A/N: Alternate ending to "And We Continued On to Our Own Happy Ending", but can be read on its own!

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Blaine POV:

Okay, calm down. You have a valid excuse to ask him to sing a flirty song with you. As long as he doesn't research the topic…

"Hey, Kurt, you got a minute?" I asked him, setting the radio down as he nodded. "So, every year I do the Westerville Christmas Spectacular, and this year I got "Baby, Its Cold Outside". I remember you humming that song today. I was hoping to have you practice with me?" I asked him, hopeful.

"Anything to have me stop reading about Charlemagne." Kurt said, closing his book.

Throughout performing the song, we both floated around the room, lightly flirting.

If only you knew the real reason I wanted to sing with you. Blaine thought.

"Well, for the record, you are much better than that girl is going to be." I tell him, wishing I could just muster up the courage to tell him how I really feel.

I love you.

But I cant, because he has a boyfriend.

Kurt POV:

Gosh Blaine, why can't I just tell you how I really feel?!

"Okay, well, time to get back to studying, thanks for that little break." I tell him, hoping he gets the hint to leave, and he does.

Once he leaves, I promptly use my textbook to hit my head.



What is wrong with you?! He has a boyfriend! You saw them looking cozy at the mall!

Okay, that's it. This "being in love with Blaine" has really taken its toll.

I'm telling him. After Rachel's party…

Little steps.

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