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Ti's the Season to Be Jolly

The first year at Beacon flew past for Team RWBY and all the other students attending the academy. It was now a week before Christmas and Yang, Blake and Weiss were busy with decorating the dorm in tinsel, mistletoe and they even put up a small Christmas tree near the window. However Ruby Rose was not in the highest of spirits of this most joyous holiday season. Sitting on her bed she looked around the room and sighed heavily.

"Geez little sis that's the tenth time you sighed today" stated Yang with a slight cheery tone. "What's eating you?"

"Nothing…Just remembering what dad told me on that day 5 years ago" she replied.

Yang slammed a box of Christmas decorations on the floor and stood up looking at her sister with her hands on her hips. Weiss who was focusing on making the room as merry as possible now paid attention to the two sisters.

"Again with that Ruby" Yang yelled. "That was 5 years ago, when will you let that go?!"

Ruby remained silent, instead of replying to the blonde brawler she simply laid down and turning her back, for she was not in the mood to argue. Yang huffed picking up the box she strode towards the kitchen/study to decorate. Weiss who observed the brief argument looked at Blake who was unaware of the sisterly feud, with a curious expression plastered on her face.

"I wonder what that was about." Weiss said returning her attention to her decorating.

"I don't know, nor do I wish to" Blake responded bluntly, although her small cat like ears twitched underneath her black bow. "But I do believe that it is best if we leave them be"

"I agree" Weiss nodded, moving on to her next task in Christmas preparation.

Ruby spent most of the day lying on her bed silently which to Weiss was rather unusual for the mostly cheerful and energetic black-red headed girl. Yang and Blake on the other hand were not so concerned of Ruby's abnormal behavior. It was mid afternoon and the dorm was now fully decorated in Christmas attire all thanks to the 3 older girls of team RWBY.

"Finally it's all done" Yang sighed as she stretched her arms. "You two want to grab something to eat because I am starving"

"What about Ruby?" Blake asked inquisitively with a curious tone in her voice.

"She is rather moody right now and I don't think she would want to come anyway" Yang shrugged.

"You don't know for sure" said Weiss who crossed her arms and gave Yang and icy stare.

"Oh I know, it is you who doesn't know" Yang growled, god how Yang loathed the white haired rich girl, her hands bunched up into fists.

Seeing this Blake interrupted the two before the argument got worse.

"I have an idea…Weiss check on Ruby and ask if she wants to join us" said Blake calmly then she looked at Yang seriously. "And as for you…"

Blake pulled Yang closer and whispered "you are going to tell me exactly everything on what happened 5 years ago or I won't let you pet my ears at all next year"

"That hardly seems fair you know" Yang pouted.

"Take your lovers quarrel elsewhere if you don't mind" Weiss glowered obviously having heard the whisper Blake had said.

"That's sounds like a grand idea, we will meet you in the cafeteria" responded Blake, grabbing Yang's upper arm she dragged the tall blond out the door.

"I sometimes forget that those two are together" Weiss muttered to herself shaking her head. She looked at the bed in which Ruby lay.

"Hey Ruby do you want to come and eat with us?"

No response came.

"Hello…Earth to dunce…You there" She said loudly.

Still no reply, usually Ruby would have retaliated at when she called her a 'dunce'.

Confused and irritated Weiss walked up to the bunk bed.

Looking over, Weiss saw that Ruby wasn't intentionally ignoring her. Ruby was in fact asleep. Ruby was hugging a cat shaped pillow against her frame, a small amount of drool dripped from her mouth; all in all she was looking rather peaceful.

From this perspective she looks rather adorable Weiss thought as a small smile crept along her lips, but it quickly vanished as Weiss began to realize what she had just thought, but she is still a dolt though. Shaking her head quickly she decided to leave Ruby alone and walked out the dorm, heading to the cafeteria.

Yes can't believe she bought that Ruby cheered mentally. Sitting up she wiped her mouth with the sleeve of her shirt. Leaping off her bed she put on her black and red combat boots, grabbed a backpack and filled it with clothes, a small tent she got last year for her birthday and Crescent Rose. Alright may as well come clean this was actually a part of a plan that would help Ruby confess to her crush, who is in fact the young heiress….Weiss.

Yang and Blake were in on the scheme too, they knew Ruby liked Weiss and wanted Ruby to be happy, but more than anything they also knew that Weiss needed a little bit of affection. They all believed that she never received much love when she was a child. So Blake, Yang and Ruby devised a plan over the course of the next week leading to Christmas day which hopefully, Ruby will be able to confess to Weiss. The plan was then called Operation White Rose.

Ruby put all of her gear on the end of her bed and went to the closet, opening it she fished out 6 Christmas presents, 2 for each member. Yang's were wrapped in yellow paper, Blake's in black and Weiss's was wrapped in ice blue. Ruby smiled when she looked at the wrapped gifts she got for Weiss, she prayed that she will like them. Picking up the gifts she placed them neatly under the small tree Yang put up. Lastly getting one of her books she ripped a page and wrote a note for the others leaving it on Blake's bookshelf.

