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Chapter 2 : Setting the pieces

As Naruko looked at the sleeping twins one word came to her mind, cute!, the two were snuggled together, Mito with her head near hear brother's throat and Naruto with his head on Mito's head. Naruko quickly used a small jutsu and created a ball of water in front of her, she separated the ball into two smaller one's, carefully using chakra to control the shape and to keep the water balls above her hands, next she used wind manipulation to lower the water's temperature.

Naruko proudly looked at the two water balls in front of her, they were good as a chakra exercise and for trainging in elemental manipulation, she looked at the balls again before she threw one towards each twin with a sadistic smile on her face.

Their reactions didn't disappoint her, the twins yelled, Mito shoved herself out of the bed onto the floor and was looking around the room frantically, Naruto jumped so high he almost reached the ceiling before he fell back on the bed.

"It's time to wake up, breakfast is ready" Naruto told them in a deadpan tone.

Mito looked at the nearby clock and her eyes bulged "It's 5:13!" she yelled, Naruto glared at Naruko.

"Yes I let you sleep a bit more, don't worry it will not happen again."

"But we need our sleep!" Naruto yelled and Mito nodded her head.

"You can sleep in the afternoon"

"What?! But that's for babies! We're gone be ninjas we can't sleep in their afternoon" they both shouted. Their so in sync, I wonder if this extends to their battle tactics as well.

"Oh really? You're not babies?" they both nodded their heads defiantly, "you don't need an afternoon nap?" again they nodded their heads with the same defiant attitude. A small grin formed on her face "Very well" let's see you keep that attitude after the real training starts.

"Well breakfast is still served so come down and eat, you'l have to leave much earlier then before as the trip from here to the academy is longer" she told them and left the room.

Naruto simply looked at his sister "I hate her" Mito nodded.

Naruko looked at the twins and handed them two small packages "Here take these"

"Um, what are these?" Mito asked, Naruko raised an eyebrow at her .

"Your lunch"

The twins looked at her in surprise, "You made these for us?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, you have a desert there and some snacks as well, remember to chew your food properly. Uh, no one has ever made something like this for you have they?" The twins shook their head. So different yet so alike.

"We usually make them ourselves, or for each other, but that doesn't always work out well." Naruto told her looking at Mito who was staring at a wall with an innocent look on her face. Ah so cute, it's like having my own amusement band at home.

"Well go brush your teeth and you can expect more of these", she told them pointing towards their packed lunches. " I'l teach how to make different kinds of food later on. "

"My clone here" Naruko gestured to her clone "will show you the way to the academy", the twins nodded at that "don't tell anyone that you live with me yet"

"Why?" Mito asked

"It would be best if people didn't know about it just yet, remember our conversation about your parents?" The twins slowly nodded, as soon as they left the house the clone changed it's appearance now resembling a rather plain looking woman with brown hair, dark eyes and a normal skin tan, all in all she was the definition of plain.

Back at the villa Naruko made a dozen clones and sent them each to their tasks.

The Sandaime Hokage sat in his chair looking at the large stacks of paper in front of him, Uzumaki-sama has certainly made her return know alright, everybody felt the damn wave. It's good that soon I won't have to deal with this crap. He had been dealing all night with the complaints and chaos caused by her wave, some feared the Kyuubi had returned and quickly panicked, a few of the civilians ran around like headless chickens screaming that the Kyuubi had returned, that was a pain to deal with.

Sending the Anbu to calm the people down and assure them that nothing bad had occured, and punishing the few idiot shinobi who had been running around just as scared falling prey to the same mentality.

He had barely slept an hour last night, preparing documents that the Godaime would need, he still couldn't belive that there was one now, but it needed to be done. She had what it took to become Hokage, she had the necessary strength, though she was not as know to the curent civilian and the ninja population, many knew the tales of her exploits, even now storys were still told about The Lioness whose roar crumbled mountains and broke the will of men.

Many kunoichi strived to come close to the level of Golden Darkness, her return would generate enough support in Konoha for her to take the hat, if he attempted to hold onto it he would be just as bad as Danzo, and Konoha could not afford a civil war. She had been there when Konoha was founded and dealt with the clan leaders and the would daimyos of the time, the Warring States period had been brutal and dealing with people who wanted to stab you in the back with a smile on their faces was far to common, surving that made the present time seem a lot easier.

He gazed towards the Hokage Monument, and looked at the Yondaime's face, he remembered when he first meet Minato, the boy had the same icy blue eyes though his were not yet as cold as hers. He had suspected that perhaps the two were related, something that proved to be correct, to a degree, he had managed to open a seal on her house before it locked down. That had surprised him, it implied either a strong blood conection or a very advanced seal that could detect even small traces of someone related to her by blood.

Minato had certainly proved his worth in the war and had managed to recreate one of her techniques, the rasengan, something that even now surprised him. Who knows what he could have done given more time, and what a meeting between the two of them would have been like, the two fastest humans to have ever lived.

His gaze remained on the face of his first successor, while Minato being related to Naruko was a shock, the fact that Kushina was as well raised a few questions, their shared Uzumaki blood was his first guess. Kushina had visited the house with Mito-sama after her arrival in the village and numerous times after that in order to feel a connection to her clan, something he couldn't fault the girl. He sighed, he would need to announce it soon and then gather the clan heads and send a message to the daimyo to inform him as well.

He felt a small prick at the back of his neck and heard a voice from behind him "Your guard's down" his eyes slowly widen, he knew he had been caught off guard, damn it, what are the Anbu doing nowadays?

Naruko quickly took a seat in a chair in front of the Sandaime, he looked at her noticing that she wore the same armour as yesterday. "I'm going to need the training program for Anbu, they are soft." He sighed, the fact that she was a natural at stealth didn't seem to matter to her.

"I take it they are tied up in front of my office?" she nodded.

"With a passed out secretary." He groaned at that, are my people so weak?

Naruko looked at the stacks of paper on the kage's desk, and raised an eyebrow at them, she quickly shot the old kage a questioning look.

"Some of them are for you", he told her pushing a small stack towards her, Naruko nodded and looked over them "while the rest are reports and other documents created by your act from last night."

"I simply desired to announce my return in a way that all would understand it, I belive everyone received the message." She told him in a polite tone of voice while reading the documents from earlier.

"Perhaps it would have been better if you did so in a way that did not cause such panic" he replied.

"And perhaps if everyone followed protocol things wouldn't have been so bad would they? whose fault was it that some of the shinobi, so called trained shinobi were running like normal civilians?" Naruko asked in an icy tone.

He rubbed his temples, it was true some of his trained shinobi had been running around like headless chickens, just like some civilians, the fact that chunnins were among them was an ill sign, genin he could understand. "It" he began but never got to finish as she waved at him dismissively.

Naruko placed the documents she was reading on the kage's desk and made her to a map that hanged on one of the walls of the office. [1- see the link for the map]

The Sandaime looked at her as she seemed to analyze every detail "How accurate is this?" she asked, "it's the most recent" he replied. "I'm going to need a copy of it and of the shinobi map" he nodded, while the normal map included the borders and towns, the shinobi map showed the location of other hidden villages, fortresses of other countrys, and other points of interest for shinobi. The Sandaime opened one the drawers of his desk and pulled out a small scroll, "This one contains, the normal map of the continent and more detailed maps of the other countrys, I have a few anbu on sensitive missions, once they return I can give you a a more complete shinobi map."

Naruko turned her head towards the old kage and raised and eyebrow, "where did you send them?"

"There were rumors of a country emerging from the chaos lands, but it quickly fell, the rumors were that it was a rogue shinobi that destroyed the country, mostly likely one from the great five." I wonder is that the country Sasori destroyed? "One team went to investigate in the heart of those lands while another went to the ones near the sea."

"I'm not that surprised that things haven't calmed down there, those lands gave birth to Raizen afterall" she said in a disgusted tone of voice. Hiruzen nodded at that, that monster could not have died sooner.

"What's the situation with the Empire?" she asked looking back at the map, Hiruzen scowled before answering. "Much worse that in your time, no one from the Elemental Nations is allowed to set foot there and there's a trade embargo." The scowl did not leave his face as he continued. "We got lucky that one of there ships saved a few people from the Land of Sea after their ship was attacked by pirates, from what they gathered only a country called the Land of Demons is still holding out against the Empire, but even that information is five years old."

"What happened to make things worse? did Kiri attempt an invasion?" she narrowed her eyes at a portion of the map "or did Kumo?"

"Kumo wanted to invade, their agents were found and it was the last straw, they closed off everything after that, it's another point of conflict the lighting daimyo has with Kumo." Naruko nodded. Good, things aren't too different in that regard.

