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Chapter 20

By the next morning both Rea and Satele were exhausted after spending the whole night implanting the English language in her mind, through means of a very ancient force technique that Rea would never admit to her was originally used by ancient sith lords.

Meanwhile Cedric spent his time wandering around the archives looking for more pictures to explain the history to him. He had tried going to Rea but she had been in a trance and didn't have time to tell him anything.

Once they were finished they found him and had him sit with them as they eat the rest of the rations Satele had brought with her. They had explained- in English- that they had been transmitting knowledge of the English language to Satele. Cedric didn't believe at first that she could learn that much that fast. However when Satele proved how fluent she already was Cedric believed them and reluctantly asked if he could learn the same. Rea quickly shot down the idea to his great annoyance. When he asked exactly how she, Satele, did it, Satele only smirked at him and cast a glance at Revan.

"The force" Satele said as if it explained everything. Cedric sighed and walked away to resume his deep study of the pictures archived in the temple. Satele rolled her eyes at his departure and went examine another part of the archives.

"I found it!" Revan shouted a few hours later. Satele and Cedric both ran over to her as she pointed to a Star System. "Tython is the ancient and long forgotten home world to the Jedi! Do you realise what this means?"

Satele nodded smiling. "There will be many ancient artifacts for us to learn from."

Revan stared at her blankly. "Nerd."

Cedric laughed and Satele glared at both of them. Revan sighed. "No! It means that there will be many Dark Jedi spirits. They make for great conversations."

Satele gasped. "You're right we need to get rid of those spirits!"

Revan rolled her eyes. "Yeah fine whatever. Let's get some stuff and go."

Satele nodded and went to get her stuff and report to the masters. They met up at the hangar where some of the ships had been flown in. A giant Cathar stepped out of a four person ship. "I am Private Ramr of the Galactic Republic. I will be helping you along on your journey." Revan blinked.

Cedric chuckled when he saw Rea's shock as he walked up beside her, but stopped abruptly when he took in the look of the man.

Revan saw this and smacked him in the back of the head before turning to the Cathar. "I apologize for my friend he has never seen an alien before and was shocked."

Ramr waved it off with a smile. "It's fine I get it a lot, many Cathar are looked down on because of our history." In an instant Revan's gaze turned from apologetic to murderous. At that moment a Jedi Master walked up to the group of four.

"You will be there for two months before the we start sending Jedi. After the first month you will get reinforcements that will rebuild the buildings there. Good luck." He turned to Revan and smiled. "And Welcome back lady Revan."

The man walked away and Revan's jaw dropped. She turned to Satele who also looked surprised and realised that the girl hadn't sold her secret to her masters. She turned to the Cathar who was watching her warily. "I've heard that name before." Revan threw a fist in the air.

"Ha! Take that Jolee! Three hundred years later and they still know my name!"

"Revan. Teach me Basic." Cedric commanded. Satele laughed as Revan rolled her eyes.

"So R, can I call you R? I'm callin' you R." Revan asked ignoring her two other companions.

The giant Cathar stepped up in a solute. "I am to assist you with what you need on your quest Master Jedi." He relaxed slightly and smiled. "And yes you may call me that. However might I know who your companions are?"

Satele nodded and stepped forward. "I suppose we should introduce ourselves. I am Jedi Knight Satele Shan."

Revan pushed the girl back behind her with a smirk. "I guess I'm Lady Revan. But you can call me Darth Revan on a bad day." Revan smirked as Satele slowly stepped up beside her and glared at the older woman. Both women turned slightly and stared at each other playfully as they both grasped their lightsabers.

But their focus was broken as the heard a gasp coming from the Cathar. "That is where I heard the name. You're the Sith Lord turned Jedi that ran off with that one boy… That might have been the best Holovid I have ever seen. The drama the two of you went through to be together was beautiful. Especially that final kiss you shared right before everyone got to the temple before you left. But- uh… wasn't that 300 years ago?"

