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Chapter 8: The Rule of Two No More

The Past- Years Ago- Unidentified Planet

"AHHHHHHHHH!" came a loud scream filled with agony and anguish. The screams came from a female human woman with pale skin and black tattoos going down the sides of her face right under her eyes.

She let out another scream as she was bombard by the painful and powerful lightening from her master Emperor Palpatine or better known to her as Darth Sidious, The Dark Lord of the Sith.

Sidious let out a loud cackle from underneath his black hood that shielded his old and gray scarred face as well as his chilling red-yellow eyes. The only part of him that was visible was his old, wrinkly, clawed hands.

"AHHHH!" the young woman screamed again feeling another surge of lightening course through her body.

Sidious ceased the lightening but he didn't stop his cackling; it echoed through the training chamber they were in.

"Heh. Heh. Is the pain too much for you Lumiya?" he asked in a jovial tone.

The young woman named Lumiya, cracked open her eyes which were now red and filled with hate for her teacher.

Darth Sidious saw her eyes and allowed his cackling to die down a little; he could feel the darkside of the force bubbling inside her, he could feel it consuming her and tainting her very essence. He smiled to himself as he saw what the darkside was doing to her.

"That's it; let your hate for me guide you. Let it flow through you and give your power!" he commanded.

"I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" she screamed, spit flying from her mouth as she fought to stand to her feet; she called for her golden lightsaber laying several yards away. The weapon rolled along the ground before flying towards her however just as neared her Sidious called for the weapon by holding out his hand. It flew to him and he snagged it out of the air.

"Heh. Heh, looking for this?"

Lumiya gathered as much strength as she could and hurled a powerful force push at him. Sidious used the force to jump high into the air. He skillfully rolled in the air and landed several feet away from her.

He raised one hand and struck her again with his lightening. Lumiya couldn't defend herself and so the only thing she could do was open her mouth and scream as she was once against assault by his powerful attack.

"Heh. Heh. Heh. You still have much to learn Lumiya, but don't worry. I intend to teach you everything, the Sith have to offer."


Decades Later- The Present- Planet Unknown

The Dark Lady of the Sith, Lumiya, broke herself from the memory and focused on one of her many her apprentices that was writhing on the floor in agony from her intensely painful force lightening.

The apprentice was a red female Twi'lek who was garbed in a loose fitting dark grey tunic, grey pants and black boots. She screamed at the top of her lungs as the lightening set every one of her nerve endings on fire.

"You think you can challenge me." Lumiya growled as she flexed her fingertips and poured more lightening onto the helpless apprentice before her. All of her Sith Lords, Acolytes and trainees were present and watching her remind them why she was in charge, why she was their leader. A few of the deeply indoctrinated watched with uncaring eyes while the others who were new to the ways of the Sith watched fearfully.

Lumiya relished in the woman's agony, she took pleasure in inflicting pain, especially onto those that dared to challenge her authority. She smiled as the red skin on the Twi'lek changed to a scored charred black color. The screams ceased as she passed on from existence and died.

Once Lumiya knew that the apprentice was dead she finally stopped her ruthless onslaught; watching the smoke rise from the lifeless corpse with much satisfaction. The Sith master whipped towards the others that were looking at her intently.

"Let this be a lesson to all of you who think you can challenge me and live. I am your Master and all of you will do what I say when I say it or you will die, simple as that. This…filth here believe she knew better than me, she thought she could tell me how to be a Sith but it was I who showed her the true nature of the Sith, what happens when you challenge your superior. Now. All of you get back to your training; our conflict with the Jedi is only beginning. They will be upon us soon and when they are here they will experience the full power of the Darkside!"

Minutes Later- Lumiya's Throne Room

Zekk rose from his kneeled position to face his Master, who had a look of disappointment on her face even though most of was covered by a black mechanical mouth guard, her forehead was wrapped in black cloth leaving only her eyes visible and the black tattoos that went down under her eyes. The only way he could tell that she was disappointed by her posture and the knowledge of his own embarrassing failure when dealing with the Mandalorian leader Tor Vizsla.


