[Previously: "Alright, I believe you…but you are grounded until further notice." Pitch said quietly yet his voice echoed through the room. He was only doing this for Jack's own good.]

Jack stared at the retreating form of Pitch in disbelief. How dare Pitch do that! It wasn't like he had a rebel streak or destroyed anything; he only came back a little late and nothing more. So Jack stood with a blank face thinking over how he was supposed to go to Cupcake to talk.

"Master…" James said quietly. The duplicate walked over to Jack and tried to talk to the teen but Jack spun around, his face still as blank as ever.

"I don't need help right now. But what did I do?"

"I don't know—"

"Exactly!" Jack interjected. "I didn't do anything and now he's ticked off!" Without another word he stormed off to his room to think about things a bit more.

Jack looked around the room slowly and saw how boring it really was. Grey walls, black carpeting, silver bed with blue comforters and a brown dresser with a matching brown closet. Made very much for serious boredom and irritation but he just now noticed. It really did need remodeling if he was to be expected to stay inside ever again, yet he didn't have a choice now. He was grounded after all and there was nothing he could do, except….

The teen jumped out of bed and toward a dark corner in his room and thought about how to do this. It shouldn't be so hard, just serious concentration and knowing how to work with the nightmares. Jack could do both, the latter just a bit less but it was doable. Quickly he stepped through the shadows and kept going, thinking about where to go. But the problem was that he had never been there before or didn't know what it looked like! So he just continued to think about going to Cupcake's house and nothing else as he journeyed through the swamp-like darkness around him.

A few seconds after Jack went through the dark portal-like passageway, James came through to see why Jack was suddenly very quiet. It couldn't have been because he went to bed or forgave everyone. That wasn't like Jack. Jack would still be on a rampage or taking out his anger on a pillow. But it was scary silent, and empty too. Seconds was all it took to sense that Jack wasn't there.

"Great job King Phillipe, you just nearly got away with it."* James said and quickly transformed back into his normal lion self. It was more comfortable and Jack wasn't here, giving him time to do whatever he pleased, which was sleeping.

Back to Jack though, he was nearly through the dark passageway when he felt a quick tug at his gut. It was something like a small warning but it jarred his thoughts from where he wanted to go and it was slightly infuriating. It meant that he was momentarily stuck here unless he thought of where he was going quickly. But the longer the wait, the more the person forgot about a lot of things, especially the required destination. How does Pitch do this?! Jack thought with frustration and swung out to hit something only ended up with moving his hand slowly through the black mist in a motion similar to wading in water.

Where was he going anyway? Jack came in for a purpose but he forgot and he really was running out of time! Well, there was a fight, which was proving to be a bit blurry, and he really wanted to do something. It had to do with a girl with a name of a treat he really liked. Was it pie? Candy? Lollipop? Chocolate? Carmel? Cake? Wait….that was pretty close. Cakepop, Cake….urm cup. Oh! Cupcake. Yes, that was it.

Jack continued to think about the name Cupcake and hoped he wasn't going in uninvited, that would be rude, and not to mention awkward. The mist got lighter until it was merely a really light fog and the teen stepped through and stood on plush carpeting. Jack turned around and saw that the portal was closing quite slowly than it normally was.

"Oops," Jack muttered and concentrated on trying to close it and succeeded!...In making it bigger that is. So he started waving wildly at it and stuck his hand in to see what the problem was, because there had to be a problem. The portal now stayed the same size and started swirling madly causing Jack to be raised in the air at extended periods of time by his caught arm then quickly dropped.

"Let go!" The spirit yelled and pulled forcefully on his arm. Coincidentally, that was when the portal wanted to let go too and he toppled over, flailing like a very ungraceful swan. Footsteps quickly came and a small gasp fell to irritated ears.

"Jack," a voice, very much a girl's said airily. "Are you okay?" Her footsteps got quicker and he could feel kind hands come to his head as Jack kept his eyes closed. Then the hands left and roughly moved him away.

"Oh my gosh. You are okay, thank goodness. You took a week to make an—" Jack cleared his throat loudly and angrily to gain Cupcake's attention and she sniggered as she stood up.

"Only joking. So, you finally came. If you've satisfied the need to destroy art then come over and sit on my bed." The older nodded and opened his eyes, finding wild colors on the ceiling that would have clashed but oddly complemented each other. Jack stood up and looked at the rest of the room. Purple walls, the paint-splattered ceiling he saw earlier, lime green floor, and a red bed. Much better than his own room by far. He sat on the bed and looked over at the girl who was fiddling quietly with a paint brush.

"So, you're memories right?" Cupcake asked and he looked over quizzically before remembering what was going on. The portal must have done a number on him.

"Alright, so after the war with Pitch," Jack unconsciously shivered at the name, luckily Cupcake didn't notice. "You two got close. So winters were colder than usual and ended later than expected. But you were like brothers, always knowing what the other one wanted."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It was spring, judging by how flowers were still in mid-bloom and trees still had their spring loving buds. But a cold breeze still moved through Burgess as if winter never wanted to leave. And Jack didn't want to leave, his best friend was here!

