Yo I'm really sorry this took a while

Tepig didn't exactly have a good three days trying to admit his feelings to Snivy.

On wednesday...

Snivy and Tepig are seen near a large waterfall admiring it.

"This is rather peaceful isn't it?"Snivy asked. "Yeah...it is"Tepig replied, holding in a flirt idea due to Charizards advice.

Okay let's try this again. Tepig thought opening his mouth too speak.

Suddenly a Nuzleaf appeared and leans on a tree that Snivy is next to. "Hey baby did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"the grass type flirted. "I don't know, did it hurt when they dropped you on your head?"Snivy mocked with a death glare. "Oooohh, fiesty. Just how I love hot lad-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSS!-"He was cut off when Snivy, having had enough of him, grabbed him by the foot with a vine and threw him far away.

Then on thursday...

Snivy and Tepig are seen star gazing.

"Wow look at that really bright one."Tepig said pointing his nostril to what appears to be a very bright star.Here we go, third time lucky.

Then, without warning, the light went towards them revealing itself to be a volbeat. "STOP STARING AT MY BUTT!" It yelled angrily and flew away.

So things weren't exactly going good for him.

"WHAT!?"Charizard yelled in shock. "You're giving up man?" Dewott asked. "Yeah"Tepig said looking at the ground in shame.

"Why?"Dewott asked. "Every time I try to tell her something ruins the moment. Let's face it. The universe is against me and Snivy being together. Besides she deserves better."Tepig said sadly.

All of a sudden, Dragonite landed right in front of the fire pig with a very pissed expression shocking everyone. "I REFUSE TO LET THIS GO ON! IF SOMETHING RUINS THE MOMENT, WHO CARES?! KEEP MOVING FORWARDS AND GET THE MOMENT BACK! IF THE UNIVERSE IS AGAINST YOU BEING WITH SNIVY THE DEFY IT! AND SHE DOESN'T DESERVE BETTER! I CAN'T THINK OF ANYONE MORE PERFECT FOR HER THAN YOU SO JUST STOP INSULTING YOURSELF!" Dragonite panted a little, due to how loud and how long he yelled.

Tepig contemplated his words for a while looking at the ground.

"Dragonite...You're absolutely right!" Tepig yelled confidently earning a rare smile from Dragonite. "I shouldn't be bringing myself down! I should forget the awkward moments and move on!"He declared once more.

The other males were smiling. Tepig was more confident than ever.

Snivy was relaxing on a rock thinking to herself.

Yesterday sure was fun...I wonder what Tepig's doing

Little did she know, he had been searching for the perfect place to take her too for hours on end and had finally succeeded.(With the help of Charizard).

Tepig walked over to her. Okay Tepig, you can do this. No turning back otherwise it'll be awkward He thought preparing himself for however she would answer him.

"Hey Snivy"Tepig called. He was answered. "Hello Tepig"Snivy replied casually. "I've found this place that will take your breath away. Would you like to come?" Tepig proposed. "Sure. I trust you on this""Snivy said with a small smile.

Tepig had Snivy close her eyes for the journey. He wanted this to be a very special surprise.

"Why do I have to keep my eyes closed"Snivy said. She was a little annoyed but managed to hide it very well. "I want it to be a surprise"Tepig said with a wide grin. Snivy sighed in defeat but a playful grin cast itself upon her."Okay then" and she started to squeeze his front left leg really hard making Tepig wince a little. "I guess I'll have to hold onto you then"She wore a very rare smirk.

"Alright you can open your eyes"Tepig as he stopped walking.

Snivy opened her eyes and gasped.

It was beautiful.

They were on a big cliff where you could see the entire island. The ocean looked amazing with the sunset reflecting off of them. The silhouette of several wingulls can be seen in the distance.

"This is...Incredible"Snivy said on the verge of crying tears of joy that Tepig would share this with her. "Thanks you"She said hugging. "You're welcome...Now could you let go of my leg?"Tepig asked with a strained voice. "Oh sorry"Snivy said,blushing a little, as she retracted her vine. "I kinda went overboard with that didn't I?" "Meh. I don't mind. I've been constricted by an arbok so that was like a hug from a togepi.

This made Snivy laugh. Something She rarely does. Ever.

So yeah I hope you enjoyed