 unit. She turned towards her X-Wing starfighter as the unit continued to beep and chirp.

"I have to go." she said turning back to Kyp.


"I'm sorry Kyp but I have to do this, I have to follow the will of the force as well as my own heart and you have to follow yours as well. If you and I are meant to be then our paths will align in the future."

Jaina stepped closer to him and she stood up on her tip toes and she planted a light kiss upon his lips.

"Goodbye." she whispered.

Jaina lowered herself down and then swiftly turned and headed for her X-Wing. She climbed up the ladder and hopped into the cockpit. The R6 unit chirped and beeped and the ladder receded into the X-Wing and the top of the cockpit began to close.

Kyp stood rooted in his spot as he watched the love of his life getting ready to fly away. He watched her roll up her hair and then place the fighter pilot helmet over her head, he heard the R6 unit beep loudly and the X-wing engines began to power up. Kyp took a step back as the air picked up around him. He had to shield his face slightly but he never once took his eyes away from Jaina. She looked through the cockpit glass and at him and a sad smile appeared on her face. Their eyes lingered for a long second before she grabbed he controls and gently pulled on them.

The X-Wing slowly rose into the air and turned to face the hangar bay doors. The X-Wing's thrusters kicked in and the starfighter zoomed through the hangar and through opening.

Kyp continued to stand there staring, watching the X-Wing fly away and into the sky.

"Durron" came a voice.


"Durron" came the voice again.



Minutes Later- The Sanctum- Jedi Meeting Chamber


Kyp jumped at the sound of his name being called and he whipped to the person that was calling his name, his brown eyes zeroed in on the crystal blue eyes of the Jedi Grandmaster himself, Luke Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker had aged rather well all things considered, he was in his early fifty's and his dirty blonde hair was still blonde in some areas but it was accompanied by gray hair. He still had a fair complexion that had a few wrinkles but he was still attractive, he had a slim build that was covered by a form fitting black uniform that had a gray cloak attached to the back and a white utility belt around the waist that held his black and silver lightsaber.

Luke was everything Kyp wanted to be and more and long ago he had sworn that one day he would surpass him in everything: skill, clarity of the force, and prestige. In Luke Kyp saw a friendly rivalry which he could compare himself to and gage his abilities. He often challenged and clashed with the grandmaster on many things but in spite of all that Luke had earned Kyp's respect and Kyp had equally earned respect in return.

Kyp focused in on Luke for a second before glancing at the rest of the jedi knights and masters that were present at the impromptu meeting that the Grandmaster had summoned them all to attend. He looked at the different faces for a second before going back to Luke.

"Are you with us Durron?" Luke asked regally.

"Yes, yes I'm with you. I apologize my mind was elsewhere. What's the situation?" he asked.

Luke pursed his lips together and he turned towards the circular table that was in the center of the meeting room, where he pointed towards a blue holographic image of a medium sized planet.

"The planet Aargau, in the Zug system." He started "A recent addition to the New Republic has requested assistance in an important matter. A violent and radical group of renegade Mandalarians has besieged one of their capital cities, they've laid claim upon the city as their own and they will defend it to the death. How, my council do you think we should proceed?"

Kyp scoffed which caught the gathered council's attention.

"Isn't it obvious Grandmaster? We gather our most skilled Jedi and we reclaim city in the name of the people of Aargau. We drive these renegade bandits back from whence they came." Kyp answered strongly.

"We want as little body count as possible Kyp. You have to remember we're Jedi, keepers of the peace, not soldiers." Came the voice of Jedi Knight Tahiri Veila.

Tahiri Veila was a very beautiful human woman in her late twenties who stood at five nine with long bouncy blonde hair, green eyes and a light complexion. Tahiri was wearing a blue tunic with a black cloak around her shoulders. She had on black pants with a silver utility belt that held her gray hilted lightsaber attached and to complete her look she wore black boots. She was a gifted Jedi who had skills with her lightsaber but she was more adept at using the force. She and Kyp had never really seen eye to eye due to his more aggressive stance on how to approach any given situation and she often expressed her distaste for his way of thinking by calling him a pig-headed Bantha-herder.

"Tahiri, do you actually believe that the people of Aargau contacted us because they want a peaceful solution? These Mandalorians renegades stole their home from them. I think it would be safe to assume that they're looking for justice." Kyp countered.

"From the way you put it, it sounds more like retribution." Came the calm and collected voice of Jedi Master Corran Horn.

Master Corran Horn was a wise and powerful Jedi in his early forties, and he was the former Jedi Master to Tahiri Veila until she had proven herself worthy to become a knight. Corran was a handsome human man that stood at six one with wavy brown hair, curious hazel eyes and a fair skin tone with a thick goatee around his mouth. Corran had a muscular build that could bee seen through the light green overtunic, black trousers with a white utility belt that had his silver hilted lightsaber attached, and loose fitting brown boots.

Kyp turned his attention to Corran and he let a small smile grace his lips.

"And what if it is retribution?" Kyp asked, "It's more than well deserved."

"We don't do retribution that is the dark side Kyp" said Tahiri

"Lightside, darkside, you people are so wrapped up in labels." Kyp grumbled under his breath, "Look all I'm saying is that from this intel there is no way a peaceful solution will be made, not with the Mandalorians."

Corran nodded his head.

"I'm inclined to agree with Durron on this matter. The Mandalorians are known for many things but talks of peace are not one of them. However, I'm willing to make the attempt at a peaceful solution."

