Gha, finally X_X. I'm very glad that I'm done with this story. Not that I didn't like doing it, but I kind of lost interest in it mid way. You will probably feel it with the slightly rushed ending. Anyway, now that I'm done, I can get back to only focus on my other story. Rest assured, I'll continue with my one-shots on this while occasionally posting, but it will just not be my priority for a while (Or until I regain my sudden interest in monster girls). Hope you liked and see you next time.

With Leeron on Obscuria's back again, they both were walking through the ruins of the possibly ancient city and were carefully approaching the place where they left Caïra to fight the manticore alone. When they arrived, they saw a few blood stains all over the ground and craters in the dirt, meaning that they were fighting pretty intensely.

"Do you think… she's okay?" Asked the nightmare as she and Leeron were looking around.

"I'm not too worried about her, she's strong. But now the problem is to figure out where she went off. Surely she took a break after kicking that monster's ass."

Continuing their walk, Leeron then noticed a blood trail that was noticeably hidden throughout the ruins.

"I think we may have found her already." Said Leeron before pointing out the blood trail to Ria.

After nodding, she began to follow the trail for a few minutes until they finally found a resting salamander. She was sitting with her back against a wall and was holding the shoulder where a shoulder armor piece should have been. Despite having a slightly bloody arm, she didn't seem to be that injured.

"Resting already?" Said Leeron when they stopped a few meters in front of her.

She rose her head, as if he had just awakened her from a nap.

"Eh, I wonder how you would have looked like if you had fought that bitch." She defiantly said.

"See Ria? Told you she won't get beaten that easily."


"Damn right I won't." She proudly said with a slight blush.

"Nothing can beat a salamander… ow." She said while raising a fist of her injured arm, before feeling the pain.

"You okay?" Asked Leeron while getting off Obscuria.

"Don't worry about me, she just managed to get a lucky shot on my shoulder and broke my shoulder pad, that's all."

"Let me see." He asked before kneeling towards her.

"I'm fine, don't worry."

"Maybe you are, but I want to be sure. You're never too careful with that pride of yours."

"I said I'm fine, okay?"

"Let. Me. See." Commanded Leeron.

Seeing that he won't shut up until she did as she was told, she sighed before withdrawing her hand from her wound.

"Whoa, it's a bit worse than I thought." Said Leeron when he saw three cuts that were rather deep.

"See? I'm fine, it's even not bleeding that much anymore anyway."

After standing up, Leeron the turned towards the nightmare.

"How agile are you with that scythe Ria?"

"It's… not exceptional, but I can defend myself pretty well with it. Well… when I'm not facing a powerful manticore." She shyly said.

"Would you be able to shorten my shirt a bit?" He said while showing her the base of his shirt.

"… I guess I can." She answered when she got what he meant.

Making her scythe appear, she then backed up a bit and give a pretty quick scythe strike close to Leeron without touching him. A second later, a piece of the base of his shirt then fell down, which was cut to the side, making it look like a bandage.

"Thanks dear." He said before taking it.

"No problem." Said Ria while making her scythe vanish.

"… You can be quite annoying when you want to." Said Caïra when Leeron kneeled in front of her.

"You saved me Caïra, it's the least I can do. And I think it's not the first time."

Looking at him for a moment, she then finally complied.

"… 'sigh' whatever, do what you want." She said before removing her hand again from her wound.

"Thanks Caïra." He said before he started to envelop the wound under the improvised bandage.

"… Why were you here anyway?" He asked while doing his job.

"Eh, for a prime, what else?"

"Here, in the middle of nowhere?"

"Do you know how much people are willing to pay for manticore's venom? With a little sample, I could live comfortable for a few years."

"Oh, if only I've known that."

"You would have come here to fight the manticore yourself?"

"Why not?" Joked Leeron.

"Ah, nice one. You might as well have come here to nicely ask her for the venom. That would have had a higher chance of success." Mocked the salamander.