Revan slowly lifted her hand as if she were contemplating force choking the man. Satele nervously laughed and pulled her arm down. "I think we should get started to Tython." Satele said quickly.

Everyone turned to look at Cedric who was glaring at them. "This is really starting to get annoying."

Revan glared right back. "Brat." She muttered as she turned back around to enter the ship. The group of three followed close behind. Satele was about to enter last when a padawan ran up to her. He held a chest that was obviously filled with artifacts.

"The masters want you to take this with you." Satele nodded and took the chest from the boy and watched as he ran back inside. Satele nodded and turned straight into Revan.

"Who is he?" She asked with a smirk. "Your boyfriend?" Satele glared at her and pushed past. She set the crate down in the main hold and went to the cockpit to help Ramr. Eventually the two got the ship into hyperspace.

Revan was behind them instantly looking offended. "Did I say something?" Satele ignored her and pretended she was doing something. Ramr noticed the tension and elected to leave the area. Revan sighed and slid into the pilot seat. "What is it? Did the Jedi say something? Because it has been a while since I took my anger out on them."

Satele glared at her and Revan looked away. "Okay. Maybe not my best joke," she mumbled.

"The council is starting to hound my family to end the whole 'better than thou act' as they call it. They say Bastila's victory and leeway should have stopped after the order was back on its feet."

Revan sat in silence. "So she got leeway for saving the galaxy?"

Satele nodded and Revan smirked. "Then I guess you will have to do the same." Satele slowly turned to face a smirking Revan. "Besides It's not your fault if I 'corrupt' the order once again." Slowly the young knight began to smile. Revan took this as a victory. "Well I told Cedric he should just leave the box alone you should go find a more secure place for it I can take care of things up here."

Satele looked at her skeptically as Revan looked over the controls. "Okay on second thought go find Ramr." The knight shook her head but complied. When she got to the hold she gave Cedric a quick glance before turning to the Cathar.

"Can you go teach her how to fly this thing?" Ramr nodded and smiled as he took off to go stop Revan before she destroyed the ship.

"I take it you got everything sorted out?" Ramr commented as he stood behind Revan.

Revan shrugged in response. "These controls are a bit different. Do you mind helping me with this?"

Ramr smiled and started pointing everything out. Mean while. Cedric and Satele were sitting together in the main room. "So… can you teach me basic?" Cedric asked.

Satele smiled and decided she may as well.

Firstly I would like to say how amazed I am that so many of you have gotten this far, as I was reading through what I had written first and was appalled at what I had allowed you poor souls to read. SO... I am fixing it! And this is why it has been taking so long. And now to hold you over I give you teasers of what will be added:

"Rea," Harry said breathlessly, "this is a second chance for us to grow up again."

Crack. "Hahahaha" Rea started laughing so hard she soon had tears rolling down her face.

"Yo, Malfoy!" Harry slapped his face and counted to four before turning

"Yes, just don't tell my wife. Those Black women are evil." A cleared throat had Lucius spinning around so fast he almost fell over

"Alright their professor?" Rea asked with an amused smile.

Rea shrugged and put her spoon down. "Honestly I didn't think they would pick my words apart so much. I was going to tell them a few minutes ago."

Harry let out a loud scream and jumped out of his seat

"I was answering fan mail," Rea hissed back.

"You have a kid you didn't tell me about Ms. Skywalker? I'm hurt." Rea playfully glared at him. "'S not like it's your kid professor."

She then pointed to Minerva, "You're being replaced, move over."

-The eldest cousin

"Don't call me-" "You really want to try that with me?" Rea interrupted with a raised eyebrow.

"Today about thirty students skipped their afternoon classes." McGonagall prompted. "Oh that's Hermione's fault." Rea told the teachers.

Revan turned around and brought her, now ignited, blade up to strike when she saw Sirius leaning on the wall with an amused smirk.

"Where is Azkaban!"

And finaly

Revan ripped off her mask and knelt by the woman. "My name is Rea Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you."

And this is only the first five chapters