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Heart Of Darkness

Mystic Falls, September 2009

Samantha Collins had watched as the Gilbert siblings had gone into the men's toilets. Without shame she walked up to the door and opened it slightly. "I gave you a summer pass, but I am done watching you destroy yourself. No, no, no, you know what? Go ahead. Keep it up. But just know that I am going to be there to ruin your buzz every time, you got it? Jeremy, I know who you are. And it's not this person. So don't be this person."

"I don't need this." Jeremy said angrily and walked out. Sam was waiting at the door for him as soon as he rushed out. Quietly she followed him to the small spot near the benches and watched him fall apart.

Brown hair flopped forward covering his hands and they held the tears in. She had seen him in that pose many times over the last two months and just like every other time, she walked over to him and brushed his hair away.

Startled, Jeremy looked up but seeing the familiar face he relaxed. "I can't do this Sammy." He choked out. "It's been months and I still see their faces every time I close my eyes."

Sam wrapped his broken form in her arms and shushed him gently. "I know Jer, I know. But we just have to keep going. It's what they would have wanted." She stroked his hair - something she knew would calm him down.

"I feel so alone Sammy." He mumbled.

"And remember what I said about that?" She asked. He nodded slightly. "Well? What was it?" She felt him chuckle slightly and smiled at the response.

"You told me that I was being stupid." He said. "You said that even if everyone I cared about left me, I would always remember them and they would always be there."

"And you're never alone Jer. Remember that."

Mystic Falls, 2012

I was furious, livid. Words could not describe the anger I was feeling but I think those summed them up pretty well. If it wasn't bad enough that they had sent Jeremy away without telling me, they had compelled me to forget him.

I marched up to the door with all intense and purpose to smash it down if necessary but goody-goody Elena came out, bags all packed and ready to go on her road trip to wherever the hell they had sent Jeremy off too.

"Sam!" Elena screeched - surprised.

"Gilbert," I hissed. "Where the fuck do you think you're going without me?" I waited for her answer but she wasn't the one to give it.

"To see baby Gilbert freak. Not that's it's any of your business." My anger grew at the sound of Damon's voice.

"Don't test me Damon." I spat. I could feel my anger growing steadily - I had to control it or otherwise pretty soon it would need a release. "I am this close to killing you. I might rethink it if I go with you."

"You can't be around Jeremy Sam. Klaus compelled you to-" It was such a shame that I wasn't allowed to kill her. Klaus was specific in those rules but it didn't mean that I couldn't scare her. Quickly - faster than Damon could comprehend - I had her pinned to the door of the car, hand wrapped around her skinny neck.

"Damon..." I heard her gasp. He made a move to help her but I hissed at him. He must have learned his lesson from the last time because he stood still.

"I told you not to test me Gilbert. I listened when you said I should stay away from Jeremy after the whole Klaus fiasco, I understood when you wanted him to leave - but then you had me compelled to forget him!"

The tears were coming on now. I let Elena go and watched as she gasped for breath. "Me, Elena!"

Elena walked over to me carefully. She was scared that I was going to attack her again but she didn't have to. I had no more energy to attack her. "I'm sorry Sam. But we didn't know what Klaus had done to you - what hold he still has on you."

"I won't hurt him Elena. I swear. I won't even talk to him if you don't want - just let me see him again." I pleaded. Some part of my mind laughed at me. Jeremy was my one weakness - he was the only one that could get a response that wasn't anger anymore. "I miss him so much."

Something in Elena's eyes changed from determination to pity, and it must have been because of my behaviour because she allowed me to go. Pretty soon we were on a plane to Denver.


"There he is." She said pointing to Jeremy. I hadn't even talked to him and I felt a little better. We had been best friends since Primary School - he had reputedly told me to call in Middle School but I would always refuse. I had my British heritage to uphold after all.

"Next time we compel him, remind me to make him better at baseball." Damon said snarkily.

"Piss off Damon. How about next time you just don't compel him?" I muttered knowing he could hear me. Jeremy was awesome at baseball. His dad had taught him. The only time he was bad at it was when he was too busy thinking about something.

