Jack groaned and stretched. Another day of frights I guess, he thought sleepily as he grinned. It was early in the morning and he liked to wake up that way, though he didn't know why. It wasn't like he had anything to do after all; it was just him helping Pitch out with things here and there, nothing special. He sat up and swung his legs a bit before getting off the bed. The teen slowly moved to the mirror facing his bed. Facing him was a seventeen-year old boy with a black hoodie, brown pants torn at the bottom, messy black hair, yellow eyes, pale skin, and teeth that seemed to glitter to Jack's utter annoyance. He tried not brushing his teeth for a few days but all that got him was a glare from Pitch and a really bad breath.

He walked into his bathroom and brushed his teeth and took a bath. After that, he put a towel around his waist and dried his hair with another. Jack looked at his reflection again and tilted his head slightly. His teeth looked very different from the rest of them, like the rest paired up and his teeth were left as loners to be forever different. Weird.

"Hey, Pitch. Are you awake?" No response. Jack was a bit surprised by that, Pitch was usually up by now, or most of the time he was awake before him. But he just shrugged it off, nothing to worry about really.

Jack went back to his room and got his staffinstantly feeling the incredible powers of winter and nightmares slide up his arm and to the rest of his bodyand got on his clothes. Then he walked to the main part of the lair ready to leave…for who knows what. Pitch usually told him what to do, no, Pitch always told him what to do. There wasn't a day he had a choice of what he did since…a blinding throb came to the side of his forehead, and he stumbled to the side trying to use his staff for support, the pain worse than a headache. It always happened when he tried to remember something from before the day he woke up in Pitch's lair, but he always dismissed it, thinking that it was just because he didn't have enough memories.

"Pitch!" He winced at the pain still there in his head and spoke in a now normal speaking voice but a bit near yelling. "You're supposed to be awake now!" He heard a soft groan echo through the lair and smiled softly. He was finally awake. Jack turned around and walked to Pitch's room which was more on the border of an apartment than a room.

The teen laid back on the door entrance way, waiting for the man to wake.

"Any day now Pitch. It's been a while." Jack taunted in a sing-song voice. Pitch got up from his bed dressed in night clothes similar to his day clothes; day clothes Jack called a dress, the night clothes were more or less exactly like it but not so dress like and tank-top looking.

"I never remembered you speaking out of turn like that," Jack nearly flinched. Pitch never did like Jack doing things out of turn. He usually only gave him a glare and the spirit would shrugged it off but there were other times where he would do something completely random, only for fun, and he would get in serious trouble for it.

Pitch finished his sentence though, definitely sensing the fear coming from Jack, even though it was small.

"It's fine though, we'll just have to work on it later." And with that Pitch got up and into his bathroom, leaving Jack shocked. Pitch never said something like that so what was going on, what was going to happen? He shook it off and went back to the main part of the lair, thinking about going up one of the stairs and exploring. He actually almost did before Pitch came in and waved him to the spot which they usually used to leave. Jack came over to him and waited until Pitch shadow traveled away. The teen flew upward quickly through the hole in the ceiling that also served as an exit and looked around.

It was a good fall day, not too cold not too hot, but it felt a bit too hot for him. "There's no time to worry about the heat. It is time for you to do your job. It's the usual today." Pitch said. His voice rang in Jack's head and it didn't bother him. He was very use to it by now and he already knew what the usual was, so he flew down the streets, looking for a few kids that were lingering around, swinging his staff every once in a while. There were two kids there, walking and clearly discussing something. He flew down to them and walked behind them, wanting to figure out what they were talking about.

"There is no way Bigfoot is real!" The blonde one said. The one to his right—a brown haired kid—mockingly laughed.

"Yeah, because all of the people that saw him were definitely faking it!"

"Of course they were! They even once said that some dude dressed up just to get some popularity!"

"That was just one dude!"

"There could have been more people that were just as weird as that one."

"That makes total sense Monty, about four thousand people just dressed up for the heck of it. Just admit it, they're real!"

"But their footprints look almost exactly like a bear's!"

"Almost! So it might be some sort of hybrid of a bear, or maybe a cross between a gorilla and a bear!" At the brown haired one's comment, the blonde looked at him strangely, like he grew an extra head.

"Think of the science Jamie! There's—" Jack stopped listening to their actually funny discussion and stumbled into a small pile of leaves with another spell of pain in his head, his staff now useless as it rolled away. What made it happen this time? He stayed there for a while until it was near bearable and got up with the help of the winds, it already knowing to bring him above the city and taking his staff with, where could see what to do next.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Today was actually pretty good for Jack, other than the run in with the two boys. He would have to avoid them until he knew what was happening. He scared no less than five of them and gave a few a good shiver with his winter powers, it wasn't bad for a person that couldn't be seen by anyone.

