"Dudette. How can you be the reason your parents are dead if you said you were only five when it happened?" Michelangelo asked as he leaned over the back of the couch. Raphael was glad the crying had stopped and that Blythe finally looked like she was feeling a little better. He watched her as she looked up at Mikey sorrowfully.

"It has to do with the ratio of males to females within my species. It's somewhere between one female to every four or five males. Thankfully our creator has broadened our spectrums as of late but when I was little we could only be with our own species. Grey Wolves. Males fought over females. My parents were killed so that I could be taken away." she answered. Raphael could tell there was more to the story. But he didn't want to push the matter with her any further, which was highly unlike him. Pushy was like his middle name. She clearly didn't want to go into detail about it right this second so he decided it was best to leave well enough alone. Instead he stayed quiet and listened to her and Mikey talk and the clinking sounds coming from the kitchen and then the whistle of Leonardo's tea kettle. He watched as she hugged her arms and shivered in the suddenly cold lair. Don came up behind her from the kitchen and handed her a steaming cup of something over her shoulder and pulled the blanket off the floor and placed it around her shoulders. It took everything within Raphael not to break his brother's hands off when they brushed against the smooth freckled skin of Blythe's shoulders. Clenching his jaw tightly he stared at the offending appendages while a low sound rumbled from deep in his chest.

Mine. That now all too familiar voice growled in his head. He was definitely off his rocker.

"Raph?" He was snapped out of his fury by his brother's quiet and concerned voice. He shook his head once, indicating now was not the time to talk about him losing his marbles. Don furrowed his brow and frowned but let the matter go for now. Raphael was thankful of that. Raph was moody on a good day but tonight seemed..different.

"So females are in short supply. So they kidnap little girls? That seems, and no offense, barbaric." the purple banded turtle said as he took a seat in the recliner once again. Blythe's nightmare had conveniently taken place around 5:30 in the morning so it was now about 7:00 in the morning. They woke up to train at around 6:30 am anyway so they were all plenty awake by now. Blythe shook her head and sighed.

"It's not really what you would think though. There's a little more to it than that but that is a whole other can of worms to be opened at a later date. The fact of the matter is that it isn't just about procreation, while that is essential, it is very rare for our species. Although our creator seems to have allowed a feww more pregnancies as of late they are still few and far between. A mated pair may only have one successful pregnancy in their entire lifetimes...and those can be centuries long." she smiled tiredly.

"You guys really live that long?" Mikey asked in awe. "How old are you?!"

Blythe smiled impishly. "And here I thought it was rude to ask a lady her age or weight?" she chuckled a bit at the bashful expression she recieved from the orange masked turtle.

"You'll have to excuse him. We think he was dropped on his head a few too many times." aphael grumbled as he shot a good natured glare at his younger brother.

"I'm twenty one." she answered much to Michelangelo's disappointment which had her laughing again. "Expecting an old hag Mike?"

"Please you're definitely not a hag." Raphael had to grit his teeth again and force down the low growl that was threatening to bubble up at the flirting tone of his brother's voice. He couldn't handle it, not that he knew why, he just couldn't. Which was why he stood up abruptly nd stalked towards Donatello's lab.

"I suppose he wan't me to follow him." Donatello sighed shrugging as he did, indeed, follow Raphael into his workroom. Leaving Mike and Blythe to watch them both leave curiously.

Entering the lab Raphael turned around to lean against the metal desk that his brother had a bunch of first aid stuff haphazardly thrown on it from his hasty bullet extraction earlier. When Don entered the lab as well Raphael sighed.

"Shut the door Donnie, I don't need Mike eavesdropping and thinking I'm looney." He grumbled. Donatello complied and shut the metal door quietly.

"What's going on Raph? You look...disturbed." don asked.

Raphael glared at him for a moment before he started pacing. "I keep...hearing things." He answered vaguely. His brother let him pace in silence while he got his thoughts in order before he spoke again.