"Hey, Jer." Apparently, while I had been recalling old - treasured - memories, Elena was getting straight to the point.

"Elena?" He asked. Then he turned to me and his smile got brighter instantly. It was nice to see that I still had that affect on him. "Sammy?" He asked - like he was shocked to see me. And he should have been. The last time I saw him, I had been compelled to forget him. I saw how much it had hurt him and at the time I couldn't have cared less. Now though, it broke my heart.

"Jeremy." I whispered. I ran to the entrance to the cages and sped in there. As soon as I was near him I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly. It would have been a challenge had I not been wearing heels. Jeremy had grown to around 6 foot last summer and I had been dwarfed in comparison.

"What are you doing here?" Then he must have seen Damon and instantly his smile fell. Hah! Damon had that affect on a lot of people. "What's wrong?"

Mystic Falls, May 2011

"What's wrong? Sammy? Sammy?" She was on the floor screaming in pain. Something was tearing into her - something that shouldn't be happening was happening.

She screamed again and clutched at her heart. "Sammy!"

"Make it stop! Make it STOP!" She screamed curling into herself. Alaric rushed in, hearing the screams of pain from where he was.

"What's wrong?" He asked, crouching down to hold Sam's thrashing limbs in place but she suddenly seemed a lot stronger than he was.

"I don't know. One minute she was fine and then next she was screaming in pain. What's happening to her Ric?" He asked clutching the moaning girl close to him. He could feel the panic start as he watched his best friend cry but there was nothing he could do about it.

Suddenly Sam arched. Her body making an unnatural shape just before she slumped to the ground. Unmoving. Jeremy paused for a moment still clutching her to his chest but he could feel a difference.

He couldn't hear her breathing.

"Sam?" He asked tentively. No answer. "Sam? Sammy? Wake up!" But she wasn't moving. Jeremy put a finger to her neck but he could feel no pulse.

"Don't do this to me Sam! Not you!" He begged. He began pumping her heart with his hands, trying to get it starting again. "You can't die. You PROMISED!" But there was still no response.

"Jeremy." Alaric gently took his hands away from the girl.

"No. She promised Ric. She promised she wouldn't leave me." He cried.

"It's going to be alright Jeremy. It'll be alright."

Jeremy cried into Sam's shoulder. Sam couldn't be dead - not his Sammy. She was the most dependable girl in the world. She had never let him down. Never. But now she was gone. "I'm sorry Sammy." He whispered.

Then there was a gasp. A huge living gasp and it had come from Sam.

Denver, April 2012

"Katherine sired us, Rose sired Katherine. All we need to do is find out who sired Rose." Damon explained. All the while I hadn't moved from Jeremy's side and was constantly playing with his hand.

"So you travelled across the country to get me to talk to a dead vampire?" He asked, honestly sounding a bit annoyed.

"No," I interrupted. "They travelled across country to ask you to talk to a dead vamp. I travelled across a country 'cause I missed you." Jeremy rolled his eyes but I could see the grin on his face from where I was standing.

"Dead vampire's redundant, but yes." Damon said.

"Well, I can't. I can talk to Anna and Vickie because I knew them. I've never even met Rose."

"And that's where the witch freak comes in." I felt Jeremy's hand tense but I gave it a reassuring squeeze. I couldn't be bothered to waste my time focusing on Damon. Who knew how long it would be before I saw Jeremy again.

"Rose managed to particularly piss your girlfriend over there enough that we should have a pretty strong connection."

"Let it go Jer." I told him before he replied to the remark the same way he had thousands of times.

"Fine, fine." He succumbed. "Can we do this later? My friend just got here. And yes, Damon, I actually have some. I'll call you when I'm done."

"Jer..." I had to admit, that remark stung a little. Jeremy had made friends - which don't get me wrong was a good thing, but the fact that he had so blatantly brushed me aside smarted a little.

What I hadn't expected though, was the fact that it was Kol. Kol as in Klaus' brother Kol. The one that was particularly nasty.