"It's about time you returned!" she snapped.

"If I may ask what was Ja'mila's crime?"

Lumiya scoffed.

"She believed herself to know more about the Sith than me. I found her digging through a stash of ancient holocrons hidden within this place. The Holocrons spoke of the Rule of Two, a master and an apprentice. A rule that was implemented by a short sighted buffoons who failed in the end. My former master…"

"The great Darth Sidious."

"Yes. He spoke of the rule of two often but in the latter years of his rule, before his fall at the hands of Skywalker, he began to see the fundamental flaw in the rule of two."

"The strength of numbers."

Lumiya nodded her head and allowed a small feeling of satisfaction pass through her before it was gone. The man in front of her was her most faithful and loyal apprentice; in him she saw a possible successor. A thought that brought her joy and a little concern for the day he would raise up against her and challenger her for the title of Sith Master.

"Zekk, you are one of my most prized followers, the force is strong in you and yet despite this knowledge you allow a dumb creature such as that Mandalorian get the best of you."

"I was unprepared for their…ingenuity." He responded calmly, in spite of the fact that he himself was angry and disappointed he allowed it to happen as well.

Lumiya held up her hand showing a small amount of force lightening crackling around her pale hand. At the sight of it Zekk stiffened, preparing himself for his punishment but after a few moments the pain never came. She allowed the lightening to swirl around her hand a second more before lowering it back down to the arm of her stone throne seat.

"Mandalorians." She stated; her voice carrying a little in the throne room, "They will betray us the moment our temporary alliance is lifted."

"No doubt we will have to strike first."

Lumiya put a hand to her chin in a contemplative manner; her mind thinking over her current Mandalorian situation but something else came to her mind. A matter that was more pressing than the barbarians.

"There's a disturbance in the force." She stated.

Zekk perked up at the statement and furrowed his brows.

"I have not sensed anything Master, what kind of disturbance."

"Perhaps if you were attuned with force as I, you would've noticed it but seeing as how you're not; I'm not surprised. The disturbance I sensed feels as if it's a threat to us. Neither Carnor Jax, Morto nor Calamity have returned or checked in and I feel that they may be at the center of this disturbance however as of this morning it's spreading. I sense a shadow being cast and it's not the shadow of the darkside but of something that is empty….devoid of the force."

"What is thy bidding, Master Lumiya?" Zekk asked.

"Find the source of this disturbance." She answered.

"Where should I begin?"

"Begin your search with Calamity. I sense that her life is in danger and I've invested too much into her to loose her now this early in our assault. I want you to bring her back here to answer for her absence. Is that clear?"

Zekk nodded his head to her and he swiftly turned leaving the throne room.

Several Parsecs away- Outer Rim- Unnamed Way Station

The rain pelted and soaked her cloak but she, Darth Calamity stood still as a rock against the weather. She was outside of the Hanger Bay on the unregulated cargo trading planet looking to the stormy sky with her senses stretched out, searching; searching for her intended prey that would be nearing soon. A thunderbolt streaked through the sky illuminating her angry blue face that was shrouded by her dark hood. There was another lightening bolt and as it went through the sky and struck the ground in the distance and the harsh sound brought her a memory to the forefront of her mind; a memory that was seared into her brain and fueled her hatred.

THOOOOOM! Came the sound of the thunder again

Flashback- Years Ago- Fifth Moon of Caros-12- Nightclub

The music boomed loudly as a sixteen year old scantily clad Yajura Coltran danced in front of the crowd of creatures and men in the dimly lit nightclub. She could hear the cheers and shouts as she did her sensuous routine but she had long ago learned how to ignore them and just focus on the music, because once it stopped she would be able to leave the stage and retreat back to her room. Yajura heard the rise and slow fall of the loud thumping music until it went silent. She looked up as the spotlight came off of her and to the portly dingy yellow club announcer, who looked to be a cross between a squid and puffer fish.