Jack walked through the woods toward the little hole that led to the lair. He never thought much about the woods or how he instantly knew it so well, only that this way led to Pitch's lair and everywhere else was a no go. He jumped through the hole and landed gracefully on his feet. Again, there was nothing for him to do, what was Pitch gaining by making Jack this bored? He never actually did things on his own at all other than the basics and anything that involved creativity…well; let's say it wasn't something he had much experience in.

Trying something new, he went up one of the stairs he saw earlier and gasped. He was upside down! He kept moving around to find himself standing on a stair that ran along a wall. He gave a small laugh and clasped his hands onto his mouth, before letting go and allowing a laugh to come out. That was new to the teen. He never laughed much, heck, he didn't laugh at all in this place. It was either smiles, smirks or nothing else but he was actually laughing this time.

In a whoosh of wind he was back on the ground and ready to have Pitch come in and tell him what to do. He was shaking badly but he didn't know why, it was the laugh that he did earlier possibly. It had a familiar feeling in some ways but freaked him out in every other so he gripped his staff tighter. He walked slowly to his own room and sat down on his bed to think the day over. A total waste, Jack thought irritably. Nothing but a total waste with a major headache on the side. Maybe Pitch will help me understand what's going on when he comes back and I can just go back and live the day like I use to.

With that nice thought, he fell into a dreamless sleep, just like usual.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jamie and Monty were in the middle of a Bigfoot discussion, the seventh one this month, and it was really heating up.

"But their footprints look almost exactly like a bear's!" Monty said waving his arms angrily. Jamie smirked at Monty's comment. He was in a dead end trap.

"Almost! So it might be some sort of hybrid of a bear, or maybe a cross between a gorilla and a bear!" But it wasn't a dead end, or it could have been if Jamie didn't bring that up. Monty looked at him weirdly and continued.

"Think of the science Jamie! There's all sorts of things that wouldn't let that happen like—" Monty would have continued if Jamie didn't snap his head back to a pile of leaves that seemingly had nothing there.

Everyone—even Monty and almost all the other kids that were there on that faithful day—would have said nothing was there, but not Jamie. Cupcake and his little sister Sophie were holding strong on this but they would slip up every once in a while. Not every person that saw Jack Frost saw him anymore because they didn't believe anymore. It was probably because no one saw him around Burgess anymore so they went back to thinking he was a myth. Well, let's just say Jack wasn't very fond of being a myth.

"Jack?" Jamie whispered quietly. Monty looked at him oddly once again and Jamie looked back at Monty.

"Jamie…you okay?"

"Huh?...Oh, yeah I'm okay. But Bigfoot is seriously real." They continued the debate and every once in a while Jamie would look back to see Jack sitting there and Monty would give him a confused look and Jamie would tell him everything was fine. Finally, after all this while, he found Jack Frost.

They went to their own homes and Jamie rushed into his room and grabbed the home phone that was so horribly placed in his room. He was twelve now and things were different but incredibly the same in relationships, so his mom thought there was nothing to worry about. Sure, if that didn't include fear running rampant every now and then and Jamie helping out the Guardians every so often.

He dialed the numbers quickly and waited for the person on the other end to pick up. Come on! Jamie thought quickly. It's not that hard to pick up a phone, just—oh finally, they answered!

"Hey, Jamie? Is this you?"

"Yeah, of course it's me Cupcake. What, do you think, Sophie would have called to talk about bunnies to you? Were you expecting that? Because if you were then I'll just hand the phone over to Sophie." Jamie joked.

Cupcake laughed on the other end and shook her head. Where did his sense of humor come from? Seriously, if I spend too much time with him, Cupcake thought happily. I'll probably have to get something for my ribs! Jamie didn't call people much so it must have been more than just to say a few jokes.

"No, no it's okay. Me and Sophie can talk about bunnies later, so what do you want to talk about?" Jamie almost told her but hesitated. What if she stopped remembering in Jack and the rest of the guardians and thought he was being very childish so she would just hang up on him? Before he flooded himself with even more questions, he answered quickly.

"I found Jack." Cupcake was silent for a while. Jamie actually thought Cupcake hung up and that his worse fear at the moment was becoming real until Cupcake started to talk again.

"You did? Where? How does he look like? Is he even okay? Can I—" Jamie started to laugh a little out of relief and humor.

"You're starting to sound a lot like Tooth sometimes, do you know that?"

"And you're starting to sound a lot like Jack, do you know that?" They ended up laughing and Cupcake went back to her questions.