"Damon, it's Kol!" She didn't have enough time though because as soon as it was said, Kol had hit Damon in the face it a wooden bat. Instinctively I ran in front of Jeremy to stop him getting hurt.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jeremy asked, shocked at what he had just seen happen.

"Jeremy, get back, he's an original!" At that point I lost focus of the conversation. I focused all my energy on stopping Kol's heart in its tracks. Kol lifted the bat to hit Damon again but I concentrated harder. Suddenly, he clutched at his heart and fell to the ground - momentarily dead.

I felt dizzy. I hated to admit it but killing an Original - temporarily or otherwise - was a lot more strain on me that it was for a normal vamp. The dizziness passed quicly enough though and I was fine again.

"Did you kill him?" Jeremy asked. I think he was a bit surprised at the turn of events. I wasn't too pleased about it either. He had been sent away to keep him out of this mess. Elena, with all her omniscience had managed to put him slap bang in the middle of the second worse vampire in all of history.

"I wish." I spat.


"For the record, she's the one who wanted to stop in a motel, not me."

"Shut up Damon." I growled as I sat on the bed. I hadn't brought anything with me unlike the other two. I hadn't really planned it and I was sure that Klaus would kill me once I got back to Mystic Falls.

"So where are we?" Jeremy asked looking around the dingy room. I mean seriously, with all the money Damon had, couldn't he at least get a better room?

"Corner of somewhere, and nowhere were Kol can't find us." He answered.

"I can't believe Kol was a vampire." Was that slight sadness I heard I his voice? For his sake I would hope it wasn't.

"Well, didn't you find it weird that you made a friend so fast? Have you met you?" I turned around and punched him hard in the arm. "Ow!" He cried. "Oh yeh, there's you. Well I guess you freaks have to stick together.

"Elena. Control your pet." I told her whilst glaring at the blue eyed prick.

"Not helping Sam." She told me. Like I gave a shit."This should work. Right, Jer?"

"Yeah. It doesn't really matter."

"All right, Whoopi. What do you need, candles, incense, pottery wheel?" He did that thing with his eyebrows that made me want to wax them off.

"That's not how it works." Jeremy told him.

"I know, I know. They push from the other side and you pull from this one."

"All right," he said sitting down next to me. "You, uh, you got a picture of her?" He asked.

"I've got a picture of me wanting to strangle her," Jeremy sighed.

"All right, uh, tell me something about her." I rolled my eyes and thought of the least annoying thing about Rose.

"Fine. She was loyal. That was the one thing about her that I liked. She stayed with that guy till the end. What was his name?"

"She was like you in that way." I suppose that wasn't the worst thing I could be compared to. Especially now. "She's here." Jer informed us. On cue, Rose appeared on the bed next to Damon. This time, I could actually see the ghost, not just feel their presence.

"Is she lonely on the other side?" Elena asked.

"No. I enjoy it. I was running so much when I was alive. Now I have the freedom to do whatever I want. And thank you for the compliment Sam." She looked at me as she said it and I pretended she wasn't there.

"She says not to worry, she's happy - and she thanks Sam for the compliment."

"It's Samantha to you Rosie." I told her, smiling in her direction. Jeremy looked at me oddly but ignored it. The most he knew was that I could sense the spirits. It seemed like my powers had grown stronger. Goodie.

"Is she still hot?" A very Damon-esque question to ask. Why am I not surprised?

"Tell him he's still dripping with sex, too." Jeremy raised his eyebrows at the answer and looked at her. "Fine. Tell him I miss him."

"She misses you."

"And tell him that I'm rooting for him and Elena." He looked at Elena in confusion.

"She, uh, she misses both of you." Elena seemed pleased but I rolled my eyes.

"Yeh that's a bare faced lie Jer. But don't worry. I won't tell." This time the weird look came from Elena but once again, I didn't give a flying monkey.

"Unfortunately I don't have any news on the siring front. Klaus didn't sire me. No original did. It was Mary Porter."

"She was sired by someone named Mary Porter."

Damon seemed to recognise the name because his eyes sparked with interest. "Ahh, scary Mary. Well, where is she, Rose?"

"I didn't keep track of her when I was alive, much less now. Tell them to sit tight. Relax. I'll see what I can find out." Then Rose was gone.