Grandmaster Skywalker rubbed his chin and he looked between each of the three Jedi that had stated their opinion and he thought it over. On the one had Tahiri had a point about them being peace keepers but on the flipside the Mandalorians were all about conflict. It was a difficult situation but before he could give a decision on the matter he was interrupted by the voice of his wife, Jedi Master Mara Jade-Skywalker.

"I'll take care of this situation Luke."

Mara Jade-Skywalker, the stunningly beautiful wife of Grandmaster Skywalker stood at five eleven with flowing flame red hair, emerald green eyes, a fair skin complexion with freckles on her cheeks and nose. Mara had an hourglass figure covered by a similar black uniform that Luke wore only hers was sleeveless and had silver streaks going down the sides. She had on a white utility belt that held her silver lightsaber and to complete her look she was wearing black combat boots.

Mara Jade stepped towards the table and she looked at the holo-projection of the planet Aargau. She looked at the planet for a second longer before turning to face her husband with a smile he knew all too well.

"I know how to deal with Mandalorians."

"Do you now?" Luke questioned with a smirk.

"I do. I'll take care of this, but if my plan goes sideways it would be in my best interest to have some back up. Master Horn, Knight Veila would you be so kind to oblige me?"

Corran let a smile grace his lips.

"Do you even have to ask Mara, of course." He said

"I will back you up as well Master Skywalker." Tahiri answered with a nod of her head.

Mara nodded her head in acknowledgment.

"I think I will also take Master Katarn, Knight Mai, and I believe Lowbacca has recently returned from a mission with his apprentice. Speaking of apprentices I think I'll brink Anakin along on this mission as well and Master Horn, do you believe your current apprentice is up to the task?"

Corran rubbed his goatee for a second before nodding his head.

"I believe Raltharan is ready for a mission such as this." He answered.

"Good, well I believe that should be all the back up I…" Mara started before the sound of Kyp clearing his throat caught her attention. She turned to him and Kyp folded his arms across his chest and stared back at her.

"Aren't you going to ask me?" he asked.

Mara scoffed and placed her hands upon her hips.


"And why not, if you need back up ideally you want someone who's actually good in a fight." Kyp replied strongly.

"Ah Kyp your colorful insults never cease." Tahiri stated under her breath.

"You know what I meant" Kyp corrected.

"No Kyp." Mara replied "And do you know why?"

"Is this about your ship? I apologized for that."

"The droids are still fixing the severe hull dents" Mara replied in a deadpan tone, "I told you not to engage those starfighters head on"

"It was a judgment call" Kyp replied.

"And you exercised poor judgment, you are a very efficient but reckless knight and I don't want you jeopardizing this mission with your brashness."

Kyp released a sigh. He wanted to respond but after the disastrous morning he just had he didn't have it in him to argue like he normally would. He really just wanted this meeting to end with him on mission that would take him far away from Coruscant and anything that would remind of Jaina, just for a little while.

"Fine. You don't want me on this mission, that's your call. Are there any other missions that need our immediate attention Grandmaster?" he asked in an exasperated tone.

Luke narrowed his eyes a bit at Kyp. He could sense that his younger 'rival' was in a state of turmoil in spite of the walls he put up around himself, and he had a good idea as why he was in such a mood but he decided not to push the issue while everyone was present. The Grandmaster cleared his throat and turned towards the circular table and waved his hand. The holo-projection changed from the planet Aargau to a menacing armored Rodian.

"The mercenary Jax'Xel is next on the list of discussions this morning." Luke announced loudly, "As many of you know he has been a thorn in the New Republic's side for some time but we have not intervened in his capture because the New Republic Military has claimed that they want to bring him to justice."

"It's because they trained him no doubt." said Corran while rubbing his goatee, "It's one of their own so they want to deal with him."

"I had that same thought too." Luke responded "However, Jax'Xel has proven to be more than the military can handle. He has eluded them at every turn and with his most recent doing we have no choice but to get involved."

"What did he do?" Kyp asked.

Mara shifted in her stance and folded her arms across her chest.

"Two days ago he stole the planetary defense codes from the Galactic Codex on New Alderaan." she answered.

"Planetary Defense codes?" Tahiri repeated in shock "If he has the codes then that means he could potentially access the defense systems of every planet in the Republic!"

"My sister is already contacting the representatives of each planet urging them to change their codes but that will take too much time. It is my firm belief that Jax'Xel is going to sell those codes to the highest bidder." said Luke.

"Unless he already has a buyer lined up. Do you have a lead on him?" Kyp asked.

"After I was alerted to the situation I contacted an old informant of mine who put his ears to the ground for Jax'Xel. He contacted me earlier this morning saying he had location. Jax'Xel is on the third moon of Velos 12."

"By the force!" Tahiri exclaimed "That's dangerously close to the unknown sectors of space. The only reason I can fathom as to why anyone would be that far out is to stay out of sight."

"And out of mind." Kyp chimed.

"I think you're right Kyp, Jax'Xel must already have a buyer lined up. There are any number of planets he could have stowaway on other than that moon." said Mara, "Luke did your informant say anything else?"

"He said that Jax'Xel has been on the planet for seven hours and that there is a cantina on the moon that's known for its unsavory class of people. He also said that the crime boss that runs the moon has issued an order that cantina will be closed at 1800 hours, today."

"No way that's a coincidence; something is going to happen at that cantina." Mara stated.

"Yeah there is, Jax'Xel is gonna be brought down hard. It's about an eight hour flight to Velos 12. If I leave now I'll reach the third moon just in time for the exchange." said Kyp without any room to argue. The brash Jedi swiftly turned from his gathered peers and briskly walked towards the exit leaving several stunned jedi in his wake but they quickly composed themselves.