"You're underestimating me?"

"Not really, I just know how easy it is to kick your ass."

At that, Leeron then tightened the bandage a bit just to hurt the salamander lightly.

"Ow, you fucker." Angrily cursed Caïra.

"That will teach you."

"Tss, expect me to get right back at you for that."

"Sure." Said Leeron while rolling his eyes.

"Did you at least manage to get what you wanted?"

"Unfortunately no. That coward fled when I almost grievously wounded her, so I couldn't get that venom from her. It's harder not to kill."

"Better luck next time then."

"Eh, that's dead for me, since she would never want to fight me again. She will just hide the moment she sees me."

"… Well, if we see each other someday, maybe I could help you with that."

"How? You will do the bait?"

"You didn't hesitate last time."

"… Well, you sure are good at that. But with the slim chance that we met again, it will be better to forget about it."

"Well, after I'll get back home, maybe I can visit you."

"Good luck with that, I don't really live anywhere."

As Leeron finished wrapping the bandage, he looked at her quite curiously.

"You mean… you have no place to live?"

"Don't need to. I'm always after a bounty or something like that. Being always on the move is what keeps me in touch with new opportunities."

"… Never thought of, settling down?"

"Where? Besides you… I don't really know a lot of people. Which are not as nice as you anyway."

Leeron then turned towards the nightmare, at which she slightly, albeit reluctantly, nodded at him.

"It's better that way anyway." Said Caïra with a rather sad tone.

"… And what if I know a place where you can live comfortably for the rest of your life?"

"… You… know of such a place?" Asked the salamander, a bit skeptical.

"Well… it happens that I know a few peoples that could help you with that." Said Leeron with a small grin.

"… If you are trying to bullshit me, you will be sorry that I have claws on the foot that I'll kick your ass with."

"I'm not. If you want it that is, then I'm more than pleased to welcome you to my home village."

"Your… home village? The one that…"

"I was trying to save with my journey? Yes."

"Will… they really accept me?" She said with a slight hint of hope in her eyes.

"I'm sure they accept another fighter in there, especially a strong one."

"Wait… you mean that there are other fighters like you in there?"

"Haven't I told you already? It's a small village that specialises in martial arts."

"… Well… it does sound appealing." Said the monster girl, still not sure.

"You also will get the chance to meet my master."

"Your master? Is he strong?"

"Is a human having the reputation to outpower a few monster girls strong enough for you?"

At that, Caira's eyes then widened before quickly standing up.

"Okay, it's settled. I'll come live with you." She fervently said.

"Happy to hear." Said Leeron before standing up as well.

"What are we waiting for then? Let's go."

After turning around, she only made a step before falling on one knee.

"Would you take a ride?"

Turning her head, she then looked at the human that was pointing at the nightmare.

"No thanks." She said while standing up.

Taking a few more steps, she then fell again on the same knee.

"You don't even know where you're going."

"Then go in front of me."

Sighing, Leeron then walked beside her and pushed her, making her fall on her side.

"What the… what's your problem?" She said, a bit angrily.

"See? You can't stand correctly. Stop being stubborn and let us help you already." He said before offering his hand.

Alternatively staring at the human and the nightmare, the salamander then realised that she was now the dead weight.

"… 'sigh' Fine." She said before taking his hand.

"I hope you have strong butt cheeks because you're about to get three claw printed on them." She defiantly said.

"Don't worry with that, they are."

After Obscuria moved next to them, she began laying on her belly so Caïra could easily get on her back despite her wound.

"Thanks Ria, I really appreciate that."

"No problem. She's a friend of yours, a hurt one at that, so I can't just do nothing."

"What a kind monster girl you are." He said, making her blush quite heavily.

Then, to her surprise, Leeron grabbed her cheeks and gave her a quick kiss on her lips, making her eyes widen in surprise.

"Looks like someone deserved a reward." Softly said Leeron.