"I have to schedule a meeting with the cland heads soon and announce your return and ascension to the public your presence will be required then."

"Delay the meeting with the clan heads and the announcement for a few days, I want my clones to explore the village a bit more, two days will be enough" she said as she sat back down in the chair in front of the old kage.

He sighed "Very well I can delay for a short time, Konoha has changed a bit since your period, it will take more time to properly brief you on everything, those" he said indicating the papers in front of Naruko "are just what I managed to gather in a few hours".

"I'l need to know what other clans joined Konoha, what clans are still active and those who have been lost or left Konoha, likewise any threat both internal and external."

"The last pages have information on the clans in Konoha at this time and the governing structure of Konoha"

Naruko raised an eyebrow at this "Governing structure? how different is it from what Hashirama set things up?" Hasn't Tobirama improved things?

The old kage noticed how she addressed the Shodai, "A few things changed during the wars and in between them that lead to the current structure."

She seemed thoughtful for a few moments looking at the Sandaime, Naruko knew this was going to be a long story, she sighed before speaking "What is the current structure in Konoha and how did come to be?"

"It began with the death of Hashirama..."

Uchiha Mikoto was not having a good day as she walked back to the Uchiha compound at a brisk pace, sweat running down her back, her thoughts drifted to when it all started. Her family had just went to sleep and things were quiet in the compound when it started, a wave of chakra washed over Konoha, the entire compound came alive after that. Many had feared that the Kyuubi had returned or that there was an attack on the village.

Between comforting her young son and helping to keep order in the compound she hadn't gotten much rest, her husband had quickly left to organise the police force and had only returned in the morning and quickly called a meeting with the clan elders to discuss the situation.

The one responsible as she was told was thought to have been a woman wearing read armour and had dark blond hair, the only blond woman who could do such a thing in her mind would have been Tsunade Senju who had left the village years ago, and her hair color was different.

The village had been in lockdown for the night and the gates only opened at dawn when things had settled down, the Hokage had sent word that there was nothing to threat over and that the people should remain calm, her oldest son, Itachi, and other leaf nin had been stuck outside the village walls that night.

After making breakfast she had asked Itachi to take Sasuke to the academy so she could run a few errands, a small lie, and Itachi mostly likely know's it. Mikoto simply wanted to check on her late friend's children, she had no doubt they were her's, Mito looked so much like Kushina it was almost painful to look at her, but that was the only thing she could do, because of the suspicion the clan was under from the Kyuubi's attack, she couldn't get near them, she could only watch them from a distance and considering they lived so far apart she had to find creative reasons to go near them, a simple shopping trip here and there, yes going to that store to save 0,20 yen was worth it she had told Itachi when he questioned what she had been doing in that part of the village at one point.

She had waited to see the twins leaving for the academy however as the minutes passed and she didn't see them she grew more worried, eventually she left, the twins had skipped classes before and she only hoped that it was the case now as well. She could ask her youngest if they attended class today, but that would be a difficult conversation to have especially if her husband or Itachi would be near.

She had hoped to for Sasuke to befriend the twins, she didn't ask him to do so as to not force things, her youngest was still naive and the last thing she needed was for him to approach the twins and ask them to be friends because his mother told him to. He was still too naive to handle things, Itachi would have approached things differently and taken his time, but he was far too old and high in rank to do so now. What little hope she had of her youngest and the twins becoming friends had diminished over time as sadly her son seemed to follow the other children and shun the twins. With these thoughts, Mikoto was making her way back to the compound, perhaps she could ask Sasuke if any of his classmates had missed class today, she just needed to be subtle about it and avoid asking when Itachi or her husband were near.

Kakashi let out a breath he had been holding, his mission had been a partial success and he had managed to rescue Princess Koyuki and escape the castle. The girl was cradled in his arms, having lost consciousness during the escape, after having regrouped with his team they proceeded to leave the country. His thoughts drifted to why he had been sent here, the ruler of the Land of Snow had suspected his brother Doto of planning something and hired leaf nin to provide extra protection for his family, he had wanted the best, and the Hokage had sent him and his team.

Unfortunatly by the time they had arrived in Snow a revolution had begun and it was all but over, Doto was far to entranched to remove from power, the man that contracted them for the daimyo asked them to save any members of the daimyo's family and Kakashi had managed to discover that the daimyo's daughter was still alive, she had been rescued by those still loyal to the old daimyo but there was still a group after her. He quickly made a plan and set it in motion, in the end he had managed to save the young princess, his team had secured a way out the country and provided small aid to the loyalist of the old daimyo.

The situation in Snow all in all was a nightmare and would remain so for years to come, Doto had managed to turn the small ninja force in Snow to his side, had hired missing nin, and even convinced a few members of the country's army to switch sides. The country would most likely go into lockdown for the next few years until everything calmed down.

Their contractor had paid them more than enough to provide aid, using secret funds the old daimyo had given him for emergencies, he would have been duty bound to help the man in either case. The man had given them copies of the papers proving the princess claims to the throne and would contact them once he and more of the loyalist were organised.

The way back to Konoha would be difficult but not impossible he had been threw worse and survived, he would ensure that his team survived this as well. He looked at the young girl in his arms again, a possible future daimyo, who knew what political games she could end up involved in, being forced to marry someone to gain the support needed to free Snow, assassins would soon be after her to ensure Doto's claim to the throne, others if they discovered her heritage would be after her hand in marriage to have a claim to Snow country.

The chances of the loyalist breaking Doto's hold was small now, the man was organised and he could still have a few hidden allies. Kakashi shook his head it wasn't his place to question such things he just needed to get the girl back to Konoha the Hokage would decide where she would be placed. He was glad to be going back home, at least there nothing so drastic had occured, it was still constant.

The meeting room of the Uchiha clan was dark save for a few torches that drove the darkness away, it was located underground and it was used only in the more dire situations, it is here that several men where found gathered around a table with several documents upon it.

"Are these report accurate?" asked one of the male figures, he had short grey hair and a small scar on his left jaw.

"Do you doubt your clan mates Yoshimitsu?" Fugaku asked, he had short, black hair that reached to his shoulders and onyx-coloured eyes, with visible creases below them. He wore the standard flak jacket, along with a black shirt with the Konoha Military Police Force symbol on the shoulders, shin-guards and a black, open-front apron with white diamonds on the bottom.

"Both of you calm down" Kengo Uchiha told them, he had long grey chin length hair.

"Do we know who this person could be, a missing nin, or an Anbu, perhaps she is the Hokage's hidden ace in the sleave?" Maji Uchiha asked, he had dark-coloured eyes, as well as dark-coloured hair which framed a gaunt-looking face which was further accentuated by his mouth which naturally curled upwards.

"No we don't who she is, none of our men could see her face, it was dark outside and they only got her face's description from those who got a glimpse of it." Fugaku answered.

"This changes things" Yoshimitsu spoke after a few brief moments.

"No it doesn't, this could just be a ploy by the Hokage to appear more powerful, the man must be getting desperate to do this." Fugaku answered.

"Perhaps, but how could he fake that so many felt that wave of chakra, who could have so much? perhaps if the Hokage was in his prime, but even then I doubt it. "

"I belive I have an idea as to her identity." Yoshimitsu began. "As you know my late older brother Kagami was friends with the Hokage" that was true, Kagami had indeed been friends with the Sandaime and his death had hurt the clan, "the Hokage told him stories of a woman that resembled this one." The others were giving him sceptical looks.

"Well who is she?" Kengo asked.

"Come now you already read about her in the history books. I belive her name is Naruko Uzumaki."

"What!? Have you gone senile Yoshimitsu? the woman has been dead for decades." Maji told him.

"Don't be foolish her body was never found was it? And she matches the description doesn't she?"

"That would make her older the Hokage, that would mean she was here when Konoha was founded with Hashirama, she should be an old woman by now, and not look like she is in her prime. Even with the Uzumaki blood there isn't a way for her to be so young now, no she must be a fake, someone who look's like her." Maji told him.

"And if she is the real one, does this change things?" Yoshimitsu asked.

"No it does not, things will proceed as planned, Madara fell before Hashirama who fell before an army, we will be the army to take her down as well, legends can die, and if she is real then we will kill this legend." Fugaku spoke up receiving approving head nods from the others.


"Very well I can only hope this road does not lead us to ruin." Yoshimitsu intoned.

"This road will lead us to victory." Fugaku told him. It must.

Konoha, Naruko's villa

The twins were sitting in the garden of their new home waiting for their training to start, both had eager looks on their faces.

"What do you think she'l teach us? Maybe a cool jutsu?" Mito asked.

