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"Here, make yourself useful" my father said gruffly, handing me a mountain of papers "It's a list of Fives from: Whites, Bonita, and Carolina. Pick one from each so the completion doesn't look so rigged."

I took the papers and left as quickly as I could, sure it meant I probably would stay up all night doing this, but it also spared me from yet another meeting about the Selection, a subject I tried not to think about

I walked to my room and had to resort to asking a passing maid to help me with the door, from her uniform I could tell she was from the group chosen to wait on the Selected, her nametag said Lucy

After setting the forms down in three stacks I turned and looked longingly at my shelf at cameras and the out the balcony, wishing I could go outside and take pictures of the currently setting sun. But I forced myself to sit down and start to sort

Whites and Bonita were easy I, pick a girl that looked ridiculously plain and another that defiantly didn't look like a princess, at least I had the decency to feel bad about it, it wasn't her fault that she probably wouldn't get picked to be a One purely based on her looks

Carolina was a bit harder, mostly because it was well past midnight so the girls all seemed to blur together. Two of them really stood out, twins with black hair and green eyes, but they were Sixes. They probably got here because they were pretty enough to be Threes; it was refreshing to see that there were still flaws in the system. But in end I didn't pick them, I couldn't risk father's wrath at me and one of them if she ended up coming here.

I was down to the last ten and losing hope, if one of these girls wasn't memorable in one way or another then I was just going to have to pick at random. Right when I was ready to call it a night I glanced down at the last entree, America Singer it said, and I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that someone with that name would think they had a chance, still grinning I turned the picture over.

The girl staring back at me had hair like fire and eyes like water, I immediately knew I'd pick her. My eyes quickly skimmed over the rest of the things the form said and thought that even Father would be impressed. She played almost all the instruments and spoke several languages, which, for a Five, was impressive. To top it all off, in her picture she look completely head over heels in love

I could only pray it was with me

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