"Hey, are we moving or I'll have to see you two getting on it?" Said the salamander, getting impatient.

"Would you calm down a little, you're worse than a kid." Said Leeron before he himself got on the nightmare's back.

"Ah, says the weak human."

After a moment of processing, Obscuria then stood up on all of her hooves.

"You better grip on me if you don't want to fall." Said Leeron to Caïra.

"Eh, like hell I'll need…"

Before she had the time to finish, Obscuria began to walk towards the exit of the ruins, making Caïra almost fall. To prevent that, she had to grab the human's sides.

"You could have warned me horse girl." Complained Caïra.

"… Leeron did." Said Obscuria defiantly.

"… Are you…"

"She's right Caïra. It would have been fun though."

"You know that's not a good idea to get on my bad side if I'm about to live next to you."

"Eh, I'm always full of bad ideas."

After Caïra rolled her eyes, they then stayed silent a moment while the nightmare was now leaving the place.

"So Leeron, where do you want to go first?" Asked Ria.

"I need to go see a friend of mine in the north-west of here. She will help us to move Kira."

"Okay. Where is it?"

"Let me show you." Said Leeron while taking out his map.

"Who is Kira?" Asked Caïra, not sounding pleased.

"Another friend of mine. She will be the blacksmith of the village from now on."

"A blacksmith? That could be handy."

After Leeron showed the location on the map to Ria, he put it away again.

"Indeed. She could even make you a stronger sword."


"Yeah, it's a cyclops monster girl."

"… Wait… how many girls do you plan on bringing to that village?"

"Why do you ask? If I didn't know you, I could have taken it as jealousy."

"I'm not jealous." Protested Caïra a bit more than she should have.

"I'm just hoping that not too many girls would get in my way."

"Your way for what?"

"… N-nothing. Forget it." She said, sounding a bit embarrassed.

"Whatever you say 'hot' girl." Said Leeron, making Obscuria giggle a bit.

"Pfffss." Huffed Caïra.

After they left the manticore's lair, the three of them then travelled across the continent to get back to that gitan village that Leeron has already visited. After a few days, Caïra was pretty much healed and insisted on walking besides them. Passing by some villages, cities and settlements along the way, Leeron took those opportunities to buy some new clothes while Obscuria went for supplies from time to time. Now, with Leeron being broke, they pretty much had to rely on Caïra to buy them things, at which she wasn't pleased at first, but finally went with it. After almost a month of traveling, Leeron has bought warm clothes when they felt the weather getting colder and were only a few days away from the gitan village. Since she had fur, Obscuria didn't mind the cold that much and Caïra insisted on the fact that mere cold won't stop her and that she doesn't need them. When they arrived, Leeron began to pass besides some inhabitants and their mobile houses.

"Still okay over there Caïra?" Asked Leeron to the half-naked salamander.

"W-what are you talking about… I-I'm perfectly fine." She said while slightly shaking from the coldness.

"Told you it was cold over here. But no, miss stubborn told us that cold wasn't affecting her." Mocked a bit Leeron.

"Shut up. It's just part of my training."

"Just make sure your breasts don't fall off from the cold."

"Eh, that would be a shame since you always love to play with them when we do it." She said while crossing her arms in a way to make her breasts more visible.

"I can't deny it."

"Hehe." Chuckled Caïra with a wide smile.

"Mister Leeron? Is that you?"

Turning his head, Leeron was greeted by the woman he traveled with a couple days before with that monster girl, who was inside the mobile house.

"Hey, nice to see you again."

"Same here young man, but I wasn't expecting to see you so soon."

"Yeah, me too."

"I know someone that will be very happy to see you again."

"You mean Suzy?"

"Yup. After you left, she was feeling a bit sad. Seeing you will cheer her up a lot."

"I'll gladly do that."

"Wonderful. Follow me."

Turning around, the woman then headed to her house with the three of them tailing her.

"What brings you here?" Asked the woman.

