Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Epilogue

This is what I think happens after Azusa Mayama killed Takumi Tsujinobashi.

Police were at the airport. The only son of the Tsujinobashi family, Takumi, had been murdered. He was stabbed in the stomach with a knife and died at once. The one who murdered him was a woman named Azusa Mayama. Months ago her father, a taxi driver, was involved in an accident with Takumi Tsujinobashi. Takumi was very drunk at that time and got into a fight with him. Azusa's father suffered a serious blow from Takumi and became bedridden and paralyzed. Takumi's father was the president of the city and no one, not even the police, could go against the Tsujinobashi family. So what had happened was that the police concealed that Azusa's father caused the accident to himself and Takumi, with the help of his father, was let off free and escaped to America. The real truth was prevented by police and the president to be revealed to the public. The one in charge of the investigation was a man named Norihisa Takasugi, who was also the police chief, and he was the one who concealed the investigation.

Azusa had been very angry because of that, and hated both Takumi and Norihisa for what they did. She couldn't do anything to Takumi yet, because he was in America, so she first got her revenge on Norihisa. To make Norihisa suffer she sent his daughter Akie to hell using the hell website. Then at the beginning of spring, Takumi had returned from America and Azusa finally got her revenge on him by stabbing him to death. After she did that though she suddenly disappeared; a woman named Haruko, who was Akie's nanny, sent her to hell to avenge Akie.

Right now, as the police were investigating Takumi's murder, Takumi's father, who heard from the police, rushed to the scene too. "Who did this?!" he demanded. He was not happy with what had happened to his son. "We are investigating at once Mr President" said one of the police officers. "Hurry up and find out who did this for god sake!" shouted Mr Tsujinobashi. He wanted justice on this.

Meanwhile Norihisa Takasugi had heard on the news what had happened at the airport and knew at once it was Azusa who did it, and he even knew why she did it. In the middle of winter he found out about the hell correspondence website and about Azusa who sent his daughter to hell. He wanted to send her to hell to avenge Akie, but he refused to do it. He visited her house and spied on her through the window, but what he also saw was Azusa's bedridden father. Norihisa understood at once why Azusa sent Akie to hell. It was all because he made Azusa's father suffer because he put all the blame on him after what Takumi did and he and Azusa never got the justice they deserved. Since he had seen Azusa taking care of her father, he refused to pull the string on the doll and he started to feel ashamed for letting the man suffer.


During that winter when Norihisa refused to send Azusa to hell he had been thinking. He was thinking of an accident that happened six years ago. Six years ago a man named Kazuhiko Mikage, who was a bus driver, was involved in a bus accident. What had happened was that the brakes didn't work, when he was trying to stop the bus he was driving and it crashed into some cars. Not only did Kazuhiko die from that accident, but so did his passengers and some of the drivers of the cars he crashed that accident made into. Remembering Norihisa what happened next. When that accident happened the whole blame was put onto Mr Mikage the driver of the bus. Truth is Mr Mikage wasn't at fault for the accident because the brakes on the bus he drove were faulty and that was why the whole accident happened. But of course the bus company didn't want to admit it was a malfunction of the bus that caused the accident and so the authorities lied saying Mr Mikage was responsible for the accident which everyone in the town believed.

Norihisa frowned after remembering that time because he was in charge of the investigation of that accident, and of course it was under Mr Tsujinobashi's order to not let the truth be revealed. Norihisa had always known that Kazuhiko had been innocent, but even he couldn't go against the Tsujinobashi family. All he did at that time was lay quiet and ignored everything about how Kazuhiko's family felt. History just repeated itself when the accident with Azusa's father and Takumi.

After remembering the past, Norihisa decided to visit the old apartment where the Mikage family lived. No work of tearing down the old apartment had started yet so Norihisa was able to look in the apartment where the family lived. He had info of what floor and room number the family lived in because of that accident. But there was a shock waiting for him once he entered the room. He found Yuzuki's skeleton on the teddy bear. "No!" he gasped. He sunk onto the floor and saw Yuzuki's photos of her and her parents. "I am so sorry!" he wept, feeling ashamed for what he did six years ago. Seeing Yuzuki's skeleton made Norihisa think Yuzuki would have been Aki's age by now if she had been alive. (He had no idea that Yuzuki had been a spirit living as a high school student like Aki did before she disappeared)

Norihisa carefully picked up the skeleton with the teddy bear and placed it in his car. Next he placed Mr Mikage's remains in the car too. He didn't want the body and remains to be left in a crumbling building and wanted to give them a proper burial to atone for his sins. Of course he didn't know where Mr Mikage's wife was as there was no sign of her in the building, but he did fear that something terrible had happened to her.

