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Chapter 4

Is the door open or still closed?

Raven's P.O.V

I heard whispered voices. They became louder and louder. Strong emotions hit me. Crap and I thought I had a headache before. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a swirl of colors. As my eyes began to focus the colors became more defined. Red…Yellow….Purple….blue…green…hmmm where have I seen this colors before?

"Rae….Rae…Rae? You okay? Can you hear me Rae?" the familiar voice asked with a shaky tone. My eyes shot open and I abruptly sat up. My head slammed into something hard, scratch that now I have a fucking headache. I groaned with pain as I opened one eye and saw Beastboy holding his forehead while sitting on the floor. "Geez Rae... all you had to say I'm fine not head-butt me!" Beastboy exclaimed. I glared at him. "My name is Raven! I spat. I stood up and looked around the room. "Uh by any chance have you guys seen…?" I began. All of a sudden a blue portal appeared in the celling and Dusk fell out of it.

"Aghhh well that's gunna leave a mark" Dusk said while getting up. He winced and fell back down. I rushed over to him Star was right behind me. "Friend dusk might you okay?" she asked. He gave a half smirk. "No worries Princesses I'll be fine" he answered in a low voice. A pool of blood emerged from beneath him. I ripped his shirt open to see a terrible gash on his side. Beastboy gagged at the sight. I began to use my powers to heal him. "Raven take it easy you aren't in the best shape either" Cyborg warned as he inched closer. I whipped my head back at him. "Don't you dare come closer I can heal him on my own!" I growled. A small hand touched mine. I turn my attention back to Dusk he gave me a small smile. "Don't worry…sis…heh it takes more than this to kill a demon" he whispered before his eyes closed. I grasped onto his hand. Hot tear streamed down my face a pair of strong arms pulled me out of the room. My vision was blurry and a stabbing pain grew in my heart. I buried my face into something soft and cried my eyes out. I was engulfed into a firm yet gentle embrace.


BeastBoy's P.O.V

I gripped Raven tightly as she cried into my chest. Part of me was happy that she didn't push me away but, the other half was sad for her emotional outburst. I stroked her hair until she finally calmed down. She looked at me then rubbed her eyes. I stared into deep violet eyes as they looked back at mine.

"Our partner needs comfort. Mate with her." The beast said bluntly. I blushed hard at the comment. What the hell can't you leave me alone at a time like this?! Dude give me 5 minutes okay! "Very well" he answered in a mocking tone. I looked away from Raven when she realized she was sitting in my lap. She instantly blushed, but surprisingly didn't move. Instead she turned her back towards me and looked around. "Uh Beastboy…where are we?" she asked timidly. I rubbed the back of my head. Gosh she's so cute when she gets nervous. I blushed again and looked around. We were sitting against the wall in a dead end hallway; most of the lights were broken only a dim light glowed from the opposite end of the hallway. "Uh to be honest I'm not sure" I said nervously as I tapped my fingers together. "Ah I see…" she answered quietly. We sat in silence.

"Uh Beastboy..." she began "Yeh Rae... err…I mean Raven…?"I asked "Th-thank y-you…" she whispered.

I felt my cheeks burning. I leaned forward and hugged Raven from behind. I brushed her hair over her left ear. "I would do anything to keep my Raven happy..." I whispered into her ear. She turned her head around. Her eyes pierced mine. I stared at her soft lips. I leaned in towards them hoping our paths would cross. Our lips met and I tasting an explosion of jasmine tea. The lust inside on me screamed for more. I pulled her closer as our kiss deepened. I felt her legs wrap around my torso. Our tongues twisted and intertwined like a passionate dance. I pulled away from her sweet lips and began to gentle kiss her neck.

Raven let out small yet satisfied moans as I made a trail from her neck down to her chest. I was on top of her grabbing her firmly. "Beastboy…Beastboy…Beastboy stop…" She uttered. My eyes widen and I quickly backed away from her. She looked at me with fearful eyes before fading away into the floor. I buried my head into my knees cursing myself.

"Why are you so upset you should be grateful to get to satisfy our mate" He firmly stated. I looked up and blinked the tears from my eyes. "Wait a second…you…you did this?!" I snarled. "Why are you angry I did what I was told…to wait five minutes?!" He shot back. I griped the sides of my head and angrily punched the wall repeatedly. I stood up and listened to the dripping blood coming from my hand. I sank back to the ground staring at my hand. "Now she hates me…She…Hates…me" I whimpered.


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