"Maybe or maybe some kick ass fighting style" Naruto answered.

"Well I take you to are eager to start?"

"YES!" they both shouted.

"Good, I hope that you keep that attitude for a long time. Now today you're going to learn something extremely important that will help you in future tremendously in the future."

"Is it a cool jutsu?" Mito asked.

"Is it a super awesome fighting style?" Naruto asked

"It's chakra control". Both the twins faces seemed to fall and they had a look on their faces like someone had just burned their home down.

"What?" Mito half asked half shouted. "You said it was super important." Naruto continued.

"It is my little knuckleheads." " Oii oii!" they both shouted. "Now now calm down and listen, good chakra will allow to throw more awesome jutsu around and you'l be able learn more of them as well, good chakra control is essential for some of the advanced shinobi techniques later on."

"Oh well when you put like that" Naruto told her.

"Yeah let's get started with chakra control" Mito shouted raising her fists in the air.

I wonder if they heard a thing after the part with throwing more awesome jutsu around.

"Now before we begin you must swear to me that you will not show off your abilities or go around telling other people what I teach you, understood?"

"Um, why?" Mito asked.

"Some of the chakra control exercises that I will teach you are a bit to advanced for your colleagues, you have larger reserves than most children your age thanks to your Uzumaki blood so you can perform them while other children do not and would only hurt themselves if they tried. Second is because certain things are related to the clan, they are our secrets, and must kept that way."

"Why?" Naruto asked " If they can help other people why shouldn't we share it with them?"

"In a better world we would openly share things, but we are not there yet, and until then we will keep secrets, I'm not saying you can't share any training tips, but some things are just for clan members. The clan did share some of our secrets with the great nations at the birth of the hidden village system and that got us all but exterminated. In some cases they perverted our seals for their own purposes and began fearing us" Naruko shock her head "some things should remain a secret, you don't tell people everything because they may turn on you. The clans keep secrets because it gives's them and advantage and makes these people desired for certain jobs, this way they would always have a something that made them important, or at least had something valueable. If people learned those secrets and could do them as well, then the clan's importance would disappear, why would there be a need for them at all then?

Some of our techniques cannot be used by others like I said before and others even if they used them they would not get the same results. While sharing secrets are seen as a proof of trust you do not always share everything. Did you understand any of that?"

"Yeah don't clan secrets." Naruto answered.

"Good now swear it. And know that if you do, you won't just be endangering your self you be endangering your sibling as well, and the others" the twins eyed each other and then nodded.

"We swear it." The twins told her with a hand over here hearts.

"Good now" she threw them each a kunai, "the first exercise involves you channeling chakra to your feet to walk on all kinds of different surfaces." Naruko quickly made her way up a tree and stopped when she was hanging from a branch by only using chakra control.

"Wow that's awesome!" Mito had stars in her eyes.

"That's so cool!" Naruto had a twinkle in his eyes.

"Now first place your feet on the tree and calm down, don't let your emotions runs wild, you need just the right amount to stick to it, to much and you'l be blown off, to little and you woun't stick to it. Imagine your feet as empty vases in which you pour water, pour it slowly to cover every place. It's alright to take a running start if you have problems right now but later I'l want you to be able to do this by second nature."

An hour passed before Naruto managed to walk two steps up before falling. Mito decided to get a running start and managed to five steps up the tree before she was blown back.

"This is why it's very important to learn chakra control can you imagine what would have happened if you had attempted a jutsu and gotten similar results?" The twins paled at that.

After another hour passed with the twins making small improvements, Naruko stopped them again "Here" she threw them two round pieces of wood "use those instead of the leaf for your normal chakra control exercise."

"Wait, if this new exercise is better for chakra control then why do the old one?" Naruto asked.

"Simple because it does help your chakra control and it will help you to improve your ability to concentrate on focusing your chakra."

"What'dya mean?" Mito asked with a confused expression on her face, Naruto had a similar one on his face as well.

"Simple my little knuckle heads" the twins grew a tick mark at this, "while the tree walking exercise is a more advanced method of chakra control, knowing the leaf exercise makes it easier to learn the exercise. Some people prefer trial by fire and throw their students at the task, the leaf exercise's purpose is to help the students get acustomed to useing their chakra, chaneling it and concentrating on their chakra, this in turn would later give you a small advantage when learning the more advanced methods seeing as how the fundation is already built. That is what the academy is for, to help build a decent foundation on which more can be built later."

"Really? it doesn't feel that great." Naruto stated.

"Yeah, it's kind of boring." Mito told her.

"Well you still need to learn the basics such as reading, writing, math, history and such, things that you would learn even if you weren't a shinobi, and amongst them are the other shinobi aspects, slowly however the curriculum changes to focus more on the shinobi aspects. Though once I take the hat I intend to change some things at the academy, what I have seen so far has not impressed me."

"Will you add more cool stuff?" Mito asked.

Naruko gave her a small smile, Kami I was like her at that age. "Yes, I will add cool stuff, more stealth training, weapons practice, a program to help search for potential medic nins, mock missions and such."

The twins seemed to have stars in their eyes. "That sounds so awesome" they both shouted.

"It's a start, and there will be more to it then that. Now use that piece of wood for the exercise and get to it, you need to do this for the next two hours got it?"

"HAI!" They both shouted.

An hour had passed and the twins had made good progress. Slowly their control was getting better and their ability to concentrate was as well.

"Alright, that's enough for now it's time to train something else"

"What?" Naruto asked

"Your mind"

"Our mind?" Mito asked

"Yes, you're going to learn to Shogi, solve puzzles, mazes and Sudoku."

"Um, why?" Naruto asked.

"Becouse they are things to help your mind and stop you from being such little knuckleheads"

"Oii oii, were not knuckleheads." Mito told her.

"So you say little red, you will learn to play these games because they help you develop a strategic mind set, shogi is all about thinking about victory in the long term, while the other stimulate your mind to find solutions for your problems, essential skills for someone who wants to be Hokage, unless you've changed your mind?" She asked looking more at Mito than Naruto.

"No way!" The both told her.

"Good, it's important to be able to win a battle but not if it costs you the war, in life you need to think how your immediate choices will affect the future, the choices you make during missions could come back to bite you in the ass later. As Hokage many lives will depend on your choices."

"Really?" asked Mito

"Yes, you didn't think that being Hokage was all about strength and getting acknowledged as the strongest did you?" I know I did at first, a foolish thing at that.

"Noo" Mito told her with and embarrest look on her face, Naruto had a similar look on his face as well.

"Well then let's begin with the easier things like puzzles and masses, oh and don't worry you'l be doing a little bit of these everyday from now on." Mito and Naruto looked at her in horror. "It's part of your training so don't complain about it."

Hours later

"Well that's enough for today, dinner is ready." Naruko told the twins, Mito and Naruto were playing shogi and things were in a stalemate.

"Ano when did you make dinner you've been here this whole time." Naruto asked.

"Clones." she answered.

"Will you ever teach us that? It's so cool", Mito asked

"Later on yes, but you woun't be able to skip doing homework if you use it." Both Mito and Naruto looked like a cat caught with the canary in its mouth.

"I figured you would use it for that my little knuckleheads." She told them ruffling their hair. "Now gather things up here and let's go eat."

After the twins gathered everything the made their way to the house and placed the items on the table before going to the kitchen, what they found there had the mouths hanging open. On the kitchen table, numerous dishes with food could be found.

"Why is there so much food?" Naruto asked. "Yes and what's all this stuff?" Mito asked.

"I take it you haven't eaten a lot of different dishes have you?"

"Why would we eat dishes?" Naruto asked "Yeah and how would we do that?" Mito asked. Naruko stared at them for a brief moment before she face palmed. Uh, I forgot just how bad things were at that age, the only real reason I learned manners was because of my love.

"Uhh, I'l teach you how to cook different kinds of foods, which can be called dishes, and even though it looks's like a lot it really isn't, now less talking and more eating." Naruko looked at the twins eating, Kami they need to work on their manners. "After this you can go and look over whatever the academy taught you today understoodd?" The twins nodded their heads between stuffing their mouths full. I need to get someone to teach them manners.

A few hours later, the Uzumaki twins were in their bed, getting ready to go to sleep.

"Today wasn't so bad." Naruto told Mito as he was helping his sister tie her hair in a pony tail.

"Yeah but I wish we could have seen a cool jutsu." Mito answered.

"The clones are cool." Naruto replied.

"Yeah but I wanted to see something with a bit more kick and explosions."

"Maybe later if we ask her."

"Yeah" Mito nodded her head "who's going to shut the light?"

"Um rock, paper, scissors?"