"Like noises? Or voices?" Raphael nodded at the last one. "You're hearing voices?"

The red masked turtle stopped pacing and glared at his brother again who raised his hands palms out.

"Chill out. I'm just trying to clarify. What are these voices saying?" Donatello asked.

"You're not worried about the simple fact that I'm telling you I'm actually hearing voices in my head?"

"No. I am worried. But it is important to know what you are hearing." Raphael nodded understanding. Damn Donnie and his ability to rationally explain things without giving Raphael a reason to get angry. He understood anger more, knew how to work with it. Sighing for probably the hundreth time he went back to pacing a hole in his brother's floor.

"Mine. Soon. and whatever or whoever told me not to leave Blythe topside when we met." He stared at Don and Don stared right back.

"Mine? Like it's possessive of something? When would you hear that?" Don asked.

"Whenever I look Blythe in the eyes." Raph answered hoarsly as if he was suddenly losing his voice. His brother's quirked brow ridge didn't help. "I'm not makin' this shit up Donnie!"

"Okay, okay. So...the voice...in your head..is possessive of Blythe? The werewolf you just met last night? What about the other words or instances?" Raphael shrugged.

"Well like I said it wouldn't let me leave Blythe. Literally told me not to let her walk away. Yelled at me not to. And...hey wait...when I hear the word 'soon' it's a female voice." he paused in his pacing to look at his brother with an expression that spoke volumns to Donatello. Raphael was rarely scared like this. He truly thought he was losing his mind.

"So there are two voices?" he asked getting a little confused for a moment.

"I only heard the other voice once. and it was a girl's voice." Raph said. His amber eyes bored into Don's chocolate brown ones, desperation leaking into the fear that was already there and anger. But that was normal for Raph. If he didn't understand something it made him angry because it made him feel stupid or weak. Donatello nodded.

"Okay, so, the other voice must be male then if you are differeciating the two. And you only heard the female voice once nd it said 'soon'. Am I correct?" Raphael nodded.

"Raph maybe you just need some extra rest?" Don suggested. Raphael just stared at him a moment. Rest? The answer his genius brother had to the voices in his head was get some lseep? He didn't buy it for a second but he found himself nodding anyway.

"Yea maybe. I'm goin back to bed then. Late brainiac." he paused at the door and clapped a hand on his younger brother's shell. "And thanks." he opned the metal door and strode back out into the living area and then abruptly turned to make his way up the stairs to the second level and to his room where he closed the door. He allowed himself to crawl back into his bed and lay down hugging his extra pillow to him like he used to when he was younger. None of his brothers knew he still did this when he was truly feeling scared. He intended it to stay that way too. That was his last thought before black tendrils of sleep pulled his eyelids shut. But the last thing he heard was a deep rumbling growl and in his mind's eye a vision of a ruddy red wolf with a dusting of gray over his face and eyes the color of molten lava.

- 6 hours later -

Raphael awoke to the sound of...nothing. It was quiet. That wasn't normal. He sat up in his bed and blinked his vision clear and yawned. Looking at the alarm clock next to his bed on a small side table he saw that it was noon. That, however, was normal for him. Getting out of bed he opned his bedroom door and made his way over to the railing that would allow him to look down over the rest of the lair. He could hear the voices now. It just wasn't the usual noise he was used to.

"So Purple Dragons kidnapped your pack?" Michelangelo was asking Blythe who was seated on the couch again but dressed in a pair of gray sweat pants that looked like they were Mikey's. She also wore a red shirt that had to be Aprils because it actually fit Blythe, she must have left it at the lair a long time ago. The color, he noticed, suited her. His color suited her. Red.

Mine. He shook his head. Not again. Sleep definitely hadn't done the trick. He made his way down the stairs as Blythe answered Mikey.

