This is my first ever pokemon story and the first EVER forestfireshipping(tepigXsnivy) on this archive so yeah please go easy on me and I have been a forestfireshipper ever since "evolution by fire" and by the way this is an AU story where Pignite is still a Tepig because the couple looks a little cuter that way although not all will be like that and I hope this influences others to make forestfireshipping stories

P.S. Oshawott is a Dewott

P.P.S.S. I've written another story called "I don't deserve her so check it out

After Cilan has solved the case of the stolen Eye of Liepard our heroes now make their way to Amour Island where everyone is having fun except for three certain pokemon...

"Hey Tepig are you okay?"Charizard,Ash's strongest pokemon, asked the afore mentioned pokemon who was pacing back and forth while staring at the ground worriedly"Yeah man, you're not your self. What gives?" Dewott added "I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't eat, I can't sleep. Maybe I'm coming down with something" Tepig said coming to a halt and pondered this looking up a little.

"Oh I know what you've got. The L word"Charizard said smiling a little"TEPIG'S GOT LICE!?" Dewott yelled in shock misunderstanding what Charizard was hinting "NO! LET ME SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU!Tepig has L-O-V-E!" Charizard yelled glaring at the water type. Dewott pondered this for a minute holding a paw to his chin."What disease does that stand for?"Dewott asked and shrugged obviously not getting it. "IT'S NOT A DISEASE!"Charizard yelled and then calmed down a little exhaling. "Tepig ,our friend, is in love"Charizard explained slowly so Dewott could hear it clearly.

"Oooohhhh. So loverboy who is it? Oh let me guess. A Miltank? A Grumpig? A Bouffalant? Oh wait I've got it!"Dewott paused "A MUK!" Dewott yelled and suddenly burst out laughing and falling on his back.

Tepig was about to use flamethrower when Charizard beat him to it and Dewott collapsed"Listen, you can trust me. I will never tell a soul of who you have a crush on. I won't even tell Arceus in heaven when I die. But if you don't want to tell me, it's fine." Charizard lectured.

Tepig inhaled deeply "We-ell I-i-it's Sn-"Tepig stuttered before he was cut off by a familiar female grass type "Hey Tepig, Charizard, Dewott! We just arrived so Ash wants us in our pokeballs!" Snivy yelled from far away.

"Ooooooooohhh I get it. It's Snivy isn't it?"Dewott teased having come too albeit with a few bruises here and there and stared at Tepig with a teasingly knowing look. "GET OUT OF HERE!" Charizard yelled and grabbed Dewott by the tail and used seismic toss on him.

Dewott ,funnily enough,landed right on his pokeballs button and this instantly returned him to it. "Woah! That was...weird" Ash said staring at Dewotts pokeball in confusion wondering.

Charizard stared at Tepig who was looking at the floor blushing."Is Dewott right? Is it Snivy?" Charizard asked with concern tilting his head a little.

Tepig nodded slowly still not taking his eyes off the ground. "I see" Charizard nodded in response.

yeah first chapter was short but does it really matter? It'll get better trust me so hope you enjoyed and please write ForestFireShipping stories