"Typical Kyp Durron." Tahiri said while shaking her head.

Luke pursed his lips together and he stared after Kyp for second before he glanced at Mara who nodded her head. Luke nodded back and swiftly took off after the younger Jedi.

"Alright, next on the agenda…." Mara started while switching the holographic image.


Kyp continued his brisk pace down the hallway until suddenly a black cloaked figure flashed by him and instead of seeing a long and pristine hallway he saw the concerned face of his 'rival' Grandmaster Luke Skywalker.

"Grandmaster is there something wrong?" he asked.

"I should be asking you that Kyp." he said in a friendly tone.

"I'm fine Grandmaster Skywalker." He lied.

Luke smirked.

"You hide your feelings well Kyp but I can sense the turmoil within you and also when you call me Grandmaster instead of just Skywalker or Luke, then I know something is really wrong."

Kyp let a small smile grace his lips, and he released a sigh.

"Luke. You know me so well."

"Well, we are rivals are we not." Luke responded with a bit of humor in his voice, "Tell me what troubles you. If you plan on facing Jax'Xel your mind needs to be clear and focused, not hindered and clouded."

Kyp bit his lip a bit and he looked Luke in the eyes.

"Jaina left me." he stated.

Luke nodded his head.

"I figured her parting had something to do with your mood, the two of you were close."

"More than that Luke." he said "I think, no, I know I am in love with her and I know that she feels the same but she chose a life in the rogue squadron over us."

"Do you believe it to be that simple?" Luke asked while studying the younger man.

"Yes….No….Maybe, I don't know. She said something about following the force and her dreams or something. Tell you the truth I didn't hear anything other than the sound of my heart shattering into a million bits."

Luke stepped towards him and placed a hand upon his shoulder.

"Love, is a powerful emotion…." He started.

"You're telling me." Kyp responded off handedly.

"It has the power to grant a man the strength of a hundred men and it has the power to reduce a man to rubble, complete rubble. My advice to you Kyp is to know that what you're going through is all apart of life, and you mustn't focus on the pangs of the loss but on the joy of experiencing such an emotion. And to trust the will of the force that if it was meant to be then your paths will align in time."

Kyp scrunched his face a little and gave Luke a sideways glance.

"Is that a round about way of saying it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?"

Luke chuckled.

"I'm saying to trust the force and that all things happen for a reason."

"Yeah." Kyp deadpanned, the young Knight bypassed Luke and started down the hallway again but before he got too far Luke's voice caught his attention.


Kyp turned around to face him one last time. Luke looked at him and he put a neutral expression on his face.

"I'll upload the description of my informant to your holo-pad before you leave."


"And, may the force be with you."

Kyp nodded his head and he turned back around, continuing on to his quarters where he would pack for his journey to the third moon of Velos 12.

The Third Moon- Cantina-

The violent and resourceful mercenary known as Jax'Xel sat comfortably on the stool within the dimly lit and smoky scented cantina. The cantina was filled with renegades, exiles, murderers, psychopaths and everything in between and so Jax'Xel felt right at home. The outer rim, the worlds and moons that were close to the unknown sectors of space held some of the most unscrupulous beings and that was because the only rule in the outer rim worlds was that there were no rules. Everyone was out for themselves and that suited Jax'Xel quite fine.

He was a Rodian, stand at five ten with a reptilian humanoid appearance. He had scaly dark green skin, two giant black eyes that could see in several hues, and a long snout like nose and mouth. Jax'Xel was a physically imposing Rodian, the armor he wore showed off his powerful and muscular build, but it was the two blasters on his hip, along with the two vibro-swords attached to his back that drew the most attention.

Jax'Xel tapped the counter and the deathly pale, skinny and furry bartender with about eight tentacles for hands looked at him.

(Another black spiced Corellian ale and make it 4 tentacles this time) he said in Rodian.

The bartender understood the language and he began to pour the drink for his unsavory and unpredictable customer.

Jax'Xel watched the bartender make his drink but he took his black eyes away from him when he felt a vibration from his waist. He looked down at the small holo-pad magnetically attached to his belt. He grabbed the pad and he looked at it as an encrypted message appeared on the screen. Jax'Xel spent a long second looking at the encryption before he figured out the message and once the messaged was received he clipped the holo-pad to his belt again and he grabbed the big glass of liquor in front of him.

(Wont' be long now) he whispered as he tossed the drink back and slammed the glass down on the counter, (Another!)

Starship- Hyperspace- The Eagle's Heart

Kyp Durron sat with his legs folded in the back of his personal and spacious starship known as the Eagle's Heart. For the past several hours in hyperspace he's been brushing up on his language skills for when he reached the third moon. It had been a while since he had been to any of the outer rim planets but from what he could remember several different languages were spoken and interchanged, and not knowing what he was walking into he needed to be prepared.

He had spent about five of his eight hours studying languages and once he felt confident enough he decided to meditate, but mediation was proving to be harder than brushing up on twelve different languages.

Kyp's face contorted into one of frustration and his eyes snapped open as another attempt to calm and center his mind failed.

'Blast it!' he thought to himself, he put a hand to his face and he rubbed his eyes, 'Come on Kyp put her from your mind, which is much easier said than done, she is always on my mind, been that way since I met her. The whole reason why I took this mission was so I didn't have to think about her but it seems like with many things I didn't think this one through. An eight hour hyperspace flight with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company .and I can only think about one thing. I believe that is called irony.'

