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Two cloaked figures walked down the street although they got many strange looks they were never questioned. Many wizards and witches surrounded them. They continued until they got to a wand shop. When they got in the man gave them a strange look until The Male of the two removed his hood. The man then treated them with a kind smile.

"What can I do for you Mr. Potter?"

Harry gave the man a kind smile. "My friend here needs a wand. Do you think you can help me with that?"

"Needs?" The woman said under her breath. Harry stomped on her foot as a sign to stop while they were ahead.

Ollivander noticed this and chuckled. "You enrolling in Hogwarts this year?" He asked politely as he got out his supplies.

"Yup. She's enrolling in my year." Harry said proudly.

"Where did you go before?" Ollivander asked. Harry cringed because he hadn't thought the kind old man would ask.

Thankfully the woman could think on her feet. "I didn't." He raised his eyebrow at the strange response.

"So this is your first wand right." The woman inclined her head and Harry enthusiastically nodded. "Pick out any materials that call out to you. Now I don't mean catch your eye I mean-"

"I know." She stood still for several moments until she pointed out several materials. Ollivander's eyes went wide and Harry let out a low chuckle. "What?" She asked the laughing teen. Harry only shook his head.

Ollivander picked up the material. "This will be most interesting and will take some time. If there is anything else you need go get it." The two nodded in thanks and gracefully left as Harry pulled his hood up. "Strange child." He mumbled watching them leave. He then looked at the materials. "Well I guess this will be an interesting case."

After the wand shop they next went to the bookstore. "Have fun, anything that looks interesting is yours." The woman gave him a sly smile she loved to read and had already read most of Harry's books. They spent an hour at the shop before got all of the books they needed for their classes and the woman's thirst for knowledge. When they go to the desk the man raised an eyebrow but didn't comment. They slowly walked around until they got to a 'pet store'. Harry dragged the woman in and showed her everything. None of the animals called to her.

"Excuse me." Harry said softly to the animal specialist. He again pulled his hood down to show some authority. "I need to see the ones in the back."

"There isn't anything in the back." He said as his eyes glazed over. Harry opened his mouth when his companion pulled him away.

"It doesn't matter what illegal animals are back there, and trust ne they are illegal. It's a nice thought but what ever you think is here it isn't." The specialist was watching them closely now so the woman pulled her companion out of the shop. "Anything else she mumbled." Harry looked at her for a second.

"Nothing that ever has a possibility to happen." The two teens started off towards the wand shop.

When they arrived the wand maker was waiting for them. "One Unicorn hair and Baskalisk blood wand." He said holding it out. The woman slowly raised her had up and grabbed it. The wand maker was disappointed that the hand was gloved. She grabbed it and there was a flash of silver light. The light faded but the wand remained glowing for several seconds.

"Amazing." The woman whispered.

Ollivander smiled. "That wand is the best one I have ever created. Probably because I used this technique." He whispered. Just then the door was flung open and a young man walked in. The woman smiled when she saw they way he walked as if he where royalty. Harry quickly asked Ollivander for the cost as the woman watched the young boy.

"Watch out that's Draco." Harry grumbled. The woman ignored him and gracefully walked over to him.

The woman slowly pulled her hood down as Draco glanced at her curiously. Draco gasped when he saw her. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had sparkling violate eyes that where mesmerizing. She also had long black hair and Draco couldn't help but notice that she had the most perfect lips. "Hello Draco." She said in a soft musical voice. "My name is Rea, I believe that we will be attending school together this coming year."

Draco could only nod before she gave him a perfect smile before she pulled her hood up and left. He watched lazily as she was joined by another cloaked person and left. After what seemed like a very short time he slowly pulled himself out of his musings and turned to the famed wand maker. "Who was that?" He whispered to himself. Ollivander let out a chuckled but walked into his back room as he could see Draco already turning back around to chase after her, Forgetting all about what he had came for.

He ran out and looked all around but she was gone. "A new student in my year huh." Draco walked back to where his father was waiting as he made plans of how to get her before Potter.

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