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"you were made to be ruled…" the voice, smooth as velvet and as sharp as a dagger hissed. Jim turned around slowly, not showing how shocked he was that someone had just appeared in his flat without him being aware of it or without prior notice. A tall man, almost as tall as Sherlock, stood in his living room.

clothing clearly not from around here, make not know, clearly custom. helmet, some sort of individualization, not from this era, also custom. scepter, glowing, holding some sort of energy, not electronic, no wires, no chip or battery that would be powering it, conclusion; used as a physical weapon and as an energy based judging by the slight blast marks around the area around the blue gem. vice sounds british, but he clearly speaks as if he is above humanity as if he is not human. so conclusion, he is not human. the horned helmet and manic face could only be placed to one person. Loki, the Norse god. and wants to rule. becouse of power? now, the bruises under his eyes, and stiffness of his movements show recent injury, clearly torture. so, he is being coerced. the man

oh this will be fun.

"And how, my dear Loki, do you figure that?"

The man grinned (clearly hiding his shock of being known)

" you crave subjugation, you walk around like ants with no leader and no direction, you need a leader, you need to have a king. i have watched you, James Moriarty (Jim Twitched) and i have come to the conclusion we would be great together. ruling this place. your genius mind is wasted on you so called rival, and you wast your attentions on him then rather the big picture-"

"And what would that would be?" Jim growled, not liking anyone telling him how to run his web.

Jim giggled internally.

I'm bloody well gonna be caught in Loki's web soon…

But Jim wouldn't go down without a fight.

"I am sincerely sorry my dear, I'm afraid gallivanting around in leather trousers and armour is not my idea of fun. Toodles!" Jim giggled insanely at the end.

Loki prowled over to Jim, reaching out with his staff, and placing on his chest, just above his heart. an ice cold feeling filled him, and his eyes turned black, then a shining blue.

Loki smirked.

"we could be kings, you and I. what do you think?"

Jim smirked, his newly blue eyes flashing.

"Honey, you should see me in a crown."

laufeyjorson is my other account, so this is not copied.