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Chapter 1

A familiar voice

Raven's P.O.V

I sighed as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the summer's breeze brush against my face then caress my hair. I opened them and watched the sky as the oranges, pinks, and yellows danced together before melting into the horizon. My eyes shifted to the lush green grass that stretched for miles. All of a sudden the atmosphere changed the sky melted into a fiery crimson; the once green grass was turned into black ash. "Rae Rae I'm scared…..please….save me…..where are you?..." cried an innocent voice. I looked around trying to find the voice. Then wind picked up the ashes filled the air forming a circle around me. I tried to levitate out of it but something pulled me back. It was a black hand dragging me down underneath the ashes. I wheezed for air as I was pulled deeper and deeper. "Rae Rae won't you come...won't you come?..." pleaded the voice as I sank into the depths of darkness.

I abruptly sat up and look around. I sigh in relief to see that I was in my room. I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead and glanced at the clock. 2:00 AM…Great….another sleepless night I muttered. I got out of bed and walked into my bathroom. I threw cold water on my face then stared into the mirror. My hair was a mess; dark blue strands stuck out of my head in all different directions. My purple eyes looked glazed over like I have been crying for hours and the dark puffy rings underneath them showed my lack of sleep. I huffed with disgust and returned to my bedroom. I grabbed my cloak and pulled my hood over my head. I teleported out of my room into the kitchen and began to prepare my herbal tea. I set the kettle on the stove and walked towards the window. I watched the rain fall from the midnight sky. Why do I keep having the same dream? What does it mean? My train of thought was halted when the kettle began to whistle. I quickly took it off the stove for I didn't want to disturb the others. As I poured the tea in my favorite purple mug I opened the cabinet to fish out my herbal tea packet. I reached into the box to find that I picked out the last one. Perfect now I have to go out and buy some more I grumbled under my breath. I walked back over to the window and stared outside again. I slowly sipped my tea. I closed my eyes and began to levitate in lotus position while listening to trickle of the rain drops. Then all of a sudden red flashing light and loud beeping filled the entire tower. I cursed under my breath before chugging the rest of my tea. I placed the mug onto the counter. This night gets better and better I mumbled as I sunk into the floor.

I am the first to arrive….what else is new? Seconds later a green hawk soars in and lands right next to me. "Awwww man I hate getting wet" the green changeling whined. "Oh great now we get to smell wet animal for the night" I replied. "Friends must we be doing the "fighting" at a time like this?" pleaded Starfire. "Starfire is right we have other stuff to deal with at the moment!" Robin intervened as he stepped off his motorcycle. "Even though BB smells like shit" Cyborg mocked. Beastboy frowned and opened his open to reply but an explosion drowned him out. We ran to the location of the explosion "Cough... cough... Titans check for civilians!" Robin ordered. "That won't be necessary" a dark voice hissed. A dark figure appeared from the flames and stood at the top of rubble of a crumbled building. Cy had his sonic cannon aimed at it, Star balled her hands into fists as they began to glow emerald green, Beastboy took a fighting stance Robin griped his staff. "Come now Robin, Cyborg, Beastboy, Starfire… is that how you greet new people?" it mocked. Our eyes locked. Crimson eyes…my eyes widen…I've seen them before….. "Titians Go!" Robin commanded. We all sprang into action. Beastboy changed into a Cheetah are sprinted towards the figure he changed into a rhino and tried to ram into the figure but he hoped over beastboy like it was a game of leap frog. Starfire began to throw star bolt at the dark figure. Like a shadow it dodged all her attacks with ease. "Oh Titans you must do better than this" it sneered. That comment enraged Star she broght her hands together and formed a starbolt ten times bigger and hearled it towards the shadowy figure. It stood completely still and let the huge ball of energy hit it. An enormous dust cloud engulfed the scence. "Ttans hold you fire!" Robin called out. I began to walk through the dust debris scanning for the dark firgure.

"Rae Rae...?" I spun around to look for the person calling for me. I know that voice.

"Raven don't tell me you already forgot my face?" The voice scoffed.

"No! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" I screamed as I clutched my hair.

"Oh come now Raven don't you want to play?" it tanuted.

I squeezed my eyes shut. Hot tears streamed down my face as I sunk to the ground. Lighting crackled as the once steady rain grew harder. No not now….I breathed in and out trying to control my emotions

"Come on Raven let it consume you" it hissed

The voice let out a wicked laugh I shuttered as in bounced within my head. I felt something hold my chin I weakly open my eyes. The dark figure had its hand on my chin the other grasping my shoulder. I heard battle cries from behind. The figure turns me around to show me what was happening. I watched helplessly as dark shadows bombarded my friends.