"Um ok, on three"

Several minutes passed, and the only result the twins got were one draw after another.

"We're not using a coin again, the damn thing always lands on the edge." Mito told Naruto

"Yeah, whose turn was to switch the lights off back in the apartment?" He asked.

"I don't remember we ended up going to be bed before we actually needed the light, you go tonight then I'l go tomorrow."

"Ok." After Naruto switched the lights out he made his way back to their bed and snuggled close to Mito, hugging her from behind.

"Goodnight nii-chan"

"Goodnight nee-chan"

Land of Fire, region Kanto, capital city Osaka, daimyo palace.

And with that another piece is in place. A man thought to himself as he moved a piece on the shogi board, he was in his early twenties with blond hair and with light purple eyes, he had a white scarf around his neck and was dressed in an elegant white kimono with a high collar of a dark color, the edges of the kimono were of a sun kissed yellow, his pants were purple, the man was Norihiro Yamanoi, son of the current fire daimyo and the fourth in line for the throne.

Norihiro rose from his chair and looked at his family portrait. It is a shame so many must die but it needs to be done, cutting the tree down will help to stabilise things later one. From the ashes and blood something far greater than before shall arise, something that the world has not seen for hundreds of years.

Norihir heard a knock from the door " Enter", a small smile graced his lips, a man with slick black hair and an eye patch over his left eye entered the room, he looked in his mid thirties and was wearing a battle kimono.

"Good news I hope" Norihiro asked.

"It is done my lord" the man answered.

"Ah excellent", a shame what happened to you Chizuru Honshō but it is for the greater good, that little red eye of his is so useful. "And my dear brother?"

"His plan is moving forward. Everything shall be ready in a few weeks."

"Good" Norihiro made his way to his desk and picked up a small scroll and handed it to the man, "have I mentioned how much I like these autumn nights?" A code between the two men, it told him what ciefer Norihiro had used in writing the scroll.

"Not recently my lord."

Norihiro smiled once more "Well now I have, you are free to go Soumei"

As soon as the man left Norihiro looked at a map of fire country with it's regions, soon things will begin, alliances have been made, small discussions with the others are in play, the offer with that daimyo is perhaps my greatest feat yet. The guild will help to curtail things, getting them in the Pillars of Fire was just as tricky as I assumed, well lucky for me a few of my family members just happened to see the need to add it, and all it took was a bit of misdirection and drops of information here and there, my older brother has been so generous to allow prisoners to be sent their way. Though unfortunately Norio and Asako mostly likely suspect something more is at play, well with their soon the be demise it will matter little.

His eyes moved to a particular spot on the map, Konoha, perhaps in hindsight the death of the Yondaime was a gift, the Sandaime is a skilled politician but he is old and set in his ways, he will not interfere with internal disputes, the Yondaime had been a young man at the time of his death who knows what he would have done in the upcoming conflict. It is still a shame, he would have been a good figurehead for the future army, but there are others and they can be molded to fit the position.

He sighed, his supported his older brothers idea of a greater involvement in Konona, but he preferred his guild to help curtail Konoha, the idea of a rebellion in the leaf was almost certainly doomed to failure, the small power base his brother's agent was building there was insufficient to have the God of Shinobi renounce his seat, their man did not have the reputation for the position, he was younger and he was skilled but he was not strong enough to truly deserve that title, he could lead a smaller village but Konoha was to much for him, he would need to stage a political coup to obtain the seat and that would just be worse. No I must crush it one way or another, with brother's death things will close on that front, pinning it on his insanity will help quel the the fires in Konoha.

Norihiro's eyes moved to different locations on the map, the location of the Pillars of Fire and the location of several high ranked families. Quite a few of the noble families have been checked and with the fall of that martial arts school my father reputation will take another blow, Isshin will be one step closer to joining me, he may be old but the men respect him and he is a good strategist.

Norihiro shifted and looked at his family portrait once more, for what it is worth I am sorry

Sho, Nunalaly, but know that you will not live long as orphans. A few tears escaped his eyes, his plans involved killing many people, so many deals were made and some were still being made, people were used as bargaining chips, they would never be truly happy, but in end it would be worth it, history may remember him as a monster for what he had planned but they would be grateful for that he would accomplish.

Konoha, nightime.

Naruko was making her way threw the Forest of Death, ah good old memories, she had been traveling threw it for the past thirty minutes and she had already been attacked by several creatures, very large spiders, giant leaches, drop bears, some sort of messed up tigers, yep just like I remember it. She stopped when she reached what looked like a clearing. Well this is big enough, she quickly bit one of her fingers and slammed her hand on the ground, smoke quickly filled the clearing and roars could be heard coming from the smoke.

"Wellcome back to the land of the living, I hope your teeth are still sharp, this place is good to stretch your legs. Now let the hunt begin."

Another round of roars could be heard before several forms jumped out of the smoke and scattered inside the forest.

Blaze Country, unknown location

Koji Nagumo stared at the sight of his collegue impealed to the wall by a massive black claw, blood gushed from the corpse creating a puddle on the floor, his vision was blured and he was down of the floor bleading slightly from a head injury but he could see his colegue's body, he heard shouts all around him.

"Someone get some seditatives in the bloody thing"

"It's not working it's too agitated"

"Where's the damn cow?" A cow could be heard screaming as it was being forcefully pushed towards the creature's pit before the animals scream intensified and the sound of flesh being torn filled the air.

"Now use more sedatives!"

"It's working!" someone shouted.

Koji finally got back up again, and looked over the damage, only one of his colleagues had died this time. It was a shame that the man died but his sacrifice will be remembered, he was been a true son of Blaze and will not be forgotten so easily.

He could see several people blocking the hole where their beast was kept, It needs to be reinforced, damn it. He had been certain that the existing restrictions could keep the creature at bay, but sadly the creature had noticed a weakness and exploited it quickly, it's just what we need, but it needs to be controlled.

Their country had never been amongst the richest nations in fact it could be considered amongst the poorest, a great part of their land was unusable for farming, raising livestock was difficult as well, the fish seemed to have dried up some time ago, but they persevered and found ways to live on the island. There had been conflicts with the Uzumaki clan when they were around, mostly because of the sea borders but life had in hindsight been better with them around rather then with all of them dead and gone. Kumo had marched threw their lands during the second great war to lay siege to Uzu, they had pillaged what they could and left a trail of death and destruction in their wake, even now years later the area they had used had not truly recovered.

Many had believed that the price they would pay for the fall of Uzu would be worth it in the end and had given the Kumo invaders leeway, sadly it was for not, with the fall of Uzu their beloved Blaze had lost a trading partner, a reluctant one but still a trading partner, ninja hired from Uzu were no more and Kumo could not be approached, pirates began to infest the waters with Kiri and Kumo clashing from time to time. However, what they had not truly calculated was how big of an importance Uzu had in the region, a lot of trade that came their way passed threw Uzu first with Uzu gone a great deal of the trade dried up as well.

Attempts at taking Uzu for themselves ended in failure, the island had been battered beyond belief and there were a great deal of traps left behind that their men could not disarm, it appeared as if a scorch land policy had been employed there. Worse Konoha had made it clear that no one would dessacrate their fallen allies's grave.

It was from the despair of the wars that something great had been born, they had been hardened, their will made stronger then steel, they had passed threw the flames and emerged stronger for it, now they would show the world the glory of the Blaze.

The guild was an ace that they had, an important one, but they would need something else and that is where he and his fellow scientists came in, the creature they were attempting to create would be their hidden weapon. So far almost all of the creatures had died, but one had lived, even with all that had happened to it the creature refused to die it lived and grew stronger for it, just like a true son and daughter of Blaze, soon our blaze will envelope the world.

Land of Wind, region Bastaara, city Bastaara.

A tall man with a wide chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, and a thick neck, he had pale skin and nape-length, deep black-purple hair which was kept neatly slicked back, he had a long stitched scar above his nose that stretched across his face. He had deep set drooping eyes, framed by many wrinkles, and thin eyebrows that appeared to be in a perpetual 'sad' position. The man was sipping wine from his glass as he watched the comings and goings of the people in the town from his balcony.

He smiled all was going according to his plan, the small cold war between the daimyo and the Kazegake helped things along more than anything. He didn't blame either of them, each man was the result of different circumstances that were far beyond their individual control.

The daimyo had seen the horrors of war and the infighting for the title of ruler, the Yondaime Kazegake had come to power during the last war and had been unprepared for such a job, the disappearance of the Sandaime Kazegake had been a tremendous blow to Suna, the search teams sent out had weakened Suna when an enemy attacked, the council couldn't find someone to take the role of Kazekage so they ended up ruling for a period, which ended more in disaster then anything, while they had their strong points the people needed a unifying figure something that they had been unable to produce for some time.