Kyp released a sigh and then laid down on his back so he was staring at the metal ceiling, he reached into one of the pouches on his utility belt and he retrieved a small silver pendant. He brought the pendant to his face and he popped it open. Once the pendant was open a small holo-image of Jaina Solo appeared. Kyp stared at the image for a long moment before closing his eyes, allowing the events of the night before to play across his mind again.

Flashback- Yesterday Night

Kyp opened his eyes and he stared down at the beautiful breathless woman that was beneath him, she stared up at him lovingly and he returned the look. He reached up and cupped her warm face in his hand.

"By the force" she whispered to him which only made him smile. Kyp sucked in a breath in he leaned down towards her.

"Jaina….Jaina I….."

Present- Eagle's Heart

Kyp's eyes snapped open and he quickly sat up. He closed the pendant and quickly put it back into his pouch.

"Okay mediation over." He said seriously breaking away from the memory.

Kyp got to his feet and he walked over towards a shelf that was mounted to wall, he grabbed a mechanical circular sphere that had dozens of tiny holes going all around its surface. Kyp twisted the sphere and he tossed it into the air where it beeped and then floated in the air.

"Training level fifteen, expert, and set pain level to maximum." Kyp stated seriously.

The floating sphere beeped and chirped before suddenly a lighting fast laser bolt flew out of one of the openings and directly at Kyp.

Kyp sensed the attacked and he concentrated while reaching out with the force, his twin lightsabers flew to his hand and he activated them. The emerald green blades of pure plasma erupted from the hilts and deflected the laser bolt. Kyp looked up at the sphere as it zipped around the air. He centered himself, focused on the present and he prepared himself for the next attack that was sure to come.

Three Hours Later- The Third Moon

The single city on the third moon that orbited the planet of Velos 12 was a massive spaceport type of city located on the edge of the Outer Rim. The city had technology but it was all outdated or virtually useless, but that didn't stop the uncivilized and degenerates of all species that ran rampant in the city to stop their frequent visits or dealings. The buzzing city looked like it was made up of old leaky steam pipes and it had a rank old car smell to it that only increased in intensity the further one ventured into the heart of the city.

Kyp hugged himself to the wall that was surrounded in darkness and he held up his holo-pad. An image of a Bothan appeared. Kyp studied the image and then peeked around the corner of the wall he was hiding behind. He searched the crowd with his eyes while stretching out with the force. He searched the crowd until he felt the presence of the person he was trying to locate. Kyp held onto that feeling and using his speed and stealth he maneuvered through the crowd undetected.


FenRaH, a five four furry brown Bothan, with yellow eyes and a thin lanky build stood on the side of the street waving medium sized cylinders filled with a yellow and red substance.


Several people stopped and bought a few of the death sticks from him, he thanked them and reached into his pockets and pulled out a few more.

(DEATH STICKS!) he shouted again.

(I don't want death sticks, I want information) came a voice from behind him.

FenRaH heard the voice and his blood ran cold for a minute, he slowly turned around to see a hooded figure standing behind him but he had seen a fair share of individuals like the one behind him to know that the figure was undoubtedly a Jedi.


(No, but I am a friend)

FenRaH looked at the Jedi before him and he shook his head.

"I should've known, Skywalker's Bothanese is lightyears better than yours."

"You speak Basic?" Kyp questioned.

"Only when I need to dumb things down."

Kyp narrowed his eyes.

"Look you hairy furball, do you have something for me or not?"

The Bothan looked around for a second before stepping a bit closer to Kyp.

"Yeah, your boy Jax'Xel is still at the cantina. I've been asking around and apparently he's already got a buyer for the codes."


"Don't know, but whoever the buyer is has some major clout out here in the outer rim. They've got a lock on the Cantina and has everyone pissing their pants. Nobody with half a brain is going anywhere near that place for the next couple of hours."

"Anything else?"

"Tell Skywalker this makes us even."

"Not just yet, I need you to take me to the Cantina."

"Did you not hear what I just said?"

"Just lead me there and then you can go back to peddling your crap."

FenRaH snorted.

"You Jedi have gotten rude over the years. Fine, it's this way"

Kyp rolled his eyes as he watched FenRaH move down the street. The young and tough Jedi swiftly followed after him.

Cantina- Death's Next Stop

Kyp looked at the large but abandoned looking Cantina as well as the neon blinking sign.

"Is that really the name of this place? Death's Next Stop."

"If you lived in the outer rim you would know that its name is appropriate."

Kyp scoffed and he pulled his cloak tighter to his body.

VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! THOOOOOOOOOOOM! Came a loud booming sound over head. Kyp's head shot up to the sky and his eyes widen a bit at what he was seeing.

"What the hell!?" he whispered.

Up Above

A massive menacing warship in the shape of a sickly deformed humpback whale hovered in the air over the Cantina. The warship had scaly siding with patches that looked like viewing windows going along the side. It was curved in nature and at the head of the warship were hundreds of tiny eyes that looked as if they were blinking rapidly. And lastly there were dozens of tendrils curled under the huge warship which hummed and vibrated.

Down Below

"What the hell is that thing?" asked Kyp turning to FenRaH

FenRaH stared upwards in shock as well before looking at Kyp.

"In all my years of traveling the galaxy I have never seen anything like that before in my life."

"Well that doesn't bode well." Kyp replied turning back to the ship. He watched as the warship dipped slightly and from a section at the bottom of the ship an opening appeared and an armored figure dropped and landed with a thud on the ground in front of the Cantina.