"Actually, I'm here because I need a little favor from you."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"I was wondering if someone here could help me move)a friend of mine somewhere else."

"Move? You mean like carrying his stuff?"

"Exactly. And she's a blacksmith, so I'm sure she will have a couple of things."

"Hmmm, I'm sure that we can work something out."

"Thanks a lot."

After a few minutes, they all arrived in front of the mobile house that Leeron recognised as Suzy's before Leeron jumping down from the nightmare.

"… Suzy? You have visitor." Said the woman after knocking on the door.

"… Who… is it?"

"Someone that I'm sure you'll be happy to see again."

After hearing faint gasping, Suzy then unlocked the door before opening it a little, peeking outside.

"Hi Suzy." Said Leeron after seeing half of the Cu Sith.

"… Leeron!" She exclaimed while bursting the door open and jumping into the human's arms

"Eheh, happy to see you again too." Said Leeron while returning the hug.

"I… thought that I'll never see you again." She happily said.

"Come on now, I would at least come to visit you."

"Really?" She said after breaking the hug and looking at the human with slightly watery eyes.

Then, Leeron noticed what she was wearing, a very light pyjama that wasn't a lot of things.

"Aren't you cold in those clothes?"

Suddenly, the Cu Sith realised that she had exited her house half naked in front of Leeron and two strangers.

"… KHYAA!" She exclaimed before covering herself and dashing inside the mobile house, coming back a few seconds later to close the door when she realised that she had forgotten to do so.

"She indeed was really excited to see me again."

"I think even a bit more than I thought at first." Commented the woman.

After a minute of waiting, Suzy then opened the door again and passed it with clothes that were covering her a bit more.

"S-sorry about that." Said Suzy while avoiding everyone's gaze.

"Don't worry Suzy, I'm sure that Leeron enjoyed it." Said the woman with a grin.

"What? I…"

"Aha, I'm sure he did." Added Caïra while laughing a bit.

"We should check if he's hiding an erection right now."

"Not really the time Caïra." Said Leeron, a bit embarrassed.

"He's right Caïra, we are here because we need help." Said Obscuria.

"All of you are no fun." Said Caïra, crossing her arms, whilst a bit upset.

"You need help… from me?" Asked Suzy, a bit puzzled.

"Actually Suzy, Leeron was wondering if he could use your house to help a friend of his to move to another location." Said the woman.

"Yeah, yours or another one if you're not comfortable with it."

"My house? T-to go where?" She shyly asked.

"I'm moving my friend to my home village."

"Your… h-home village?" She said, interested.

"Yeah, it's quite far away from here but we will pay you for the trouble if you want."

Suzy then looked at the woman.

"Isn't that nice Suzy? If you lend him your home, you could travel with him for a couple of days, or maybe weeks."

Suzy's eyes then widened in surprise before looking at Leeron.

"That… could be nice… indeed." She shyly said while looking away.

"Great. We have the carrying vehicle. Can we leave now?" Told Caïra, starting to shake a bit more.

"S-sure. But…" Said Suzy, looking a bit nervous.

"Yes?" Said Leeron, wondering what she wanted to say.

Unable to look into Leeron's eyes for more than a few seconds at a time, she then turned towards the woman before whispering into her ear.

"You sure about that Suzy?" Asked the woman, looking a bit surprised.

"What is it?" Asked Leeron after she nodded.

"Suzy was wondering if she could stay with you at your home village when you will be back."

"Is… that true Suzy?"

Suzy then shyly nodded while looking away.

"Well… if it's really what you want and if you're ready to leave this place, then why not."

Immediately after his last word, Suzy jumped into Leeron's arms again.

"Thank you." She said with a strong hug.

"N-no problem Suzy. Friends of mine are always welcome to my village.

"Khraa." Growled Caïra, not into romantic stuffs.

"It settled then. Let me just see if there is a horse that we can give you."

"No need to, I'll carry it." Proposed Obscuria.