Grabbing her gear off her bed Ruby went out the door and headed downstairs to make her way to the snow covered Emerald Forest.

Yang and Blake were sitting at a table in the corner of the cafeteria waiting for Weiss, as well as discussing how Ruby was planning to confess to the white haired heiress.

"I never understand my sister sometimes" Yang sighed. "How is that she can like someone who calls her names and makes her study her ass off?"

"Well as the old saying goes Yang, opposites do attract" Blake stated.

"I guess that's true… I mean look at us, you're quiet, mysterious and alert of your surroundings. Me on the other hand is-"

"Loud, outgoing and oblivious" Blake cut in chuckling "Yes I guess you could say we are opposites"

Yang smiled, happy to have Blake as a partner, friend and lover. She placed her hands behind her head in a relaxed demeanor.

"All we have to do now is wait for Weiss so we can eat"

As if on cue Weiss walked with confident strides into the cafeteria, making her way to where Blake and Yang were sitting. Gently kicking Yang's leg Blake signalled for Operation White Rose to continue. Looking at Weiss Yang smiled evilly.

"Oh hey Weiss, where's Ruby?"

"For your information Yang, your sister is asleep" Weiss snapped. They glared at one another.

"Now that you are here Weiss can we eat?" Blake asked, hoping that they won't end up clawing each others eyes out.

"Yes we can" Weiss responded sitting down.

Blake twitched her ears, Yang saw and nodded slightly. They knew that Operation White Rose was going according to plan and Weiss… was completely unaware of it.

Ruby loved being out in the woods, especially during winter where snow covered everything in a cold, white blanket, it looked…beautiful. But to Ruby nothing was more beautiful than her partner. She had already set her tent up and built a fire to keep warm, sitting on a log she had cut down from a tree, Ruby looked up at the sky. Grey clouds rolled in from the north promising cold winds later on in the day. However that didn't dampen Ruby's mood. As long as Operation White Rose went according to schedule nothing on earth could destroy Ruby's happiness.

"Now all I have to do is wait" Ruby smiled to herself, unsure of what to do with her time "Well I could always practice my fighting style".

Half way through the year Weiss got rather irritated with the way Ruby fought the creatures of Grimm, therefore she insisted that she teach Ruby proper foot work and fighting styles. Ruby laughed at the memory.

Picking up Crescent Rose from her tent she made her way to a smaller clearing about 5 minutes walking distance north east from her campsite. She discovered the clearing on one of her excursions in Survival Tactics class with Professor Fodder. Placing herself in the center of the clearing she triggered Crescent Rose's Scythe mode and begun attacking invisible foes using only the blade and not the gun. For Ruby knew well that if she fired a gunshot Grimm would come running for her. So she trained silently to pass the time, wondering what the other team members were up to.

"That was an awesome lunch" Yang chirped as she patted her torso, and obvious sign that she was full.

The three girls were walking back to the dorm after they had finished their lunch, however through out the meal Weiss barely touched her food and hardly made any conversation with Yang or Blake. Her mind was constantly thinking of Ruby and how she acted this morning.

"Too bad that Ruby couldn't join us" Blake said peering at the corner of her eye to see Weiss's reaction.

Weiss looked as if she was deep in thought with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Didn't you find Ruby's behavior odd this morning?" she asked.

"No not really, why? Does it unsettle you?" Yang said trying to suppress a grin, for here was Weiss being concerned about somebody other than herself.

Weiss arched an eyebrow at the blonde brawler, turning to Blake she asked.

"What about you Blake? Did you find Ruby's behavior odd?"

Blake just gave her a shrug.

"Well whatever, I'm sure Ruby will be back to her old self soon" Yang said happily.

They continued to walk through the corridors in silence; they arrived at their dorm a few minutes later. Yang opened the door and entered with Blake and Weiss following behind.

"Hey Ruby, you up" Yang called. The dorm was silent.

Blake made her way to Ruby's bed only to see that it was empty. Her ears twitched. She looked around and saw that Ruby had left the presents just like she had said when they discussed the plan.

"Looks like we have presents under the tree already, 2 for each of us if I am not mistaken" Blake pointed out twitching her ears again.

Weiss and Yang looked at the gifts. Blake was right there was 2 for each team member wrapped in their favorite colors, but to Weiss now was not the time to be thinking about Christmas gifts when Ruby was obviously missing.

"Maybe Ruby is walking around the court yard" Yang said having caught Blake's ear twitch signal, placing her hands on her hips.

"Maybe" Blake responded playing along.

Weiss stood in the middle of the room.

"Ruby has gone missing and you are acting so casual about it" She exclaimed loudly.

Blake walked to her bookshelf, giving a smile to Yang as she walked passed.

"Weiss" Blake began "You underestimate Ruby, she is a lot stronger than you think she is, she can protect herself" grabbing one of her all time favorite books Ninjas of Love, she paused and saw the paper Ruby had left. Ok what do I have to do next the black haired faunus thought oh now I remember.