Kyp grabbed FenRaH and pulled him around the corner so they were hidden from vision. He waited a few seconds before peeking around the corner; he used the force to increase his vision so he could get a better look at the figure.

Kyp saw that the figure had to be at least seven feet tall and he was dressed head to toe in some type of dull green bio-armor that had spikes jutting out around the back. The armor itself resembled that of a crab's shell, and along with the armor he could see a snake-like creature slithering around the figure's right forearm.

The armored figure turned around and Kyp pulled his head out of view.

"What is it?" FenRaH asked.

"Trouble." Kyp responded, while carefully peeking back around the corner only this time he didn't see anyone but he did see the Cantina door close. Kyp scrunched his eyes in confusion. He reached out with the force and tried to get a sense of the warship above him and the creature that had landed but…he couldn't sense either of them. It was as if they were absent within the force. Kyp heaved a sigh and shook his head.

"Definitely trouble." he whispered while starting around the corner but FenRaH grabbed his cloaked.

"What are you doing!" he exclaimed.

"My job." Kyp replied "Thank you for the help but you need to leave immediately. I want you to run and don't look back." He finished while gently removing his cloak from FenRaH's grip. Kyp continued on making sure to use the force for speed and stealth.

Death's Next Stop- Inside

Jax'Xel heard the sound of heavy feet approaching him and upon hearing the sound he spotted the bio-armored figure approaching.

(You're early) he said in Rodian

The bio-armored creature stepped a bit closer.

(Do you have it?) He asked in perfect Rodian, his voice animalistic and powerful.

Jax'Xel reached towards his waist and he unclipped a white container that was magnetically attached to armor he wore.

(Defense Codes to every core planet within the New Republic. If you plan on using these I suggest you hurry. I know the military well and right now they'll be changing the codes so you won't be able to access the defenses.)

(You let us worry about that.) The bio-armored figure replied while reaching for the white container but before his hand could touch it the container was suddenly ripped from Jax'Xel's palm. The two of them looked to see the container fly into the hand of Kyp Durron who was standing at the entrance to the Cantina.

(This doesn't belong to either of you.) he said in Rodian.

The bio-armored warrior suddenly lashed out and grabbed Jax'Xel by the throat and easily lifted him off of the ground.

(YOU BETRAY US!) He shouted in Rodian.

(NO!) Jax'Xel gasped in reply (He's…..one…..of the beings I told you about.)

The bio-armored warrior turned his gaze back to Kyp while still holding Jax'Xel by the throat.

(Jeedi.) He stated in a low grumbling voice but it held no fear, in fact in held a hint of anticipation.

Kyp clipped the white container to his utility belt and he centered himself preparing for anything. He tried to get a sense of his enemy but again all he felt in the force from him was nothingness, like he was like a void.

(I am Jedi Knight Kyp Durron and by order of the Galactic New Republic both of you are under arrest.) Kyp replied confidently.

The armored warrior tilted his head to the side for a second, just staring at Kyp through his helmet.

Kyp stared back.

KRACK! Went a loud sound. Kyp's eyes widen as the armored figure easily snapped Jax'Xel's neck. He then callously tossed the dead mercenary away and fully faced the Jedi knight.

Kyp used the force to bring one of his lightsabers to this left hand.

The bio-armored warrior held up his right hand and the serpentine-like creature that was slithering around his forearm moved towards his hand and began to rise up all the while hissing and snapping. Kyp narrowed his eyes as the serpent suddenly went rigid and became a three meter long staff. The armored warrior grabbed the staff with his left hand and he twirled it in his hands.

"I did not see that one coming." Kyp said to himself as he activated his lightsaber, allowing the emerald green blade to pierce through the dim lighting in the Cantina.

In an instant the two charged each other and met in the middle with a clash of weapons. Kyp gritted his teeth as he was unprepared for the armored warrior's strength but he called upon the force and stood strong. The young knight noticed how that instead of his lightsaber slashing through the staff the weapon held strong but he didn't have time to dwell on it before the large warrior in front of him pressed his attack. He came in with two quick slashes for the mid-section but Kyp's skill was formidable because he expertly parried both attacks and lifted his foot and kicked his attacker in the stomach and then pivoted around with a downward slash but to his surprise his lightsaber didn't cut through the bio-armor. His attack singed the armor slightly but the armor remained intact. The armored warrior growled and lifted his arm and swung it at Kyp's face but the Jedi ducked and rolled away coming up behind him. Kyp lunged forward with his lightsaber trying to skewer his enemy but the giant whipped and blocked the attack and he quickly lifted his opposite hand and tried to strike Kyp across the face but Kyp lifted his left hand and with the force he yanked a bar stool from the floor and sent it barreling into the mysterious warrior, knocking him to the ground.

Kyp took a breath and he narrowed his eyes.

'This creature is formidable his armor and weapons are resistant to my lightsaber, which means you'll have to find some way else to beat this guy Durron.' he thought to himself.

The staff wielding warrior picked himself up off the ground and he stared at his enemy that was across the room.

(Magiic, liike the bandiit said.) he whispered in Rodian but Kyp heard him.

(It's not magic, it's the force.)

(What iis thiis Force.)

"I'll show you" Kyp said in basic while using the force to charge forward, in split second he was upon the warrior with fast strikes and vicious slashes.

Kyp Durron studied in the style of Form VII which is commonly known as Vaapad in the Jedi Order. Vaapad was developed long ago by the legendary Jedi Master Mace Windu. He developed a style of fighting that focused on attacking with ferocity and controlled aggression, overwhelming your opponent with the power of the attacks but not succumbing to the darkness that usually accompanied the style.