All of the patrons of the club clapped and whistled to show that they enjoyed her dance and while they did that she hurried off the stage as quickly as her feet would carry her. Yajura slipped through the large rowdy half-drunk crowd and towards a set of steps in the back that would take her nightclub's lower levels where she and all the other dancers slept.

Down Below- Lower Levels

Yajura swiftly walked down a long hallway. Some of the doors were open giving her a glimpse of some of the other dancers who were giving private shows to customers who paid with a generous amount of credits. She gave no attention to any of them; Yajura's only thought was to get to her room, the only place where she could find solace. She came upon her room and entered the darkened interior.

The lights flickered on and her eyes widen at the sight of the man…the Jedi that had killed her family and brought her to the fifth moon of Caros-12 and the nightclub where she had been forced to work for the past five years.

He had aged a little but not by much, he was sporting a few gray sides on the sides of his chestnut brown hair; his Jedi clothing was still the same only with a few changes such as the silver and black armor he now wore on his chest and forearms and the dark grey cloak he wore. Yajura felt a twinge of fear fill her as she saw him but the fear gave way to her anger. She bared her teeth at him.

"What do you want?" she snapped.

The mysterious man rose from his spot on her lumpy couch in the very modest one room living quarter and stalked towards her. It didn't take him long to reach her and slightly tower over her.

Yajura instinctively took a step back but she bumped into the closed door which effectively trapped herself. She briefly glanced away from him before turning back; she could feel his leering eyes. He had a look on his face like the men upstairs did when she did her dance for them on the stage.

The man reached up and ran the back of his hand along her blue cheek. She smacked his hand away with her left.

"Don't touch me." She growled.

"You've grown since I last saw you Yajura." He said in a whisper; the moment he opened his mouth she could smell the ale on his breath.

"You didn't answer my question. What do you want you piece of bantha-slime?" she demanded.

He pulled back a little before slapping her across the face.

"What I want is for you to watch your mouth." He growled; the mysterious man grabbed her by the chin and pushed her back to the wall, "You father, very recently did a very bad thing and seeing as how we still need him, you'll have to pay for his crimes."

He let go of her chin and he grabbed her roughly by the arm and threw her down to the ground.

Yajura hit the ground. She barely had enough time to register the sound of his lightsaber activating but she had more than enough time to see the flash of blue followed by her left hand, the same hand she had slapped him with being separated from her wrist.



Calamity lifted her left hand up to her face; her new mechanical hand had been specially made to look just like the one she had lost. She kept that moment as well as what happened after firmly in her mind; she held onto that fury, the raw anger and hate she had for the man that had caused her so much torment. The hate gave her focus and it gave her strength. The Darkside of the force warmed her to her core and protected her from the pelting cold rain.

Darth Calamity suddenly jerked her head up to the sky.

"Finally." She whispered.

Atmosphere Up Above

Anakin Solo did his best to pilot the red and white A-Wing Republic starship through the rough storm that was heavily beating against the hull. It didn't take him long to find and lock onto the tracking device he placed on the Mandalorian ship; the signal led him to a system that wasn't that far from New Alderaan and to a planet that was mostly desert except for one area where his scanners picked up on dozens of lifeforms.

"R-20 are you still broadcasting my signal to New Alderaan and to the Millennium Falcon?" he asked while gritting his teeth and bracing against the hard turbulence.

The Artoo droid beeped and whirred in response to his question to which Anakin put a small smile on his face.

'Good, at least they'll know where I went, even though I know mom is gonna be quite upset that not only did I take off so suddenly but I may have taken her spare lightsaber she keeps in the Falcon.'

Anakin pushed forward on the controls and he narrowed his eyes trying to peer through the think dark rainy clouds. Once the starship cleared the clouds Anakin spotted the large Hanger bay down below; it was situated within a cliff that was surround by staggering high rise mountains.

The force nudged Anakin and his attention was drawn to a flat area of land on top of the Hanger bay. The young Jedi pulled back on the controls and flipped a few switches and made his transport hover in the air.