"Jack, you do realize that every weathermen—" A glare was speedily sent in Jamie's direction. "A-and weatherwomen is coming here all because of you!"

"But I've never really seen it so beautiful around here. Just seeing the place blanketed with snow makes me want to stay here longer so I can preserve that greatness." Cupcake rolled her eyes and motioned to the street around them.

"You've must have been here around a couple hundred and not once you saw spring in Burgess? Not even around….Easter maybe?" Jack shuffled quite comically as he stuffed his hands into his pocket while listening to Cupcake say this true, although somewhat funny statement.

"Alright, so I come here sometimes to mess with Bunny. But so what? It's not like isn't funny. And you've got to admit, it was funny."

Jamie grinned happily as he listened to his two great friends discus why Jack really stayed in Burgess. At the moment, it was clear the motive was directed to Bunnymund.

"Hey, look Samsung came out with a new phone." Jamie called out before the argument turned into a serious fight.

"Really? Well that took a while."

"It's probably because Microsoft, LG, and Apple kept coming out with new phones. But it is a good phone."

"Yeah, it isn't insanely huge now. And the pictures bigger, plus there's more space—"

"What are you guys talking about?" Jack suddenly asked. Cupcake and Jamie stopped in their tracks, almost forgetting there was some that didn't know about phones.

"Well, um," Jamie started awkwardly. "It's like a regular phone, you know, like a land line. Except its smaller, it can go on the internet and all that other cool stuff." Jack let it sink in for a few moments before shaking his head.

"Nope, still don't get it. Is there an easier way to explain whatever you two were taking about?"

Cupcake walked down the sidewalk, looking for something, and when she spotted it she waved the two boys over to where she was.

"I've got the perfect place. Jack, welcome to T-Mobile."

The teen looked at the pink designs and turned back warily to his two friends.

"Are you sure this isn't for girls? Or made by a teenage girl that was bored?" Jack asked sarcastically. Jamie snickered quietly and opened the door to go inside the store before he went on to talk again.

"Neither, but teenage girls do come in here a lot."

Jack followed quickly and saw all the sleek, thin slabs of metal put out on display. A few people were standing around, just looking at what the store had to offer while others were near counters talking to people with nametags.

The spirit slowly walked over to the nearest display and picked up the phone. It was small, but not too small. Wide, but also not to wide. In other words, it was the Goldilocks of phone styles.

"Hey, you got an LG. What do you think of it?" Cupcake said as she walked over to Jack after looking at a tablet near her. Jack stayed silent for a moment though, thinking of why a person would want it so much when it started to vibrate and spoke to him. He jumped back and let go of it quickly, letting it snap back into place with a dull clank.

"Oh, it looks like someone's calling it. And they say people can't put their contacts on it," The girl scoffed quietly and picked it up while she slid her hand across the screen a few times. Jamie looked over to see what was going on and quickly went back to the Nokia he was using. At the moment he was playing Flappy Birds and he got 49 as his latest highscore on the phone he was using. He couldn't be bothered with little notifications right now!

Jack moved over to Cupcake to see what she was doing. She quickly shivered and looked up.

"Umm, Jack. Jack?" He quickly returned his attention to the girl and not the phone, which was currently playing some light and cheerful music with a funny little green blob on the screen, also known as Omnom maybe.

"Yeah?" He asked absent-mindedly as he looked back to the phone and the funny creature. At this point Jamie finally looked up, finishing a very infuriating game of Ironpants if you may, and looked at the scene with a laugh.

Jack Frost was in T-Mobile and also letting it snow quite nicely. Everyone in the store was dazed for a few seconds but went back to looking at the latest tech, thinking it was just a nice way to get new customers into the store. It was certainly working nonetheless, people were giving the store second glances and kids shoved their round faces into the glass to see how it was being done with wide eyes.

"Jack. Jack!" The teen now gave her his undivided attention. "You're making it snow in a store!"

He looked around at the rest of the store and back to the girl.

"Yes…and? I'm trying to get to level two on Cut The Rope! Lemme feed Omnom!" Quickly the store went from pristine white and pink to mixed, swirled colors. Soon, the room he saw from his earlier dreams came into focus.

The brown couch, silver lamp, red walls, regular white walls, yellow ottoman, but there was also a gold-like table added throughout it all. Any second now the voice will come back, Jack thought irritably. He sat in the brown couch he sat in the last time and looked around as he held his staff tight…but it wasn't in his hand! Where'd it go anyway? He didn't leave it anywhere...at least he thought he couldn't leave it anywhere in a dream, that didn't seem right.

"Why so tense? You just remembered something about you're old life and that should be great!...Right?" The voice asked quietly and it sounded like it was close to Jack, a bit too close. Jack turned around to see where the owner of the voice was and found thin air. The same results as the last few times.

"I never had an old life." Jack muttered and got up to look for his staff. He really needed it or else that voice was going to get trouble. "I just wanted to see what she was talking about." It wasn't true; he felt a small remembrance from the earlier half of the dream but it must have been amusement at how much fun it might have been. But that wasn't his life, it was too weird, too off, too….exciting.

