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Blaine POV:

While I was "sleeping", I thought of ways to woo Kurt. But it was true, I was horrible at romance. The only thing that I could think of was serenading him, but that wasn't a big romantic jester, as I did that in the first five minutes I had met the guy.

But, that was with just The Warblers, not both The Warblers and New Directions.

Which would be perfect!

I would just have to do it in Dalton, I don't want Kurt getting any backlash from my idea. It would be on a weekend, a closed weekend, which would make sure Kurt was here, and people could still come, we just can't go off campus.

But what could I sing? I didn't want Kurt getting the wrong idea… Maybe I should get a second opinion on this.

After Kurt fought with his dad, which made me feel terrible by the way, seeing as it was indirectly my fault, I decided to get up, over-playing my hangover.

Come on, it wasn't that bad. Warbler parties are so much crazier than that party. Plus, Wevid and Niff love spiking anything that looks even remotely drinkable.

"Alright, Mr. Drink-anything-in-sight, how are you feeling? Kurt asked, opening up the blinds in his room, effectively making my hangover worse.

I didn't have to over-play the moan coming out of my mouth as I threw my arms over my eyes.

"Okay, when you feel like getting up, I left aspirin and water on the bedside table. You can use some gel to cement down your hair like always, or not." Kurt tells me as he leaves the room.

I take the aspirin and water (I don't think I can love him more right now.), and call Wes and David.

I really needed some help.