(Flashback ends)

The next day Norihisa went to visit Mr Tsujinobashi; he felt it was time he confronted the president about the accident six years ago and the accident with Mr Mayama and Takumi. Mr Tsujinobashi welcomed him into the office at once. "Even though you don't work for the police anymore I take you have answers of what happened to my son Mr Takasugi?" said Mr Tsujinobashi. "Yes Mr President I do," said Norihisa grimly "but I was pretty sure you should have guessed who murdered your son. But it seems you don't so I will tell you. It was Azusa Mayama, the daughter of the taxi cab driver Mr Mayama who your son injured while in a drunken state". Mr Tsujinobashi flinched; he remembered that incident of what his son caused. Norihisa showed the president a photo of Mr Mayama in his bedridden state; he took this photo sometime before Mr Mayama died. He even showed a photo of Mr Mayama's remains, which he took after Azusa killed Takumi and disappeared. Mr Tsujinobashi took a good look at the photos then just chucked them back onto the desk. "Oh well this man's death was bound to happen" he said, not feeling one slight of guilt of what happened to Mr Mayama because of Takumi.

Mr Takasugi didn't like the president's attitude. "Pardon me Mr President," he said "but you know not have any remorse of what had happened to Mr Mayama because of your son? Mr Mayama suffered a great deal because of our lies up to the day he died. Even his daughter Azusa suffered because it pained her to see her father like this and had to look after father all by herself. That's why she killed your son; it was to get justice and revenge". Mr Tsujinobashi just huffed and turned his chair around to face the people. Norihisa felt angry by then. "As you don't care about Mr Mayama's death," he said "I take it you wouldn't care if I told you that Mr Mikage's daughter is dead too. Surely you haven't forgotten about Kazuhiko Mikage have you? Mr Tsujinobashi turned around and stared at Norihisa; he remembered about the bus accident six years ago. Norihisa showed a photo he took of Yuzuki's skeleton. "The whole Mikage family had died because of our lies too" said Norihisa. Of course the president didn't care about the Mikage family either and just reminded Norihisa of his promise to never reveal the truth. "You should know what will happen if you break your promises Mr Takasugi" said Mr Tsujinobashi. Norihisa did know that the president had the power to break and ruin him even more than he already was. "Hell will welcome you Mr President, mark my words" he said, and he left the office feeling very angry indeed.

At midnight that night, Mr Takasugi was on his computer trying to access the Hell correspondence website. "I should have done this a long time ago" he said to himself. The truth is he had always hated Mr Tsujinobashi and his foul and lying personality. But he didn't want to admit it until now. On his desk he had the photos of Mr Mayama and his daughter Azusa together and Yuzuki Mikage and her parents together. "You have suffered because of Mr Tsujinobashi and me," he said to the photos "but I am going to make things right now". When the website appeared on the screen, Norihisa typed in Mr Tsujinobashi's name and pressed enter. In a matter of seconds Ai turned up and gave him a yellow straw doll. "I am willing to go through this," Norihisa said "and I have caused many people to suffer so I deserve to go to hell". "So you actually admit of what you did?" asked Ren. "We have heard that you have let guilty ones get away with their crimes, while you let the innocent ones suffer" said Wanyuudou. "Even though a detective like you is supposed to not let the guilty ones get away with it" said Hone Onna. "That is why I'm willing to go to hell after I die," said Norihisa, suddenly, "and sending Mr Tsujinobashi to hell is the only think I can think of doing to apologize to the Mayama family and the Mikage family. I must ask though, do you know what happened to Mr Mikage's family after the blame was put on them?" Ai touched Mr Takasugi's forehead and showed him Yuzuki's memories; the bullying she and her mother received from everyone, her mother becoming terribly ill and no one helping her or Yuzuki, her mother's death and burial in cherry blossom petals and of course her own death. Mr Takasugi felt very ashamed now and felt like crying. "I did nothing to help them," he said "and I felt that something had happened to them five years ago when my daughter Akie told me about Mr Mikage's little girl".