"You really are stubborn!" The voice whined. "Just admit it, even if you don't think that was your life—which it is—," the voice murmured the latter. "Wouldn't you like to have that kind of life? It would have be cool you know." Jack stopped looking and stared at the ceiling with mild irritation.

"A lot of people are saying that nowadays."

"What? That you're as stubborn as a mule or you don't have a cool life now?"

"Cheeky are we? And I was talking about the stubborn thing…but not like a mule. I'm not stupid."

"I like your how you're optimistic, but no. You really are stubborn, probably more than a mule. Anyway, you still didn't answer my question. Trying to worm your way out of things are we now."

"I don't know. It just doesn't seem like—"

"It is something you would do! It was something you did! Yeesh, you'd think telling you would have been insanely easy and not hard at all, but no," The voice stretched the vowel irritably. "It turns out to be freaking hard."

"Well I'm sorry for having such bad results in your little test."

"Yeah! You should be. I would have liked to have one stubborn person in my life but it seems like karma wants to bite me in the rear…"

"That was sarcasm. You sure you don't need a sarcasm sign? I could make you one soon."

"Well that was rude….I guess I won't be so sorry when that headache comes soon. Oh and here's your beloved staff." The voice quickly said and the staff Pop!-ed into existence over his head, only to fall hollowly on his skull, leaving him smarting for what might be a while. Jack of course, snatched the staff from the floor coincidentally making the room swirl into a massive blur as the dream left him.

And that voice was right, there was a headache coming soon.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jamie walked through the hallway with his hand on the diary in his pocket. It had to do something, or maybe he was so hyped up on trying to get Jack back he would try to use absolutely anything relating to random things close enough. Henry was still in front of the pre-teen but he was oddly quiet. It was because of the book of course, Jamie thought when he pulled out the diary once more to give it a good glance. The kid was glued to that book in seconds without a problem.

There was a soft thud that filled the hall as Jamie continued to analyze the cover since it was bound by a gold lock, not giving him the chance to look at the inside. Grime covered edges and important parts of the text written on cover, still making it hard to read even with the constant trying of wiping it—

Jamie almost tripped over something as well as stumbling over it too.

"What the—" Jamie said airily and looked down to see Henry sprawled on the floor, book still in hand actually. The little boy's face was paled but he seemed fine for someone that was randomly lying in the middle of the hall. Jamie—since he too was lying on the ground—crawled over to him and propped him up so he could get a better look.

Clammy, that was something that could easily be seen with the dark hair plastered to Henry's face. Looking over, nothing else seemed to be odd or helpful to show what was up.

"Hello?" Jamie called out. No response, but it would have been expected. "Hello?"

A small sound came from behind him. Jamie whipped around to see what it was and protectively pulled Henry closer, causing the latter to whimper quietly. The sound gained speed and sound when it came to a sudden came to a complete end. Jamie looked up and almost jumped out of his skin when he saw the form in front of him.

"N-North," He breathed shakily. "How come you're here?" North chuckled a little but quickly stopped as he kneeled down to take care of the situation.

"That is discussion for later, Jamie. Now we must get Henry taken care of." The man reached out and slowly cradled Henry in his arms. Henry fell silent now buried himself deeper into the man's big arms. North got up and started to go back down the hall without a sound. Jamie followed him and thought about it for a moment. North turned at the nearest corner and came to a hall that looked pristine clean and very white with hints of silver. It quickly gave of the air of antibiotics as well as floral smelling remedies. So there was a hospital wing, Jamie thought and quickly abandoned the thought, shoving it in a small space to never think about again.

The thought reminded him of Jack, since he was the one that told him about that rumor in the first place.

North opened the nearest door and instead of seeing equally pristine white walls, it had a bright actually happy setting. The walls were orange, the carpeting was brown, and the bed was a deep red. Hospital like equipment was on another the other side of the room almost cluttered into a little corner.

"Would have thought it would have been—" Jamie muttered in surprise but North must have great hearing because he quickly answered what Jamie was going to ask.

"I thought it would be better if it were all homey. Jack would never try hospital room." North explained in a small laugh as he set Henry on the bed with extensive care. The little boy seemed very reluctant to leave the arms of the adult but slowly caved in to the warmness of the bed.

The Russian sank into a nearby chair and looked over at Jamie with a weary face and alert eyes.

"How did this happen, Jamie?" North asked and Jamie looked up. He pulled out the diary of pocket absent-mindedly and started to explain, but it wasn't much.

"I have no idea I was just walking in the hallway and—"

"Jamie where did you get that diary?"

A/N: Yes, I know, I could have added more to the end but I just didn't. I wanted this to come out as soon as possible and it kinda did, but at the same time it didn't. What was I saying again?...Yeah, I don't know either. Question, is Henry cute or realistic enough? Wait, is anyone realistic enough? Oh and that *...it was from The Man In The Iron Mask. In the movie, Phillipe tried to switch lives (King to prisoner...you need to watch the movie) with his twin (EVIL might I add...it also has Leonardo DiCaprio!) brother Louis by a secret passage way in a book shelf near a corner. Do not ask how I managed to make that end up in this chapter, it just came in. *shrugs* Lets get to the rest!

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