The Yondaime Kazegake had seen his village weakened during the war and now wanted nothing more then to help restore it, however there in laid the problem, because of the war the man had been scared, he couldn't think of other ways to help his village recover, his militaristic tendencies were not something the daimyo liked, a man who wanted to ensure peace.

Sad, both men want to protect something, and yet because of what they lived threw they can't see the others point of view, nor do they attempt, it's rather fortunate that they don't realise that they want the same thing, to ensure peace in the land and keep it safe. Heh, all the better for me, I can move my men right under their noses and when the time comes I will take both titles.

He knew he had to play the numbers game considering the strength of both sides, already he had managed to create a small army and recruit a few skilled people to work as his elite agents. He was even now building his reputation with the people, slowly making himself the other option for the people. With my power base here in Bastaara, any rebellion starting here will be crippling to the rest of country. The Tezuani, Azunite and Aranoi regions couldn't compare to the rich trade that Bastaara had to offer.

Although Wind country didn't have as many settlements as other countries becouse of its climate, those they did have tended to be much larger, and the desert often made a great place to build hidden bases, few would dare to explore the harsh desert to search for such places, and with the storm brewing between the daimyo and the kage it would be even easier to do so.

He lighted another buck cigar produced by his company and brought it to his mouth, yes things were going well for him, it would take another roughly ten years for the plan to come to fruition and by then he would well entrenched and total victory would be in his grasp.

Konoha, Uzumaki villa

Naruko was sitting in a chair outside of her house watching the twins spar, the announcement of her ascension to the title of Hokage had gone well, the Sandaime had mentioned how she had been present when the village was founded and that she personally knew both the first and second Hokages.

The meeting with the clan heads had gone a bit different, she was surprised when she found out that Konoha had a few more clans than her dimension but she figured it was because of her involvement in the past. Huh, while it appeared that in the past I couldn't change anything the present seems to have changed slightly from my own because of my involvement. Most of the clans had been accepting, the Uchiha seemed skeptical as to her identity, a quicky wave of chakra that all but brought the people to their knees and a few words about Uzumaki longevity and a special seal silenced the question, or perhaps it was the slowly build up of killer intent. She still needed to get more information on the other new clans and make the changes needed to Konoha to accomodate the new arrivals that would come in time.

"It appears we have an intruder" a clone told her.

"Hmm, I'l deal with it." She quickly made another clone and left it with the twins before making her to see who had gotten near her home.

Naruko froze when she saw who the intruder was, she felt as if someone had gripped her heart, there in front of her stood a frightened six year old Hinata, No it's not her, it hurt seeing her, this wasn't her Hinata, it wasn't the woman who had seen threw her mask, the woman who had stolen her first kiss, amongst many more, the same woman who had charged the traitorous Uchiha with one arm and disembowel him, the woman who had become the Shadow Broker. She knew that eventually she would run into a version of this dimension's Hinata and she was determined to help this one reach her true potential.

"What do we have here?" She asked Hinata, who was shaking like a leaf in front of her, this Hiashi seems to favor the tough love approach as well. "Well?" She asked. "I...I..." Hinata never got to finish as Naruko hoisted Hinata over her shoulder and took off. For a few moments Hinata remembered the feeling of being so helpless just like the night the Kumo nin had kidnapped her, she froze remembering that time, everything seemed to slow down before she felt like she was falling and suddenly she hit the ground in a seated position " Who's that?" she heard a feminine voice ask and felt like the coldest winter winds had seized her. She slowly opened her eyes and in front of her stood the Uzumaki twins, the same she had been following.

She had seen them going in a different direction when they left the academy and decided to follow them, managing to slip past her caretaker, she had wanted to talk to them after they had helped her when a few bullies had attacked her but her caretaker had taken her away before she could speak to them, she hated herself for not stoping him and she hated herself for not having the courage to talk to them later and now they were in front of her and she didn't now who the woman was and what she would tell the twins.

"I think she's a classmate, she kind of look's familiar." Naruto told Mito.

"This" Naruko began and placed her hands on Hinata's shoulders "is Hyuuga Hinata, and she" Hinata felt her heart was going to explode, How does she know me? What is she going to say?" wanted to approach you two to be your friend" the twins looked at Hinata in disbelief, and Hinata felt like all of her anxiety had disappeared, "but is rather shy about it, she followed you here but had some problems reaching the door because of the security seals isn't that right Hinata? Just breathe and nod", Naruko told Hinata in a low voice that only she could hear.

"Yes" Hinata managed to tell them.

"There you see, now my little knuckleheads properly introduce yourselfs"

Mito raised one of her arms to her chin and held it in a thinking manner she quickly approached Hinato until she was just a few centimetres from her face, which led to Hinata slowly turning red. "Why do seem kind of familiar." Mito told her "Hey are you sick? Why are you so red?" Mito quickly touched Hinata's forehead with her own and received a quick two fingered strike to the head from Naruko.

"You need to learn about personal space little red." Naruko told her.

"Oww", she said rubbig her head "what the hell is personal space?" Mito asked. Naruto was laughing nearby. "Shut up nii-chan."

"Ok" he said in a suddenly depressed tone. Naruko looked at the two with an amused expression. Kami he's whipped by his sister.

"It's something your going to have to learn about later, now I've decided to allow her to join in parts of your training", before the twins could say anything Naruko continued "that means that she will still learn certain things from her clan while I will teach her other things, I woun't teach her techniques restricted to our clan. And now my two little knuckleheads and guest it's time for some chakra exercises" a clone of Naruko quickly handed each of the children a small piece of wood, the same one they had used the day before. "Your going to use it instead of the leaf for the chakra exercise" Naruko told Hinata who nodded. "Now get to work."

Two hours later

"Good progress, now take a break after that Naruto and Mito you'll start the tree exercise, while Hinata you'll use these pieces as well and continue the exercise."

Hm they seem to be getting along, being around them should help Hinata a bit, this version of her is more timid then I expected, the plan was to build up my other version a bit then introduce the two but with that scrapped I had to change things a bit, this version of Hinata could've helped teach my other version manners like in my dimension, though I suppose this can work as well, the three can bond over training and Hinata can help teach them manners. Tsk the plan has changed a bit with the two of them, getting them to bond and become friends with the clan heads children will take a bit longer. I wonder if Tenten got adopted or if she is still at the orphanage? Hm I could try that weapons shop she worked at, finding a way to get her over here and then let things take a natural route, heck the little knuckleheads are adorable and have plenty of charisma to make friends, but if she hasn't gotten adopted, should I adopt her? That would change things even more but things have already changed quite a bit, there's also Lee to add to the group. Well I guess that's something to think about.

Again her mind wandered to the past, she seemed unable to truly change anything there, and she believed that the events her other self would live threw would be very similar to her dimension, now it seemed that plenty of things had changed, new clans, new ninja families, that was actually good, a civilian council with some influence in the ninja affairs, what in the name of holy toad balls is such a thing doing in a ninja village is beyond me. The way the old monkey explained it, water boy created the advisers positions to help run that part of the village affairs and during the first war gave them a bit of more power, but it never went too far. The old monkey however gave them even more power during wartime, and would take back part of it afterwards, unfortunately he didn't take it all back, and after the Kyuubi attack suddenly the civilian council was born, they had used the power the old monkey gave them before, a sign of trust on his part that a few abused, rather then force the issue and disband the damn thing he let it continue, he could have used brute force but he decided to try and outmaneuver them rather then use force. Tsunade never had to deal with this kind of crap, there were those old bag of bones, and an unofficial council did exist. But my Konoha had different structure that the Tobirama created.

"Little red, sunshine start the exercise." The twins glared at her before compling. "Hinata I want you to fight a clone so I can gauge your taijutsu level." Naruko told her making a clone appear beside herself.

Hinata's eye widened, Oh no! Not that please, anything than that. "I..I'm n..n..not veryyyy ggg..good at taijutsu."

"Let me decide that, just treat it like a normal spar." Hinata nodded and quickly activated her Byuakugan. Her eyes widened when she looked at Naruko, her tenketsu are so large, I've never seen chakra pathways so well developed!.

A few minutes later the spar was over and Hinata was on the ground panting, a clone of Naruko came by and offered her a bottle of water before proceeding to do the same for the twins.

"Hinata my clone is going to show you some katas that I want you to do."

"Ano.. m.m. clan ooonly w...w.a.n..t..t.s to use juken"

"That's alright this is a variation of the juken, a friend of my mine created it a long time ago." Hinata looked at her in disbelief. There are variations of the juken?