"A trap." He whispered "She must've found the transmitter. Damn, now what? She may have something laid out for me but the question is what do I do about it? Do I willingly walk into this trap or do I run away. I very well can't run away because this may be our only chance to find out exactly how many Sith and Outlaws are against us."

Anakin sat there for a long second until an idea finally found its way into his mind.

"R-20, I need you to do something for me."

Down Below

Darth Calamity opened her eyes and glanced over her shoulder just as Anakin landed on the ground behind her with a soft thud. The Jedi pushed back his hood and held up his lightsaber.

PRSHHHHH! Came the sound of him activating the blade; it's green glow illuminating his features in the dark.

"Right on time." She said while turning around to face him fully.

"So you were expecting me then."

Calamity didn't answer; she only let her menacing yellow-red eyes answer for her. Anakin shifted in spot, getting himself into a ready stance.

"How many Sith are there?" he asked.

"Enough to slaughter every single Jedi." Calamity answered coldly.

"That won't happen."

"So certain?" she returned.

"Yes. You Sith know nothing of solidarity or co-existing or helping one another to achieve a common goal. You all will kill each other, that's why your leaders of old implemented the Rule of two."

"The Rule of Two is no more, our Master has saw to that. She has ensured than our individual needs never out weigh the needs of the whole, which is the destruction of the Jedi Order and New Republic."

"If that were true then you wouldn't be here." Anakin returned, "I don't sense any other Sith here with you….you're all alone aren't you, your master probably doesn't know you're here acting on your individualistic need."

"SHUT UP!" Calamity shouted.

THOOOOM! Came the lightening then the sound of thunder striking the ground close by.

Anakin's face contorted a little as he felt her anger and rage within the force.

'So much suffering.' He thought to himself, "I can sense your pain."

"AND WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT MY PAIN!" she yelled thrusting out her left hand unleashing a powerful stream of force lightening.

Anakin swung his lightsaber in the path of the attack and allowed the green blade to absorb the lightening.

"I sense that you're willfully holding onto that pain….feeding it, letting it consume you. You have to let it go, it's the only way to truly end your suffering." Anakin replied in a gentle tone.

Darth Calamity lowered her hands to her waist and removed both of her lightsabers.

PRSHHHHHHHHHH! came the sound of her activating the red blades at the same time.

"Enough talk Jedi."

Anakin prepared himself for battle as he saw her drop into a Form IV Ataru ready stance; a stance that mimicked his own exactly.

A flash of lightening from the sky above and in an instance the two used the force and forced jump towards the other.

They met in the air with several quick slashes before landing on the rocky ground once more. Calamity came across the middle with one blade then the top with the other; Anakin deflected both attacks and jumped over her head and landed behind her with a low sweeping. Calamity sense the attack and she gave a slight hop avoiding her ankles being cut off, she twisted around in his direction and brought both blades downward only for them to meet the awaiting green saber. Anakin, with is free hand delivered a force push.

The push smacked into her and sent her flying back and tumbling across the wet rocky ground. She growled to her self as she used one hand flip out of the roll and back to her feet.

Darth Calamity saw Anakin running forward and so she threw one of her lightsabers at him. Anakin rolled under the blade and continued towards her. Calamity's thrown blade came curving back through the air and to her hand just in time to block his next attack.

KRSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Came the sound of their blades being locked in a struggle for dominance.

Calamity used the darkside of the force to help her pushed back against him; Anakin struggled against her strength and the overwhelming y rage. He felt himself moving backward and loosing ground but he centered himself and focused. They suddenly broke apart.

Calamity spun around and kicked him in the jaw.

"AH!" he exclaimed. .

She then reared both of her hands back and hit him with a force push of her own, and it sent him flying back to the edge of the cliff.

Anakin flipped in the air and landed on his feet. He held up his blade in time absorb another stream of force lightening. When it was over he looked up in the air to see Calamity coming downward, he blocked the stroke and the two swipes that came in from the left. He came around with a hard downward strike that she blocked but it left her middle open and he took advantage by coming in with an uppercut to her chin.