"So how is he?" Jamie thought about it for a moment and then told her.

"He looks different. His blue hoodie is gone and now he's wearing a black one. His skin looks like its tinted gray and his hair is black. The only things that are regular are his jeans and teeth, Tooth would be happy about the teeth."

"True. How did he change?"

"I don't know. I found him near my house but he's probably left by now. Where do you think he went?"

"He couldn't have just disappeared, that would be so unlike him if he did. What do you think happened?" It was Jamie's turn to stop talking. He actually didn't think about where Jack went or actually where he was. He only thought about the fact that Jack wasn't a myth and he tried to get the rest of his friends to do the same. To sum it up, he wasted all his energy about thinking about Jack Frost only to get a near disaster and to figure out that he actually wasn't thinking about Jack Frost at all.

"I…umm…I don't know."

"Really? I would have thought you of all people would have thought about what happened to him."

"Well I didn't," Jamie said gruffly. "Can we stop talking about this now? Maybe we should call the guardians and tell them. He's in a way their family too."

Cupcake nodded quietly. Jamie would most likely blame himself. And it wouldn't be the first time he would too, probably nine times, if anyone were counting...which she was.

"Alright. You have the snow globe so I'll come over. See you later Jamie."

"Bye Cupcake. See ya later." Cupcake hung up and he put the phone back on its stand. Where did he put the snow globe? He remembered North giving it to him a while back but couldn't remember where he put it.

After a long time of searching he picked up his puffer vest and put it on as something fell to the floor. He looked down and saw that it was the snow globe he was looking for the entire time. Next time when I'm looking for something, I'll start here. And with that thought he went down stairs, told his mom he would be going out, and went out the door to wait for Cupcake and see the Guardians.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"So, you're tryin' ta tell us that Jack is still 'round?" Bunnymund asked. He asked because no one else could talk, they were too busy gawking.

"Yeah, pretty much. I saw him with my own eyes, and there was the small fact that he might have changed a little bit." Jamie quieted down quite a bit at the last part and rubbed his arm shyly. He didn't know what they were going to say, and he wasn't in the mood to figure out. Actually, at the moment he wanted to figure out how he would react. He was at the moment scaring himself with the fact that he wasn't even giving the slightest of emotion during the entire conversation, he only put on the outer appearance that he was a bit scared and shy on the topic.

Tooth's head shot up at Jamie's comment and she looked at Jamie with a somewhat confused face.

"What do you mean?"

Cupcake stepped forward. "Well, his teeth were the same," Tooth almost sighed at that. "But his hair, skin, eyes, and clothes were different."

"How so?" The Russian asked quickly. Jamie looked over in Cupcake's direction, signaling that he would answer this question.

"He's wearing a black hoodie instead of his blue one, so that's something. His hair's black and his skin's tinted a bit grey. His eyes are this weird cat yellow. Oh, and his staff looks darker." Sandman tilted his head for a moment as if to think about this and Cupcake shot him a confused look, as if to ask why hadn't he told her. He shook his head and shrugged as if to say he didn't know what to say.

"Yeah, we don't know what happened either just that he's around and possibly okay." Jamie said quietly. Now he was actually feeling something, downright stupidity. He didn't walk over to Jack and ask him if he was okay and where he's been. No, he just kept talking to Monty about Bigfoot and walked away. In an instant the tall Russian put a hand on Jamie's shoulder and Jamie felt that he could have jumped a few feet in surprise if the giant hand wasn't there.

"It is okay, Jamie. You have done best you could. A for effort in my book! We will look for Jack in Burgess soon as we can, you can help us too, yes?" North looked down at him with hopeful eyes. Hopeful eyes meant that he had to do this or he would just be guilt into doing it. Plus, this was his best friend they were talking about; it would be surprising if Jamie didn't.

"Yeah, I will. You want to join to Cupcake?" She snorted in a somewhat lady-like way.

"What? Do you think I'd just drop out? Of course I am!" All of the guardians perked up considerably now that they had two believers helping them out.

They would finally get Jack back, and it would be even easier with the help of kids that knew the streets so well. How could anything go wrong for these guys? Well, that day couldn't have been a worse day to have said those words.

A/N: This is my first actual story! If you've read my first story then you know updating days can vary from days to weeks and, hopefully not, so on. If you guys are confused about the puffer vest thing, its just the jacket that Jamie wears throughout the whole movie but of course different since he's older and a bit taller now, thinking of making it red...or green...I dunno I'll think about it. And here's something for you to think of for now: I do not own these characters! They belong to Mr. William Joyce and DreamWorks Animations!

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