Hey Everyone, I wanted to write down some story that have been in my mind for a while and wanted to share at the same time. First of all, i'm a pervert so for now all my work will be adult theme and pretty much about all my sexy fantasies but not yaoi or yuri or anything like that but i'll try to be the more explicit as possible, if you dont like, dont read, i'm not forced to do this, this for you pervert people. I'm sorry in advance for some possible bad english cause i'm not english, and i have really hard time with verb conjugation but i'll do my best i swear, so try to enjoy the story at your best and don't kill me please.

For now , i'll go littleand simple since it's my first time, so please don't be to harsh on me. Your free to criticize te way you want to improve the stories. But my goal is to be the most original possible, not that i don't like other stories, but some stuff became repetive like; insta coma after every little orgasm, the to nice and fluffy main character, cliché stuff, etc. They are good stories though. Well now, enough of presentation and let's get moving.