"You sure Ria? I mean, the house itself looks pretty heavy, and that's without all of the metal that Kira surely plans on putting in there.

"Don't worry, centaurs are naturally stronger than normal horses."

"Makes sense, since you're able to carry Caïra's huge ass." Said Leeorn, wanting to tease the salamander.

"Say that again and you will see what my huge ass can do to you." She angrily said.

"Hehe just kidding Caïra, your butt is perfect."

"You better."

"Well then, you should leave before your friend here freezes to death." Said the woman.

"Eh, the cold is nothing." Proudly said Caïra, despite her shaking a bit.

"We should indeed." Said Leeron.

With that, Leeron helped the woman to attach the cart to Obscuria while Suzy proposed to the salamander to warm up inside her home. She wanted to sound reluctant, but oddly, she accepted the proposal rather quickly. When they were all set, they all said goodbye to the woman before Obscuria began to head towards the outside of the village with Leeron on her back.

"… Where to now?" Asked the nightmare when they were outside.

Taking out his map again, Leeron then moved it in front of her.

"Here." He said while pointing at the city where Kira was living.

Nodding, Obscuria then headed towards the city where they could find the cyclops. It took them roughly a couple of weeks to reach the said city. When the weather got warmer, Caïra began spending most of her time walking beside Obscuria outside, talking together sometimes. From time to time and since he knew that Ria had company, Leeron went inside the giant house to see Suzy. However, it took her a few days before she was comfortable enough to get intimate with Leeron again. Like the last time, she was the soft and gentle type, which was changing a bit for Leeron. Ria sure was gentle too, but lately she had taken a liking into getting a bit rougher, especially since she now knows Caïra, which made Leeron wonder what kind of conversation they had. As for Caïra, well, it was Caïra, the usual wild and beastly monster girl he used to know. When they finally arrived at the city, Leeron jumped off from the nightmare so he could guide her through the city. Since the inhabitants weren't used to see a small group with a giant house, the group attracted quite a lot of attention. Obviously, Caïra was the one to shoo them off.

"There it is." Said Leeron when they stopped in front of Kira's house.

However, the house seems to be in a worse condition than the last time. Going in front of the door, Leeron then knocked on the door.

"I can't take another request now. So please, go away." Said a slightly angry voice on the other side.

"Kira? It's me, Leeron."

After hearing a few metallic object fall on the ground, he heard footsteps coming towards the door before being opened, revealing a cyclops behind.

"Leeron? I was starting to wonder if you would really come."

"Sorry. But you have to admit that you live pretty far away."

"Well, I guess traveling across the continent does take time."

"Yup. And I also kept my promise and brought transportation." Said Leeron before pointing at the giant house.

"Will it be big enough?"

Kira then inspected the mobile house for a moment.

"I may have to leave a few useless things here, but it would mostly all get in if you don't mind being squeezed by weapons and metallic objects."

"We can walk outside. Ria, mind having Suzy on you for the rest of the travel?"

"Of course not. She's such a nice girl." Happily agreed the nightmare.

"Ghaa, if only you heard the conversation that they had. Boring as hell." Commented Caïra in a desperate tone.

"Everything is not about sex Caïra." Said Obscuria.

"Eh, if you ever come up with something more awesome than that, besides fighting, then I'll gladly hear it."

"Hmpf." Huffed Obscuria.

"Will you stop fighting for once girls?" Said Leeron, a bit annoyed.

"Are they always like this?" Asked Kira.

"Not always, just when it's really not necessary."

"… Look like the travel will be slightly eventful."

"Hope you have lots of patience."

"Perhaps you didn't notice, but I'm not the very emotional type of girl."

"And boom, a burned human, ahaa." Said Caïra before laughing.

"Whatever, just go help Kira gather her things while I ask Suzy if she doesn't mind staying outside." Said Leeron before going to the back the cart while the others went inside Kira's house.