"That's not the point, she is our team leader and we her team mates" Weiss protested.

"Hey what's this" Blake said turning to face Yang and Weiss holding the paper in front them.

Yang just shrugged, Weiss on the other hand stared at it with an uneasy look creeping across her features.

Yang eyed Weiss for a moment or two and decided to break the silence.

"You ok Weiss?" she asked, turning her entire body to face the Schnee girl she disliked.

"Of course not!" she yelled "Let me see that!".

Like a snake she snatched the paper out of Blake's hand, skimming over the words Ruby had written. Weiss became furious, tossing the paper aside she went to the closet to find her coat.

"Ruby is going to be studying like she has never studied before" Weiss growled.

This reaction is what Ruby, Yang and Blake had hoped for.

Yang initiated the next part of the plan…to make Weiss confess how she feels about Ruby to them….she placed a hand firmly on Weiss's shoulder.

"Weiss, why are you acting this way?" Yang questioned.

"How could I not act this way!" Weiss argued with fury "Ruby has gone to Grimm knows where and all you do is shrug your shoulders!"

Yang winced at the response as planned.

It was now Blake's turn.

"Weiss, why do you care? You have been nothing but cold and distant towards Ruby" Blake stated "Not to mention you have called her names when all she wanted was to be friends with you"

"Wha- how DARE you say that I don't care" She exclaimed red faced "Of course I care about her since the day we became partners…I am cold and distant towards her because…because…"

Weiss couldn't say how she truly feels when she was with Ruby. She liked Ruby from the very start but was jealous of her as well, she had so much freedom when she didn't. On a number of occasions throughout the year Ruby had always tried to cheer her up when she was feeling down or upset about something, but Weiss often said to her "leave me alone you dunce" or "just be quiet and go away". In the end it had hurt her as much as she knew it hurt Ruby. Her thoughts were then interrupted by Blake.

"Because why Weiss?" said Blake with narrowed amber eyes. Weiss had enough arguing, she wanted to find Ruby and celebrate Christmas with her.

"I'm cold and distant toward her because all the people I have gotten close to were kidnapped or assassinated by the White Fang, happy!" Weiss yelled finally.

Yang and Blake were in complete shock at this new information.

Weiss just went to her bed and sat down resting her head in her hands. She trembled, tears threatening to overflow.

"I…I have always liked Ruby…" she choked "it's strange because I have even developed a crush on her just recently...I'm just so worried about her"

Weiss broke, sobs shook her body.

Blake remained silent, she felt sympathetic and somewhat guilty. Yang, Blake and Ruby never thought how exactly Operation White Rose will effect Weiss and now before her and Yang was a very fragile and upset Weiss. Yang walked and crouched in front of the now sobbing heiress.

"Gee Weiss I never knew you even swung that way in sexual terms, given your position as the heir to a multi-million Lien Dust company" Yang said to her lightheartedly this time only pretending to be completely oblivious to the issue.

"Yang now is no the time for jokes" Blake said seriously. Sitting next to Weiss, Blake gently put her hand on her shoulder. "You kept Ruby at a distance, to protect her, didn't you?"

Weiss nodded meekly.

"I was never really loved as a child, my parents never had time for me...they were always away on buisness" Weiss confessed "But when this happened" pointing to her scar that went over her eye.

"They said I was weak and that as a Schnee I never should have let that happen"

Blake didn't respond. Yang took the opportunity to speak.

"Well me and Blake don't think that and neither does Ruby" Yang claimed, this plan was going rather too well in Yang's opinion. "I have an idea, Blake and I will search the school grounds and you can search near the cliffs leading to the Forever fall and the Emerald Forest" she finished.

"That's sound like a good plan" Blake agreed and stood up.

Weiss got t her feet and went back to the closet and grabbed her ice blue jacket, putting it on. She smiled at the two other girls.

"Thanks… I feel some what better after talking to you two"

The other two team members simply smiled and went to the door and left to 'search' for Ruby. Weiss left after them and saw that the two had already gone. Weiss began making her way to the cliffs near the school.

Peeking around a corner on the other end of the corridor Yang and Blake watched Weiss descend the stairs. They both went back to the dorm smiling and grinning at one another.

"Well…that was something" Yang said inhaling deeply.

"Indeed it was" Blake replied closing her eyes for a moment.

Yang looked at Blake with a mischievous grin and silently moved closer to her. Then she tackled the black haired faunus onto her bed and removed her bow, the faunus girl's eyes opened widely.

"Yang what in Grimm's name are you-" her voice trailed off into a purr for Yang was rubbing her sensitive ears.

"Curse you Yang" she muttered flatly.

"Now that Ruby and Weiss are gone, we now have 6 days entirely to ourselves, hopefully" Yang chuckled seductively as she gave Blake a nip on her neck.

A small gasp escaped from Blake's lips.

"Y-you are such a fiend" she stuttered.

"No, I'm bloody fantastic" Yang whispered in Blake's ear, she brought her face in front of Blake's blushed one and kissed her passionately.

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