Kyp was a master of the style of Vaapad because it suited his nature, he knew several styles by heart but Vaapad would always be his first choice. He attacked his enemy head on and combined with his speed and expertise he landed dozens of blows, however each blow did not yield the results that he wanted. He slashed practically everywhere on the crab like armor but just like before it did nothing. Kyp went low and dragged his lightsaber across his enemy's armor legs and still nothing. He growled to himself and then sprung backwards just as the staff came sweeping in from the right.

Kyp let out several breaths and gripped his lightsaber tightly.

'Well this has been interesting. My lightsaber is not getting through that armor, just what is it made of I won….' Kyp started to think before he sensed an impending attack but it happened to fast for him to react.


An explosion rocked through the Cantina blowing a giant hole in the roof and from the hole three more bio-armored warriors landed into the Cantina.

Kyp shook his head and he pushed himself to his feet and he looked around, his eyes landed on the three new additions but his attention was drawn to one of them who was dressed in the same crab shelled armor but he didn't have a helmet to cover his face. The face of the enemy was a hideous one, complete with grayish violet skin that had tribal looking tattoos going down his sloped forehead and around its eyes which were jet black jelly sacs. The creature also had no nose cartilage but had a nose like structure on its face, it also had long pointed ears with razor sharp teeth.

'What the hell are they?" he asked to himself as he held up his lightsaber and activated it again. He reached out with the force to sense the newcomers but like before all he could sense was an absent void.

'And why can't I sense them in the force?'

The bio-armored warrior with no helmet turned towards the warrior that Kyp had been fighting and he yelled something in a language that Kyp had never heard before. The Jedi Knight turned towards his previous enemy who was yelling back and pointing towards him.

"JEEDI!" he shouted.

'Well I understood that' he thought.

The helmet-less warrior turned to him and he said something he didn't understand.

Kyp shook his head.

"I can't understand a word you're saying but the answer is no." Kyp stated strongly.

The helmet-less warrior reached towards his thigh and he pulled out a large dagger that was attached to a rock like hilt. He aimed and then threw the dagger. Kyp deflected the dagger with his lightsaber destroying it in the process.

'So my lightsaber can cut through some of their weapons' he thought glancing down at the destroyed dagger.

The helmet-less warrior lifted his head slightly and he said something in their native language. The two bio-armor warriors behind him stepped forward and the previous armored warrior he had been fighting stepped towards him as well.

"Uh oh" he said seeing the three of them heading towards him, he held out his right hand and called his second lightsaber to his hand and he activated the other emerald blade. In unison all three of them stopped. The two unarmed warriors held up their hands and their serpents slithered from their forearm and into their hands but they didn't turn into staffs they just kept them there, letting them hiss and snap.

Kyp kept his guard up readying for anything when he saw movement out the corner of his eye. He whipped to his left and he blocked a strike from his enemy. He struggled against the pressure but he managed to push him away and come around with two quick strikes followed by a kick. He turned his attack back to the other who were running towards him. Kyp bit his lip and he crouched low and then jumped high into the air. He flipped in the air and he landed by the entrance to the Cantina. He pushed the door open but he had to stop because several more bio-armored warriors dropped to the ground just outside the Cantina blocking his exit.

"Sith-spit!" he cursed while gritting his teeth and weighing his option. Kyp called to the force and the white container removed itself from his utility and hovered in front of him. He brought his right lightsaber upwards and cut the container in half effectively destroying the Galactic Defense Codex that held the defense codes.

"That'll put a wrench in the plans." he said to himself as he started to back up when the warriors outside started towards the entrance. Kyp whipped around to face the warriors already inside but it was then that he heard a loud hissing noise. Kyp looked down to see one of the serpents slithering towards his foot. He lifted his foot but the serpent launched itself into the air and wrapped around his ankle. The serpent raised its head flexing its teeth in the process and then sunk its fangs into Kyp's calf.

"ARGAH!" Kyp yelled out feeling the teeth pierce his flesh.

The reaction was instant. The poison from the serpent flowed into Kyp's blood and it hit him like a tidal wave. He could feel his body locking up, his legs and knees growing weak and buckling causing him to drop his lightsabers and then to his knees. Kyp's vision began to swim but he was still able to make out his enemies coming towards him.

"N-No..." he whispered attempting to call upon the force to help him move. He tried to fight against the poison but just as his vision focused he felt someone grabbed a hand full of his hair and lift him up off the ground. Kyp grunted in pain but the pain he felt was nothing to the sudden strike to the back of head. The pain was sharp however he only felt it for the briefest of seconds before everything went black.

Hours Later


"AHHH!" Kyp screamed as he felt a jolt of electricity pass through his body. The Jedi knight frantically gasped but even before he had a chance to get his bearings he saw a blue skinned woman that resembled the creatures he had fought at the Cantina step forward with what looked like an eel. The eel jumped from her hand latched onto part of his exposed chest and delivered another powerful electric shock.


"AHHHHHHHHH!" Kyp screamed again, the pain was unbearable, too unbearable for him to take and once again he was forced into slumber.

Even Later

"I'm going to die." came a sad soft voice.

The voice was enough to rouse Kyp from his forced unconsciousness, slowly but surely his brown eyes fluttered opened and came into focus.

"I'm going to die." came the sad voice again.

Kyp shook his head and followed the voice to a young human looking girl. She had long and light purple hair, slightly pointed ears with three silver ear rings in the lobes and finally a light brown skin complexion.