"Not my whole pack. But very important members. My Beta, and two of my first four." She answered. "We were scouting the city. Some of our younger packmates said they scented lone wolves in the area. Since New York has been claimed territory for six months and we have kept up on our records they needed to be dealt with. But that is when the Purple Dragons attacked. While we were following the scent trail into Central Park. I guess they decided that four young pretty girls needed to go with them." She clenched her teeth in anger.

"the Purple Dragons have recently gotten into more heinous crimes. Like sex trafficking." Leonardo's voice was a little cold when he spoke but it was amazing that he was speaking to her as it was. He stood just off to the side under the loft part of the stairs where the dojo was. He must have just finished meditating and doing his afternoon katas.

Blythe nodded to him in greeting. So you think that's why they took my girls?" She asked. He shrugged as he made his way to the kitchen.

"That would be my guess. It isn't likely they knew what you are. I assume you keep your kind a secret to humans?" He looked at her over his shoulder as he prepared his tea.

She nodded. "We do. Which I am sure you understand. Humans fear anything they cannot control. And anything unlike them." He nodded his head to that. It ws the honest truth. Look at them. Different, and humans had no control over them. Humans screamed when they saw them, or ran, or shot at them.

"We can help you find your packmates. We have been dealing with the Purple Dragons for a long time." Leonardo answered.

Mikey nodded. "Oh man have we. Hun, their leader, he's the ugly lookin' one with the scars down his face. But we totally know we know their usual hideouts and tactics." He smiled at Blythe and she couldn't help but smile back.

"THen I would be in your debt. We will have to call in one of my packmates at home. Garret. He is savvy in tracking, a wicked smart wolf." She grinned. "Those dragons won't know what hit them." He canine teeth lengthened disturbingly and Mikey shivered and laughed at the same time.

"You're seriosuly scary Blythe. Cut it out." He smacked her playfully in the shoulder.

No one was prepared for Raph to snarl and grab Mike by the wrist. THey also were not prepared for him to growl at his baby brother like a predator. His eyes seeming to glow ever so slightly.

"Raphie?" Michelangelo choked out as he stared at his older brother who was most decidedly bigger and stronger than him. Sure he was quick but Raphael already had him. He could break him. And right then it looked like he was intending on it.

Raphael shook his head and let go of Mike's wrist. "Sorry Mike..Uh..my bad. Don't jar her. She got shot yesterday." He covered lamely as he backed away from his orange masked brother who was staring him down with wide frightened baby blue eyes. Donatello blinked at him in shock and Leonardo seemed to be watching him with a narrow eyed glare.

"Blythe remained outwardly calm as she gazed at Raphael. She could practically feel the rolling waves of energy coming off of him like heat off a black top in the summer sun. Wild and siturbed. Feral in it's need. she cocked her head to the side in a very dog like way as she observed him.

Soon. The female voice whispered in his mind and he stifled a groan of exasperation. He was sick of these voices in his head.

Blythe looked back at Leonardo who was indeed glaring daggers at Raphael. She oberved everyone as they adjusted to Raph's weird outburst. She took a moment to text Garret and inform him that she had not found the girls but found someone who could help. He texted back telling her to give him a time a place and he would be there with Jasper, their newest member and Garret's current charge. She also told him to bring her some new clothes. He laughed at her.

Putting the phone down she looked back up tp find that Raphael and LEonardo were walking away towards the dojo. She tilted her head to the side again and watched them before glancing at donatello and Michelagelo.

"Uh oh. I guess Leo is gonna question Raph about his unusual behavior." Donatello sighed. Mikey looked over to the red haired woman sitting on the couch. Blue crystalline eyes met burning amber-orange eyes that held a quiet knowledge that the orange masked turtle couldn't ignore.

"You know what's going on with Raph, don't you Blythe?" It was the most serious tone Michelangelo could muster being he was usually the upbeat one. It showed in his uneasy expression that he wasn't used to using such a tone. Blythe nodded silently.