"Suzy?" Said Leeron after knocking.

"… Yes." Answered Suzy after opening the door.

"Kira's things will take pretty much all the space in there, so I was wondering if you don't mind being on Obscuria's back until we get home."

"Well… if she doesn't mind…"

"She gladly accepted."

"… Then okay. But I never really mounted a horse before. Or someone that is half of it."

"You never mounted one at where you were staying?"

"Never. I'm… quite of scared of horses."

"Really? Sorry to hear that. Well… I don't know what to do then." Said Leeron with a thoughtful expression.

"No no, I don't mind getting on Obscuria. Just… tell her first that I'm a bit scared."

"Sure thing. Ria is a nice girl and she will do her best so you could feel comfortable."

"I know, that's why I don't mind if it's her."

"Great. I'll join the others to help fill the cart then."

"Can I… help?"

"… Sure, but are you sure? There are pretty heavy things in there."

"I'll go with the lightest things."

"… Alright, but don't overdo yourself okay?"

"Okay." She said while nodding.

Joining the others, Leeron and Suzy then began to load the cart with Kira's stuff. To Leeron's surprise, he was the one that was taking the lightest things since Suzy was stronger than he expected. He wasn't surprised in seeing Caïra carry the huge anvil pretty easily, but he was a bit astonished to see her carrying heavy looking weapons pretty effortlessly. She even carried a huge Warhammer with moderate effort.

"How does that feel to have a bunch of girls being stronger than you?" Commented Caïra when she passed beside Leeron with a heavy object.

"I feel happy that none of you are trying to kill me."

After they all laughed a bit, they continued filling the cart until they were done, which resulted in the mobile house being pretty full.

"Alright, that was the last thing." Said Leeron while closing the door of the cart.

"Time to head home girls."

"Finally. I can't wait to finally meet that master of yours." Said Caïra while stretching a bit.

"I'm sure he will happy to see you too."

When everything was set, they then all left the city and headed toward Leeron's village with everyone walking beside Obscuria, expect for Suzy that was on the nightmare's back. As they were traveling, they all got pretty friendly towards each other. Leeron then overheard Caïra and Kira talking about the schedule to share him for the intimate moments. With that, he began to wonder if he did well in bringing all of them with him. With the training and now them, he also wondered if he would even have some time to rest. After two weeks and a few days, Leeron was now in the forest next to his village.

"This is it girls, maybe a day or two and we will finally be home." Said Leeron on Obscuria's back.

"Can't wait. Sleeping on the ground is starting to get a bit old." Said Caïra.

"Agreed. Although my bed isn't that much more comfortable." Added Kira.

"Don't know if you will like our beds, since it's just a thick carpet-like mattress on the ground."

"Still better than directly on the ground." Commented Caïra.

"True. What about you Suzy? Still hanging well back there?" Asked Leeron to the Cu Sith behind him.

"I also can't wait to arrive. My rear is pretty sore from always sitting."

"You know that you can walk too." Said Caïra.

"Stop it Caïra, you know she doesn't like walking." Defended Leeron.

"Constantly sitting won't make her stronger."

"Everything isn't always about training and strength, Caïra." Said Obscuria.

Through time, a small rivalry was created between Obscuria and Caïra, not liking each other's personality. Despite that and even trying to hide it, they pretty much liked each other anyway.

"Guess so. I am plenty enough to protect Leeron anyway." Said Caïra a bit arrogantly.

"I can too." Fervently told the nightmare.

"I agree that our sparing session made you a bit stronger, but you're far from my level."

"Can you stop girls? Damn, you two fighting over nothing is the thing that is getting old." Said Leeron, having enough.

"Agreed." Said Kira, also slightly annoyed.

"Whatever." Said the salamander after huffing.

After Leeron sighed in desperation, it took them another two days and half to finally arrive at their destination.

"Here we are girls. Home sweet home." He said as they stopped in front in a village surrounded by wood walls.