One evening Mr Takasugi was having dinner with his daughter and Haruko when Akie spoke to him. She told him about the girl Yuzuki Mikage wasn't attending school anymore and everyone else that that she and her mother seemed to have disappeared. This flashback was sometime after Yuzuki and her mother died. Mr Takasugi fell silent at that. He remembered seeing Mrs Mikage arguing at Mr Tsujinobashi at the office that her husband was innocent and she refused to accept his money because of his lies. And all Mr Takasugi did was having one of his men lead Mrs Mikage out of the office. After remembering that he spoke to Akie saying that the Mikage family had left the town and then told his daughter to not speak about them again and Akie never did after that.

(Flashback end)

"So now you understand everything," said Hone Onna "that the Mikage family and the Mayama family had to suffer the consequences because of Mr Tsujinobashi's lies". "And it was because of that your daughter was sent to hell by Mr Mayama's daughter to get revenge on you," said Wanyuudou "and why she took of matter of killing Mr Tsujinobashi's son herself for revenge". "This is what happens when you let innocent people suffer sir" said Ren. "Yes I do understand everything," said Mr Takasugi "I never had the courage to stand up for what was right and help those people because I had Akie to protect. But now I am going to make it right and pay for my own arrogance and give that man the punishment he deserves for his crimes". He pulled the string off the doll.

Moments later Mr Tsujinobashi was being ferried to hell by Ai. "Hey I am the president here!" he shouted to Ai "send me back at once!" Ghosts appeared out of the river and grabbed Mr Tsujinobashi. "A man like you who lets innocent people suffer while the guilty ones get away with it deserves to go to hell," said Wanyuudou "and don't worry, your son is in there so you won't be alone". It was true; because Takumi never turned himself in and didn't care how Mr Mayama felt, he went to hell after Azusa murdered him. The president fell silent while Ai ferried him to hell.

In the aftermath, Mr Takasugi revealed the truth, on the news, behind Takumi Tsujinobashi's and Mr Mayama's accident and what Azusa had done. Because Mr Tsujinobashi was now dead, Mr Takasugi was free to reveal everything. Reporters were shocked by that, now knowing that Takumi was the one at fault at that time. Then Mr Takasugi revealed the real truth about the bus accident six years ago. "So are you saying that bus driver, at that time, was innocent all along?" asked one reporter. "Yes," said Mr Takasugi "Mr Mikage was not responsible for the accident; it was all because of faulty brakes". The reporters could not believe their ears, and those who were watching the news on TV couldn't believe it either. So everyone now knew that Mr Tsujinobashi had lied all the time. "Like everyone who couldn't stand up to Mr Tsujinobashi, I too couldn't stand up to reveal the truth about his lies," said Mr Takasugi "and it was because of my actions that Azusa made my daughter Akie disappear; it was to get revenge on me to make me suffer first before she went on to kill Takumi Tsujinobashi". Mr Takasugi then revealed the photo of Yuzuki's body and he told everyone about her and her mother's death. "It's also because of my actions that Mr Mikage's family is dead. I cannot apologize to everyone enough for lying to everyone all this time especially to the Mikage family and the Mayama family. Therefore if you all wish to hate me now, then you are welcome to". The news ended.

After the truth had all been revealed, Mr Takasugi had a grave built for Mr Mayama and Azusa. He heard from Haruko that she sent Azusa to hell to get revenge for Akie. And he had another grave built for the Mikage family. It wasn't easy to recover Mrs Mikage's body from the forest she died in because it had completely rotted by now, but Norihisa managed to do it and the remains and two bodies in the same grave. He prayed for them and hoped that they were now at peace. Those who were friends and family and coworkers of the Mikage family and the Mayama family, came to the graves too. They were very sorry of believing Tsujinobashi's lies and were very ashamed of never helping the Mikage and Mayama families. The bus company where Mr Mikage worked at faced a lot of angry people and was put under a very strict surveillance so the accident would never happen again. The remaining family of Mr Tsujinobashi fell from power and they moved away to escape the public's anger. Mr Takasugi went to live in the countryside with Haruko for the rest of his life; staying in the city brought back too many bitter memories for him. And both he and Haruko waited, together, for the day that they joined Akie in hell.

I've had this story in my head, ever since I first saw the last episode of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae. And I find it a shame that they didn't reveal the truths about the accidents in the anime.