"Now I want you to do these until I tell you to stop understand?" She meekly nodded.

Three hours later, the twins had been sent inside the house to clean themselves and prepare for dinner while Naruko remained behind and observed Hinata working on her katas.

"Enough" Naruko told Hinata and the girl proceeded to fall down, her legs gave way and her exhaustion finally caught up with her.

Hinato looked down at the ground she could see the same expression of the woman's face as her father had whenever they trained, a cold uncaring look that would often be followed by a few dismissive words, she wanted it to be over already, to just tell her that she had failed and that she wouldn't let her near the twins because of her weakness, tears slowly began to form in her eyes.

"You've done well", came the stoic voice of Naruko, Hinata looked at her in her shock, I did well?, "excellent even at some points", excellent?, "for what it's worth I'm proud of you", Naruko told Hinata ruffling her hair, it was at this point that Hinata couldn't take it anymore and began to cry, she didn't know how long it had been since someone had told her those words. Naruko for her part simply leaned in and hugged Hinata, who in response buried her head in Naruko's chest and gripped her tightly, afraid that it was some sort of dream. " It's alright little one. "

Damn it, Hiashi really needs better parenting skills, if Hinata is this bad I really don't want to know how Hanabi will turn out. Uh, back home although Hanabi was cold towards Hinata she still relied heavily on her for emotional support and someone who would show her actual affection, something that Hanabi would only see around the village and a few in the clan but never received herself. The little firecracker had begun to act out when Hinata became more Hyuuga-ish and lashed out when we became a couple and Hinata didn't have nearly as much time for her, well that and with her being the Shadow Broker. Kami, the confrontation with her was ugly, and it took a while before she admitted she actually relied and needed Hinata, how many sessions with a Yamanaka did she go to? Uhh just something else to help with. Hopefully there will be some survivors that will be Hanabi's age so that when I bring them here they can become friends.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Yes," Hinata answered wiping her tears away.

"Good, now I meant what I said, you did good just now I want you to come join the twins when they train from time to time all right? There will be times when I train them in clan techniques but the rest I want you here as well, understood?"

"Yesss, bbut why?"

Naruko smiled at her, "I think you have a lot of potential and you remind me of a good friend of mine, or my dead lover, the fact that you managed to follow the twins here and get past some of my security measures certainly proves that, or just that the seals were destroyed over time and that I need to fix them, now how about we got eat." Hinata meekly nodded her head and they began to make their way towards the house.

"Finaly you're here we can eat now!" Mito told them

"Ma ma ma nee-chan calm down."

"Shut up nii-chan" Mito quickly snapped.


"Come on you Hinata you can freshen up after we eat."

The dinner had been eventful to say the least, Hinata would smile and giggle from time to time at the twins interactions, while Naruko looked onwards horrified at their manners, I really can't take them anywhere expensive, or bring over people for dinner. Perhaps the most eventfull part was when Mito and Naruto began fighting with their spoons for the last piece of stake while holding on to the piece with their forks. Hinata simply looked at the conflict barely containing her smile, I wonder if she's ever seen something like this, probably not. Naruko smiled when she remembered similar events with the rokie nine, she and Kiba had been in almost the exact situation.

Mito glared at her brother. "Nii-chan I think you want to let go" she told him in sweet tone.

Naruto glared back at her. "Nuh uh nee-chan you should let go"

The twins continued to glare at each other, before they began to fight with their spoons again in earnest.

"Enough you two, I know how to solve this problem", Naruko quickly took the piece of stake and placed it on her plate and then proceeded to cut and eat it in front of the twins who had a betrayed look on their face. "What?" she asked.

"You eat it!" The twins shouted.

"Yes I solved the problem, I didn't say I would give it to either of you did I?"

"Well no", Naruto began

"And I did solve the problem just not the way you thought I would didn't I?"

"Well yes but" Mito began

"Then don't complain and pay better attention to what people say. On that note, Hinata here will help teach you two better manners."

"Um, why?" Naruto asked.

"Becouse at this point in time I think the dogs in the Inuzuka kennels have better manners than you two"

"Oi oi oi"

Naruko caughed a bit. "As Hokage you will have to meet with nobles and other people were good manners will be an invaluable skill, you didn't have anyone to teach you before but now you do so don't complain."

The two nodded at that.

"Can you really help with this stuff Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hai, even nnoww aaadaysss I'm being ttaaught ttthingss like propper etiquet and tttabllle mmanners."

"Neat thanks then". Mito continued for her brother.

"Hinato do you know to play shogi?" Naruko asked. Hinata simply shook her head.

"Excellent then the twins can teach you, while they do the dishes you can freshen up. Mito here is going to loan you some clothes."

"I am?" Mito asked.

"Yes you are, in fact you two can go now while Naruto starts with the dishes."

"Hai." Mito told her and quickly took Hinata's hand and ran off with her.

An hour later found the twins still playing shogi while Hinata was on the floor asleep covered with a blanket.

"Well this is interesting" Naruko told the twins in a low tone of voice.

"Yeah she fell asleep a while back I guess she was tired or something" Naruto told her.

Naruko snorted "Not everybody can act like a chakra bunny or a chipmunk who just drank a kettle of coffee. "

"Is that an insult?" Mito asked.

Naruko shook her head and patted Mito on the head. We have a long road ahead of us, she sighed " Now I'm going to take her home you two start on the puzzles. "


Naruko quickly picked up Hinata then began to make her way towards the Hyuuga clan compound, on the way there she tightened her grip on Hinata who seemed to snuggle close to her. Things will be different for you. I promise it.

Hiashi Hyuuga could wear a stoic, emotionless face like it was carved out of granite, few things could make him show any reaction, the announcement of the new Hokage and subsequent meeting had been no exception, he had kept his face completely stoic and was interested in this new development, like many other clan heads.

The few times when his stoic resolve had broken were a mixture of both good and bad situations, the birth of his daughters, his marriage to the woman he loved, the death of his brother and later of his wife, life had not been easy on him and now it appeared to test him once more with the disappearance of his oldest daughter.

Hinata had managed to slip past her caretaker and had disappeared. He had sent out his clansmen to search for her when her caretaker returned after searching for her for hours. Even now hours later no one had seen her, he was worried, did Kumo attempt something again? He clenched his fists when he thought of those people, savages more like it. He had looked for her as well before returning to his office, just then someone rushed in his office, a branch member, Idoshi, as he remembered.

"Hiashi-sama" the man managed to say between ragged breaths.

"Yes, what is it? Have you found Hinata?"

"Godaime-sama has arrived with an unconscious Hinata-sama at the gates, and is awaiting you there." Hiashi's eyes widened his daughter was with the Godaime and was unconscious, what had happened.

He quickly made his way to the compound entrance and did indeed find the Godaime Hokage with his daughter in her arms. He noticed that everything in the area seemed to be the under some sort of heavy presence, the guards looked shaken and were sweating, he quickly noticed the Godaime looking at him and giving him a small nod to which he responded, he made his way towards her feeling the pressure increase slightly with each step he took, and stopped in front of her.

"Hyuuga-san" she greeted.

"Godaime-sama" he responded.

Naruko lifted Hinata towards Hiashi and he quickly took her into his arms.

"Your daughter has a great deal of potential, especially in the field of stealth, she managed to find my home and avoid some of my security measures. I agreed to train her and will expect her to return tomorrow so we can continue, her escort will have to wait outside, I will send a shadow clone with her when she leaves, she can aid my little knuckleheads in a few ways. Good day Hyuuga-san."

And like that she was gone and the pressure quickly disappeared. Hiashi's thoughts were in chaos he knew his daughter had potential but for the future Hokage to say so was still unexpected, how did Hinata find the Godaime's house and why did she sneak past her security measures? Was Hinata with the Godaime this whole time training?Who were the these knuckleheads she mentioned? Could she have been refering to the jinjuriki? then they could actually be of Uzumaki descent, and not just named in their honor.

These thoughts and other plagued his mind as he was making his way towards his daughters room, he had tried to treat her like his father had treated him but had little results, the rather classic way of the Hyuuga did not work on her, his wife had been better at it then him, and her lose seemed greater then ever before. Though now things seemed a bit better, for a brief moment Hiashi allowed his stoic mask to break as he kissed his daughter's forehead and tucked her in.

Land of Lighting, region Sendai, Kumo

J was a tall, elderly man distinguished by his massive, extremely muscular physique, untarnished despite his advanced age. The man had long light hair which was tidily gathered on the back of his head and tied in a braid, which reached down below his middle back, and was secured near its end in a large tuft; the thick beard and mustache covering J's lower face, linked to his hair by J's sideburns, were untamed, with several spiky strands jutting outwards from the latter one.