She growled and with her right lightsaber went low but he used the force to jump over her again. He spun around ready to slice her in half across the middle but she leapt high in the air. Anakin looked up in time see her rolling through the rain; she suddenly threw both of her lightsabers at him again.

Anakin rolled out of the way of the flying blades. He came out of the roll just as Calamity landed and unleashed a powerful force push hit him dead in the chest.

"OOOFF!" he grunted; feeling all the air leave his lungs.

The force push sent him sailing backwards and over the end of the cliff however he didn't go alone; right as he was going over he reached out with the force and yanked her over edge with him.

Calamity felt herself being pulled over and then falling through the air. She narrowed her eyes as she aw Anakin falling a bit ahead of her. She called her lightsabers to her hand and then straightened her body to fall after him.

Anakin turned in mid-air and thrusted out his hand; Calamity rolled out of the way of the force push that smacked into the side of the mountain blasting some of the rocks loose.

THUD! THUD! Came the sound of both of them hitting the smooth metal surface of the opening platform that led into the Hangar Bay; their sudden appearance catching the attention of the bandits, smugglers, mercenaries, bounty hunters and outlaws inside.

Calamity looked up to see several mountain rocks about to crush her, she reached out and with the force stopped the falling rocks in mid-air then flung her arm in Anakin's direction.

Anakin saw the rocks coming for him and so he force dash forward and out of the way.

KRACKKKKKK! Went the sound of the rocks hitting the metal platform.

The Jedi continued to run forward until he reached his Sith opponent who barely had enough time to raise her lightsabers to block his quick onslaught. Calamity was hard pressed to keep his attacks from landing their mark because he was swift and powerful; however she was the same way. She stepped to the side and brought her lightsabers up making him block at an awkward angle; with the butt of her lightsabers she smack him in the face. She then jumped up and kneed him in the chin.

Anakin hit the ground but he had little time to rest because he saw Darth Calamity in the air with her lightsabers reared back and ready to skewer him. He reached up and with the force grabbed her and carried her over his head to the ground with a hard thud. He rolled over to see her already getting to her feet.

'She is relentless' he thought to himself.

The Jedi and the Sith faced each other once more, slowly circling the other, both breathing hard but attempting to mask how tired they were becoming, Anakin's warm brown eyes staring into her cold yellow-red ones.

They both raised their lightsabers getting ready to engage the other again however the sound of blasters cocking caught their full attention.

Dozens of mercenaries, smugglers, outlaws, exiles, bandits and anything else in-between made up the crowd of life-forms that stood firm with their weapons cocked and at the ready; none of them were exactly the same species nor could they barely understand the same language however they understood one thing and that was the sight of the weapon being held by the two combatants.

Anakin looked at all of the hard stares around him and he swallowed hard.

"I don't know what…." He started before a single blaster bolt found its way to the ground beneath his feet.

One of the armed mercenaries stepped forward; he was a tall dark skinned human man with a bald head and a scarred face, carrying a large blaster. He was wearing armor that looked imperial in nature.

"Listen up…we got a strong no Jedi policy round here." He grumbled in a southern style accent "Put down the weapons and we might not hurt ya."

Anakin looked away from and to Calamity who had lowered her head, he could sense how strong the darkside of the force surrounded her.

"I-I don't know who you all are but I'm telling you all right now, that for your own sake, you need to run away as fast as you can." Anakin said in a careful tone.

"All of you…." Calamity started in a slow and low voice.

Anakin could feel the darkside swirling around her, growing to unimaginable heights.

"RUN!" Anakin shouted

"DIE!!" Darth Calamity roared as she suddenly unleashed a powerful and destructive force wave filled with nothing but the darkside.

The force wave spread out from around her shaking the entire hanger bay, violently contorting the metal flooring beneath her feet, cracking ships in half, pulling lights from the ceilings and peeling the flesh from the gathered life forms that dared to threaten her.

The bald mercenary and those that were closest to him screamed as they each not only saw but felt their bodies being pulled apart and disintegrating before them. It was only a matter of seconds until they were dust and then nothing but a distant memory.