"It is for another time Michelangelo. I would like to be certain before I share with you and your brothers, especially Raphael, what I know." Her tone broked no question, she was using an Alpha command in an indirect way and Mikey had no intention of getting on her bad side so he nodded and let the topic go for now. That's about when the yelling began. And there was a lot of it. Most of it was from Raphael, but some was from Leonardo. Mikey winced and Don leaned his head back on the back of the recliner. Leonardo was through with the odd behavior that Raphael was exhibiting especially when he acted as such toward their younger brother.

"Tell me. Right now Raph. What has gotten into you?" Leonardo's voice was harsh like ice. But his red masked brother's blazed with fear and fury.

"I don't fucking know Leo! How many damn times do I have 'ta say it?! I. Do. Not. Fucking. Know!" Raphael's voice was already getting hoarse as he yelled out all his pent up frustration at the odd occurences happening to him and now his perfect brother was interrogating him like he had murdered someone.

"How can you tell me you don't know Raphael?! You are the one acting strange! You are the one that just looked at your brother like you would kill him! Does this have something to do with Blythe? You know you have no chance with her so why even bother acting like a jealous ass?!" Now that was a low blow, coming from any other person that would have been a comment Raph could just shrug off. But coming from one brother turtle to another. It stung. Bad. The yelling stopped momentarily as Raph just stood, glaring at Leo, his breath coming in heaving pants. When he felt like he had gathered a good response he stepped forward almost beak to beak with Leopnardo and jabbed his finger into his brother's plastron.

"You don't know jack shit Fearless. I know I ain't got a chance in the world with anyone. THat was low even for you. But even if that were the case, you still wouldn't know shit about it. Do me a favor and back the fuck off so I can figure out what the hell is wrong with me." With that he backed up, never taking his eyes from his brother's and finally when Leo closed his eyes to pinch at the bridge of his beak he felt he could turn and walk out. He didn't kn ow why but he felt he couldn't break eye contact first. Stomping out of the dojo and up the stairs he trudged into his room and slammed the door.

Blythe sat transfixed, her eyes glowed faintly as she stared at the closed door of Rpahael's room. She hardly noticed that Mikey was attempting to talk to her. She blinked rapidly hoping her eyes had stopped glowing before she looked at him.

"I'm sorry, what did you say, rafiki?" she asked. He smiled a little as she called him friend again in Swahili.

"I said don't mind them. THey fight all the time." Blythe smiled back sweetly.

"Oh it's alright. But what your brother said is...troubling. Why exactly would he tell Raphael he has no chance with me? That seemed a bit harsh considering that he barely knows me let alone understands his brother...clearly." Mike and Don shared a quizzical look.

"We're mutant freaks. Turtles. Why would any of us have a chance with anyone?" Donatello questioned back.

"Let alone anyone as pretty as you BLythe." Mikey added with a shameless smile. Blythe couldn't help but grin back.

"So? Humans don't understand uniqueness. But other supernatural creatures do. I can feel there is magick within you four, it's hard to pinpoint. It wasn't born within you but aquired. It feels concentrated but also shrouded. Nonethless, that makes you supernaturals as well. Interspecies relationships and mingling has been going on for millenia." she smiled genuinly at the two.

"You mean there really could be someone out there that would accept us?" Donatello asked in awe. His mind already formulating the possibilities of what other supernatural species were out there. Blythe nodded.

"Of course." Mikey have her an ear sploitting grin.

"Please dont't go filling their heads with such a ludacris idea. No one could accept us." Blythe felt her canine teeth lengthening with her rising anger. But it wasn't her anger truly. It was her wolf's. She clenched her jaw and forced herself to take a deep breath before she turned around and fixed the eldest brother with a hard glare.