"Well that was anti-climatic." I said in a bored tone. Jeremy gave a look. "What's that look for?" I asked.

"Careful Sammy. You're starting to sound like Klaus." There was that concern I had thought he had lost. Apparently, he was allowed to be worried about me but it was not mutual on both parts. So not fair.

"Must be his compulsion." I shrugged.

"What?" He asked. "What's Klaus done to you?"

"Seriously?" I asked Elena. "Do you not talk to your brother?"

She gave me a look that clearly stated 'don't go there' but I didn't care. Finally she answered. "Just before you left, we found out that Klaus knew the reason why Sam is the way she is. He took her-"

"Kidnapped was more like it." I interrupted.

"- and then he compelled her. To forget about you and to do as he says." His eyes cleared as he realised why I had treated him the way I had the last time we had met.

"But why are you so different?" He asked. I looked away. I didn't like him looking at me like that; like I was broken. Maybe it was because I was.

"I'm Sired to him." I said quietly. Jeremy blinked in shock and I wrapped my arms around myself. "After you left, I found my dad. He was a Warlock." We had already known that - my mother had sent me to Mystic Falls to figure it out. That was done with the help of Bonnie's grandma.

"But my mother met with Klaus while she was pregnant with me. She ingested some of his blood and that transferred to me."

"What happened?" He asked gently. I swallowed the pit in my throat before I continued. Jeremy, seeing my discomfort wrapped his arms around me. His closeness gave me the strength I needed to carry on. Some distant part of me registered that Elena had walked out the door and it reminded me to thank her for that later. I hadn't told them this bit.

"Nature needed a balance. Klaus was a werewolf/vampire hybrid so it created a witch strong enough to kill him." I felt his arms tighten. "I was a still birth. But Klaus had been feeding my mother his blood and…you can guess what happened. I came back.

"But the witch side fought and won. The vampire side was dormant - until the sacrifice. We didn't know it at the time but that pain that I was feeling, the wrongness I felt afterwards, it was my vampire side."

"But how are you sired to him?" He asked softly.

"It was Klaus' blood that turned me - he held some control over me. It's almost like his hybrid's but this Siring seems to stem from love." He looked at me confusedly so I explained. "The more I love, the easier it is for him to control me."

"Then why did he compel you to forget me."

"He thought it was the other way around. By the time he took it off, you had already gone." Jeremy was my one weakness - literally. But he was also my strength. I didn't know what was more ironic. "Klaus knew that I couldn't turn it off. The witch part wouldn't let me, so he threatened your safety."

He grabbed me into a tighter hug - like he never wanted to let go. And honestly, I didn't want to."Don't so that Sammy. Not for me."

"Don't you get it Jer. You're the only one I would do that for." I brought his head up and looked him in the eyes. I could see the confusion and the want to help me swirl through them and I hoped he could see my love for him in them.

"I love you Jeremy. And not like a best friend. It killed me to see you with Bonnie and Anna. I got so jealous. But I didn't tell you because you needed a friend - but I'm telling you now. I've never loved anyone before and honestly it's fucking scary but there it is. I love you Jer."

For the first time, I noticed that his arms were built to perfectly fit around me. It made me feel safe and loved. My hand slowly grazed up his back and found itself nestled in the back of his hair. Still though he hadn't said anything. I felt my heart drop and I closed my eyes.

I looked down and began to move away from him but he caught my had just before I could let go. I froze and opened my eyes to stare at him. He looked at me. It was that intense look that I knew he got when he was about to do something. His clear chocolate eyes were swimming with an emotion that I, for the life of me couldn't describe.

And then his gaze fell to my lips.

My breath hitched in my throat and I instinctively moved closer. All I could think about was the way he was looking at me. Such an intense stare that it burned its way into my broken soul and threatened to make me love him even more than I already did.

His hand brushed away my raven curls and rested on my cheek. I licked my lips that were suddenly dry and moved forward.

We were inches apart. He was so close that I could feel his minty breath on me. He had been chewing gum.