Kyp studied her for a moment, noticing that she could've have been older than about eight or nine years old who was very skinny almost like she hadn't eaten in a while. He saw that she was held securely to what looked like a wall by slimy squirming orange worm like creatures that originated from the wall itself. Upon further inspection he could see that the wall was actually organic in nature much like the armor the warriors wore.

Kyp attempted to move but like the young girl next to him he was held in place by the same squirming orange worm creatures. He looked towards his right arm to see that the worms were not only wrapped around his arms but they had burrowed themselves into his flesh. He looked to his left to see more worms burrowed into the flesh of his left arm. Kyp tried to move but he was weak and lightheaded.

"What the hell is going on?" he whispered to himself "What have they done to me?"

"They are stealing our blood." came the weak sad voice of the little girl.

Kyp lulled his head to the right to see the young girl looking at him but she had a dead look in her purple eyes, like she had given up hope and resigned herself to her fate.


"They are stealing our blood." She repeated again.

"How do you know that?" he asked weakly.

"I've been here before and that's what the blue monster lady said to the yellow monster."

Kyp narrowed his eyes a bit at her.

"You can understand them?"

"A little bit, only a few words."


"My daddy, my brothers and I were among the first captured by these monsters and I've picked up a few things."

"How long have you been here?"

The little girl looked at him and then shrugged her shoulders or at least made the attempt, he could tell that she was growing weaker by the minute, and so was he. Kyp pursed his lips together turning away from her to look around the room or at least what appeared to be room. They were in some type of laboratory chamber with moving organic animals all about and disgusting ugly creatures being kept in giant cylinders filled with strange liquids.

"You said you've been here before."


"What is this place?"

"This is the place where they take their captured to be experimented on. They killed my family here."

"But not you?"

"They found something in my blood. I heard them say it's in your blood too. They're going to kill us to find out what it is."

Kyp hung his head for a moment as he mulled over the information the little girl next to him provided, 'Something in our blood, could it be the midi-chlorians? Actually I'm certain that's what it is, alright Kyp, it's time to get out of here, time to save yourself and this little girl from certain death.'

Kyp turned to her again.

"What's your name child?"

"I'm Akilah. Akilah M'Raan."

"Akilah, I'm Jedi Knight Kyp Durron, do you know what a Jedi is?" he asked.

"The enemy" she replied.

Kyp looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"My daddy and my brothers and I were smugglers."

"Oh. Well, I'm not the enemy and you…we ….are not going to die here. Just give me a moment and I'll get us out of this."

Kyp felt weak but he was not going to let that stop him from escaping his very dire situation. He looked at the worms that were buried with in his flesh and he closed his eyes. He stretched out with the force but unlike before where he couldn't sense the armored warriors that had captured him he could sense the sentient and living creatures around him. He could feel the worms and he could feel them sucking his blood. He closed his eyes and found his center and he focused on each of them. He continued to focus all the while utilizing his training of calling upon the force. Kyp snapped his eyes and with the force he forcibly ejected all of the worms out of his body sending ripples through the entire organic wall he was secured to. He dropped to the ground, free of his restraints with some blood oozing from several wounds.

CRAAHHHHHHH! CRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Came a loud growling and wailing.

Kyp weakly raised his head and he looked around.

"What is that!?" he asked no in particular but it was heard by Akilah.

"It's the ship." she replied quickly "The ship is alive and it can feel pain."

Kyp heard her response and he nodded his head and he used the force to give him the strength to stand.

"HERE THEY COME!" Akilah suddenly shouted, "THE YUUZHAN VONG ARE COMING!"

Kyp turned to what looked like the exit to see the blue skinned woman along with two purple skinned bio-armored Yuuzhan Vong guards running into the chamber. Kyp saw them but his eyes were drawn to the woman who was wearing a red dress with armored gauntlets on her arms. He stared at her but he focused in on his lightsabers hanging from her waist. He held up his hands and called out to his weapons. The lightsabers flew from her waist and into his hands where he activated them.

The red dress wearing woman shouted in her native tongue and the two Vong guards charged for him. Kyp forced pushed some lab equipment into their faces before rushing forward and kicking one of them in the chest. The force assisted kick sent them crashing into the woman.

The Jedi Knight heaved a sigh and he moved towards Akilah and once he reached her he used his lightsabers to cut away the worms that were attached to her. She weakly fell forward but Kyp bent down and caught her. He scooped her up in his arms and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Just hold on" he whispered to her.

The whole chamber suddenly gave a shudder followed by a sudden shift downwards. Kyp balanced himself as best he could but he was still weak and with Akilah's added weight it was proving to be a bit difficult however, he managed.

"More are coming" Akilah whispered into his ear.

Kyp heard her warning and he looked towards the entrance to see more of them coming, he lifted his hand and with the force he broke the container holding one of the four legged creatures in the cylinders.

The creature fell out of the cylinder and let out a loud roar before lunging at the Yuuzhan Vong guards that were charging into the laboratory chamber. Kyp watched with a bit of satisfaction as the creature provided the distraction that he needed but one of the guards managed to slip past the creature and make a straight dash for him. Kyp saw him and at the last second he moved out of the way. The Vong warrior missed him struck the organic wall. The orange worms shot out of the wall and wrapped around the guards arm securing him in place for a second.

Kyp gritted his teeth and brought his left lightsaber down right at the elbow joint of the Vong Warrior with his arm stuck and the blade sliced off his arm.

"RWAAAAAAAR!" the warrior yelled in agony feeling his arm separate from his body.