He had marked facial features and a long, massive and mildly rounded nose. His sunken eyes, topped by light and bushy eyebrows were very distinctive being almost completely white, as if they lacked pupils, and has a black underlining around his lower eyelid; something which gave him an otherworldly look. J had a dark Kumo mark located in the center of his high, mildly wrinkled forehead.

He wore a short, mildly loose and dark kimono with light edges and cuffs, secured around his waist by a light sash tied on the front with a simple knot, whose right side was casually left hanging over the side of J's corresponding leg, revealing part of the man's muscular torso. While the right part of the garment was sometimes worn normally, with J keeping his left arm in the sleeve, J had also been seen resting such arm in the front part of his kimono, casually hanging from it, and thus leaving the other sleeve hanging from his left shoulder hollow.

His legs were covered by a very loose pair of light pants, which on front of each leg bore a vertical line composed of many dark rhombs joined together and lined up. For footwear, J donned a simple pair of black sandals, and his forearms were wrapped in light bandages. Circling his massive neck was a necklace composed of many large, dark spheres.

J looked at his daughter and young student training, their strength was growing and they were amongst the strongest in their age group, stronger than even some of the older shinobi, they would be amongst the strongest soon enough, as it should be. His village was the strongest not the tree huggers, the last war should have ended with Kumo tearing down the leaf village. He was the brother of the Sandaime Raikage, he should have been the one to take the mantle of Raikage not A.

A confrontation would soon occur between them, A had made a mistake and failed to retrieve the Hyuuga girl, that was one black mark on him, worse rather demanding the girl and then marching in and taking her by the neck he had settled for peace. The tree huggers had bent backwards for Kumo giving them a Hyuuga, they were weak and ripe for the finishing blow, to have someone like that be called the strongest was an insult that should not be tolerated. His treatment of the village tools of war had been worse rather than using them properly he had forbidden their ace in the sleve to use his full transformation.

A case against A was slowly being built, he lnew that he was the better choice, he was stronger then A, his students were stronger then A's, his methods were better then A's, he would take the mantle and ensure that everyone knew that Kumo was the strongest, he would leave no doubt about it.

Land of Fire, unknown region, unknown village.

Izaemon Tōdō stared at his burning village, all his life he had lived there, his family had lived there for generations working the land, a good simple life and now it was over. "Keep moving you maggots" a voiced shouted from behind him. He was in chains now, like many of the other villagers his wife and children behind him, men wearing a strange symbol had attacked their village the night before. What are they going to do to us? Where are the ninja? The soldiers? As if someone had heard his unspoken question he soon received an answer from two men in front of him, the two that had been part of the attack.

"Ah Kami it's good to be part of the Pillars of Fire eh Nagi?" Izaemon's eyes widened, the Pillars of Fire were supposed to help protect their nation, they were supposed to be guardians!.

"Damn straight" another man answered and looked back at the captured villagers, "Oh don't make that face" he said looking at them, "if Bora was here he would have raped the women, may have even insisted he do it in front of there husbands."

"Yeah, a pretty sick fuck that one, though he has some skill."

"Meh, don't worry folks you'l soon forget everything that happened and be useful for the coming conflicts, good loyal little soldiers."

"Both of you shut up" came a voice from behind the two men "Don't tell these fools our plans"

"It's not it will matter that much, they woun't say shit once we're done with them, and we will gut anyone who tries to escape." the man said as he pulled out a large knife.

The first man turned addressed the villagers again "hey don't worry you'l be really useful to us, why even now we're going to make it look like your little shit hole was attacked by some bandits and our guild attacked and killed them, sadly it was to late for the lot of you but we will hunt these wretched bandits threw out the land to avenge your loss. So you see you'l be useful in more ways than one."

Izaemon didn't say anything all he could do was hope that someone would save them, but the chances of that happening were low, so he simply stared ahead hoping for a miracle that would never come.

Land of Rice Fields, location unknown

A figure with extremely pale skin and waist-length black hair, a long face with pronounced cheekbones, golden eyes with slits in his pupils and purple markings around his eyes, he was wearing a pale yellowish furisode-style kimono, with a black polo neck underneath tied with a dark brown sash, and flat dark-coloured zōri sandals.

"It is almost complete my lord"

The figure now known as Orochimaru waved his hand dismissing the man. Orochimaru looked at the final touches being done to his most recent base, things were going well, even better he expected, his hidden village was coming along nicely, he had found plenty of recruits with potential and had even been approached by this organization to join their ranks, the leader had such interesting eyes, he accepted their invitation and would need to spend more time with the group to properly gauge their abilities. The entire group seemed to be made up of interesting individuals, it is so sad that I can't strap them to a table to cut them open, but there is still time and I have patience.

He still needed more recruits, perhaps a few more trips in the surrounding country side and countrys would help things along.

Land of Earth, region Sinnoh, Iwa

Akainu was an incredibly tall man, with a square shaped face, very pronounced facial features and short black hair and had brown eyes, he wore the standard attire for an Iwa shinobi, a red outfit with both sleeves and a brown flak jacket, he also wore mesh armour around his ankles and had black gloves and combat shoes. He had a tattoo on the left side of his chest that contained numerous images of flowers integrated into its design. Akainu's tattoo had flame-shaped edges and it extended from his left shoulder to his hip, covering part of his back and ribs. He had another, smaller tattoo in the shape of a black sword on his right deltoids and a small part of the biceps.

Akainu stared below at his beloved village, he loved it, they were the ones who enforced justice in this part of the continent, they were to ones that kept the barbarians from the lands of chaos in check, it was their blood that was spilled to keep them in check, not the samurai, not the desert rats who would bury their heads in the hands when things looked grim.

It was because of them that the Land of Birds had not fallen to the barbarians onslaught and had managed to remain standing. If he was in charge, he would have marched his forces and stomped the barbarians and brought peace and justice to those lands, then marched into Suna and bury the desert rats once and for all, but he wasn't in charge, not yet anyway.

The Sandaime Tsuchikage had so far refused to nominate a Yondaime even though there were those out there with the potential to take his place. He himself was one, he was know to the ninja, had a reputation in the Elemental Nations, and had a strong bloodline to aid him, his greatest regret was that he didn't get to fight the Yellow Flash in the last great war, Kitsuchi the Sandaime's son was also a prime candidate while he didn't have any unique abilities he was known and well liked and respected, his skills with earth release were excellent, another strong candidate was Jura Neekis the "Iron Rock" he seemed to be the best combination between himself and Kitsuchi.

Akainu clenched his fists when he saw a few of his fellow shinobi remove more rubble from the village, that little punk!, Deidara had betrayed the village and ran off but not before blowing up several buildings, resulting in the death of several villagers and destruction of his village. He had hunted the traitor down but had lost his tracks and had to give up the chase, he would find him again someday and make him pay.

His thought drifted to the man he had executed not long ago, the man had told him that if their kage doesn't nominate him for the position he should build his own hidden village and make himself a kage. He couldn't tolerate such treasonous words and proceeded to execute the man, the Village Hidden in the Vulcano, bah like I would ever betray my village. He knew one day he would get the position, then he could change things for the better in Iwa and in the Land of Earth, he could ensure that justice came down like a hammer upon the scum of the earth. He could still wait, there wasn't anything that truly forced his hand to take more drastic steps, he doubted that great change was on the horizon or that the scum in the Land of Earth would suddenly commit such crimes as to draw his attention, his methods and reputation for dealing with such filth gave him a fearsome reputation, his name alone was enough to scare bandits away.

Land of Earth, region Sinnoh, capital city Aklan, daimyo palace.

Ginjirō Shirogane, the daimiyo of Earth Country, stared at a map of his country, his goals clear to his mind though more difficult to implement. [2,3]

Hmmm where oh where should I create this new region? Hmm perhaps if I take a bit from Taipei and Hualien, hmmm but both are a bit poor, I cannot give such a thing to one of my own blood, how would they live?

He looked at the map again, he needed to further divide his country and create a new region for a family member of his, but where still eluded him, it wouldn't be near the Lands of Strife, that place was far to dangerous and the people near it had been dealing with it for a long time, they had experience with such things it would be best not to interfere there if it wasn't absolutely necessary.