Slowly, he leaned his head in closer to mine and could feel my heart quicken. I leaned in, closer and closer - our lips almost touching.

"Well isn't this cute." Damon's voice rang out through the too still room and startled us. I jumped away and grabbed my coat, heading out the door and down the stairs quickly.

"Sammy!" I heard Jeremy call but I ignored him. God what was I thinking? I couldn't let this happen. Jeremy would be in so much danger if I did this and Klaus would have another thing to threaten me with.

I sat on a bench and covered my face with my hands. I couldn't do this.

I was already in too deep with Jer, but maybe I could stop him. It wouldn't hurt so much later on when someone good for him - someone human came along. Jeremy deserved a normal life. The fact that he had gotten away was indication that he could have a normal life.

A buzzing from my pocket indicated that I had a text. Found Mary. Sending you the address. Need to talk. Jeremy.

I groaned as I typed out the reply. Meet you there. S


"This is the address."

"Looks about right." The house was shabby and looked dirty even from the outside.

"Yeh, I'm not going in there With my luck I'll catch tetanus." Elena looked from me to Jeremy.

"Wait here with Sam." She told him.

"Why? So you guys can make out some more?" I looked at him surprised. That was news to me. Obviously, more had happened since I had left that I realised.

"Don't be a dick." Damon ordered. "Listen to your sister."

"Don't be a prick Damon. He has a point." Damon glared at me and I ignored it. Even with my resolution, it was hard not to defend Jeremy. It was like an automatic response.

Unfortunately that automatic response left me with Jeremy all alone after a somewhat awkward situation. And he had to be the only decent guy in the world - which was very annoying - he wanted to talk.

"Let it go Jer." I said tiredly but he shook his head.

"I can't Sam. You told me that you loved me." I shut my eyes tightly. I really didn't want to do this now. I didn't have the energy.

"We can't do this now Jer. If Kol finds us, my concentration needs to be on him okay?"

"What? So you can save my sister? So you can help her and Damon?" Oh her was angry now. Two could play at hat game.

"I don't think you understand Jeremy. Klaus is my Sire which means three things. One, I can't let Elena die or I get killed and two, everything that I've done, I've done for you so don't try and pull that card with me Gilbert. Now shut up!"

He knew when I was in this mood it was better to listen to what I was saying. Besides, he still looked angry and anger was safer for him than love at the moment. If Klaus was killed and I didn't die then by all means. But till then…

A loud crash sounded from inside the house.

I had a pissed off Original to deal with.


I was sitting in the back of the car after this horrible day. Jeremy was coming home though so I suppose it was a good thing. Bad news, Mary god-knows-her-name was killed - probably by Kol so they don't know who created that bloodline. More bad news, Jeremy was now in terrible danger. Plus, he wanted to talk. Still.

He was beside me now, well I had a window seat and he had the other. I closed my eyes and wished that I could just fall asleep till we got home. Luckily for me, my wish was granted.

Jeremy's POV

I watched Sammy fall asleep. She always did in the car; something about the motion making her feel calm.

We had been through so much together. That was before any of the supernatural stuff had started. She was my best friend - she still is. Now though…I was sure that I loved her. As a friend and as more but before anything I wanted to be sure.

So much had happened to her that I didn't want to hurt her anymore that she was. It wouldn't be fair to her.

"Are we there yet?" I jumped at Rose's voice. "Don't tell them I'm here. They had a fight. I know you want to stop it. Protect her from it. But you're young. You don't see what I see. It's not just that she makes him a better person. She does, but... he changes her, too. Damon challenges her. Surprises her. He makes her question her life. Beliefs. Stefan is different. His love is pure. And he'll always be good for her. Damon is either the best thing for her, or the worst."

She could be right but I didn't think she was. One thing was for sure though; Damon was definitely changing my sister. I just didn't know if it was for good.

"Oh and Jeremy," I turned to look at her. "You definitely love Sam. I'm dead and even I can see it. Just, don't wait too long to tell her. A girl needs to hear these things." She vanished after that and I was alone with a feuding Damon and Elena and my thoughts about the vampire/witch hybrid sleeping beside me that I was pretty sure I was in love with.