'The armor is weak at the joints' he thought quickly before kicking his screaming attacker away. He glanced over his shoulder to see more attempting to come into the chamber and that the creature had been subdued. He heaved a sigh and turned towards the organic wall.

"I hope this works" he said raising his lightsabers and swinging them horizontally across the wall and then down vertically making a giant hole. The lightsabers managed to cut through the organic wall which resulted in the ship beginning to wail and scream again.

Kyp braced himself and Akilah against the rush of air that entered the ship. He looked out through the hole and he saw that they weren't in space but in the sky of a luscious and thick jungle like world. He deactivated his lightsabers and he looked over his shoulder one last time before jumping out of the hole.

Kyp with Akilah in his arms rapidly fell through the air. Akilah felt the wind whipping against her, she was afraid, her adrenaline was coursing and her heart was pumping a mile a minute but while she was afraid she was strangely relieved at the same time. She would rather die by falling to her death than by the hands of the Vong who had murdered her family. She closed her eyes and gripped Kyp just a little bit tighter.

Kyp felt her tighten her grip as he rolled in the air so he could see where they were falling. He could see a body of green water coming closer and closer. He gritted his teeth and he called upon the force to brace their fall just as they hit the water.


"GAHHH!" Akilah gasped as she broke the surface of the green tinted water. She gasped and spit out the water and she looked around in all directions, "KYP!" she shouted, "KYP!" she shouted again.

"GAH!" came a loud gasp.

Akilah splashed around until she saw Kyp a few feet away from her. He looked around and spotted her and then he spotted the shore.

"Swim that way." he said pointing towards the shore.

Akilah saw the direction he was pointing and she began to swim towards the shore with Kyp right next to her.


The duo reached the shore and they collapsed, both equally and utterly exhausted. The two of them continued to gasp and spit out the water that invaded their mouths and nose.

"By Vader's mask that water is disgusting." Kyp gasped.

"Where are we?" Akilah asked barely able to look around.

Kyp lifted his head and he looked around at their unfamiliar and exotic surroundings.

"I don't know this place is alien to me and it's hard to get a feel on it. The force is…absent." he whispered 'I can feel it…but the absent feeling I got from those creatures it's stronger here. The void is much larger.'

"Well at least we didn't die on that ship." Akilah said in a whisper like voice.

Kyp turned to her and he studied her for a second. He could feel the sadness rolling off of her in waves but along with the sadness he could feel that the force was strong with her.

'That must be why they kept her alive. She's force sensitive.' he continued to think.

"We're probably gonna die here though." She said.

Kyp was broken out of his thought by her strong feelings of sadness and he couldn't blame her for feeling that way. He had no idea what she experienced at the hands of her captures but he knew that the pain was not going to help them get out of their situation. The Jedi Knight composed himself and he rose to a sitting position.

"You're right, we didn't die on the ship and we're not going to die here." He said strongly while turning to her.

Akilah raised her head and she looked at him.

"Are you sure?" she asked, "My dad said the same thing right before he died."

"I'm sorry about your father, but trust me when I say that you're different. And because of that you're not going to die here and neither will I. We may be stranded but this is not our end and do you know why?" he asked.


"Because we're Jedi. And not only are we peace keepers but we're also survivors." he stated with conviction, "I'm sure we'll be able to find a way out of here in no time."

"But I'm not a Jedi." she responded.

"No, not yet, but you'll be one after I teach you."

"I-I can't be a Jedi" she stuttered.

"Yes you can if we're going to survive." He said.

BRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Went a loud sound that resembled a horn.

"What is that?" Akilah asked frantically.

Kyp pursed his lips together.

"I don't know but I do know that we can't stay here. We have to move and keep moving." he grunted while forcing himself to his feet, "Come on, we have to go."

Akilah attempted to move.

"I'm too tired. I can't"

"Concentrate, close your eyes and concentrate on moving. Use the force."

"I don't know what that is." she replied.

"You will just concentrate"

BRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! BRNNNNNNNNNN! Went the sound of the horns again.

Akilah heard the sounds and her heart started to rapidly beat but she sucked in a few breaths and managed to do as she was told. She closed her eyes and she focused on moving, her heart was still beating a mile a minute still but that didn't stop her from concentrating and the more she concentrated something strange started to happen to her. She knew that she was exhausted but suddenly that feeling started to ebb away and a new feeling started to take over. She couldn't explain the feeling but she was able to feel a new found sense of strength that was filling her body.

"Come on." Kyp encouraged sensing the force building.

Akilah gritted her teeth and she held onto the feeling and she began to shakily push herself to her feet.

Kyp watched with a small smile on his face as Akilah began to rise. She was able to make it to her feet before she wobbled and collapsed but he was there to catch her.

"Good girl." he whispered.

Kyp then lifted her up and then shifted her so that she was on his back. He then linked his hands together so they were supporting her while she was on his back.

"I think I felt it. The force." Akilah whispered "But how I…"

"It's the adrenaline. It makes it easier sometimes to tap into the force especially in those untrained." Kyp responded simply "But don't worry you'll be able use it freely and soon."

"What is the force?" Akilah asked.

Kyp smirked and looked to the right where he saw a path that was leading around a bend and into what looked like forest. He concentrated a little and the force was nudging him in that direction.

"The Force, my apprentice is life…" He started while walking towards the right and heading for the bend, away from the thundering horns in the background.

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Summary: Jedi Knight Kyp Durron and his Apprentice Akilah M'Raan have been stranded upon the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld for 12 years and after 12 years of hardship the two Jedi may have finally caught a lucky break.