"Huh, I imagined it… a bit bigger." Commented Caïra.

"You should know that size doesn't matter."

"Are you trying to say something?" She said with a grin while raising an eyebrow.

"Eh, of course not. Alright, let me present you to my comrades."

After they nodded, Leeron jumped off Obscuria and opened the walk, followed by the four other monster girls. After he passed the wall's entrance, Leeron noticed that his village had not changed besides a very few broken things here and there with the others inhabitant walking around.

"Did something happen here?" Asked Kira.

"Don't know." Said Leeron.

"The monster girls are attacking again." Yelled one of them, making the others look towards them, starting to panic a bit.

"Calm down guys, they are with me." Reassured Leeron.

"… Leeron? Is that you?"

From a bit further, an advanced fighter of the place then appeared and walked towards Leeron, recognising him.

"Hi sensei Tristan. I'm back."

"By master's beard, you're alive… and accompanied." He said while looking at the four monster girls.

"Yes, they are friends of mine."

"Oh… okay." He said, still not very reassured.

"Did something happen here? It's a little messier than when I left."

"We have been without protection for a few months now, so some of those monsters took that opportunity to attack us."

"Sorry. I tried to get back as quickly as I could."

"Don't worry Leeron, master was here to defend that place."

"Speaking of master, where is he?"

"Resting at his home."

"Resting?" Said Leeron, skeptical.

"Yes. Unfortunately, a strong monster appeared a few weeks ago and managed to injure our master."

"Is it bad?"

"Luckily no, he just has a broken arm."

"Whoa, what a relief. But what could have been strong enough to hurt master?"

"I don't how they are called, but it was a hairy spider looking monster girl with huge claws on its furry and huge hands and a pale blue skin with horns and a red bandage that was covering half of her face.

"That's an Ushi-Oni." Said Caïra.

"There are pretty strong indeed, but weaker than a manticore. What makes them dangerous is that they are very vicious and sneaky, always trying to hit you in the back." She explained.

"Whatever it was, master managed to make her retreat, but at the cost of his arm."

"Okay. But I need to see him. I have something to ask."

"Sure. And I'm convinced that he will be more than happy to you again. But your 'friends' should wait here."

"Why?" Protested Caïra.

"As you may have noticed, we were pretty cautious with monster girls here. Seeing you roaming around will only make the others nervous. Don't worry Caïra, I'll be back in a few minutes." Said Leeron.

"'sigh' whatever." She said before laying her back against the wooden wall.

"I'll tell everyone not to worry about them while you go see the master." Said Tristan.

"Sure. See you in a moment girls." Said Leeron before leaving them and heading towards the master's house.

After arriving in a few minutes later, he knocked on his door.

"It's open." Said Leeron's master with his usual rough voice.

Opening it, Leeron went inside before closing it behind.

"Hi master, I'm back." Said Leeron when he saw him in a meditative position.

"Leeron…" He exclaimed before getting up.

"Glad you could make it. Even though I never doubted that you will succeed."

Turning around, Leeron saw his master's arm in a splint.

"Yeah, it should be at full power now." Said Leeron while taking off the amulet.

"Great. We should be at peace for a while now. Good job Leeron." He said before taking it.

"Thanks master." He said before bowing.

"However, I have a little request."

"I'm listening?"

"During my travel, I made some friends along the way while doing my quest, and they happen to be monster girls."

"I see."

"But I was wondering if they could stay here. Two of them don't even have a place to live."

"Are they really trustworthy?"

"They are."

"Can you assure me that they won't disturb or even attack your comrades?"

"They don't. Let's say that… they already have someone else on their mind."

Eyeing him, his master then understood what he meant.

"… I trust your judgement Leeron. If you say that they won't cause any trouble, I'm leaving them to your responsibility."

"Thanks master."

"However, just make sure that they don't take your mind away from your training."


"Then I'm sure we can make them a small place in our small community."

"Thank you master."