"Leonardo you may not want to accept it but that doesn't mean yopu need to destroy your brother's hopes." She growled. Taking another deep breath slowly she spoke again without growling at him this time. "As I said interspecies mingling has been going on now for millions of years in the supernatural world. Since before your very creation. There are beings more grotesque then you could imagine and creatures whose structure is similar to yous. THere are vampyres. There are fae. There are even mermaids that would more than likely mate with you four. And there are werewolves, or have you frogotten you have one in your living room? You are unique to humans, you are even strange and scary to them too, but to the likes of me and any other supernatural creature, you are fairly normal." Her eyes had begun to glow again by the time she had finished talking but her tone remained calm.

Leonardo sighed and shook his head.

"Our lifestyle is far too dangerous to involve love affairs. We are ninja. You have no idea what that means! Anyone who dared to be friends with us would be putting their lives on the line, and our own!" He finished, crossing his arms over his chest. But he was unprepared for what happened next.

Heartstoppingly fast the woman before him shifted forms, her clothes ripping from her body as cream colored skin sprouted alabaster white fur and human body morphed and took shape of a massive wolf. She was easily the size of a small horse. Her fur had a strange sheen to it, almost as if it were ablaze with fire. Orange, pink, red, yellow all the colors danced in the light that played off of her stark white pelt. Her eyes glowed like the open maw of an erupting volcano and enormous teeth snapped at Leonardo as she launched herself at him and pinned him to the ground before he could recover from the shock of seeing the small woman transform into a huge and angry wolf. Donatello and Michelangelo exclaimed in shock and fear as they watched the giant white wolf tackle their brother.

All the commotion caused Raphael to open his door, intending on telling everyone to shut up. As he stomped out onto the loft area he finally saw what had caused his brothers to yell and he sprinted down the stairs almost instantly to stand just in front of Blythe as she stood over a still shocked Leonardo. He put his hands out towards her and said her name once, softly.


She looked up at him slightly but with a gresome snarl at Leonardo she went back to staring at his older brother in fury.

"Blythe. Calm down, reign in you wolf Blythe. I know Leo probably fucked up but she's not allowed to kill him." Raph wasn't sure how he knew that Blythe and her wolf were not really the same person but he did andhe spoke with the same calm authority that everyone was used to Leo using. THis even caused Leo to look up at him from the floor in confusion.

Blythe looked up at Raphael and this time she snarled at him.

Tell him to keep his trap shut. My wolf has had enough of him opening it and letting his ass overload it.

Raphael had to hold back the gasp of shock that almost had him falling back on his ass as realization set in. The female voice he had been hearing all along had been Blythe.

No, it was my wolf first. There is a lot to explain Raph. But right now just tell Leo to back off and try to calm my wolf. She won't let me phase back and you are the only one that can calm her right now.

Raph gulped down the fear that had a lump forming in his throat but nodded. He looked down at Leonardo who was staring at him intently. He fixed him with his best glare.

"Alright Leo. Time to stop being a jackass. Keep your mouth shut so Blythe's wolf doesn't rip a new ass for you." Leo gaped at him brother in indignation before glaring back at him but saying nothing in response.

Raphael looked back up at the wolf that was Blythe, she was staring at him now too with blazing orange eyes. Her ears were pinned back to her head and her teeth bared menacingly. He reached out slowly and rested his palm against the wolf's forehead. Instantly, like flicking a switch she stopped snarling and her eyes stopped glowing wolf orange. Her ears perked up and she sat back on her haunches, effectivly releasing Leonardo. She looked more like a giant dog as her tail thumped against the floor a few times and she licked at Raphael's hand.

Taking his hand away he sighed. "You're gonna be a handful aren't ya?" he whispered, knowing her wolf hearing would catch his words. She whined softly.

Can you please get me some clothes?

He smirked and rolled his eyes before heading back to his room to grab her another pair of sweat pants and a hoodie. There was no way he was going to let his brother give her any of their clothes, he didn't want her to smell like any of them, only he returned he held out the clothing to her. She took the items in her mouth and loped up the stairs into his room to change.

Just as she was coming back down the stairs, the sweats rolled so they wouldn't fall off of her hips and the hoodie sleeves rolled up so they weren't so long, her phone started to ring.