Hmmm perhaps, he looked at the map again, hmmm if I take a bit from Yilan and Hualien then maybe? No no I couldn't do that. Perhaps then a bit from, his gaze returned to the map, yes yes this will be perfect, a bit of Hualien and there the new region is ready, and I even have a great name for it, Miaoli. [4]

Now the funds for this new region, hmmm oh well Iwa will have to take a slight cut to their funds. And perhaps ... Then a thought struck him, offf that's right at the last party someone suggested some games, what were they called?, ah yes The Hunger Games that's what they called them, that may be a good idea after all, it would help cut down some of the rift raft, provide entertainment and even feed a few of them, now who suggested them I wonder? Ah yes Yasochika Iemura-kun. Well then I must contact him at once, ohhhh this is so exciting.

Konoha, night time, village outskirts

The cold night wind blew against Naruko as she let her gaze linger a few minutes at the sight in front of her. Tsk look's like that old monkey let more than a few things out of hand. I wonder did mother ever know of this place?

Her gaze rested on the Uzumaki Clan Mask Temple or what was left of it, the temple was in ruins, her rage slowly began to boil, even with the wars it would only take a few people to maintain the temple, she had already lost a great deal of respect for the old kage, but he was still useful in his own way and had managed to keep things together until now.

For people who honor the Uzumaki clan so much by wearing their symbol they seem incapable of taking care of one of their temples.

The temple was also built as a sign of trust between the Senju and Uzumaki clans, however the temple here in Konoha unknown to the people was built as a back up for the one in Uzu, the masks themselves would never hold the same power as the one's in Uzu, it would take the destruction of the one's in Uzu to make these just as powerful. Oh the irony of the situation does not escape me at all, the second choice becomes stronger with the fall of the first.

She clutched the two scrolls strapped to her lower back before she shook her head.

She calmed down and approached the temple, no seals or defenses at all? after she opened the doors to the temple she could see another set awaiting her, she closed the first doors and after she took a few steps inside a seal quicky became visible on the second temple doors. Naruko smirked as she observed the spiral like seal on the doar and the simbols inbetwen the arms of the spiral, it look's like Mito-chan took my advice, she quickly went threw the simbol combination necesary to open the doors.

As Naruko touched the last symbol the seal seemed to be light on fire before it died down, Naruko slowly touched the doors with two fingers and they opened.

The inside of the temple was bathed in a blue light, masks littered the walls of the temple and in the middle a small shrine with tablets upon it could be seen. Naruko looked at the source of the light in the temple, small crytals from which the light emanated were scattered in the room, another lost legacy of Uzu. The crystals were one of the great secrets of Uzu, alongside the secret of how the Uzumaki clan created the death masks and the Dead Demon Consuming Seal.

The cave that contained the crystals was discovered by a clan member, Surik Uzumaki, she found it across the Khoonda plains in the side of a small mountain, the inside of the cave was bathed in a multitude of colors, red, blue, yellow, green, it seemed that almost every color was there. What the clan soon discovered was that the crystals could actually absorb chakra and it could be stored within them for long periods of time. The crystals in the cave had absorbed some nature chakra from around the island.

The crystals soon replaced candles in some places in Uzu and the clan began to experiment in using them in sealing. The problem was the extraction process of the crystals and the amount of chakra the crystals could store, the size and shape didn't seem to matter as in some cases small pieces of crystal could hold the the reserves of a jounin with ease while other larger ones would crack from the reserves of a genin. A new study field was created for the crystals to discover their capacity and appropriate use. A shame I couldn't see just how far the research went, the ones I did see showed such great promise !

The crystal used for Hashirama's necklace came from the cave and had one of the largest storeing capacity hence why it was used for the creation of the necklace and imbued by Hashirama with large amounts of his chakra.

Konoha was never told of the crystals the ones present had seals on the as did the one on Hashirama's necklace they were told that it was the seal that illuminated the place and the crystals were nothing special, considering that the clan had precious jewels on the island it wasn't that much of a stretch.

As she observed the temple she noticed a chest with a symbol behind the shrine that made her heart skip a beat, she quickly made her way towards it and kneeled down in front of it, her hands hovered above the seal afraid that it would disappear if she touched it. Kami the woman sucked at drawing. Tears came to her eyes as she looked at the symbol and she remembered the question that usually accompanied it. Do you think fairys have tails?. The chest had a very poorly drawn fairy with a tail on it, definitely one of Mavis-chans drawings, perhaps she'd managed to set up a few back up plans as well. As she looked around the chest Naruko realised that it had a rather larger amount of protection seals around it, clever as always Mavis-chan, but I always liked solving puzzles.

With a brief hand movement she summoned several clones and tossed a clone one of her scrolls, I had hoped to find more here and Mavis-chan seems to have pulled threw on that front.

"Go gather the masks, the tablets and the crystals then seal them" her clones all nodded before they began there work.

As Naruko continued her work on the seals surrounding the chest, she realised that the seals were made in such a way that no one but her would be able to release them, once she looked at the symbols and algorithms used for the seals, she realised that Mavis had recreated this way some of the most memorable games they had played, to release the seal she would need to use the same moves, she smiled those games were etched into her brain, she shead small tears of joy as she continued to unravel the masterpiece Mavis had created.

After almost three hours she had finally finished the last seal and the chest was now safe to transport, she had been so caught up with the memories of her friend that it had taken much longer than it should have. It was worth it I have no regrets.

She quickly sealed the chest in a scroll after checking over again, and grabbed the scrolls with the other items her clones had sealed away. She had entertained the idea of leaving the crystal behind but decided against it, best she take it all with her.

As soon as she exited the temple room she quickly ran threw the combination and reactived the seal on the doors. After she exited the temple she took in a breath of the cold night air, this was another weapon that would not fall into the hands of a madman, another piece of her heritage, another tool to be used in the wars to come. With one last breath she began to make her way back home, she still needed to perform the ritual for the soul clones.

Continent of the Empire, Demon Country, desert Raraku

A young girl with pale lavender eyes and light blond hair that fell past her waist, which was keeped tied at the end with a bow, sat in the middle of an empty stone room meditating, her robes bore the markings of a holy desert priestess, the robes were of a golden color, a black sash was tied around her waist.

"It is time" a gruff voice came from behind her, the girl, Shion opened her eyes and quickly picked up her wooden staff and stood up, she nodded in the direction of her guard as they began to make their way out of the chamber and threw the stone hallways.

As they were making their way towards to outside she could hear drums being beaten, they became louder and louder as she was nearing the exit. As she exited the temple and stepped onto the sacred temple ground she could see the people gathered in front of the temple, my people, thousands upon thousands, all awaiting to hear the words of the sacred priestess, the one who would speak the words to guide and enlighten them. The sound of the drums grew louder. Her heart felt like it was trying to mach the rhythm of the drums.

Shion could see her people all performing rituals, songs were being sung, animals sacrificed, their warriors tested themselves against each other, the sound of their swords clashing against one another rang out, her peoples voices were like an ocean. The shamans were using their cursed abilities against each other, they had embraced the dark ways of the cursed sage tainting themselves forever to aid their beloved people. At the very front of the temple stood their holiest of warriors, the strongest their people had to offer, all kneeled awaiting the word of their priestess.

A louder thunder could be heard all around followed by several lightning strikes hitting the ground in several places amongst her people. She's here! And like that the voices seemed to quiet down.

She had finally arrived, followed by her guards, the Black Guard, she was their soul and voice, their holy priestes, her mother had finally arrived, the woman's power commanded the sky itself.

Her mother, Hasik, made her way to the center of the temple's podium, with a wave of her hand what little of the voices remained were quickly silenced.

"My people, sons and daughters of the desert, too long have we allowed the dogs of the empire to trample our lands."

Slowly chants could be heard from the crowd gathered in front of the temple.

"To long have our ancestors gone unavenged."

Slowly the chants became louder and louder and now they could be heard "Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum."

"Their blood calls out from the earth for justice!"

"Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum."

For Shion the chants of her people were like music for her soul, she could feel their hearts beat as one as her mother spoke.

"A justice we must deliver with fire and sword!"

"Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum."

"The Empire is weak, they could never hope to break our spirit, our faith, that has preserved us since ancient times."

The chants grew louder and louder, "Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum."

"We held true to ourselves when the great Beast came and attacked our land."

"Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum."

"We held true when the Empire marched on our lands with the teachings of the wretched sage."

"Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum."

"This is our time!" Hasik raised her arms towards the sky and clenched them, in the distance a gigantic whirlwind could be seen taking form as it slowly descended from the sky towards the earth.

"Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum."


Her peoples chants were deafening. "Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum."

Hashik lowered her head slightly. "Against the power of Raraku there can be no victory."

Shion was crying, it had finally begun, the empire would soon fall and then they would march upon the lands that gave birth to the wretched sage and his accursed eyes and they would raise everything to the ground.

Finally, she smiled. "the Whirlwind has begun."

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