mistletoe - eight x marina

Extra Notes: so, I feel really bad for writing that last one. Which is why I present you with an 'I'm sorry' gift. AU. They're all humans. AJ=Albert Junior = Number Five. So, there's some background Five/Seven, Sarah/John and Sam/Six. The last one included lyrics from the song of the same name by Big Bang. It's a good song - you should listen to it. btw guys I'm so screwed because i think i have fallen for a guy that likes my sister (it's so blatantly obvious). You'd think after it happened to me fifty other fucking times, I'd get the picture. geez.

Marina sips from her paper cup, gingerly looking around at all the other party goers. She should be here with her boyfriend, AJ, but after their fight last week she isn't even sure where they stand anymore. AJ is the epitome of a jealous boyfriend - and the fight was centered on the fact that he'd seen her briefly conversing with Sam Goode - Maren's boyfriend and a total sweetheart - when she handed him a box of streamers and christmas tree decorations for the Christmas dance committee.

All her friends are out on the dance floor, Sarah in John's arms and Maren in Sam's, and she's just standing to the side moping in her sea green cocktail dress that she swears shows way too much of her long, bony legs to look good on her. She shuffles, black laced heels making clacking sounds, and takes another gulp of the obviously spiked punch.

"Hey there," says a voice from her right.

She turns her head, bangs whipping at her face (Sarah, Maren and Ella took the most part of six hours of prep and three and a half cans of hairspray to work it into a pretty braided updo with two curled locks of hair framing her face), to see a very tall, lanky (obviously senior) boy standing there. Marina is absolutely positive he's drunk as can be from the spiked punch, so she backs away slightly. "I have a boyfriend," she immediately announces.

The boy chuckles coldly. "Doesn't matter much to me," he replies, closing in on her. She backs up further, accidentally bumping into the wall. She suddenly realizes her mistake as he cages her against the wall with his arms - he has her cornered

"It should," comes another, familiar, voice from behind the boy.

He turns his body, so Marina can see over his shoulder, and she breathes a sigh of relief.

It's Naveen, AJ's cousin. Naveen sometimes would tag along as third wheel on her dates with AJ, as requested by Marina herself, because she enjoyed his company.

"And why would that be?" asks the boy, turning to Naveen. Marina begins to shuffle out from behind him, hoping to make a run for it. Unfortunately, Naveen stops that idea right in it's tracks.

With one stride, he's reached them, and he leans over to wrap his fingers around Marina's biceps and pull her toward him, gentle as possible. He tucks her under his arm protectively. "Because I'm the boyfriend."

Marina looks up at him, eyes wide, but realizes what he's doing and decides to play along. Instead, she snuggles closer to him, one hand gripping tightly to the back of his shirt while the other brings her cup to her lips, trying to look casual.

The boy looks poised to fight for her - just for a second - before he visually gives up and stumbles away, mumbling obscenities under his breath.

"Well, I certainly expected him to fight for you a lot better. Doesn't know what he's missing, eh?" says Naveen, looking down at her.

"T-thanks," Marina stammers, awkwardly trying to draw away from him.

"Well, AJ's not around," he says, pulling her closer to him. "Just play along a little while longer. He's watching us."

Marina turns to look, and she sees that Naveen's words ring true when the boy locks eyes with her from across the room. She quickly looks away. "Oh, yeah. Okay."

"Dance with me? You looked pretty lonely - and Stan's off dancing with that new girl, Maddy," he offers.

"Oh - yeah," she replies, nodding hesitantly. She doesn't want to get approached again, but she doesn't want to embarrass herself or seem like she's straddling the fence. "That's cool. But - umm...I'm kind of bad at dancing...I'm a total kl - "

"Of course, I know," he says, "you can't be that bad. Just take my lead."

"Okay," she answers, setting her cup down on the corner of the table. What else can she say? She owes this much to him.

Naveen grins, and drags her onto the dance floor, her stumbling in her three inch heels that Maren tossed at her after viciously yelling that there was no way she was wearing fucking trainers with that dress.

Cliche as it may be, the minute they get onto the dance floor, the DJ slows down the music. In a way, Marina is glad of it. She doesn't want to have to dance to something where she'll be terribly off beat and the only thing she knows to do is the wave.

Naveen pulls her closer, and she makes a startled sound. "I love this song," he says, grinning down at her. He's teasing - she knows Naveen well enough to see that.

"Not so close," she hisses. "AJ - "

"Should be the one here with you," he interrupts, voice low so only she can here. He begins to lead her around the dance floor, so she can only follow. "I'm sorry about him, by the way. He doesn't know what he's missing. I love him to bits, but AJ is such an idiot."

There's a strange intensity that lies thick in his voice and eyes, and Marina decides not to think too much of it.

"I just - " she cuts off, hesitating. What she wants to say is that she's confused, but she knows that this dance is just something that Naveen will high five about with with Stan and the rest of the Football team, and she doesn't want to impart too much of her thoughts lest it reaches AJ.

"I know," he says, and Marina realizes, by the look in his eyes, that he really does.

Naveen has always understood her better than AJ, she thinks.

"Listen, Marina," he says. "AJ is nice and all, but I want you to be happy. And I don't think he deserves you."

Marina's throat becomes to feel slightly clogged, and she only now regrets her choice to accept his offer of a dance. Especially because the way she knew him as the only cute member on the football team before he and Stan pushed her in the closet with AJ during a prank that would jumpstart a whirlwind of events leading to their relationship. "Geez, Nav, are you trying to be his wingman? You're doing a terrible job of it."

"I think I'm supposed to be," he replies, and she feels his arms tighten around her. His voice takes on a husky quality, which makes heat rise to Marina's neck. "Marina, that time with the closet...I didn't realize until it was too late that I - "

He breaks off when a blonde cheerleader passes by, announcing the word 'Mistletoe!' to them and pointing upwards. They both look up to see that, indeed, there is mistletoe hanging above them.

Naveen looks down at her, grinning. "You wanna take a crack at it?"

Marina has never done anything for herself before. She came to this dance so Sarah and Maren wouldn't have to stay home with her while she moped about her theoretic breakup, she began to date AJ because he had this look that told her that he's been rejected by one too many girls (even though she had a crush on his cousin), and she's been taking Ballet since she was six, because Adelina has always told her that she wanted a daughter who she could dote on backstage.

But now, there is a chance for her. And she'll never know if it's a good one if she doesn't take it.

And then there's that little nagging part in the back of her mind that is clouded by alcohol - the part that makes her logical decisions and points out the repercussions of every action she has ever decided on.

"Lay it on me."