Anakin used the force to protect himself from the wave however while he was physical fine his senses were assaulted by the immense hatred, the agony, but mostly the suffering coming from the powerful Sith across from him.

Darth Calamity ceased her attack and stared hatefully at the beings that had out of range of her force wave. She bared her teeth and charged forward with an animalistic battle cry.

"RAHHHH!" she screamed as she sliced the head off of humanoid green skinned smuggler. She whipped to the left and sliced a woman in half at the waist. Calamity was lost in a rage filled bloodlust; the darkside had completely taken her over. She didn't care who was in front of her because it didn't matter they all fell to the quick and purposeful slashes and thrust from her red lightsabers.

Darth Calamity force yanked a stocky, gray Wookiee in her direction getting ready to kill him when Anakin jumped in the way and blocked her blades. The Jedi managed to look at her features that were contorted with hate.

'She's gone…she's lost in her rage. I have to put her down now.' He thought as she turned her complete focus back to him.

He grunted as he defended himself against her onslaught of wild and heavy attacks.

Hidden in the Hangar Bay was and an old man wearing thick dark green Mandalorian armor as well as a very distinctive helmet that was known and feared by all. He was the famous bounty hunter known across the galaxy as Boba Fett.

Boba watched the fight between the Jedi and Sith and all the destruction they were causing in-between. He flared his nostrils at the sight and shook his head.

'Jedi. Sith. Hmph, both of them can go to hell' He thought to himself in contempt, he hated both factions which was understandable considering his sordid history with both of them. The whole reason why he was on the outside of the known core systems was because he wanted to get away from the lightsaber wielding pains in the neck. He had tried his best escape them but no matter what he did it seemed he always found himself around them. The aged Bounty Hunter looked to his recently purchased ship, the Orion, and as quickly as he could he ran up the ramp and to the cockpit.

He readied the ship for take off but before he did that he a thought crossed his mind.

'I could leave here with my new ship that I paid a fortune for or I could leave here with my ship and two big paydays. I'm sure Rotta the Hutt will pay big money not only for a Jedi but a Sith as well. He hates them as much as I do but the question is do I want to risk it? Heh. Why the hell not.'

Across the Hangar Bay

Darth Calamity jumped back avoiding a sweeping attack aimed for her stomach. She jumped in the air, rolled over Anakin's head and landed behind him. She swung both blades to his back however he brought his lightsaber to his back and blocked both blades. She lifted her foot and kicked him the stomach with a hard roundhouse but he didn't falter. He gritted his teeth and twisted his body so he had better leverage against her sabers. They were locked in a desperate struggle for dominance, both so focused on the other they failed to notice the ship hovering several yards away from them with its cannon's aimed in their direction.

The Orion

Boba Fett locked onto the two targets.

"Hopefully they won't die before I can get them to Rotta's place and collect payment." He said before pressing a button.

Anakin and Darth Calamity both sensed something through the force and in unison they both turned to the missile that was heading in their direction.

"OH…." Anakin started before the missile detonated a few meters away from them however it was close enough for them both to feel part of the blast. They were both blown back and went flying across the hangar bay where they both tumbled and rolled on the floor until coming to a stop on the rainy outside platform.

Anakin spit out some blood on the rainy platform as he tried his best to rise to his feet however it was proving to be too difficult; his vision was blurring, his ears were ringing and it was hard for him to concentrate.

He lolled his head to the right and that's where he saw the unconscious Darth Calamity laying in a pool of water and not far from her was his lightsaber. He tried to reach out for the weapon but he was too weak and his focus was lost so there it stayed.

Anakin's vision was suddenly blocked by an armored boot. He managed to look up and to the darkened helmet of a familiar figure.

"F-Fett." Anakin groaned.

Boba chucked to himself as he recognized the young Jedi looking up at him.

"I know you; you're Solo's kid aren't you? Well, ain't that a kick in the head." He said in an amused tone.

Anakin tried to call to the force again however Boba lifted his foot and kicked him in the face and showing him nothing but darkness.

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