"Take the day to rest. Tomorrow, you will resume your training."

"Yes master."

"Now, why don't you present them to me?"

"Sure thing master."

After nodding, both of them left the house and walked towards the four monster girls that were waiting at the entrance of village.

"Girls, this is my master that I was talking about." He said when they were both in front of them.

"N-nice to meet you sir." Greeted Obscuria before bowing, shortly followed by Suzy.

"Wow, you really the master that Leeron was babbling about. You even look stronger than I imagined. Mind showing me what are you are capable of?" Said Caïra a bit defiantly.

"Caïra, be a bit more respectful towards master please."

"Haha, that young fellow sure has quite the personality." Said the master after laughing a bit.

"As you can see young miss, I'm not really in top shape for some sparing. However, as soon as I'll be healed, I'll be more than happy to see how much energy you have."

"You got it." Sais Caïra, already getting impatient.

"'sigh' this is Caïra, a salamander that always has something useless to say." Said Leeron to his master.

"Ah, you wish." Said Caïra, making Leeron roll his eyes.

"This is Kira, a cyclops that I'm helping moving in. She's a very good blacksmith." Said Leeron while showing Kira.

"A blacksmith? Really interesting." Said the master while rubbing his beard.

"Nice to meet you." She emotionlessly said while lightly bowing.

"She has bit difficulty at expressing her emotions, but she's a nice girl." He said, making her blush slightly.

"This is Suzy, a very nice and… should I say, cute Cu Sith."

"L-Leeron, n-not in front of y-your master." Said Suzy, heavily embarrassed.

"Eh, sorry. And finally, this is Obscuria, a very nice and loyal nightmare."

"Again, nice to meet you sir." Said the nightmare before bowing again.

"Oh, and polite one at that." Said the master, making Ria blush a bit.

"Yeah. Her, alongside with the others, are all nice girls."

"I must say, I was bit worried when you talked about them, but now that I see them with my own eyes, I'm not anymore."

"They also helped me through my journey."

"Really? Then all of you are more than welcome to stay here if it's what you want."

"So we can?" Asked Caïra.

"Of course. Leeron managed to convince me that you are all trustworthy."

"Oh, talking behind our back huh?" Said Caïra before wrapping an arm around his neck.

"I think that deserves a little reward." She said while tracing her finger under his chin with a lustful grin.

"However, like I've already told him, I'll have to ask you not to interfere with his training."

"Alright." Said the salamander before letting him go with a slight disappointed face.

"Alright. With that, I gladly welcome you to our humble village." Said the master while bowing himself, making all of them cheer happily.

For the next few days, the group and a few other members of the village helped Kira unload her things before they all made her a little home where she can resume her business. As for Caïra, they also made a small house just for her. Since she never had her own little place, she was overfilled with joy for a few days, annoying Obscuria a bit. As for her, Suzy proposed to her to share the mobile house with her, with what she gladly accepted. Since she also never had a place to live, she wasn't picky at all. Like his master had said, Leeron had resumed his training the day after he was back. Even Caïra joined the training after a few days of watching. She said that she didn't need it since she had her sword, but the others knew it was because she wanted to pass more time with Leeron, which was more obvious when she constantly wanted to spar with him. As for the others, Kira was spending most of her time inside her new home, forging things. She only went out to eat and to see the others when she was taking a break. It was pretty much the same with Suzy, spending most of her time reading inside her house. However, after some time, she began to get out more and even read outside. And finally, Obscuria was helping in various chores, while Leeron insisted on not to make her do too ungrateful things. Fortunately, besides helping transporting things from time to time, she had a lot of free time, which she used to walk in the forest or simply sit and watch Leeron and Caïra train. But what they all had in common was that at the end of the day, they all had the chance to have Leeron for themselves. On rare occasion, Leeron even went out with two at a time, but he didn't do that often since it really tired him out. You can say that they lived happily forever after. But who knows, you are never safe from drama.